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Found 6 results

  1. Maxim Ibragimov: Hello all, back again this time it is Ivan who asked for the interview with major news Ivan Sidorov: Hello today I am announcing my next two bouts will be my final at 185lbs, after my next fight, as well as call outs to Jaimie Hopson as well as undefeated champion Hinto Kangee. Maxim Ibragimov: This is big news, before we delve into these call outs I will ask how you feel about your last performance and next fight against Simon? Ivan Sidorov: It is no secret my last performance was my worst, I was dropped multiple times and rocked but I am proud I showed my Russian heart and still finished InSaen in the first round, this is fight I am happy to rematch in the future. My next opponent is another young prospect but I will not lie this is fight where it just happen as it was available opponent and he accepted, honestly it is a warm up to bigger things but it is still MMA so I need to be respectful of my opponent's skills. Maxim Ibragimov: Next we can move onto how these call outs today came to happen? Ivan Sidorov: The plan was originally to fight Billy Cobb and we asked the organisation owner of MMA Helsinki for this fight which he seemed fine with however earlier without notice he sent Billy a fight offer which is now made. We moved on and saw that the time line fits well with Jaimie so we reached out, moving to 205 permanently has been on my mind a lot recently, it is not an excuse leading into these fights it is just something I want to do I have conquered 185, at least I will do after my next three fights so 205 makes sense and will allow me to put on muscle and have better performances at 205 as last fight I was a middleweight against a light heavyweight, I want to be a lightheavy weight against another. The Hinto fight is logical it is bad blood, I like to be respectful but if anyone I say I have bad blood with it is this guy. We do not need to get too political and it is not just this it also as how he disrespect me also this aside he is 12-0 with countless defenses it is a great opponent to capture a belt against and take his legacy away and make it my own. Maxim Ibragimov: Has terms all been agreed? And which order do you want these fights, and when? Ivan Sidorov: Originally it was Jaimie and then Hinto but now it makes more sense if it is Hinto first and this has been agreed with yourself and Helmans. We're in contact with HFC owner, this should be smooth as he is very good communicator. In perfect world I win dominantly against Simon with no injuries and then Hinto fight at HFC 54 in about two weeks time and then Jaimie can come to HFC and I'll defend my belt against him or if Wolves belt is vacant this can happen too. If I do get injured and cannot fight at HFC 54 maybe Jaimie first will make more sense, we'll see and I'll make sure to provide updates but honestly I just want Hinto fight first so it can be agreed and just complete. Maxim Ibragimov: What about Ngozi Chai will you fight him? And what about Giovanni? Ivan Sidorov: Ngozi is a great fighter and I have given him respect before he was champ and agreed to this fight way back months and months ago. Of course I am willing, his manager has not been communicating though and he does not sell like Hinto or Jaimie would but if he wants it we can make it. With Giovanni for me the timing does not work out he has moved to 170lbs and you told Helmans the Boryenka fight is available, who knows maybe he will want to avenge Hinto and can make the journey to 205 but I know Boryenka crushes this guy so the only way I see it is him moving up to avoid Boryenka. Maxim Ibragimov: Well huge news today, in MMA plans can change quickly it is funny how one thing can create a snowball effect. The plan was for you to fight on same card as Boryenka but here we are, haha. Any other words you want to say? Ivan Sidorov: Thank you to all my supporters who have stood with me and I know the people are tired of talk at least when the fight is not signed. I am not a coward, critics accuse me of cherry picking fights, what will they say after this? I will be 17-0 and then officially join 205 lbs division this is just the ending of a chapter and Hinto especially Hinto will realise how grave of a mistake it was calling me out and for months disrespecting my name and Boryenka's. Maxim Ibragimov: There we have it ladies and gentlemen the undefeated legendary Ivan who is looking to become 15-0 next Monday and then soon after face his biggest challenges before moving to 205lbs!
