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  1. GunTitles Podcast EP 1 - Amri Mbeki Greetings everyone, Maurice "Future GOAT" Simmons here, and tonight I'm joined by young prospect and Bellicose signee Amri Mbeki. Despite only being 19 years old Amri is already fighting at a high level in Bellicose and will no doubt be a future champion. Maurice: Welcome man. Before we get things started can you fill me in on your backstory? Where did you grow up and how was it in there? Amri: Hi man. Good to see you! I feel very great and welcome in here. I'm a really energetic person soo... gotta watch out for me, haha! My childhood was really not easy. I was born in poor family in Malawi. It was almost a miracle when we moved to the USA. It's a really long story... My father was teaching me all kinds of things related to fitness and fighting. I was running, training and doing weights with him you know... He also helped me improve my cardio. He was a teacher of physical education and he was a good man, a tough man! My father died year ago, a few months after my mom. Maurice: My condolences man. Must've been hard for you to lose your parents in quick succession. So how did you decide to become an MMA athlete? Amri: This story is definitely not long! I was watching this sport since my childhood. Also, I was training a lot at the gym. I was a bodybuilder for a short time. I was also carrying loads... I've been training MMA for 3 years. I feel great. I want to continue it. All my trainers think I'm skillful and a fast learner, so... I hope about my future in this sport is bright. Look at me man. I feel awesome. Can't wait until my next fight. Maurice: Speaking of fights, you just came off a loss again Bobby Saturn, how do you look to improve from that? Amri: Ohh man... First loss in my career... It really sucked. I was almost sure about my win before the fight. He surprised me! His tactics were superb. He was a better man this time. But I'm sure now how to beat Bobby in the rematch, and I can't wait for that. Saturn is a good fighter, but I see no chance for him in the rematch. My training in going better and better. I feel good. I hope that after next fight, I will see Bobby again in the cage. Maurice: Your manager is Roman Benson, a guy who knows a lot about the business side of MMAT. Has he taught you anything about being a marketable fighter? Amri: Roman is a great guy!!! He wants me to be a bigger beast than I am right now! Look at me... I'm a dangerous motherfucker. You don't want to meet me in any dark, empty street in the night! I knocked out six guys last week. They wanted to see my fighting skills. Now the only thing they see is the ceiling in the hospital, man! I'm a quite popular fighter in the org. I have a big chance to be an MMA superstar, but it's just the beginning. Let's see what the future will bring. Maurice: Can you take us through your training camp? What do you normally do when preparing for a fight? Amri: Hmmm... Mostly it's a secret before fights, I don't want to tell you all... But I'm getting better and better at stand up and on the ground. I will finish this guy. Trust me. KO or SUB. I love punching and I love jujitsu! Now you should know what I'm doing mostly on my training camp. Maurice: What is your personal life like and what do you normally do when you aren't fighting? Amri: Hahaha! Good question! You know what guys like me loves?! After gym I eat a lot and get hot girls from all over the world. I love strip clubs. I like to party. Maurice: Wow, a fitting life for a wild guy like you. What're your hobbies? Amri: Like I said, I love gym and MMA. Also, I like swimming and fishing. My biggest love and hobby is MMA. Maurice: Who would you say is your inspiration? Amri: Hard question! You surprised me! Who is my inspiration? I think I know a lot of heroes and superstars from combat sports and films, but I think I'm the biggest fan of myself and I believe in myself very, very much! So I'm my biggest inspiration. Maurice: Man, I thought you was going to say Kilo Maluga but nevermind. Who would you like to fight in the future? Amri: I can fight anybody, but in my mind right now is that rematch... Rematch with Bobby Saturn. I need to show to all MMA fans and Bellicose fans that I can beat this man. Maurice: Your next fight is on the 30th against Malamute Alaskiano. What do you think about him? Amri: He has medium skills. I see him going down in my dreams after my right jab. Maurice: Predicting the fight I see. I hope it goes your way. Final question, the Bellicose Super Heavyweight title is waiting for you but to get there you'll have to beat the best in the division. So what's your message to everyone in the division? Amri: What is my message? Hey motherfuckers, all over the world, hello super heavyweight fuckers from Bellicose! You are all not safe. You are all on my list. I need to murder this division and become a champ. That's my goal and mission! Maurice: Thank you so much for joining us tonight it's been a good one. Amri: Thank you man! It was good interview. I had a good time! Now I need to eat a super-big burger! Maurice: Haha and I need some KFC. Thats it for tonight folks! Catch the next episode of the Bandkids Podcast next Sunday. HMU IF YOU WANT TO BE FEATURED ON THE NEXT EPISODE GANG SHIT! PEACE
  2. Information about MMA Tap Out mma tap out is a platform that gives you news about events in mma tycoon and we also do fighter interviews. johnny mike is the host and jake two is the other host.Our first episode will be coming out soon.
