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  1. If it isnt too late, my guy is here http://mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=340503
  2. When is this shit comin so i can kick ass
  3. Ah shit... ok just let me know what i need to do... who needs to get taken out so i can be on the list
  4. They killed DC for me, Christian Bale was the shit but after that series died DC died altogether. Coco: 10/10 Kids movie but i loved it for the themes and importance of remembering your ancestors
  5. Yeah, sign me up and i will keep an eye on this
  6. 250k to the winner and 100k to the runner up headed your way
  7. Nachi Nokka http://mmatycoon.com/gallery/0/14161216192435.png Fuck Everyone.
  8. No worries, i will donate a prize whenever youre ready
  9. im interested and i would donate cash prizes if you can get this one to fly
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