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Found 5 results

  1. Bet No Longer Available (10-17-20)
  2. Khabibs first 6 oponents were in matches that were 2 rounds, in order for them to be considered a professional fight they must be 3(or more) rounds at 5 minutes. Khabibs REAL professional record is 22-0 which is still pretty damn good but NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK OR SAY, a 2 round mixed martial arts match is considered an "amateur bout", if they got payed and it was 2 rounds it's still considered an "exhibition bout" There are rules to these things. The fact the UFC or any Athletic commission could recognize these fights as "professional fights" and not "amateur" or "exhibition bouts" is completely baffling, we are giving this guy more credit than he deserves. needless to say, If I had an extra million in the bank I would make sure to fight to get those non professional fights off his professional record. As fans you can even go access pdfs and athletic commissions examples or definitions of a professional mixed martial arts fight, Khabibs first 6 fights can be compared to the ultimate fighter where they fight 2 round exhibition bouts.
  3. I've had a BUNCH of sketches made and I've settled on an artist, a girl from Mexico (through Fiverr). Would be GREAT if I could get some feedback on this bitch before it's written into stone and finalized by this artist. Here's the script: https://www.docdroid.net/CrWLnHg/conor-vs-khabib-v3.pdf I'd like to show you all the sketches BUT I'd have to uload them all individually.
  4. Hey, I'm been working on a short MMA comic. Khabib VS Conor. Takes place at the weigh in before the fight. It's really short, only 8 panels (having them made costs quite a bit). I got three friends that follow MMA, and they are going to look at it, but I need a couple one-two strangers that don't know me as a person, to look at it also. Here's a taste, just to show you it's real: https://imgur.com/a/sar9l Artist that made above image would have hotten hired, except that he demands 100 bucks to draw 8 panels, and that is too much for me. Can send over facebook! (takes maybe a minute to go over) Theo Gerken on Facebook
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