  3. http://i1349.photobucket.com/albums/p742/kevinfurlotte/MMA%20Tycoon/MMA%20Hype/MMA-Hype_zps77ee8eb1.jpg Welcome to the official thread of MMA Hype! What is MMA Hype you say? Here's a little bit of background information: MMA Hype started as a news/interview broadcast with the LFC fight org (Listerman Fighting Circuit in Montreal). The main goal of MMA Hype is to share information all around the MMA Tycoon world with anyone interested in reading about stuff. It will mostly be interview with fighters or managers at the beginning, but it may grow into something more, if of course, the interest is there. Brett Clarke (far left in the picture) Brett is a retired MMA fighter. You probably never heard of him, since he never made it to the big leagues, but he would have been one hell of a fighter if he wouldn't be made of porcelain. His many injuries forced him to retire, so he decided to put his knowledge of the sport to good use, he joined the MMA Hype forces right away. Jared Asante (you guess it, second from the left in the picture) Avid and wise MMA commentator, Jared has been hired by MMA Hype for his knowledge of the sport. He's been a MMA commentator with a few amateur organizations in the past, and it was clear he had to be moved to the big leagues! Any manager that would like to have an interview for one of his fighter is welcome to send me a request (private message please), and I will take care of it. Fighter interviews are a good way to promote a fight and start some smack talk.
  4. Looking to do write ups in the Tycoon Times for companies/ organizations/ fighters anyone interested in me doing one should let me know. You can share the link here to who or what you want the write up to be about and I will message you soon after. We can exchange messages so you can tell me about your org, fighter, or company. I am also looking into possibly doing a Q&A with fighters in the near future to be published as well. I will have to come up with questions and fighter specific questions so if anyone wants me to write up an interview for their fighter we can do that as well. Thank You! I really enjoy the game and I would like to do my part in helping.
  5. http://i67.tinypic.com/1115v8o.jpg Taco Tiki bar & grill on the island is home to the islands #1 talk show http://i64.tinypic.com/208dvmv.jpg Taco does sports talk mma fighter interviews you never know what Taco will do or say !!
  6. http://www.universal-baseball.net/MFN.jpg Welcome to the official thread of Montreal Fight Nights! MFN opened its doors in December of 2012 and has been taking Montreal by storm ever since. We run multiple events per week and continue to have large weight classes to accommodate fighters of all levels at each class and pride ourselves in offering fair fights and competitive contracts. We have large "Of the Night" awards to reward fighters who showed excellence during a particular event. We are partnered with http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1363315336TTFC-logo_zps91b028d3.png http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1375732307fuRIOus.jpghttp://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1390197039images73725Z4F.jpg For supplements and clothing we strongly recommend our sponsors http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1369663655Fury%20Logo.jpghttp://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1296772437boutiquenew.jpg When you shop at those locations there are more sponsorship dollars that come back to your fighters! Feel free to use this thread to smack talk each other. We will also be posting event previews, event reviews, interviews, and rankings.
