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  1. Need BOOST? We got the JUICE. We have the only 170 supplements on the market in the entire game. Supplements guaranteed to improve your fighter's performance and have them rock hard. © Trap House Inventory Do you want to train all day and last all night long like the great one Chris Karter? What you need is a little bit of kush for the push. Tired of shoving needles in your ass to git gud? Get big quick and see insta-gainz with our Jamaican muscle builder. We got that gas for days. Come try our Purple Haze. Guaranteed to boost lung capacity. If you want sponsored, follow these simple instructions: PM: Chris Karter Subject: Trap House Sponsors Message: INSERT FIGHTER ID(S) IN FOLLOWING FORMAT 187911, 239013, 420420, 690069
  2. Something that I would like an improvement is the ability to re-order your clothes or nutrition items in a specific order. For example, sometimes you want a certain clothing item or supplement to come on top of your shop, but you can't because the first item you put is the first item in the store. You should be able to reorder your stock in the same way you are able to reorder fights.
  3. Olá, pessoal! Alguém poderia me dizer se ainda existe alguma companhia de nutrição vendendo suplementos 170Q? Estou procurando um melhorzinho para minimizar a perda de energia nos treinos. Um dos meus lutadores tem um desses, mas não está mais à venda. Valeu!
  4. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company_banners/14517053991445419541Banner.jpg Proud Partners of: http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1475962336fc2_zps1ps0ig2x.JPG -=-=-=-=-=-=-= http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/0/14046526106802.jpg James "Sully" McGuiness (237725) (Participant of The Island Season 2. Former MMA and KT Fighter. Owner of Sully's Bar & Grill) Welcome to Sully's Bar & Grill! I'm James McGuiness, but my mates call me "Sully." On the eve of my 20th birthday, I had the party to end all parties in London when i thought i was buying a ticket back to Ireland. But in my drunken state i actually bought myself a one way ticket to The Island! "Ireland... Island... Ireland... Island..." Doesn't even sound the same!!! Anyways during my time in The Island, i fought for Island Freedom Fighters and it was there that i became very good friends with "The Chicken General" himself - Zongtang "General" Tso. When we were not training or fighting, we could often be found at the Island Freedom Fighter's Official Island Bar n Grill. While i didn't have the most successful MMA career (6-6-1 on The Island), I continued my training in London after The Island with Gorilla Warfare MMA where i was given the opportunity to fight all over the world. I finished mt career with some KT fights before having my final fight in Troid against fellow Island Irishman Liam O'Connor with a 17-13-1 record. Now i wasn't the best fighter in the world (which my record shows) but i did manage to open a successful bar which was frequented by people from all over the world! Now that i am retired, i thought i would go back to where it started and give back to the people on The Island! So what are you waiting for???
  5. So I realized that as a company owner you don't get any notification that a sponsorship deal is coming to an end besides the number of days being highlighted in red when it gets below 5 or 10 days which is okay but I think having the option for a message to be sent to our inbox stating "a sponsorship deal is about to end go take a look" lol or whatever and it does not have to be specific and say which fighter or anything just give us the warning to go check over the list of guys you have sponsored.
  6. Hey friends, I come here to invite you to meet the new tokyo supplement company, we started the activities this week and we launched our first product to reduce energy loss, it initially has the quality of 140q and we will as the company develops improve our Quality and develop our products, I count on the support of all of you who contribute to keep tokyo an active city in the game Optimonster Nutrition (5218) Thank You Guys
  7. Amped Performance is committed to bringing Nothing But The Best! to the market. We will not produce inferior products to sell. Our goal for you to connect the name Amped Performance with Quality. We are rolling out products slow to ensure we have the investment money needed to research the highest quality possible. More information and quality certifications can be found at our AMPED PERFORMANCE website. An investment in us is an investment in your fighters. Need a fighter sponsored? Message us. Amped Performance is another tool to get your fighter the edge needed. Looking for a Partnership? Message us. Amped Performance would love to. Quality product for quality fighters. Give yourself and your fighters an edge and expect Nothing But The Best!
  8. Hi i'm new to this game and I've been looking through this forum thread, and been looking for which company would be more efficient to start off on!! What would the basic's i would need to know for either company if i would want to be successful in the long run. Thanks for any help that would be provided.
  9. Looking for a nutrition sponsor offering energy loss supplements for my gym Vegas Campania, message me if you are interested.
  10. http://i59.tinypic.com/ot3mzo.jpg NUTRITION PARTNER- I need a supplier for my vending machines in my gym: http://mmatycoon.com/gympublic.php?gmid=3441 Please PM me.... Carlos
  11. The Iron Works (3414) It's new so still lots to be done but ONLY Elite coaches will be hired. I am trying to secure a nutrition partner. Need your support.
  12. I am offering my graphic design assistance to company and org. owners. I can help build your logos and event posters. I will trade my labour for VIP time. I will supply a design proof and your approval prior to payment and delivery. PM, me to discuss further
  13. I am looking for a Nutrition company to join with my gym. I am willing to pay for your service. Let me know if you are interested.
