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Found 2 results

  1. Information about MMA Tap Out mma tap out is a platform that gives you news about events in mma tycoon and we also do fighter interviews. johnny mike is the host and jake two is the other host.Our first episode will be coming out soon.
  2. http://i1349.photobucket.com/albums/p742/kevinfurlotte/MMA%20Tycoon/MMA%20Hype/MMA-Hype_zps77ee8eb1.jpg Welcome to the official thread of MMA Hype! What is MMA Hype you say? Here's a little bit of background information: MMA Hype started as a news/interview broadcast with the LFC fight org (Listerman Fighting Circuit in Montreal). The main goal of MMA Hype is to share information all around the MMA Tycoon world with anyone interested in reading about stuff. It will mostly be interview with fighters or managers at the beginning, but it may grow into something more, if of course, the interest is there. Brett Clarke (far left in the picture) Brett is a retired MMA fighter. You probably never heard of him, since he never made it to the big leagues, but he would have been one hell of a fighter if he wouldn't be made of porcelain. His many injuries forced him to retire, so he decided to put his knowledge of the sport to good use, he joined the MMA Hype forces right away. Jared Asante (you guess it, second from the left in the picture) Avid and wise MMA commentator, Jared has been hired by MMA Hype for his knowledge of the sport. He's been a MMA commentator with a few amateur organizations in the past, and it was clear he had to be moved to the big leagues! Any manager that would like to have an interview for one of his fighter is welcome to send me a request (private message please), and I will take care of it. Fighter interviews are a good way to promote a fight and start some smack talk.
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