  7. Official Barbarian Fight Club thread Previews Interviews Trash talk Call for fight Hype your fighter Post fight reviews Title fights Rematch fights Information WRITER Tony Rossi PARTNERSHIP Union Fight Gear SPONSOR Team Finland SUPPORTERS MMA Hype MMA Tycoon Twitter Luan Dovik Agent Dee J.C. Raven Thanks to Scooby Jr from BEEF Montreal for letting we use his wall poster idea
  8. Just a little intro to the intro.. I fancied writing something, so I've been planning this for about a month now so I don't run out of content quickly. This first one is a bit boring and I apologize, I want to make it as entertaining and fun to read as possible and next week we should get into that, in my head in this game all my fighters have a unique personality and I love imagining how they interact with each other and this is just a fun way for me to really visualize it while (hopefully) entertaining you too. There is no rhythm or schedule to when I'll be updating new episodes or the size of each one, whenever I have the urge too I guess. I'm a guy that really feeds off feedback so please let me know what you think and tell me who you like the most I guess, I did it in the version of a documentary/reality TV show and even made myself and the host a character. So this should be fun. Thanks for reading. Unicorn Powered Fighting TV show. An introduction to all the fighters. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/1435339984Gradys%20logo%20for%20my%20gym.png Logo made by Gwad Hello and welcome to inside MMA gyms! For this series, eccentric MMA manager and MMA gym owner King Con, otherwise known as just Conor has opened the doors to let us film in his gym under the one agreement we don’t televise, show or talk about any of the coaching drills we see. Although everything else, sparring, circuit training and strength and conditioning is available footage for our cameras. We’ll be taking an inside look at his gym Unicorn Powered Fighting in Helsinki, Finland. Speaking to him and his fighters, about life as fighters, upcoming fights and about the gym. I am your host Owen Bryant and this is inside MMA gyms, a new series focusing on the fastest growing in the world MMA and how fighters live and learn before stepping forward into the cage. The shot opens up on Owen shaking hands with presumably Conor, a young man around 5’8 small in stature, brown curly hair with blue eyes, seemingly very confident. Thanks for letting us in Conor - Can you tell us anything about what we will see once we’re inside? Well you’ve come at a good time, the guys are just preparing for the morning session, they’re a big bunch of characters so beware about that - Osvaldo Martinez and Drew Peacock don’t speak any English so don’t try to interview them. The rest know what you’re coming to do and are absolutely fine with it, I think I saw Wijnbergen put some makeup on in preparation. Just don’t ask any questions or piss them off, don’t get in the way because at the end of the day this is a gym and not a studio and training comes first. Sure thing Conor, we’ll try and stay out of the way. You’ve touched on Oswaldo - Did I get that right? Yes. Well nearly, it’s OsValdo but not to worry. Alright, well the point I was getting at was you’ve told us a little about Osvaldo and Drew, can you tell us about all your fighters in your gym? Hmph, well alright. We have 12 guys training full time here, and 3 sparring coaches. I don’t know where to start - I suppose with the guys I don’t manage. We have Malik Al-Khadi a very good prospect from top, top manager Dean Sutherland in. I struck a deal with Dean and I have an open door policy for his fighters. Malik and Dean didn’t sign any papers so you won’t be able to get any more information from me or footage on him. Another guy who I don’t manage but trains here is Quincey Ferguson, he’s been here for a while now and is a good striker. Much like Malik you won’t be able to get any more info or details on him. That’s fine we already know about that, what can you tell us about the fighters you manage? Well starting with Cruz White - He’s a crazy gangster who can take a lot of punishment, he is the SPI light heavyweight champion and he’s representing our alliance Vendetta against the Bomb Squad in an upcoming fight card in Dissolution. He really is a wild card, but he’s a great fighter with a lot of potential. After Cruz White, we have Timothy McGee. A state champion wrestler from America who is quiet, not one for social interactions but is no doubt a future champion. All of the coaches give me feedback on this guy and how good he is, how fast he picks things up and in the cage he’s a real killer. How about Afeef Isa Baba? He’s starting to