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Found 16 results

  1. Well folks he is at it again. Whenever oldtimer Louie DePalma gets bored with the game does he seek out a new idea of his own.... he certainly is not a smart enough man for this. Look how many times has he stolen someone elses idea? PWNAGE? Just ask Buster, LoL .... Nope not his idea either. Blitz Down Under... yeah that was someone elses ride he followed until he was bored before changing to Syndicate. Syn... Franky's baby not Louies.... Well guess what everyone, he is about to do it again... some of you may remember this guy, others may even know he is here among as today under an assumed identity... White Gorilla Nutrition: Reviving History The year is 2009; some of you are still shitting yourselves and crying to be fed by your parents. A devilishly handsome man named Tats McGee lures your Mom into an affair while your father is at work. The family is in turmoil. The matriarch of the household wants to run away with her new lover, however Tats has his eye on a new, quite frankly, more exciting conquest - a pretend nutritional supplement company in a text based browser game! In a desperate attempt to keep him, Moms transfers the family savings into his bank account which he promptly uses to prepay 3 months of internet service. He dips into your piggy bank to purchase VIP from Mike Tycoon, opens a new company and wanders off down the road to greatness. White Gorilla Nutrition was born. With the help of personal friend, and Montreal Org owner Bizzy B (an absolute weapon RIP), the pair of business partners funded MMATycoon’s very first nutrition company to be fully stocked with all 5 supplements while boasting the highest quality available at the time (158). No other company could compete with the Silverback line up and envious wannabe’s turned to money laundering in an effort to fund the supplement research (159) that would eventually topple the great White Gorilla. The market became saturated and Tats retreated back between the warm thighs where it all began. Fast forward to 2022: Absolute legend, Big Louie DePalma stumbles out of bed a little groggy, resembling a Grizzly Bear stirring from hibernation - the result of too many driveway beers on Labour Day. The Canadian is horny and hungry. Your Mom rushes toward him, exposed breast in one hand, sammich in the other. Without breaking stride, Lou chooses the meal and swats the hag to the side. Her pleasure would have to wait. Recently tasked with reviving the iconic CFC in Montreal, Lou had decided to resurrect another piece of history: White Gorilla Nutrition. Stayed tuned for further details...
  2. ?NEWLY OPENED GYM IN MONTREAL!? Come and train with us, and being the founder of what you fight for! FIGHT FOUNDERS (CA) 900/weekly Calling out to anyone in the Montreal area, Fight Founders has opened up their first location for the grand opening! We plan on opening new locations in other places if we become established! Looking for hungry fighters to come and train with us. Were newly opened and newly experienced with running a gym and any improvements that need to be made will be in soon time.
  3. I recently opened a public gym in Montreal and I am doing everything I can to get guys to check out the gym and make the switch over so I hope this will get someone's attention and get some more guys training at.... Uncle Toths Gym-4016 I have an all elite staff of coaches (6) Only 10 fighters in gym right now and that's including the 2 SPAR-BOTS I created to help with sparring sessions since that is the things I can't control since I can't force ppl to join the gym or I definitely would lol Had one manager leave gym due to sparring sessions so I want to be clear about the good and bad about the gym to prevent anyone leaving in the future for that reason Please help lol
  4. I just opened a Gym in Montreal and am hoping to give all you fighters based in Montreal who are using the public gyms a chance to train with some highly skilled coaches and since we are a smaller gym at the moment your wants and needs for certain types of training sessions WILL be heard and if needed new coaches will be hired. We are also possibly going to be offering personal coaches for managers who are in the market for 1x1 coaching or maybe if you have 2-3 fighters training at the gym and wanted a coach just for your guys then we could make that happen but like I said this is only a possibility at the moment and will be discussed and thought about more so once the need and/or want arises. Thanks everyone, UNCLE TOTH Uncle Toths Gym-4016
  5. http://i.imgur.com/02P68I4.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/dzmr0E3.png This thread will serve as the official hornets nest for a stankhole gym I opened in Montreal. We are already one of the best Elite gyms in the city, and are always looking to add to our services. McFisty's recently renovated. We have a sauna, are currently acquiring a Nutrition Partner, and have a planned fighter cap of 35 - invite only. The current weekly fee is $1,000 - which grants you access to multiple double-Elite coaches (true 150s, none of that weak 140 bullshit) and some world class Richard Simmons wannabes for your circuit training. Anytime there is a major update to the gym, a happening, a bamboozle, or whatever - I'll post about it here to bump the thread and whore out my business in the Recent Posts queue. And remember - you can't beat that warm feeling placed inside of you by McFisty's.
  6. http://www.universal-baseball.net/MFN.jpg Welcome to the official thread of Montreal Fight Nights! MFN opened its doors in December of 2012 and has been taking Montreal by storm ever since. We run multiple events per week and continue to have large weight classes to accommodate fighters of all levels at each class and pride ourselves in offering fair fights and competitive contracts. We have large "Of the Night" awards to reward fighters who showed excellence during a particular event. We are partnered with http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1363315336TTFC-logo_zps91b028d3.png http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1375732307fuRIOus.jpghttp://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1390197039images73725Z4F.jpg For supplements and clothing we strongly recommend our sponsors http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1369663655Fury%20Logo.jpghttp://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1296772437boutiquenew.jpg When you shop at those locations there are more sponsorship dollars that come back to your fighters! Feel free to use this thread to smack talk each other. We will also be posting event previews, event reviews, interviews, and rankings.
