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Bone Benders Grappling


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Aloha and welcome to a momentous occasion - the grand opening of Bone Benders, Hilo's newest hub for grappling excellence! Today marks a celebration of passion, dedication, and the spirit of aloha intertwining with the art of grappling in the heart of Hawaii.

Here, amidst the breathtaking landscapes and the warm embrace of out community, we gather not to cut ribbons and open doors, but to inaugurate a new chapter in the story of martial arts.

In these scared grounds, we honor tradition, respect the legacy of our kupuna (Elders) of grappling, and yet, we dare to dream beyond convention. We're a fusion of innovation and heritage, a melting pot where ancient techniques meet modern methodologies, where wisdom of the past fuels the evolution of the future.

 To our aspiring grapplers, both young and seasoned, I extend an invitation: Join us on the odyssey. Here, you'll not only hone your skills but discover the resilience within you, build unbreakable bonds with your fellow fighters, and bask in the beauty of progress, both on the mat and within yourselves.

Bone Benders is more than a name; it's a commitment to each and every one of you - a promise of relentless pursuit of excellence, a promise of an 'ohana that supports, and uplifts. So, as we officially open these doors, I invite you to step in, feel the energy, embrace the challenge, and become part of this new generation of grappling we are building together.

Let us embark on this journey with gratitude, determination, and an unwavering commitment to the art of grappling. 

Mahalo nui loa,

Aquarium Fish (144011), CEO of Bone Benders Grappling

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The Makau


The Makau is the (Belt/Trophy) of the org. What better way to embrace the culture of the beautiful islands then the Makau. The meaning of these hooks has deep roots throughout all of the islands once thought to bring good fortune and strength to those who wear it.

Over the years it has evolved into something much more. It has become a prized possession though to harness the mana or energy of the gods.

I love to have all the connections we can to the islands and this is another way we can do such. Hope you all enjoy.


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We are still on the lookout for grapplers of all ages and weight classes looking to grow the organization and get this ball rolling. At the moment, we have an event scheduled for New Year's Day and are looking to fill the card with all talent levels.

Whether you are older and looking to round out your career on the mats or a young 18-year-old looking to become a champion, Bone Benders is the place for you.

We want to be the best grappling organization in the game and need all the help we can get at the moment to even start. Other grappling organizations are not giving you the chances to gain a title here; all of them are vacant, so you all have the chance at being the next goat of grappling.

I would also love to do a special sponsorship thing in the coming future where all fighters that do join us if they have an open sponsorship slot would receive a sponsorship offer from Pulling Guard so that we can all look nice when we are on the mats.

Thank you for the time lads this is the start of the journey to the top of the world. Appreciate you all.

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