make his mark in Victory Combat League Yeah, you’re well informed. He’s the Saudi Arabian lightweight kickboxing champion. He wanted to make a transition to MMA, I got a phone call one day from this kid who could barely speak English. I gave him a trial and we never looked back. He has some real power. He struggles with the language, not through a lack of effort so he’s not very sociable right now. All I know is he comes from a very wealthy family. Scott Hall was introduced to the gym about the same time as Afeef, and couldn’t be more different. This guy is a good looking goody two shoes, we call him the Hall monitor, as a play on his surname. He’s a total perfectionist and hates doing things wrong or against the rules. The coaches love him for it. Speaking of rules, as I said earlier. Osvaldo Martinez doesn’t speak any English, I don’t think he’s ever bothered to learn. He’s rather obnoxious, I guess I can say this because he won’t watch this or understand this. Rules don’t apply to him, he comes into training late, he goes too hard in sparring and is quite frankly on his last warning here at the gym. Scott and Osvaldo had a push fight recently when he took Drew Peacock down during stand up sparring. Scott is our super hero, standing up for those in need. Since Peacock can’t stand up for himself. We found Peacock outside the gym one day, he can’t say anything other than peacock and we don’t know his name, his age or where he’s from. He doesn’t smile or frown, just “peacock peacock” maybe he was raised by peacocks or something. So we gave him the name Drew Peacock, sounds about right huh? Scott takes good care of him though, they live in the same apartment together. Then it’s to our three newest members, Albert Ricci, Joels Wijnbergen and Darryl Gibbons. Albert is still on trial with us, we rip him about his heritage, he has an Italian father but was born and raised in America with an American mother, he can’t speak a word of Italian but is adamant of using it as bragging rights, but the kicker is, he’s patriotic as hell about America too. So we call him “The All American Italian” until he can make his mind up about which he prefers. Joels is a funny one, you probably know him. He has his own TV show out about kickboxing and self defence, I’m sure he’ll let you all know when you interview him, it’s a story he always recites about how he got bullied because he was fat and then he got into kickboxing and wants to teach everybody else how to.. *sigh* we hear it everyday. Darryl is training here under my management while he competes in the BloodSport kickboxing tournament. He’s a fun guy, makes everybody laugh. Fucking prankster though. How many times am I going to walk into a clingfilmed doorway? I think he even made Peacock boy laugh when he did some wrestling sparring in a power rangers morph suit. Will be nice to see him kick his opponent to shit soon, he’s a talented kid. Is it true you own an apartment block 10 minutes away from the gym? That’s true dedication there. Yeah. Getting people to come all the way to Finland is hard enough, telling them they have to find their own accommodation is unsettling, so I bought an apartment block that the fighters I manage and myself live at. They all have their own kitchen, bedroom, lounge and toilet but we have a common room too. Some of these guys are really close like Cruz and Timothy, but in truth my whole roster is new and they’re all getting used to each other. And it’s still okay if we come to film in the common room of the apartments at some point? Absolutely yeah, just don’t go into their apartments, that’s their time away from fighting and there isn’t all that much of it, so be respectful. Alright, with all that said. Shall we go on in and get filming with the fighters? Be my guest, I’ll open the doors for you. To be continued….. (didn’t realise how much I’d write) I hope you guys appreciate the effort I went to to hyperlink all the stuff so you can take a look at the guys, I will be adding an up to date and relevant bio for all of them later on today. The beauty of this is, I can focus on whatever I like, whoever I like when I like. So if you guys really want a "Solving the mystery of Drew Peacock" or something I can do that easy peasy. I know what the next episode is going to be, it's going to feature all the guys and I'll leave a little tease on the reserved post. As I said before, please give me feedback, let me know how to improve, if you're enjoying it (well all of what there is.. which isn't much) let me know and let me know what you are enjoying so I know whats popular! I'd also like to do cameo appearances of other managers, just let me know if you want to be involved.
