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  1. Island Cage Fights is a new openweight org in Hilo started by a total noob in a fit of boredom and hyperactivity! This will be an openweight MMA org, hopefully as many fights as possible will have a finish, due to 5 x 10min rounds! Anyone who has fighters they want in, let me know! Anyone with advice or tips for success, let me know! Anyone who thinks this is a nuts idea and waste of time, let me know!!!!!!!🤪 🤷‍♂️
  2. G’day everyone! I searched through a ton of forum pages but couldn’t locate an answer to my question. When your fighters turn 19, 20, 21, etc., how much of a decrease do you see per year of age? I understand that you ‘typically’ focus on secondaries at 18/19 and may switch focus a bit to sparring as they age. Thanks!
  3. This is the perfect place to discuss free agents, newly created Fighters, win streaks, dominant performances and anything else related to newbies climbing the ranks !
  4. Hi, I have few questions. Thanks for any answers. 1) How to weight cut? I read something where it says that fighter will be automatically drop weight. Is that right? I think it cost energy. Can you explain to me exactly how it works and how long it takes? I need cut 5lbs right now. 2) Flight to location If i have a fight outside my fighter location so how does it work? Will the flight arrange itself? What does it mean for a fighter? I read somewhere that the flight can be canceled and it teleports me. 3) Recommended minimum condition for 3x5 fight? 4) How old fighter is good to create on island? Template: 1) How to weight cut? 2) Flight to location. Cancellation and teleportation. 3) Recommended minimum condition for 3x5 fight? 4) How old fighter is good to create on island?
  5. Hey all, I opened a gym a few weeks ago in Tokyo, and we're looking for fighters. The gym is and will be kept in top shape, and has lots of elite coaches (and we're adding more as our gym grows). Our sparring on the weekends is incredible too. If your fighter is somebody, sign him up! And let me know if you would like anything special added to/changed about the gym. I'm open to feedback.
  6. I'm looking for a mentor with the funds to help a long term player. I'd love to get my guys into gyms to truly help progress them as fighters!
  7. Is there anyway I can change one of my fighter's avatar? I don't really like how it looks!
  8. New Manager here. I have 3 undefeated fighters in my stable and travel/gym costs are adding up. I need sponsors to help offset some of these costs. We'll represent you well.
  9. What's up everyone! I'm obviously a Noob. The very 1st thing I need to say before I ask my question is: This simulation game is amazing! I've never seen anything like it. So much detail, even in the fight commentary. Unbelievable!!! So lemme lay it on you. My fighter just fought a day ago (5/3/18), well I guess now it's 2 days considering it's 35 minutes past midnight now. Anyways, I already scheduled another fight for him. Was that the wrong thing to do? Was it too soon? So his energy level is down [i would estimate his energy level is around 25%-30% right now]. All 3 of my fighters are training full-time at a Noob Gym. I guess my question kind of has multiple parts so: 1.) Was that way too early to schedule him another fight? Should I always wait to schedule a fight until his energy level is at 100%? 2.) His next fight is scheduled for 5/7/18, so basically 2 more days. Should I back out due to the energy level? 3.) Should I schedule 2 straight rest days in his training regime? Would that increase his energy faster rather than training him in boxing, wrestling, whatever? 4.) Do Training Days match up exactly with what day it in real life? So If I wanted to rest him for 2 days, I would have to choose -No Training- for Saturday and Sunday (since those are the next real 2 days)? I know it's a lot of questions for my 1st post. I'm just really excited about this game and I want to get good at it. I want my fighters to succeed, so that's the reason for all of the questions! Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and respond. I truly appreciate it! "Knowledge is Power" ------ "No, Power is Power"
  10. Alguém sabe como funciona essa "noob fund", em que dão dinheiro pra quem está começando no jogo? obrigado
  11. If you have, for example, 120 punches, 120 clinch striking defence, but only put your boxing as 1 in your primary, what difference will it make?