  2. Maxim Ibragimov: Well well well... Would you believe it we're back again this time with even more exciting news and developments as I sit down with STILL undefeated Ivan Sidorov. Ivan I'll let you break the news. Ivan Sidorov: Honestly I am tired boss, haha. After my win today I did not want to sit around, so I got you to get in contact with Jaimie, Ngozi and many other names. All asking for a fight and while no one agreed we do now have a fight offer accepted on our side against the great Anton Ilmarinen. This guy is multiple time champ multiple defenses and in his peak form. It is such a challenge but this keeps me up. The narrative is funny that I am scared this all goes back to when I declined a Giovanni fight which sprung up on short notice with no change in contract to be champion and what I did was ask for Ngozi first and then Giovanni after. Well they vanished me from WFC, which is now closed but today and not just today but all my recent doings should show I am not scared. Following last interview I asked for Hinto to which he booked a fight and has since stopped negotiations, I asked for Jaimie, Jacob, Ngozi all these guys you have messaged their managers and I called out yet either lack of communication or none. Maxim Ibragimov: Biggest news of your career. But before we delve deeper how did you feel about your win today in Helsinki? Ivan Sidorov: Helsinki was great and my confidence is at and all time high. Takedown and GNP, it is what I always go for but today it happened quickled, I have said Simon is a warm up well now the people know what for. I want big challenges where I am underdog I said I had 2 185lbs fights left well it is now 3 after a generous contract where I got what I asked for the champion. Maxim Ibragimov: What about Jaimie now, will you still fight? And what about after this fight? Ivan Sidorov: Jaimie is still a name I want and I expressed this to Heartless boss, there is another name which I was reticently told may be next instead, but after this I definitely want Jaimie or Jaimie first either way. The problem with Jaimie is his flame has dried a bit, he used to come with great passion and now after his win against Vito so little, similar with his manager just not enough communication and maybe I am a bit impulsive . Maxim Ibragimov: Impulsive Ivan, hahaha. This is all true with Jaimie and his manager. What is next do you expect Anton to accept and how do you see the fight going? Ivan Sidorov: Definitely I believe he'll accept and also expect him to believe he will beat me. His style is interesting he is wrestler like me and all his losses he was winning until getting caught by a submission, maybe this fight I showcase some subs. But the game plan is no secret its to dominate on the ground and finish. Although I will say this is different level similar to Vito in terms of wrestling except Vito had such a long time off from fights before ours and his approach was all wrong, I know Anton and how he will fight and he knows the same. Whose will, will be stronger. Who wants it more? Its champion Vs champion no matter what bullshit people say I am credentialed I beat Jaimie who had multiple defenses and no one ever took this belt I was the guy who beat the champ, no one beat me. Now Anton has that chance. Maxim Ibragimov: The hairs on my arm are lifting this is such fun fight and crazy, you just fought when you accept and then ask for short fight I question you twice. But this is your legacy and you want to prove you're the best 185lbs before moving to 205lbs permanently. Is this still the plan? Ivan Sidorov: Honestly this is way too ahead Anton is legit and not saying my other opponents were not but Anton is new level. If I succeed in my 3 fight contract we'll see if I stay and further defend my belt or move to 205lbs. Many options and I am not perfect I am not chasing perfection I am chasing greatness! Maxim Ibragimov: Greatness. There we have folks the fight has been accepted on Ivan's side now it is up to Anton and his team to accept. I will provide updates but for you Ivan rest up a bit and then back to training! Thank you for tuning in.
  3. Maxim Ibragimov: Hello everyone and welcome to another interview with still undefeated Ivan Sidorov. Today we talk about today's announcement for Ivan's main event bout as well as future fight plans. Welcome once again Ivan how has these chaotic last few weeks been? Ivan Sidorov: Hello Maxim I am well. Yes these last few weeks have been crazy behind scenes however I have let you deal with most of this, I have just been keeping my head down and training to improve. Maxim Ibragimov: That is what I hope for and yes lots of negations these past weeks trying to make this fight on the 10th happen. First I want to ask your thoughts on your last fight against Hart where you reached 13-0. Ivan Sidorov: This was big goal for me as I saw Boryenka and this where he suffered his first loss, I think I let this get in my head too much. For the fight it was my most disappointing performance and toughest fight, firstly I credit Hart he had very great gameplan. Sometimes you face the opponent with the perfect counter to your skills for me as of now I see that being the sprawl and brawl style along with Hart's smaller height, just in MMA he has great style. This said it is sometimes the fights you are expected to completely dominate which make for the hardest fights at least this is what I have found so far. Maxim Ibragimov: To me this is surprising as although I know you hold yourself in a high regard you did still dominate and imposed your gameplan, but you are the champion and know best. Now let us get to the fight announcement today, I will let you do the honors. Ivan Sidorov: Yes this is a big respect given to me by both the HFC team and InSaen Chai and