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Found 15 results

  1. If you have an event taking place in the UK, Saturnia will offer odds on it. Feel free to use all published information to promote your fighter or organisation anyway you can.
  2. New to the game, so perhaps Im missing something. Why arent Bookmakers frequently used? I see one or two available in each city (max) and they dont seem to take many bets from other players. What about real life events (when the UFC is actually back on). I see theres an option to post lines for those, do you bet on RL events in the game? I personally love the feature, sizing up the fights and trying to figure out good value bets. been betting on some fights to try earn a bit of money. Also created my own bookmaker company in London so Ive started that for a bit of fun. Any tips to help run it would be cool, too.
  3. Guest

    Finite Betting

    Finite Betting http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/153349370232.png Finite Betting is a brand new bookmaker with the plan of being the #1 used bookmaker. Odds are custom-set for every event and we will set odds for any organization that contacts us. Because we are a new company, our funds are low and we have limited options for your betting Max In Game Events - 1000$ Max Real Life Events - 2500$ Bookmaker Stake - 20% Of course, as we grow as a company these limits will raise and our stake will decrease. Bet with the future. Finite Betting http://mmatycoon.com/images/company_banners/1533520342aweaweawe.png
  4. Hello! I wanted to ask if there any bookmakers on this site that do UFC events? I won 10,000 on the spin to win not too long ago and wanted to bet some of it but I can't seem to find any bookmakers that do real events. If anybody knows where I can find one, please tell me! Thanks!
  5. Get on down to a Main Event Bookmakers location and place your bets. Always rely on Main Event Bookmakers to cover you. You can also place your bet online REAL EVENTS Event Name : Bellator 135 - Warren vs. Galvao Date : 27 Mar 2015 Closing Time : 18:00:00 UK time Joe Warren v Marcos Galvao L.C. Davis v Hideo Tokoro Event Name : WSOF 19 - Gaethje vs. Palomino Date : 28 Mar 2015 Closing Time : 18:00:00 UK time Justin Gaethje v Luis Palomino Thiago Silva v Matt Hamill Jake Heun v Teddy Holder IN GAME EVENTS Event Name : T77 City : London Date : 25 Mar 2015 Wrestling Guy v Mark Conway Event Name : CEC 376 City : London Date : 27 Mar 2015 Rocky Tyson v Tigran Badoyan Event Name : WC 17: Mouba vs Jon City : New York Date : 28 Mar 2015 Mamad Mouba v Derrick Jon Event Name : Ascension 313 City : Los Angeles Date : 05 Apr 2015 Bowser Stormcrow v Shinichi Onizuka Event Name : Insanity 82 City : Los Angeles Date : 11 Apr 2015 Antoni Hong v Jingle Jingle
  6. MMA Tycoon Fans, I am starting an Australian bookmakers with an upcoming event, INY 39 Blake v Huchkov. If anyone is looking to add a bit of extra fun to their game and try to predict the winners from this event and future events, I offer a low 5% bookmakers % cut which means that punters will be getting extra on their returns! Good luck and have fun! http://www.mmatycoon.com/bookmakerpublic.php?bid=8245
  7. http://i1332.photobucket.com/albums/w611/AggAth/HBMlg2_zpse4cb9a8c.png HONOR BOOKMAKERS OPEN FOR BUSINESS HONOR Fighting Championship is proud to announce the opening of it's very own bookies - HONOR Bookmakers. HONOR Bookmakers will have odds up of every single fight on every single HONOR FC card, beginning with HONOR 28 tonight, as well as select UFC and Bellator events. In future we may add WSOF, ONE FC and possibly BAMMA events too if there is a demand for it but we will see how it goes. So if you want to bet on your HONOR FC fighters then either click the link below or search HONOR bookmakers(8211) on the search page. Thanks and HONOR FC reminds you to please bet responsibly. http://mmatycoon.com/bookmakerpublic.php?bid=8211 http://i1332.photobucket.com/albums/w611/AggAth/honbmsban_zpsda2e39b3.png
  8. Guest

    Hilo Bookies

    There is a new bookmaker in town, PM me if you want your events on here, We currently only offer odds on main and co-main fights
  9. Hi guy I have just noticed that no-one had added the UFC 175 event so have just done it now - Sorry its late but bookmakers can now add the odds for the event if they wish. Thanks
  10. Odds are up for UFC Fight Night 35: Rockhold vs Philippou over at Syn City Betzone, which goes down on January 15th. 10k bets are as available as always. You can check out the opening odds below. http://www.mmatycoon.com/bookmakerpublic.php?bid=7714 http://i610.photobucket.com/albums/tt183/Reider84/ufcfightnight35odds_zps120e45cd.jpg
  11. Here are my latest odds for UFC 168 which takes place on December 28th. You can get your bets on now, up to 10k, over at Syn City Betzone (Formerly Empire Betzone). http://www.mmatycoon.com/bookmakerpublic.php?bid=7714 Odds are correct at time of posting and subject to change. Also decided to include the current bets so far so that you can see where everyone is putting their money. http://i610.photobucket.com/albums/tt183/Reider84/UFC168odds_zps5eb829dc.jpg
  12. Well UFC Fight Night 33 is done and dusted so it's time for UFC on FOX 9: Johnson vs Benavidez You can get your 10k bets on over at Empire Betzone http://www.mmatycoon.com/bookmakerpublic.php?bid=7714 Found it really hard to set starting odds for this event, I think a lot of the fights are tough to call, including the main event, so if you can pick the winners you stand a chance of making some decent money. Opening odds are below. http://i610.photobucket.com/albums/tt183/Reider84/ufconfox9odds_zps2454a3a0.jpg
  13. All, Experienced staff required for new bookmakers to promote, manage and develop the business. Please contact me in-game for more details. The company is Muscleworks Betting (http://www.mmatycoon.com/bookmakerpublic.php?bid=8084)
  14. UFC 159: Jones vs Sonnen 10k bets now available at Empire Betzone Current odds include Jon Jones 1.22 (-456) vs Chael Sonnen 3.7 (+270) Michael Bisping 1.61 (+113) vs Alan Belcher 2.13 (-163) Checik Kongo 2.17 (+117) vs Roy Nelson 1.59 (-170) Phil Davis 1.39 (-257) vs Vinny Magalhaes 2.7 (+170) Pat Healy 2.74 (+174) vs Jim Miller 1.38 (-264) Plus all of the undercard fights including Sara McCann, Cody McKenzie, Rustam Khabilov, OSP and many more! http://www.mmatycoon.com/bookmakerpublic.php?bid=7714
  15. self explanatory... hes gonna lose 9 out of 10 in my opinion. but if he wins that means $1100 being returned to you on a bet of only $100
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