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  1. Holy shit!! This is my first pick 'em win in about 5 years
  2. Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes Valentina Shevchenko vs Katilyn Chookagian Juan Adams vs Justin Tafa Mirsad Bektic vs Dan Ige Derrick Lewis vs Ilir Latifi Trevin Giles vs Antonio Arroyo Alex Morono vs Kalinn Williams Lauren Murphy vs Andrea Lee Miles Johns vs Mario Bautista Domingo Pilarte vs Journey Newson Andre Ewell vs Jonathan Martinez Austin Lingo vs Youssef Zalal
  3. The same could be said for every sport. Look at the NFL. We knew coming into this season the Redskins, Dolphins, Bengals and Cardinals were definitely not going to make the playoffs. On the other side, we would have penciled in the Patriots, Chiefs, Saints, Seahawks and Packers into the playoffs.
  4. The Betts move is because they didn't want to pay him after this coming season and figured they might as well get something in return. "Experts" are guessing Betts could get close to $400million on the open market. The Astros punishment, if you want to call it that, was definitely on the light side. They'll be trading guys away soon enough. Too many young guys that they can't afford. To be fair, we've seen plenty of teams have "the best talent" and not win. Hard cap will never happen. Players are getting paid loads of money on guaranteed contracts and their player's association won't ever let that change.
  5. Hopefully there are still a few baseball fans left in the community. Big news of today: Mookie Betts and David Price getting traded to the Dodgers
  6. Trying to name ones that haven't been said yet.......... Stephen Lynch, Russell Peters and, as dumb as it is, Jeff Dunham
  7. Yes. Some supplement shops have weight gain and weight loss supps or if you don't want to change his actual weight, you can just contact the owner of whichever org he is signed to and asked to be moved up in weight class. Here is one company that has weight gain and weight loss supps.
  8. I'm aware Liddell has a wrestling background and Bas still would have managed to take him down and finish him. Side note: Gaejthe is overrated.
  9. Chuck Liddell vs Bas Rutten (205) - Bas was too technically sound of a fighter and would have exposed Liddell's lack of a ground game very quickly. Khabib vs GSP (170) - Would be a close fight, but I think GSP's size and fight IQ gives him a slight edge. Jon Jones vs Cain (265) - Cain is basically a bigger version of Cormier. A close fight, but Jones would use his range to keep the fight standing. Nick Diaz vs Conor (170) - Nick is better than Nate and Conor struggled against Nate, so easy choice there. BJ Penn vs Conor (155) - Would definitely be a fun one to watch, but I think this comes down to the mind games and BJ has never been good at those. Jon Jones vs Brock (265) - Brock gets gassed after one round and Jones absolutely picks him apart afterwards. Fedor vs Jones (265) - Interesting fight, but I don't think Fedor ever faced anyone with a skill set remotely close to Jones. Fedor vs Brock (265) - Same reasoning at Brock vs Jones. Ronda vs Valentina (135) - High level strikers are Ronda kryptonite. Conor vs Anderson (185) - Massive size advantage for Silva for starters, but Silva was just too damn good.
  10. It's amazing how good the 205 division used to be and where it is now. I know a lot of it has to do with Jon Jones running through the division, but the UFC desperately needs him to leave that division so it can rebuild.
  11. Deuce7

    NFL 2019

    Here is a subject to debate: Now that Eli Manning has retired, is he a Hall of Famer???
  12. It's nice to see some old names on here. Surprising numbers for sure. I figured most of them would be higher, I'm wondering if that is a product of the game changes?
  13. Deuce7

    NFL 2019

    Really curious to see if the 49ers defense can slow down the Chiefs offense.
  14. Deuce7

    NFL 2019

    49ers vs Chiefs in the Super Bowl!!
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