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  3. Very excited for my fighters to be joining your organization. Really love the effort you are putting into growing this into an MMA Empire. Really hopeful this becomes a long term partnership. Best wishes, - Cat
  4. Auction #104 "KT Pereira" Auction closes 48hrs after the first bid. Set of 2 Opening bid 75k đź’µ Bids must increase at a 25k minimum
  5. Guys there's a slight mistake with the - TOTAL ASSETS RANKING - section. Will edit it now Edit : done. I have used old camp values when adding the Total Assets Ranking. Overall rankings stayed the same.
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  7. https://mmatycoon.fandom.com/wiki/MMA_Tycoon_Wiki#:~:text=MMA Tycoon (www.mmatycoon.,game to take part in.
  8. We will be having a prize for smack talker of the tournament. Winner gets 6 months VIP. You can post in this thread, or on buzz. If you use buzz, use #Bonanza so we can find your posts.
  9. Flyweight Title Challenger Steve Erceg Is Taking Everything In Stride Ahead Of His Headlining Bout At UFC 301 Read the Full Article Here[url={url}]View the full article[/url]
  10. UFC Featherweight Julian Erosa Reflects Winning A Fight Just Eight Days After The Birth Of His Son. Read the Full Article Here[url={url}]View the full article[/url]
  11. CAMP LEAGUE 2024 - OFFICIAL STANDINGS ( as of 04/19/2024 ) - OVERALL STANDINGS - CAMP ASSETS /10 RECORD /5 FINISHES /5 TOTAL /20 Runt 10 4.5 5 19.5 Fallen.Angel 8 3 3 14 ArtieBanks 6 3.5 4 13.5 Jacman 4 2 1 7 Gonzasco 2 2 2 6 - TOTAL ASSETS RANKING - CAMP FUNDS CAMP VALUE TOTAL POINTS Runt $13,000 $395,000 $408,000 10 Fallen.Angel $8,500 $395,000 $403,500 8 ArtieBanks $34,750 $320,000 $354,750 6 Jacman $12,500 $340,000 $352,500 4 Gonzasco $12,000 $255,000 $267,000 2 - FUNDS RANKING - CAMP INCOME PURCHASES (-) SALES (+) AVAILABLE FUNDS Fallen.Angel $106,000 $100,000 $2,500 $8,500 Gonzasco $37,000 $25,000 $0 $12,000 ArtieBanks $104,750 $70,000 $0 $34,750 Runt $168,000 $155,000 $0 $13,000 Jacman $145,000 $135,000 $2,500 $12,500 - CAMP VALUE RANKING - CAMP CAMP VALUE POINTS Runt $395,000 4.5 Fallen.Angel $395,000 4.5 Jacman $340,000 3 ArtieBanks $320,000 2 Gonzasco $255,000 1 - RECORD + WIN % RANKING - CAMP WIN % RECORD POINTS Runt 4 5 4.5 ArtieBanks 5 2 3.5 Fallen.Angel 2 4 3 Jacman 1 3 2 Gonzasco 3 1 2 - WIN % RANKING - CAMP WIN % POINTS ArtieBanks 100.00 5 Runt 70.83 4 Gonzasco 66.67 3 Fallen.Angel 64.28 2 Jacman 50.00 1 - RECORD RANKING - CAMP WINS LOSSES DRAWS NC POINTS Runt 17 5 0 2 5 Fallen.Angel 9 5 0 0 4 Jacman 9 8 0 1 3 ArtieBanks 8 0 0 0 2 Gonzasco 4 2 0 0 1 - NET FINISHES RANKING - CAMP NET FINISHES POINTS Runt 8 5 ArtieBanks 4 4 Fallen.Angel 2 3 Gonzasco 0 2 Jacman -2 1
  12. Pretty sure that the more fighters sparring in the same session = better results. Basically works opposite to training secondaries where you want the least amount of people in each session.