  12. Could anybody help explain what primaries and secondaries are in training? It would be much appreciated!
  13. Humble

    Mentor Help

    Hello. I was wondering if anybody knew how to get an active mentor! Or if anybody was willing to be a mentor for me. I'm new to all this and I guess this is a good place to find some help.
  14. Hi i'm new to this game and I've been looking through this forum thread, and been looking for which company would be more efficient to start off on!! What would the basic's i would need to know for either company if i would want to be successful in the long run. Thanks for any help that would be provided.
  15. Despite having 42 credits, the spin counter on the spin and win machine reads '0' and has done so for a few days now for me, any advice? Thanks in advance, -GABE T.S. GARDNER
  16. HOW TO MULTI QUOTE for example reason i am using the Introduce yourself topic WHERE DO I FIND THE BUTTON AFTER THAT THIS WILL APPEAR ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT OF THE SCREEN YOU CAN CLICK MULTIPLE POST WITH THE MULTI QUOTE BUTTON AND TO KNOW WHAT YOU ALREADY CLICKED THE MULTI QUOTE BUTTON WILL FADE IF IT IS ALREADY IN THE SAVE SO HOW DOES IT LOOK LIKE WHEN YOU HIT "REPLY TO # QUOTED POSTS" THERE IS ALREADY ENOUGH SPACE TO REPLY TO EACH QUOTED POST ON ITS OWN ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Now sometimes you come across a post you wanna reply after you already posted something and double posting is really not the way to go in this Forum. So there is an Option to EDIT your post. Now if you want to add another quote in your already posted post. You hit quote or multi quote, then go in the REPLY TO TOPIC section, click in and hit CTRL+A , then go to your post hit EDIT and go to the end or where you want it and hit CTRL+V. Then you added all the post you want to answer too in you one post of your own, instead of doing 5 post behind each other just from yourself. Nice and looks good as well I hope that will help a lot of people out there.
  17. http://imageshack.us/a/img543/936/o1j.png Boom's aim is to help the more newer/noobish managers in the game get financially stable through scholarships along with providing free vip. Hopefully this can help managers who come into the game get adjusted and stay active. What is Boom? It's sort of like Bo Dayshus' Stacey fund, actually, it's a straight up ripoff. He left the game and the fund died as a result. So I wanted to sort of carry it onwards but do something of my own. It will work like Bo's fund with slight tweaks like giving away vip each month as well. Wanted Bo's "blessing" but he doesn't log in anymore. How can a manager get some funds/VIP? Tycoon Cash - Send me a pm requesting for it, length doesnt matter. Although the longer, more detailed the better. Being active on the forums helps as well. The quality of your message and the legitimacy of the needed funds will determine how much money is awarded. 50k is max amount and 1k is the minimum. VIP - Send me a pm, I'll put your name in a drawing that will be held on the last day of each month. First one will be held on July 31st. I'm a veteran manager, how can I help?</strong> By donating! Much like Bo's fund, this is heavily based on donations by wealthier managers. So if your feeling generous send a manager transfer to me along with a message saying it's for the boom fund. <strong>Any amount donated is much appreciated.