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Found 1 result

  1. Maxim Ibragimov: Well well well... Would you believe it we're back again this time with even more exciting news and developments as I sit down with STILL undefeated Ivan Sidorov. Ivan I'll let you break the news. Ivan Sidorov: Honestly I am tired boss, haha. After my win today I did not want to sit around, so I got you to get in contact with Jaimie, Ngozi and many other names. All asking for a fight and while no one agreed we do now have a fight offer accepted on our side against the great Anton Ilmarinen. This guy is multiple time champ multiple defenses and in his peak form. It is such a challenge but this keeps me up. The narrative is funny that I am scared this all goes back to when I declined a Giovanni fight which sprung up on short notice with no change in contract to be champion and what I did was ask for Ngozi first and then Giovanni after. Well they vanished me from WFC, which is now closed but today and not just today but all my recent doings should show I am not scared. Following last interview I asked for Hinto to which he booked a fight and has since stopped negotiations, I asked for Jaimie, Jacob, Ngozi all these guys you have messaged their managers and I called out yet either lack of communication or none. Maxim Ibragimov: Biggest news of your career. But before we delve deeper how did you feel about your win today in Helsinki? Ivan Sidorov: Helsinki was great and my confidence is at and all time high. Takedown and GNP, it is what I always go for but today it happened quickled, I have said Simon is a warm up well now the people know what for. I want big challenges where I am underdog I said I had 2 185lbs fights left well it is now 3 after a generous contract where I got what I asked for the champion. Maxim Ibragimov: What about Jaimie now, will you still fight? And what about after this fight? Ivan Sidorov: Jaimie is still a name I want and I expressed this to Heartless boss, there is another name which I was reticently told may be next instead, but after this I definitely want Jaimie or Jaimie first either way. The problem with Jaimie is his flame has dried a bit, he used to come with great passion and now after his win against Vito so little, similar with his manager just not enough communication and maybe I am a bit impulsive . Maxim Ibragimov: Impulsive Ivan, hahaha. This is all true with Jaimie and his manager. What is next do you expect Anton to accept and how do you see the fight going? Ivan Sidorov: Definitely I believe he'll accept and also expect him to believe he will beat me. His style is interesting he is wrestler like me and all his losses he was winning until getting caught by a submission, maybe this fight I showcase some subs. But the game plan is no secret its to dominate on the ground and finish. Although I will say this is different level similar to Vito in terms of wrestling except Vito had such a long time off from fights before ours and his approach was all wrong, I know Anton and how he will fight and he knows the same. Whose will, will be stronger. Who wants it more? Its champion Vs champion no matter what bullshit people say I am credentialed I beat Jaimie who had multiple defenses and no one ever took this belt I was the guy who beat the champ, no one beat me. Now Anton has that chance. Maxim Ibragimov: The hairs on my arm are lifting this is such fun fight and crazy, you just fought when you accept and then ask for short fight I question you twice. But this is your legacy and you want to prove you're the best 185lbs before moving to 205lbs permanently. Is this still the plan? Ivan Sidorov: Honestly this is way too ahead Anton is legit and not saying my other opponents were not but Anton is new level. If I succeed in my 3 fight contract we'll see if I stay and further defend my belt or move to 205lbs. Many options and I am not perfect I am not chasing perfection I am chasing greatness! Maxim Ibragimov: Greatness. There we have folks the fight has been accepted on Ivan's side now it is up to Anton and his team to accept. I will provide updates but for you Ivan rest up a bit and then back to training! Thank you for tuning in.
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