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Found 6 results

  1. So I've been playing since around September, and just in the last month or so I'm noticing all my fighters' clothes are needing replacements at exactly the same time. Is this intentional or an update I didn't see? I've purchased a lot of the clothes at different times so it's just not making sense how today 7 of my 9 fighters suddenly all need new clothes. Anybody else noticing this?
  2. Somewhat of a noob here, big MMA fan been playing since September. So I've just created my first attempt at a submission artist with a purple belt in BJJ and a (9) in wrestling, made sure he had great subs. My first fight is against a guy who has a brown belt. So now I'm a bit torn between the stick positions, my other fighters are primarily boxers so I havent used them too much. I set mine to Guard Bottom as I plan to pull guard (didn't focus on TD offense) with a high counter and finish% from the bottom. Is this the best strategy against someone with slightly superior BJJ or should I try Back/None with the hopes that my guy will gain the best positions?
  3. Use this post to show any tips you may have, or any questions you want to ask.
  4. For new managers to learn stuff quickly and get help, I would advice you to go to the chatroom a lot. If you are looking for advice, you'll certainly get a lot of it over there. Just ask it in the general chatroom, or personal message someone you want to ask something. You can find the chat here : When you logged in with the mib_.... , you'll most likely be asked to identify yourself by a moderator. Because of some problems in the past , that's something that needs to happen. Don't worry about it, as the moderators are great guys and after you have showed them who you are, they will give you an explination on how to log in with your username , so that you won't have to prove each time who you are Also if you are wondering in chat who is who, you can ask them, or look them up in the game if they are registered. Go to the game and go to ' search' . Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the username . Click 'enter' and you'll see his manager page and all the info you might need . I've seen some newer managers jump into chat a few times lately and ask for advice. They get a lot of replies from great managers immediately to help them out and set up a gameplan, training,... Let's hope we can welcome some new faces in the chatroom . It's a great place to hang out and talk about the game AND real life. Good luck to all new managers and for any questions, message managers in game, post in the noob thread, or go to the chat Bjorn
  5. Guest

    org problems

    Hi everyone, I have this fight org and I'm having trouble gaining any sort of a profit, I was wondering if anyone had any advice to help out, please and thank you.
  6. Hey guys, new to the game obviously and im not sure exACtly how many sessions per week, and what type of sessions i should have my fighter working on? here is my fighters profile link: http://mmatycoon.com....php?FID=206870 AiDEN "sPADES" aCE (206870) 265lb weight class AiDEN has Mediocre (5)boxing, Strong (9)Muay Thai, Abysmal (2)wrestling and holds a bluebelt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Boxing http://mmatycoon.com/images/layout/stars/25.jpg Muay Thai http://mmatycoon.com/images/layout/stars/25.jpg Wrestling http://mmatycoon.com/images/layout/stars/10.jpg BJJ http://mmatycoon.com/images/layout/stars/10.jpg Muay Thai Strong (9) Boxing Mediocre (5) BJJ Woeful (3) Wrestling Abysmal (2) I really love the setup and premise of the game and i am going VIP today i really am dedicated and want to do well. I need a mentor and some advice on training and all aspects of the game. Thanks, Corey
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