</strong> Why should I donate? You should donate if you: - Are feeling generous - Want to give away money, but don't want to deal with the hassle of determing where money goes (or if your giving away vip, you can use our random drawings) - Want to make sure your large sum of cash can go towards helping as many people as possible Anything to set you apart from the Stacey fund? Yea, I will be giving out 3 months vip each month to a random nonvip manager. I will also post in the OP who donated(unless they want to be anonymous) and managers receiving funds. This will help managers know their cash is going where it is suppose to and give them recognition. Also I will make forum badges/icons for guys who donate/receive donations/vip etc. Here is one example or a work in progress: http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/549/ch73.png There will be many more. Of course these aren't mandatory to put in your sig, but thought it would be nice to be able to show off. There will be several more to cover other donation tiers. Like 10k/25k/50k etc donated. Recipients of funds/vip will also get badges. TL:DR - If your noob, request cash/vip by messaging me. If your rich, donate some cash. Current Boom Fund Donations(Cash right now): $12,182,625.00 Current number of Scholarships Awarded: 119 Total Dollar Value of Scholarships Awarded: $5,235,000 Total Lifetime Donations Recieved: $16,863,024 Side Note: If you receive a total of 50k from the fund and/or VIP, you are no longer eligible to receive it again in the future. Donors Ezekel Rage - 27k Jamie Coton (Coton81) - 500k Ville Coleman (Kole) - 50k Marky Mark (Marky) - 501k Steel Penn (SteelPenn) - 2,500,001 Damien Washington (BuckWild2690) - 1M Roy Goos(roygoos) - 250k Bob Roberts - 10k Icarus Phoenix - 300k Scottie Power- 250k Wilson Thieatcres - 600k Johnny Lee Paris (jlp) - 500k Juanma Lorente (juanma) - 100k Kayne Dewhurst (senseikayne) - 20k Chris Garcia (Victusify) - 150k Mark O'Sullivan (markyosullivan) - 262k Folgers MegaAir (Zardoz) - 111,111 Rory Daly (rdalycolts) - 102,453 Harry Gorilla (minark) - 1M Bobby Fossil (chroniccrush) - 62k Kyle F (kfuhrer) - 55k Richie Richburn (bigrock66) - 20k Don King (handgranaide) - 113k Agent Dee (calmlikeabomb) - 260k Dead Disney (DeadDisney) - VIP Luan Dovik (ludovik) - 100k Arran Newson (Rizzo) - 500k Lek Buddha (Chosen1) - 25k Face Kicker (Face Kicker) - 200k Dean Sutherland (Dinooo) - 4.1M Kojiro Sasaki (Eveas) - 1M Umberts Doofenshmirtz (GBS) - 1k Thor HGH (grasman) - 300k Logan Mikki (DougSupreme) - 100k Manuel Tossen (Mannetosen) - 600k Chad Didion (cdidman) - 50k King Justus (Justus) - 10k Johnny Sorrow (IrishX) - 50k Team Of Purpose (Purpose) - 10k Mike Thomas (mwt19744) - 75k Marcus Whitman (Double Negative) - 60k Furious Styles (YellaDragon) - 10,460 Rodrigo Oliveira - 120,000 Chero Kee - 100k Cisco Gomez - 50k David Swain - 75k Theodore Boston - 20k Dale Saw - 100k Rex Lawson - 250k Marine Man - 25k Ozzy Chandler - 100k Merv Johnson - 100k Bo Dayshus - 150K Scholarship Recipients Max Damage(SJT) - 15k Super Sizzle(hfgsizzles) - 30k Will Stuart(GymWill) - 25k Cymon Oracion(cymon47)- 50k Jeff Li(redstop) - 50k Peter Pancake - 25k Joe Castle(klank430) - 50k Mikey Barr(michael.barr) - 50k Tom Kuggoz (Kuggoz) - 25k Pappa Managggersch (pappa1) - 25k Ivan Kroshevik (KrazyIvan) - 25k Joshua Price - (imthranduil) - 50k Benji Hall (Phisch) - 50k Steve Wolfe (higgy44)- 50k Marine Man (gruntusmc17)- 25k Money$$$$ Mike (thegame) - 25k Jin Bogan (monmon123) - 25k Bob Runnings (deal4014) - 