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Found 4 results

  1. Check out the newest odds! After beating the book in our debut the book got his revenge! Let’s see how we do going forward!
  2. Hey guys don’t forget to bet on your favorite fights. Heartless Odds are up for the next 3 events. Bet your hearts out!
  3. Dillo: What's up everybody, it's Dillo here! Welcome to an episode of the Dillo's Dojo Podcast! TODAY! We have a certain guest on here, a client of mine that I manage in this little lovely fight game; MMA Veteran Frankie "Big Rig" Griggs (15-14 MMA, 0-1 KT)! Frankie is here today to talk about the rumors of an upcoming bout he has lined up in MMA! That's right! MMA! Frankie is back from KT and doing MMA once more!- Frankie: Now now. I'm not back into MMA, it's just talks of one fight. You know that. Dillo: Sorry, just a little excited about these rumors. Let's discuss them. There's been some rumors flying around Buzz that HFC is planning on making you headline a show on May 21st against a 1-0 prospect! That true? Frankie: Well, yeah. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but I was offered and signed a 1 fight deal with Heartless Fighting Championship and the plan is to face Alex Pereira in the Main Event of HFC Special 1. Nothing is official yet, no bout agreement has been sent but HFC staff assured both of us that the fight offer will be arriving shortly. Dillo: Let's be real here. We're all curious as to why a 15-14 MMA veteran like yourself is putting your legacy at risk against a 1-0 prospect? Where'd this bout stem from? Frankie: Well my dear manager, allow me to tell you the whole tale. It all started when this Darko Stosic guy was barking up a storm on Buzz, just discounting other guys including my fellow management member Kelly Williams. I came in and promptly put the guy in his place and I thought that was it. Nope, HIS fellow management member Alex Pereira came in barking too, laughing about each of the guys records on Buzz, including mine. So I laughed and thought: "Hey, maybe I can get a fun fight out of this and humble this loser in the process." and that's exactly what happened. I offered him a fight to humble his ass, he had the balls to accept; which big respect by the way. I talked to AKF's brass and HFC's brass and pulled some strings. They both loved the idea and so the bout has been spawned. Just waiting on a bout agreement. Dillo: So, basically it's Frankie vs a Shit Talker? I like that idea of a Main Event! Frankie: Yeah basically. But this guy does got some nasty kicks and elbows, I will say. I have a very good feeling i'm gonna KO him but he's got weapons I gotta be careful of, for sure. So not just any Shit Talker I suppose. Guys got heart. I watched his first fight and he was getting completely dominated. He didn't give up, and he managed to get a lucky shot and hurt his opponent. Like a good fighter he capitalized on that and he's 1-0 for a reason, so I can't count him out completely. Dillo: You wanna give us the official prediction? Any specific round? Anything else you wanna say before we sign off here? Frankie: KO/TKO but no specific round, and Nothing other than: Tune in to BuzzTV on May 21st and see two warriors with absolute heart and power go to war! Buy your tickets at Hard Knocks box office and come see HFC Special 1 LIVE! Dillo: There you have it! That's it for this episode of Dillo's Dojo Podcast! I'm Dillo, with Frankie Griggs! I'll see you all at the hostilities, my friends!
  4. So when you are using a jet to drain a fighters bank account before you release them, I am wondering if the private jet flights are cancelled if you release the fighter before the flights have happened?
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