his team. I will be the main event for HFC 52 against former light-heavyweight champion InSaen Chai. He called for this fight on Buzz at first I was looking at Pushka or Cam but both were unavailable after such recent fights, so I have answered his call out. Maxim Ibragimov: Yes all parties were very professional, now moving to HFC is an interesting choice for you. You have fought there before so why decide to go back and what happened with TOF? Ivan Sidorov: I need to be careful what I say as I see you looking at me, haha. But honestly although things have not been perfect with TOF we do respect them and look forward to fighting there again and they did ultimately release me to allow me to do this special fight in TOF so I thank them for that. With HFC it is great organisation it is in Russia which allows me to visit my family and also just be home and it all just worked out. Originally it agreed to be against Omari however his manager messed us around so now it is against InSaen. I am not sure if I am meant to say but I am looking to do more fights in HFC if given TOF's permission, they just give me platform to do quick fights and this is what I want also there is names I want like Pushka and Cam next both these guys are at 205 and big challenges, God willing I get past InSaen. Maxim Ibragimov: You are allowed to say and yes we will be in contact with TOF after HFC 52 and hopefully everything will go as planned. Next I want to ask about the criticism some have shown towards your next opponent due to his record and recent performances. Ivan Sidorov: For me this is bullshit argument, people say same with Hart and he was my hardest fight and I have fought people on paper who according to these critics should have beat me and I just dominate. For example with Jaimie you had even fighters say they see it being competitive but I take him down straight away, styles make fights and also it is MMA. For me he is former champion in HFC and is weightclass above and is the tallest and heaviest fighter I have fought, these are unique quantities we will see how they play a factor. While I understand it people should understand I have only been fighting in MMA for 3 years this is same time as Chai and while we have different experience he has been training MMA longer than me so it is all pointless arguments. Maxim Ibragimov: Critics should definitely take these points into account and as you say after this you will fight these guys above like Cam and another undefeated fighter in Pushka. Lastly I will give you a chance to say anything to the people. Ivan Sidorov: Thank you to all my supporters, it is not always easy to get fight given world circumstances and so being able to fight in my home Russia is very important. Russian fighters have role to play in showing world how great Russia and we as people are, and that even with what the West show as the world against us showing Russia can still survive by itself, HFC is great promotion showing this on the sports side. Also again a big thank you to InSaen Chai and his team, very respectful and real respectful not fake bullshit to get the fight like Jaimie did, he champion and I respect him and wish him best but he needs to learn humble from his losses not this evil. As I talk I notice my home is on my mind, I left my homel not because the war, and this hardest moment in my career deciding with the uncertainty to leave my home. I do not need to get too much into politics but hypocrisy is crazy thing even in HFC we have Ukrainians who preach against Russia competing in Russia. I prefer you disagree with me than have no principles. On Saturday I hope to put on show for my people. 14-0. 14 first round finishes. Maxim Ibragimov: There we have it ladies and gentlemen the undefeated legendary Ivan looking to become 14-0 in the main event this Saturday at HFC 52 in Russia!
  4. Maxim Ibragimov: Hello everyone welcome to another interview with undefeated Ivan Sidorov. Today we will talk about his upcoming fight this Sunday and also future plans. Welcome to the interview Ivan, you look sweaty how has training been for you? Ivan Sidorov: Hello Maxim good to speak with you again. Yes haha, training has been going great just today I made a big improvement in my wrestling which I will look to showcase this Sunday. Maxim Ibragimov: That is great to hear! Now lets talk about your opponent Hart we addressed the controversy in the last interview but can you share your thoughts on him and the fight as a whole? Ivan Sidorov: People may call me liar or scared but this is a match which makes me a little nervous, this is good for all fighters as if you not nervous you are reckless and that is when you lose. But with Hart specifically he has shown great takedown defense and KO power against me this is dangerous combination. He has been improving a lot and our camp has noticed and trained hard too. With this match also it is important as it is for 13-0, Boryenka could not do this and just today fellow Russian Vladimir Fedetenko failed to do it, with him I wish him well I cannot imagine how hard it must be to make one little mistake and then just like that your perfect record go but he will be back stronger. Anyway so as I meant to say the 13-0 is a hard achievement and if I allow it to it can play a bad role in my head, I just need to focus on my gameplan and win. Maxim Ibragimov: This is like a dark cloud over us Russians, but I am certain you will be the one to do it! Aside from this match today we made good progress in talks with future fights if all goes well, can you share a bit on that? Ivan Sidorov: REDACTED Maxim Ibragimov: REDACTED Ivan Sidorov: REDACTED Maxim Ibragimov: REDACTED Maxim Ibragimov: Rest of interview [REDACTED] after break down of talks with organisation owner and spoken about plans.