50k George Hunter (needles) - 25k Walter Sobchak (oparpax) - 25k Billy Babcock (loopbacker) - 25k Qaver 007 (Qaver 007) - 25k Tiberious Smith (Captainhoenich) - 25k Aaron Marceau (wallsh) - 50k Rider Rohan (hindsight) - 50k Jensen Dayley (JDEE777) - 50k Roy Burger (Roynique) - 50k Mike Stone (Bikplaya) - 50k Edsel T. (edselt) - 50k Nemara Grabovac (bole3890) - 50k Miguel Hopkins (migsholl) - 50k Mikey Smith ( Bshs05) - 50k Mr Heyusa (rmyres900) - 50k Mikey Kyle (mizzou39) - 50k Mike Hunt (robbymyres) -50k Joey Parker (tufflive247) - 50k Rogelio Cottonfloss (arayburno) - 50k Timothy Buckles (tatt4) - 50k James Listerman (kfurlotte) - 50k Lebron James (LBJ6) - 25K Theodore Boston (CaCold) - 50k Carson Branch (JudoJoker) - 50k Mr. Murto (sonof) - 50k Jimmy Gustav (boscorp) - 25k Freddy Flamingo (JST1151971) - 25k Kai Hyem (LL) - 50k Eric Kiddoo (Kiddoo) - 50k Liam Davidson - 25k Chero Kee - 50k Bobby Grey - 25k Cisco Gomez - 25k Damien Marley - 25k Joseph Ramsey - 50k Barbie Hard Candy (mmagurl) - 50k Schtekis Den Brutale (klund) - 50k Viktieu Boss (viktieu) - 50k Roger Stones (genes) - 50k Adrian Johnson (hawkeadon) - 50k Clint EastWood(3ford) - 25k Connor Yager - 50k Yulz Mishimo - 50k Buster Delefield - 25k James Hope - 25k Vladimer Avdalov (vlad01)- 50k Andrew Hartley - 50k Charles Sin - 25k Chris Godfrey - 25k Kevin Hart - 25k Mark Loyola - 25k Austin Scott - 50k Mark Factor - 25k Jim Mac - 25k Andre Ignition - 50k Dale McCann - 50k Darren Russell - 50k Andrej Martinovic - 50k A.J. Styles - 50k Juan Garcia Gomez - 25k Ben Maxwell - 15k Ayush Gupta - 15k Ivan Drago - 25k Barry Frick - 25k Vojislav Georgijevic - 50k Marcel Martin - 25k Petra Greening - 25k Digga Dogman - 50k Dill Pickle - 25k Ben Robins - 50k Mr knowledge - 25k David Mckenzie - 25k Vicente Mendoza - 50k Umbu Mizary - 25k Mickey Goldmill - 25k Furious Styles - 50k Heban Hebanowicz - 50k Kestas Igaris - 25k Aj van Rensburg - 25k Erik Åberg - 50k Pedro Fernandes - 25k Dan Monk - 25k Puf Puf - 25k FueL4 Hatered - 25k Floris Maljers - 50k Danny Boy - 25k Aderbal Maciel - 50k Butch Jones - 50k Janez Gorenc Jony - 50k Ozzy Chandler - 50k Big Mitch - 50k Jet Mantoba - 50k Je Rams - 50k John Coffey (93474) - 50k Victor Svensson 92203 - 50k Juston Roark (93357) - 25k Georges St-Pierre 93452 - 25k Garry Boyle 93719 - 25k Daeron Killer 94023 - 25k Jeremiah Lukker 87458 - 25k Jake Sweet 93730 - 25k VIP Draw Entrants(12/25) Charles Lee Ray FueL4 Hatered Tom Kuggoz Ivan Kroshevik Tage McNutt Coach Carlos Pothead Thatsme Stoned Trainer Johnny Tirado Jonas Ferreira John Jones Wes Sloggett Ted Dibiase Liam Davidson Bobby Grey Damien Marley Dave Chapelle Aj Henderson Rasputin X Bilbo Samhain Den Duston Erik Åberg Mister Worldwide Jeremiah Lukker VIP Winners - Next Vip Drawing - 12/25th Jack Khan (7/12) provided by Dead Disney. Peter Pancake (7/31) Provided by Ezekel Rage Arthur Vandelay (7/31) Provided by Chero Kee Freddy Flamingo (7/31) Provided by Jark Durak Gerbert Bryant(8/12) Provided by Dead Disney Pueblo Escobart (9/12) Provided by Dead Disney Jin Bogan (10/12) Provided by Dead Disney Dan Monk (11/15) Provided by Dead Disney
  18. I currently have 4 fighters , 3 that I've created and 1 free agent. This means I have 1 available slot remaining to create a fighter. However when I go to create a new fighter, it will only allow me to choose training out of the island. Why can't I pick training out of a city like i id for the previous 3 fighters I created. Any help is appreciated!