  9. http://oi57.tinypic.com/wul4r6.jpg World Combat Nation your source for interviews and org news from MMA tycoon
  10. http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/0/13887359184285.jpg Come and join the set at The MMA General Live where we will unleash big news worldwide! Big, Emotional news from your favorite guy! http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x359/8133805422/1-6.png UPDATE http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x359/8133805422/Capture-20.png
  11. BEEF Tree Of Life Radio Show http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x359/8133805422/TOL000.jpg If you want to do a fighter interview PM me rather than posting on your own with smack talk....
  12. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img845/3198/vii5.gif Championship Press Association Now Closed I will be continuing to write and boost the smack-talk threads with entertainment just no longer continuing the CPA thread. Thanks for all who supported CPA and helped me out. Dan "TheMould" Milners Writing availability: Available Workload: Preferably once a week. Open to writing interview/reviews/previews. Done it all and in different styles Time Period: Currently Short Term Pay: Negotiable - dependant on size of org and workload/quality. Example of Work: Most will have seen some of mine about but here the CPA link with all/most my work: http://www.mmatycoon...showtopic=43210 Other: Looking for short term work, am open to all offers but will ultimately depend on workload. Any questions or offers PM me. Available to write for both organisations and individual managers so if you want a fighter interviewed or previewed feel free to PM ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -> Headline News; http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/posters/14036459152.jpg UCFL #2: Bad Intentions Pre-Event Press Conference UCFL #2: Bad Intentions comes to you live from The Underground (capacity: 2,000), Tokyo on Friday 27th June. Dan Milner: Welcome to the press conference for UCFL #2: Bad Intentions, thank you all for turning out and all questions will be answered. Please keep all questions respectful and professional. I’d also just like to thank the 6 gentle man with me, who too my left hand side I have Benjamin Grundy, Clinton Chaos and Mark Coleman. On my right I have their respective opponents Marcos Duarte, Birigiz Ignatiev and Kiel Flay. Go ahead guys, fire away with the questions. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1393702453FV%20Moving%20logo.gif This Week in Forbidden Violence Welcome to the first edition of this week in Forbidden Violence, this week we take a look at FV #24’s top fights, the most anticipated fights in FV coming this week and the good news of Frank King remaining as owner of Forbidden Violence http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1402043971yf;k.png UCFL Opening Weekend Review Show (Part One) A strong panel featuring Championship Press Associations Rachel Barker, UCFL Vice-President Dan Milner and Calvin Hobbs of J-Sport discuss both UCFL’s Openning Ceremony and their first event, Total Domination, on tonight’s review show. Part one see’s the three discuss UCFL’s Opening Ceremony. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -> CPA Information
  13. Barbarian Magazine #1 Released! http://i.imgur.com/EhGHJsk.png After feel weeks of expectation, its finally released. The first edition of Barbarian Magazine! In the first edition we had MMA Hype, doing a special interview with Barbarian's Welterweight Champion Christopher Newton. Also Chris Silvers and J.C. Raven talking about Union Fight Gear cloth company in Los Angeles and its future projects. We took a trip to Helsinki and met Mark O'Sullivan at Team Finland, one of the best gyms in MMA Tycoon. The lightweight champion James Granger not saving words while talking about his division in Barbarian Fight Club and future opponents. Janne Finland give some tips to become a successful manager and talk about FinnFighters in Barbarian Fight Club The winner of New Business Logo of 2013 Agent Dee talk about his new logo developed for Barbarian. In a rare moment, we got a interview with Sir Castor Rollins, one of the most hated managers in MMA Tycoon. And to close the edition, Adrien Silva talk about his next fight and the Light Heavyweight division. You can check all that in Barbarian Magazine #1, by clicking in the magazine cover or by the link http://www.mmatycoon.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=43431.