  5. Maxim Ibragimov: Hello everyone welcome to another interview, today I talk with future legend of the fight game in undefeated dominant champion Ivan Sidorov discussing many things from personal topics to fighting. Welcome to the interview Ivan. Ivan Sidorov: Hello Maxim good to speak with you and looking forward to giving everyone a better insight into who I am and my career. Maxim Ibragimov: It is good to speak with you too Ivan. To start things of like I did with Boryenka I want you to let the people know more about your backstory and how you got into MMA. Ivan Sidorov: My backstory is a troubled teen from the city, growing up I had many siblings and me and my brothers would always wrestle it would past time and help ignore what was going on around us. Life was not easy for many reasons but wrestling was big help and me and some of my brothers took part in tournaments and this is how we eventually got into contact for MMA. Maxim Ibragimov: Like in MMA now, you was the most dominant wrestler in the scene I was very glad you signed it is just a shame it took me so long to set things up here in America. Now I want to ask about your most recent fight a victory over Vito Corleone. Ivan Sidorov: My last fight was great, it was the most quality experienced opponent I faced and it helped quiet the chaos of everything with Wolves and other noise. A quick turn around fight and to do it with Boryenka was great, he won the tournament and proved himself the best after years of hard competition and for me this was what was special and why we asked to fight on the card. With Vito though I respect him and see now he has come off a KO victory in a quick turnaround after our fight, people criticised for his time away but I think he will continue to show how good of an opponent he is, which is why it is a big victory for me and his victories and competition fought speaks for itself. Maxim Ibragimov: It certainly does he has beat the current number one Middleweight by finish. Now last week we received news of your next opponent a fighter called Darren Hart, it has received some controversy so can you address that and talk on Darren? Ivan Sidorov: Of course, firstly I respect and train hard for Darren, he is a solid prospect and has KO power, high level wrestling and also has stuffed every takedown that has been attempted on him, he is an opponent I have to train hard for. For the controversy it is just one of those things I will say I wanted the championship fight and we asked for it but due to being 0-0 in our new organisation it makes sense to have to get a few wins before competing for their belt so this is what I will hopefully do. Maxim Ibragimov: Similar to Boryenka's opponent I am glad Darren accepted as I was unsure on it, and quick to do this so lots of respect for showing you respect. Can you share why you decided to sign with True Octagon Fighting? Ivan Sidorov: This is an organisation we have been in talks with before and their owner Jesse said when I signed with Wolves that if I ever need an organisation how they will welcome me so after the one fight deal we got back into contact and came to a deal. I like Jesse and their team, and we are in current contact with them now to make things even better for my career and I trust they will respect it. This organisation excites me as everything seems to flow well here and I feel I have more freedom and respect than other organisations would give me. Maxim Ibragimov: It certainly is a great team and a great move for your career. Now I wanted to ask you about any dream matchups you have? Ivab Sidorov: At the moment it really is one fight at a time as every opponent is very dangerous and if I want to keep providing for my family at the rate I am then I need to win every fight and dominate. But I will say if I can get through Hart then Braxton would be a great opponent, other than that I will wait and see if any other names breakthrough for me where I want to challenge them. We have been in talks with some guys who want to fight me but for now they're very earlier in their careers and not worked their way to True Octagon Fighting, but there is a select few who are saying they will keep winning then defeat me, so we will see. Maxim Ibragimov: Now you're a student of the game and this week is stacked with some quality fights I wanted to ask if there is any you're interested in? Ivan Sidorov: Many great fights this week as you say, for me as I am in camp I will sadly only be watching a few fights where they're linked to my career or potential fights. Nazaire vs Hinto is a great fight, real striker vs grappler matchup and both are highly skilled in this one I see Hinto likely securing the submission however Nazaire is always a threat for as long as the fight goes on his feet. Omari is also fighting on that card, his KO comeback against Helio last time out was great, he is going against a really tough undefeated fighter where I do seem him being the underdog but I do hope he shocks the world again. Then the Wolves card is a lot of Middleweights despite how they treated us they do have solid talent it is a shame how many of them ignored my challenges though I think with them a lot of their fighters are managed by organisation owner so they do favourable matchmaking. That said I do believe Hyrra will beat Jaimie, the problem with Jaimie is he is very emotional, he has the skills to beat Hyrra but I believe after losing to me he will be reckless instead of patient