  19. So, a bit of backstory. While my account may be kinda old, I have taken many breaks and a lot of my knowledge of the game comes from when I read the forums back when I first made my account in 2014. That being said, I have some questions that hopefully can get me back on track to becoming a decent manager. 1. So I recently learned there is a skill cap. How does one determine this? 2. Since there is a skill cap, does this mean you wouldn't want to max out your physicals? 3. Whats a good training regiment? I know that one should get their conditioning and strength to at least 12, and then there defensive attributes (takedown defense, defensive grappling) to 12. Is it smarter to focus on Primaries first, then secondary skills? Or the reverse? 4. Is maxing defensive grappling and leaving the other ground skills to very low levels a solid strategy if you plan to just lay and pray? (Considering there is a skill cap) 5. How does one determine the fast learner hidden? I read something about a script...what script (link)? 6. Is it a huge difference if there is 3 people in a training session versus 2 or 1 person(s)? What is the deviation? 7. Should you train a particular skill more than 3 times a week? I always felt like I read somewhere that there is diminishing returns, but I might have fabricated that memory. 8. The more the merrier for sparring, correct? There is no such thing as too many people? 9. If there are a bunch of 1 star sparring partners, does it matter as long as there is at least one partner that is 4/5 stars? Or do they bring down the worth? 10. What are the pros of being in an Alliance? 11. Do you think I should wait to make more project fighters until there are 290k+ ids? 12. For the love of christ, will the mma tycoon app be on the itunes app store as well? ETA? Thanks in advance for those that take the time to help me out, sorry for the long post. But I like the idea of a "one stop shop" for all of my questions. I'm sure there are a bunch of noobs like me that will benefit.
  20. im new and need a sponsor really bad to get my fighters name out if you can help sponsor them please respond
  21. hows it going. i would like to offer you 3 months of vip and to also join my alliance. once i buy you vip for 3 months then id ask that once your fighter cap is at 10 letting me use 3-4 of them. if you enjoy the company or your position there then more of course. let me know thanks. also make fighters in SYDNEY SO WE DONT HAVE TO PAY FOR FLIGHTS!!!!
  22. most common problems upon signing up is "whats going on?! and how do i make my fighters do the face punching thing?" lol well i have been there... and ill give you some tips to get you on your way a little faster than i did when i started. before you get lost in the reading and if you dont wanna read this and just wanna fight and make money, skip down past this entire post to my next post below. that should get you started nicely! now if your here to stay a while on this game. i would suggest reading further! --- --- --- 1. you got a question? ask ANYTHING. no matter how small your question is. but before you do, try a quick search and read about it in the help sections provided in the game and on the forum. --- --- --- 2. most everyone signing up wants to FIGHT, and fight NOW! if your going to do this, create a 25 year old fighter and put him in the QFC But first, know how to make a proper fighter that you can fight with immediately! but first i want you to understand what makes a good fighter so if you lose you can understand why. Now a QFC fight takes place in 2 days, and when it happens it becomes a webpage of text. you can view the fight by reading it after it happens. this is not a "live" game. so dont worry about being online during your fight like i tried to do lol. also, read your fight from the first page that comes up upon signing in. its way at the bottom. this page is called the "spoiler page" cause it dont tell you who won or lost so you can read it without knowing til the end Now dont go and fill up your fighter slots yet! i wouldnt create more than 2 fighters until you figure things out. cause you only get 4 and you can delete one every 30 days so you might be stuck with your fighters for a while and want to build and train young 18yr old "project" fighters once you get the hang of it. If i sent you this message in a "hellow" message then reply to me with 2 of your fighter numbers and ill send them a few thousand tycoon dollars so you can begin a small project fighter. Now i dont usually respond to messages as im very busy so unless you ask a question i might not reply or event message you to let u know u got the money. so you'll have to check yourself on the finances page. --- --- --- Most important attributes of a figher in order of importants. a). sliders. heres a good slider informational. http://www.mmatycoon...