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  3. Whatever you do, don't befriend me and Thibs, you'll inevitably end up in the black sheep alliance with the rest of us and end up guilty by association. Though it's been a while since we had some controversy....so we are probably overdue.
  4. Screw: Thunder Rosa Marry: Willow Kill: Mercedes Asuka, Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky
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  7. Dober Can’t Wait To Add Another Chapter To His Book As He Faces Brazil’s Jean Silva At UFC Fight Night: Namajunas vs Cortez Read the Full Article Here[url={url}]View the full article[/url]
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  9. Screw: Mariah May Marry: Tiffany Stratton Kill: Chelsea Green Mercedes Mone, Thunder Rosa, Willow Nightingale
  10. I always thought heart was better than chin, but that chin is mediocre for sure. Interesting he never got cut though. Might be the weightclass but his cuts dont seem like a crazy value. I think Yasha's heart/chin is very similar to my Olsen. Already know through some detective work his chin is probs sub 70. Luckily I suspect his KO power is in the 140s. Crucially, although it's HW and it is knock them out or get KO'd yourself, he seems low injury which means maybe his lil chin has lasted.
  11. Cheers, submitted for approval.
  12. Avatar approved, and 150k of chump change has been transferred to your offshore account in the canary islands.
  13. Quite an astute Dork, learned quite a bit from your random ramblings & musings, of course it could be that you are only lucid after copious amounts of recreational substances or presciption medications but listen the to Crazy Horse & ye shall be enlightened some or at the very least entertained. Edit - I've heard good things about Outlaw Bleak's Mentorship too, if he is available. But hang out in Discord & chat to passing by vets & you can pick up a lot of tips & info. Failing that you can google the ever loving crap out of the MMA Tycoon forums on whatever topic you think you care to learn, which is mostly what I did to start with, don't bother with the forum search engine imho, I found it to be utterly inept.
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