and it will cost him again also Chai fights on this card he is epic fighter and deserves better, I see him getting quick finish, he deserves title shot I believe he beat the whole division in Wolves. Also despite being lower weight I am interested in Kamara vs Ghetea II lots on the line in rematch. Maxim Ibragimov: You can do this all day, haha. It is good chatting with you Ivan do you want to say anything else before we finish, maybe explain your goals for your career so people know what they can expect? Ivan Sidorov: Thank you for taking the time Maxim and everyone reading or listening. To close things up I want to say best of luck to all the fighters I mentioned and hopefully next time we speak I will be 13-0 with 13 first round finishes. There is some exciting news potentially for future opponents if things go how they say it will and politics does not get in the way. For goals I have many in MMA, I want to keep being undefeated, dominant and I also want to get another title and defend however with titles I am discovering from my career and Boryenka's that the physical titles are not always important but it is you being the champion and every win you defend it. Boryenka winning the tournament proved he is champion of that organisation without a belt and for me I never lost my literal belt it was taken from me but no man has defeated me, God willing that will not change. 13-0, 13 first round finishes. Maxim Ibragimov: You say it best, well everyone that is all we have times for. As Ivan alluded to I will be doing interviews with Boryenka and Ivan post fights after we have news of next opponents. For now thank you for taking the time Ivan and everyone else around the world! * The following is from a quick conversation in present day following the prior interview Maxim Ibragimov: Well this is definitely sooner than expected but welcome back, haha. Ivan today we had some breaking news regarding potential future matchups and we discussed a certain challenge/ tournament you could host. Can you, without divulging too much, share some of this news? Ivan Sidorov: Absolutely, this is really exciting news but its in infant stages where we're yet to formalise anything however have great ideas that we want to bring to life if everything goes to plan. And thanks to the continued communication with the organisation owners over at TOF it brings confidence that things can work out. What I will say is that if you want to challenge yourself against me and want to create a great event buildup, contact the man across from me in Maxim, you will have to fall within TOF restrictions and more details will be provided by Maxim. Already a few names have reached out to us which gave us inspiration and confidence for the idea. Again it is in its early stages and requires everything to go smoothly in this next fight so I will let Maxim focus on the details while I train but this is something which I believe will add a thrill and danger to my career. Maxim Ibragimov: Well for the final time that is all we have time for everyone. Thank you for tuning in and as Ivan said I will be organising this challenge while Ivan prepares for his upcoming fight. Contact me for further details regarding the challenge and a further post on it will be created at a latter date.
  6. http://mmatycoon.com/gallery/0/13872324683526.jpg The life of Chan Sung Aoki brought to you in part by Twelf Thermandin, representing the BEEF: Tree Of Life Productions team. Chan Sung Aoki is a fighter that many wonder who or what he really is. Created in the same ShinRa Lab in which Sephiroth was once born, a DNA scientist by the name of Dr. Clint Neckchoke happened to be a mixed martial arts fanatic that genetically combined the genes of "The Korean Zombie" and Shinya Aoki and injected them into an undead NS-5 ( A new IRobot helper unit) while sneaking into work after hours. When he returned to work the next day, he found that all four of his lab-mates as well as both security guards had already lost their lives and in the same manner, he lost his job and many other legal rights. Chan Sung Aoki was just meant to be a lab rat with a kill-switch embedded deep inside his ear and he understood that harsh reality. He wanted to decapitate Dr. Neckchoke but after escaping from his correctional facility he found himself peering directly into the face of his creator with a dilemma. Dr. Neckchoke and a few secret government entities agreed that if Aoki would end his destruction on civilians and only use it in a sanctioned cage or ring for their financial gain and entertainment with exceptions of nuclear attacks or doomsday-like situations, they both would be freed from all of their charges. Aoki took Dr. Neckchoke up on the deal and the HATED, EVIL empire of SteelPENN delighted in this Frankenstien-like creation and found him a gym and managers to aid his quest to freedom. Sponsored by SPL and Kaiser, this creation of graceful destruction is said to be eighteen years of age although he was only created just a year ago today and is clearly not human, but rather somewhat of a Cyborg in nature. Our efforts to follow this future MMA superstar step by step will not be thwarted as we will attend as many of Aoki's functions that we can possibly imagine. His first step in his illustrious career will be the FNPFC Opening Class Act in Tokyo. Fans of Glorified Violence beware, facial terrorism is headed to a cage near you.
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