=60#entry437595 . HIDDENS! your fighter will have ALL hiddens, but you can improve 3 of them a small amount. heres the link to read about hiddens. http://www.mmatycoon...fighter#Hiddens If you want to know the secrets of how to find out how good your hiddens are here is a good link! and SHhhhh! keep it secret lol. http://www.mmatycoon...topic=35753&hl= c). Proper build. having your skills line up to work together. heres an example of a great build for new players to make some quick money without training whatsoever. 160-180 cm tall (short to avoid takedowns) 265ish pounds and in Las Vegas because thats the most awesome place to fight historically Boxing 77 MT 36 (you can take the 35 points off this and put onto boxing but then a kicking fighter could take you out very easily. risky move but it could work for you. clinchwork is a lot of muay thai also tho so remember that as well) Wrestling 57 BJJ 1 Punches 110 Kicks 1 Elbow 1 Knee 1 Clinchwork 110 Striking D 110 GnP 1 Takedown O 1 Takedown D 110 Submission 1 Defensive Grap 1 Transitions 1 Escapes 1 This gives you about 40 extra points to place wherever you want. I would put them on knees,elbows,takedowns, or kicks. elbows cut more than they take energy from opponent. if your going against a pure striker, you could mix in 3-5% takedowns to make your striking more effective by making him think about more things. but dont kid yourself, you dont want this fight on the ground much even against a pure striker. And throwing kicks make you likely to be taken down so... Agility 60 (very helpful for kicks and striking defense and some clinch and more even) Flexibility 1 (needed for ground game, kicks) Speed 60 (very helpful with takedowns and striking offense/defense) Strength 1 (might want to do a few sessions of weight to get this a little higher. its very useful with clinch and ground game but used in almost everything.) Conditioning 110 (both cardio and strength is easy to train up, but if you wanna fight NOW. i'd put them high. if you have some patients then take a few weeks training them from the lowest setting leaving you room to put points on the harder to improve attributes like speed and agility) Balance 36 (needed to maintain top position on the ground, and to avoid takdedowns. so consider upping this if your afraid of takedowns.) your going to want to be a counter fighter against wrestlers with this build. if your opponent is going to be going for a takedown as his ONLY weapon. i would go 90-100% counter. and throw about 70% head shots (simulates uppercuts IRL) Single shots not combos! and only go about 40% for power on your shots to make sure you make him pay early and get him winded before he catches a lucky takedown early and wins easily on the ground against your lacking ground skills. Try to clinch 10-15% of the time. less if your opponent is great in the clinch and more if hes usless in the clinch. now once your in the clinch, set your sliders to be very active. with around 70-90% aggression and 50/50 for head/body strikes. more head strikes if hes going for only takedowns. And now your ready to book a qfc fight right off (unless you wanna up your physical skills a little more first) and it will happen in 2 days from signing up. now, if you want a ground fighter... im not really the guy to talk to at all. --- --- --- 3. Now you want to see how far your fighter can go! well, put him in a gym gyms: you dont need the best... all you need is slighly better coach than your skill your training on. dont sacrifice too much time, effort, and tycoon dollars on elite coaches when you are at an abysmal skill. And dont go under 90% energy. heres the help page on gyms. http://www.mmatycoon....php?title=Gyms But cool your jets, hes an old guy at 25 so dont get your hopes up. But from here even old guys and train up physicals pretty good so pop him some supplements and get him doing some CT, cardio, or weight classes. Now nutritional supplements in this game are not like real life! Here they are extremely important if your trying to improve your fighters skills. not an option, its essential. heres some info on supplements http://www.mmatycoon...46 so in your quest to further your fighters fame you think about a belt almost immediately because its only natural to try and place a goal. I order to do this you need to sign with a fight organization. --- --- --- 4. Contracts/orgs: its not about the money... its about your freedom, enjoyment, competition, and mostly your boss. if your locked into a contract