  7. Welcome to the Legacy! Smack Talk thread. Here you'll be able to call out fighters, talk some trash, and hype up your fights. We are very hopeful to make this an active thread and add that little bit more to our experience. You will also find fight event previews and reviews here once we get rolling. You can use any format you choose however to get the most out of this thread we suggest that you include the avatar image of your fighter along with their name/link to their fighter profile so others know who you are. I will give you an example: http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/0/14233127945635.jpg Hiroshimo "Hiro" Sakamoto (241551) My manager is a db he has left me sitting idle for too long and I need a new home, I hear this Legacy! thing just started up and so I might drop by and check it out. For any other fighters who want to throw down, dont waste my time as you are not worthy of a minute of mine. I respect no one and fear even less. If we end up facing off in the cage I appologize in advance for the beatdown you will receive!
  8. Ultra Steel MMA is an invite gym that is now open in Montreal, looking for people to start training. PM me for invites.
  9. Montreal Fight Nights started out holding events in Montreal and eventually started to host in other cities. This was key to the org's growth as some fighters will only fight in their base city and MFN needed to reach out to better fighters to remain competitive. Over time, MFN has evolved into only hosting events in London, Los Angeles, and once in a while Tokyo. The reason behind that is that those are the 3 biggest arenas, and even though MFN did a World Tour last year, it wasn't until we started exclusively using Wombley, the Coliseum, and the Tokyo Bowl on a regular basis that MFN reached the level of success that it currently sits at. With all that being said, and because MFN no longer hosts events in Montreal, I was wondering what the community thought about MFN dropping the word "Montreal" from its org name. History also should be considered, as I believe its important to remember where you came from... Share your thoughts, vote in the poll, and maybe offer up a new name (if you feel its warranted). I reserve the right to either keep the name the same or change it to anything... but definitely would like some input from the community. Thanks
  10. Today is a very exciting day, after carefully weighing my options, looking over the landscape of the MMA Tycoon community and considering many potential paths of travel I have decided to take on a new challenge, one that will in my opinion fill a void in Tycoon but also an oportuntiy for continued growth moving forward. There comes a time when you need to stop and take stock of not only where you are going but also where you have come from, and from that what you have achieved along with what you can attain in your future. We all, at least I believe most of us play this game for enjoyment but there are a large number of us that play it for the glory and accolades we can successfully attain, and in doing so we lay the groundwork of all the things we have achieved and our body of work becomes what some may consider to be our... http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah85/scottjeffries/legacy5EST_zpsnbiqvm5b.png With that being said, in the coming hours the doors will open to Tycoons newest 240K ID Organization which will be located in Montreal. Here our goal is to offer all the things many managers of this great game enjoy, great fights, writeups for events, kick ass posters, and most importantly we want to develop and set the bar high on fighter and manager interaction. We hope to develop a company that managers will be exited and want to come fight for, and word of mouth will be the key to our success. We hope to have the doors open as soon as today as we begin this process, and hope many of you will want to come and join us! For more information contact either myself or Stu Mack and we can get you set up. They say if you build it, they will come and we are very hopeful that statement rings true and many of the best young prospects in the 240K-260K range decide to call LEGACY! their home and wish to grow with us as we build something very special!! More information to follow in the coming hours...
  11. http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x359/8133805422/1.jpg?t=1383502616 WELCOME ALL BEEF SMACKTALKERS! Start some beef and request fights against certain fighters here! REMEMBER: I WILL AWARD 15K AND 5K FOR TOP TWO SMACKTALKERS EACH MONTH RESPECTIVELY. NOW LETS GO!
  12. Slaughterhouse MMA in Montreal is under now ownership. We are looking for active fighters in Montreal, new and old, to join the gym. We have a partnership with the organization BEEF, also in Montreal. So if you're a new fighter looking for a home, look no further. Slaughterhouse and BEEF have you covered! We are also working on getting a nuitrion partnership to fill all of your needs. Boxing coach will be brought in soon!
  13. This is the official Smack Talk thread for the Listerman Fighting Circuit (LFC).
  14. I've never had a problem booking flights before. The other flights I have to book went through. But for this guy http://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=213957 everytime i try and book a flight for his fight on the 28th it says "Flight was not booked, because is 4 hours before fight" I've tried all different times but it just says the flight is a different amount of hours the flight is before the fight
  15. I have set up a flight schedule on my jet to cover all of North America, starting next weekend. Most of my flights only end up with 0-2 people on them, and I lose money, but I'm not too worried about that. There are two different sets of these flights. The FRI/SAT flights are guaranteed to get everyone to their Saturday fights. The SUN/MON flights are mainly for everyone to get home after a Saturday fight. While a lot of the flights will work perfectly for people fighting on Friday or Sunday, the whole schedule is designed for Saturday fights, since that's when the vast majority of events happen. So, if you fight on Saturday, you can book with confidence. If you fight on a different day, be sure to check the flight times to make sure the flight works for you. Los Angeles to Las Vegas $499 Los Angeles to Montreal $1,499 Los Angeles to New York $999 Las Vegas to Los Angeles $499 Las Vegas to Montreal $1,399 Las Vegas to New York $899 Montreal to Las Vegas $1,399 Montreal to New York $499 Montreal to Los Angeles $1,499 New York to Montreal $499 New York to Las Vegas $899 New York to Los Angeles $999
  16. Hey guys! Canadian Killzone is back in Montreal. 2 years ago, Canadian Killzone was one of the top organizations in Montreal, and now if back looking for all fighters from 155-265. Anyone looking for a fair offer with more money to come, shoot me a message!
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