  14. The Xtreme Talk Show! http://i.imgur.com/jZbpXWF.jpg Garry Jones: Hello and welcome to the Xtreme Talk Show, brought to you by Xtreme K1 Combat. I’m your host Garry Jones and I am here to bring to you the latest talk show around! We will be brining you regular and updated news to do with the Xtreme K1 Combat fight organisation and also interviews with the managers and fighters around Xtreme K1 Combat! This week saw two events take place on Xtreme K1 Combat, the first was Xtreme Combat: Dubonet VS Sims on the 13th at wild bobs bar in London. 533 people attended the show and with 10 fights going down the show was a cracker and gave us our biggest event rating to date! The show also hosted the first 145lbs OPEN ID division fight which ”Superfly” Francois Dubonet got a KO win in over William Sims in the first round and earned himself KO of the night! Sims was on a 7 fight win streak before the fight so no doubt he’ll be very upset to have that broken but hopefully he can push on and get his first win in Xtreme K1 Combat! Francois will now face Vodka Drunkinski on the 31st which is set to be a great fight! Fight of the night went to Roger Kint VS Aaron Morris which saw 3 hard fought exciting rounds of K1 action in which Kint prevailed as the winner! Although after the event it was shocking to see Kints name pop up on the free agent list so the 17 year old who is now 3 -0 will be actively seeing a new manager, although there are rumours of Kints speaking with Xtreme K1 Combat AaronThaiGuy about joining his growing list of fighters. The second event of the week took place on the 15th which saw Xtreme K1 Combat host the steel penn alliance wars which saw VC-31 go 3-1 on wins over The Steel Penn Alliance. Now for the second part of the show I would like to bring fighter Klaas Van Delft to the stage who is in AaronThaiGuy’s camp has gone 1-0 in Xtreme K1 Combat now! Garry Jones: Welcome to the Show Klaas! Klaas: It’s an honour to be here Garry. Garry Jones: You’re setting off on what looks like to be a promising career for yourself. Your 18 years of age and you’ve got 1 win under your belt but what are you plans for the rest of the year? Klaas: Well I fight Slade Wilson on the 6th of February at the Hard Knocks arena in London which I am very excited about! It’s one of the biggest events Xtreme K1 Combat will be putting on to date and I feel honoured that I’ve been given a slot to fight in there. As for the rest of the year I am going to be training hard, fighting a few more times and hopefully staying undefeated. Garry Jones: Yes your fight against Slade on the 6th of February, how do you feel about this and is there any specific game plan set for this fight? Klaas: I have to admit I’m pretty confident, my training is going well and I’m feeling great about myself! I’m already training for the fight and I have been working on my Muay Thai skills a lot and doing quite a bit of Muay Thai sparring. I have a large weight advantage over Slade and I’m hoping that I can use my power to finish the fight. Garry Jones: Sounds like your very confident in your ability to win the fight and it also sounds like your training is going well which is always important as a young fighter, I’d like to wish you luck in your promising career and thank you for coming on the show it has been a pleasure meeting you! The next thing on our agenda for tonight’s show is the upcoming 145lbs division 16 man tournament recently announced by Xtreme K1 Combat! The tournament will 16 OPEN ID featherweight fighters battle it out for a $500,000 prize and the featherweight title belt! So far 8 names have been announced on the tournament list and there are some crackers in there! The 1st event will take place on March the 1st in London but the venue is yet to be announced. Now we will be having more guests on our show tonight!! I’d like to welcome heavyweight champion Itse Perkele to the stage and his manager Agent Dee! Agent Dee: What's uuuup everyone? Thanks for inviting us, glad to be here. Itse: Oh shi.. snap! Finally you guys got some real stars on the stage... Gary Jones: First things first, how are you two finding your time with Xtreme K1 Combat, both of you have been here since the begging so what’s it been like being of the growth and excitement we are seeing around this place? Agent Dee: Aaron is a pleasure to deal with. He is a super active and as an org owner he has those much needed communication skills. Nothing bad to say about the man or his org. Itse: Obviously things are getting bigger and better. I personally crave for tougher tests becouse my first two stepping stones I stomped here were a pretty much let downs both. The