with an asshole, its not gonna be pleasant and they could keep you trapped in it for the duration of the contract and make you sit it out. so be careful. Now dont go looking at the top fighters in an org and get scared! YOU DONT HAVE TO FIGHT THEM! and probly wont be asked to. if the org owner says you gotta fight an ELITE ELITE ELITE fighter with your SUPERB overall fighter, thats horse shit and should never happen. even if you were all sensationals vs all elites i would never force that fight. Some organizations only have ten guys in your wieght class, with only 3 of them near your skill so be sure to look around before you sign and make sure they have ample opponents so you dont have to fight any monsters. it only takes about $1,200 a week to give your fighter everything his little (make believe) heat desires. So if on average most orgs give you one fight every 2 months. (i try to give fighters one every 4 weeks), Your going to need 500-5,000 a month to train your fighter depending on how good of coaches he needs based on his skill level. If your not going to train, then thats a different story. some orgs that go out of busienss and just quit playing the game, leaving you stuck in a contract. THAT SUCKS! been there quite a few times as a rookie. you might want to make sure the org your signing with has survived a handful of events before signing a long contract with them. heres a good read about contracts and how different they can be. http://www.mmatycoon...+good +contract --- --- --- 5. sponsorships!: they probly arent going to come ur way... lol people are lazy and it doesnt help you enough in this game to send out a million sponsorships to no name fighters. so if you want one your goign to have to go out and talk to store owners. send them all a message and let them know your here to stay and want to represent their store by using their products. im willing to bet that can net you a few sponsors. im working with Brute right now and that guys real busy IRL but he might respond if u send him a message! --- --- --- 6. money. if you dont have enough to train right off the bat just message me and ill send you some cash to spend at my betting company where i take 0% of bets and its a sure thing to make money if you study the fighters and bet enough times you definitely come out ahead. HW CRAZY BETS! heres a thanks to companies that i trust and that have helped me over the years. i would love to get everyone so if i forget you message me! i mean it. The old Beez nest gym MMA's Best Nutrition - Pit Inc for being the first reliable source of weight control and everything really. Just Fight (Shirts 6$ Shorts 8$) Firebird designsFirebird Designs for being my first clothing partner and being totally awesome to work with! Steel Pen for offering me help constantly even tho i always decline lol. they are super nice people from what i can tell. I will edit this as people message me with advice on what i could change or add to it.
  23. How do you know when your fighter has reached their skill value potential and they start to take points from other skills? Is there a number of skill points a fighter is allowed to have? Is it random?
  24. For new managers to learn stuff quickly and get help, I would advice you to go to the chatroom a lot. If you are looking for advice, you'll certainly get a lot of it over there. Just ask it in the general chatroom, or personal message someone you want to ask something. You can find the chat here : When you logged in with the mib_.... , you'll most likely be asked to identify yourself by a moderator. Because of some problems in the past , that's something that needs to happen. Don't worry about it, as the moderators are great guys and after you have showed them who you are, they will give you an explination on how to log in with your username , so that you won't have to prove each time who you are Also if you are wondering in chat who is who, you can ask them, or look them up in the game if they are registered. Go to the game and go to ' search' . Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the username . Click 'enter' and you'll see his manager page and all the info you might need . I've seen some newer managers jump into chat a few times lately and ask for advice. They get a lot of replies from great managers immediately to help them out and set up a gameplan, training,... Let's hope we can welcome some new faces in the chatroom . It's a great place to hang out and talk about the game AND real life. Good luck to all new managers and for any questions, message managers in game, post in the noob thread, or go to the chat Bjorn
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