  13. hi, just want to ask, does the number of sparring partners matter? for example will there be a difference when i am training with only one training partner (w/ elite skill) than training with two sparring partner (both w/ elite skill)? thank you
  14. i know some posted the alternative on where/how to open the wiki help, i cannot find it.. can someone post the link? thanks much
  15. Top-Tier MMA Talent From Central And South America Vied For Continued Training And Support From Industry-Leading Facility Read the Full Article Here[url={url}]View the full article[/url]
  16. UFC Fight Pass Fighter To Watch Cam Smotherman Reflects On Contender Series Loss, Aims To Use Fury FC 89 To Remind The Regional MMA Scene That All Roads Go Through Him. Read the Full Article Here[url={url}]View the full article[/url]
  17. [url={url}]View the full article[/url]
  18. Learn More About Conor McGregor's Career Highlights As One of The Most "Notorious" UFC Fighters To Ever Step In The Octagon Read the Full Article Here[url={url}]View the full article[/url]
  19. Ryan Kuse Will Put His 7-1 Record On The Line Against Cam Smotherman And The “Third Street Savage” Will Look To Use A Matured Style To Take The Next Step Towards A UFC Call-Up Read the Full Article Here[url={url}]View the full article[/url]
  20. Taking A Look At The Numbers Behind One Of The Most Successful Events In UFC History Read the Full Article Here[url={url}]View the full article[/url]
  21. Fight Club LA is 398k+ now and I guess Supreme Combat Federation, Slavic Fight League and International Federation of MMA™ (403k+) can be removed form the list.
  22. Yeah i liked it it was like a scandinavian john wick war movie, very different and good bit of escapism 7/10
  23. Just watched the series 1 of Fallout, it is shit hot! best show I have seen in quite a while Apocalyptic, mad max, steam punk, uber violence, funny, great characters with some great little cameos by certain actors never seen or played the game but this is very good 9/10
  24. Karim Johnson HOF Induction! Karim Johnson (347353) competed in GAMMA from 2021-09-18 until 2024-04-06 under GAMMA Hall of Fame manager Laz Staz. Before competing in GAMMA, he was a Combate 265lbs and 265+lbs world champion. He even competed against GAMMA back in 2021-06-26 in a super fight against the then champion Hiro Manowaru in a fight that he won. He was already 13-2 when he joined GAMMA, so he obviously joined with lots of hype and promise. Karim had 41 fights with a record of 27-14-0. 26 of those wins came via finishes (which is 5th all time) and he also had 27 Fight of the Night bouts (which is 6th all time). He is a 5 time 265lbs+ world GAMMA champion! This could be an all time record, at least for the division but that is very hard to know without going through the whole list. Either way, winning then losing and then regaining the title 5 times, is obviously rediculous, especially at this level. Karim has a total of 24 title fights, which ranks as 5th all time. He also had a crazy amount of super fights, in total 9, which is a modern era record and 4th highest in GAMMA history. His combined Super + Title fights is 33 which ranks 4th all time. He is a GAMMA and MMA Tycoon Hall of fame fighter at the same time, he joined the game HOF back in 2022-03-13 becoming the #1 ranked fighter. Back in 2022 he won the GAMMA fighter of the year and in 2023 he came 2nd. This is only the 8th time in history a fighter was ranked in the top 3 fighters of GAMMA for the year. In 2021 and 2022 he was ranked #1 among all fighters for the 265+ division in the whole game. Only 2 other fighters in GAMMA history have achieved the same feat. He also competed in the latest (and probably last), MMA Tycoon Olympics back in 2022-04-07. He had many memorable wins over former GAMMA champs, top 100 ranked fighters or GAMMA HOF fighters, including Leonardo Da Vincible, Viktor Babinski, Hiro Manowaru, LaTroy Johnson, Bento Barboza, Yago Nascimento, Billy Bob Brown, Hero Shima, Zahbit Lovanov, Beau Canada, Herbert Kreischer, William Riker, but his biggest win has to be over Kilo Maluga in probably the most hyped fight in modern MMA history. He has a total of 556 ranking points which places him 4th in the all time list, just 1 win below Jeremy Tonal (31632) who is in 3rd place. He is also the fighter with the fewest fights among the top 12, meaning he achived more due to the quality of fights, not the quantity. This is Laz Staz #5 induction into the GAMMA HOF, only 1 other manager has more and only 2 others have the same amount. This also pushed Laz to just 69 points away from surpassing Whymer Van Mastodon (40116) for the #1 all time GAMMA manager position, something he should achieve in 2024.
  25. See Which Fighters Moved Up And Down In The Latest Edition Of The Rankings Read the Full Article Here[url={url}]View the full article[/url]
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