latest one especially: 150lbs midget who talked his way to face the champ got put to his place real quick ahahhahahaaa. Gary Jones: Itse you will be defending your title on the 6th of February to Tim Yankee, how do you feel about this fight and how have you prepared yourself for this fight? Itse: I hope I get what Im asking for here: a tough fight! Yankee seems to have caught his momentum but I will do everything in my power to stop that dudes dreams right there in the ring. And about my preparations? That's a secret mate but I can tell it involves the art of bullshido! Gary Jones: Agent Dee, Itse has had some impressive fights here in Xtreme K1 combat, where do you see his future going and what are you ultimate plans for Itse? Agent Dee: Well like Itse said himself we think that he has yet to be challenged here and we are looking for bigger fights for the guy. Itse Perkele is really a MMA fighter so eventually he will change back to fight in the cage but not just yet. For now he will be honing his striking game as much as possible. After his first defeat - if that ever happens - we will look into all this future stuff more closely. Gary Jones: Now a question for Itse, are there any fighters out there in the Xtreme K1 roster you’d really let to get into the ring with? And if so why? Itse: Honestly I dont care who Im facing. Line 'em all up and we'll see whose who. Gary Jones: I’d like to thank you both for coming on the show, it was a pleasure having you both and an hour to catch up with our Heavyweight champion! I wish you luck in your upcoming fight and hope you both have a great night! Agent Dee: Cheers! Itse: Pretty boy Yankee! Im gonna rearrange your face so good your next job will be at the museum as a Picasso art piece! Garry Jones: If anyone hasn’t heard yet AaronThaiGuy recently announced a few changes to Xtreme K1 Combat, the first is that there will now be monthly awards given out to all fighters in the organisation. The prizes will be given out for Fighter of the month, Smack talker of the month, Manager of the month, Fight of the month and KO of the month. The prizes in total come to $50,000 and the prizes will be announced first here on the Xtreme Talk Show! The next thing he announced was something that a lot of people quickly revolted against; AaronThaiGuy announced that we would be working towards becoming an Open ID org! This was quickly disputed by many which lead to the decision being changed and instead the ID restriction dropped to 210K which a lot of people have showed their happiness at the change. Hopefully the new ID restriction will allow more talent to come into the organisation and generate more of a buzz around the events and get them arenas packed! The final thing to discuss on tonight’s show is what Xtreme K1 combat have planned for the future and what the goals for this year are. Xtreme K1 Combat was formed in November of 2013 which was only 3 months ago. Since then we have signed over 100 fighters and hosted 7 events with another 5 events already in the pipeline and with this rapid growth I wondered to myself what can the plans be for 2014? So I went and asked the boss and here are the 5 goals he told me that he would strive to achieve for 2014! 1: To be nominated for organisation of the year, having being nominated for best new organisation of the year in 2013 Aaron has told me that he would love to be nominated and get into the voting stages of organisation of the year! 2: To keep growing, the one thing Aaron told me that this organisation will never do is stop growing! We will always be working to sign new talent, host bigger events and get more and more people into the stands to watch our fights! 3: Improve on the organisations current rankings. We are currently ranked the number one KT organisation in London and number 6 in the world! By the end of the year Aaron would like to keep a hold of that number 1 spot in London and hopefully get into the top 5 of the world, his ideal goal would be to get to number 3 in the world before the end of the year if not higher! 4: Help progress the development of young, up and coming K1 fighters. Since Xtreme K1 Combat began it has been a haven for young fighters looking to train up and become the respected fighters they deserve to be! He hopes that one of the fighters can get into the top 10 KT P4P rankings before the end of the year! 5: The final one is to keep everyone around and within the organisation happy! And that’s everything for today’s show! I’d like to thank you all for joining me for our first show here and I wish you all an excellent week! Your host Garry Jones!
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