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Found 6 results

  1. hi, I'm a new player and I recently completed the new player guide, receiving the regular fifty bucks for doing so. however, under the spin and win section, it says you receive fifty credits for completing the guide, but this never happened for me. Does anyone know what could have happened?
  2. Somebody in a forum said that "Big Heart" decreases the chance of fighters to get Granite Chins. They claimed it weakens the other Hidden skills. Is There any truth to that??? The hidden attributes are supposed to be completely random & selecting a skill is just supposed to boost That Skill. I'm sure the Tycoon Veterans know the truth though.
  3. Hello there, I`m new here, but I`m learning pretty quick and I want to get the VIP status and start a company. Can someone help me out with a loan please, I don`t have any money yet. I would be thankful.
  4. I have been thinking of this idea for sometime now and i have decided to go with it and see how it goes. The Office Need A Loan? We Can Help Need A Contract? We Can Help Need A Sponsor? We Can Help Need Slider Help? We Can Help. And More. This idea is aimed at the new managers to the game who may think "hmmm i like the look of this game, but i dont have a clue what to do" Well guess what, We Can Help. http://i1235.photobucket.com/albums/ff440/lylehumphreys/office_zps05ea803b.png So if you need help please PM me: http://www.mmatycoon...php?MgrID=33988
  5. Guest

    weight loss two days out

    I am off weight with a fight in less than two days time. I don't know what is wrong as I have 100% energy and haven't misses weight before. I am 168lbs and can cut to 157.1lbs but my fight is at 155lbs. I am lost on how to rectify this and would appreciate any help at all. Thanks. Phil "The Power" Taylor (208161)
  6. Guest

    Natural aptitude sliders

    Hi, I am new to the game having only joined a couple of days ago and so and i have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. Just a quick question I am creating my second fighter who I want to be a ground wizard and I have just got to the natural aptitude section. I was just wondering whether it would be more important to have naturally good conditioning or whether the benefits you get from picking a skill such as BJJ would be better. Because so far from what I have read on forums and help guides conditioning seems to be the most aspect so i have focused most of physical points on it so should continue like that or spread it to try and help learn in areas where I did not put as many points.
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