  14. Hey guys, I've just started a new nutrition company called Get Jackd offering 130Q products at a low $30 If anyone has any helpful tips it would be much appreciated and if you'd like to help out a new and growing business, here is a link to the business where I would much appreciate as much help as anyone would like to offer http://www.mmatycoon.com/nutritionpublic.php?ncid=4508 Also if anyone needs a gym partnership or org partner, feel free to PM me where I am able to help out Nathan Norman (21908)
  15. Guest


  16. UPDATE: WE ARE RANKED 1 IN THE WORLD!!!!!! So hello, I am Jon Clarck and I'm the owner of a nutrition company cold "SP Ultimate Nutrition" in Las Vegas! Company current rank (Global): 1 Company current rank (City): 1 Products: SP Energy 159Q (Reduce Energy loss) - cost 300$ (NOW ON SALE 100$ ONLY!!!) Laundry 90% Quality Proof: http://s3.postimg.org/mnvigqo5f/quality_proof.png Sponsors: 1) List of our sponsered fighters here. 2) What we are offering in a sponser: Payment: 1000-2000$ Length: 122 days Freebis: None or 1 SP Energy (159Q) Store discount: 5%-20% SPONSERED FIGHTERS - PLS THANK US IN YOUR GAMES! *If you want a sponser - write a comment with your fighter profile link or PM me in game. Gym partners: - None - VENDETTA Elite Gym - LOD: Top Team Event Partner: - CONFLICTION MMA We need investors! Pls help us to get bigger and bigger and invest in our company to create more 159/160 quality product! Pm me pls in game with your offer. Sales: FOR NOW YOU CAN GET REDUCE ENERGY LOSS 159Q IN ONLY 100$!!!! Thank you for reading this topic and have a nice day!
  17. Starting August 3rd we will be keeping a record of how many products you have purchased. When you have reached 50 supplements purchased you will get $1000! It wont make you rich but its just a way of rewarding customers for choosing Devotion! We also have very cheap laundry services, they go pretty fast so reserve your stock early. Thanks everyone.
  18. Devotion's Jacked Shack nutrition company in New York is looking for someone to invest money in creating our final 160Q supplement. If any person with deep pockets would like to invest I would gladly add you to the payroll for the remainder of the companys lifespan where you would recieve a portion of the profit from the item created forever, I will also name the supplement after you! Or I am willing to take a loan where you would recieve all income from the business (The business is currently doing pretty well in NY) and I will make an arranged payment weekly until the loan is paid back with interest. At the time the loan and interest is paid back I will resume fincancial control of the business and payments will be complete. If anyone is willing to invest/loan the amount of money needed to create my final 160Q supp please PM me in game. Thanks for reading.
  19. Hi, Can I upgrade the quality of my nutrition company products? Or I need to research a new product and pay the whole money for it? Thank for helpers!
  20. Closed! Full thread - http://www.mmatycoon.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=43955
  21. Devotion's Jacked Shack is now open for business in New York. We have a full stock of high quality supps and laundry!
  22. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/header_background.jpg Nutrition in the world of Tycoon Championship Press Association brings the first part of a two part story covering one of the more quietly spoken controversies around the world of MMA Tycoon, along with a guide for new players to follow. MMA Tycoon has featured Nutrition Companies since its initial opening to the public with supplements being supplied by a range of companies covering a range of needs for the fighters. The supplements they supply cover everything you’d expect, such as weight loss/gain, stamina increase, energy recovery and muscle bulk, and is key to all of the top fighter’s success as they look to climb to the top of the mountain. One thing that is sure is that the world of Tycoon would be incredibly different without these companies and their products, although there has always been once great talking point around them. How legitimate and successful are the use of supplements, not just in general, but company to company, we here at Championship Press Association have asked all kinds of players, ranging from near complete newbies to experienced members with 600+ fights under their belt on what the thought on various companies across the game and which ones they’ve seen the best results from. We’ve also spoken to a few of the nutrition company owners who were given the offer the opportunity to offer statements on their opposition, as well as their own products. What we’ve found is quiet revealing. Out of all of the nutrition companies three have really stood our when speaking to managers across the Tycoon world, these are; HGH Nutrients, Milwaukee’s Best and – realtviely surprisingly due to its lack of hype in comparison with the others – FinnFighter. Others were mentioned, such as Green!, KAISER and Hell’s Balls but those three lead the way with recommendations on all their products. What may have set these top class companies apart in the eyes of the public is how forward they are in proving their products are legitimate and will make the difference with proof being readily available to those who asked. Another thing I noticed, that particularly HGH and Milwaukee’s, shared was how candid and honest the founders of these companies were about their own product and their opposition, with Groove Monkey being quoted in saying when interviewed by CPA; “I suspect that supplements round up and that all of the 160's are the same” when referring to the quality of products reaching a limit and boosting by .01 for advertising purposes. This was a feeling shared with HGH owner Thor HGH who, alongside giving me his opinion on the world of nutrition, gave me some insight on just how much money HGH have put into making sure that the fighters of Tycoon have a product they can believe in. $6.5 Million went into the research and testing of their top product, known as Smokeleaf Special Energy (their reduced energy loss supplement) which shows the dedication that each of these companies have to giving a product. While there are many supplements out there that give our fighters the extra help they need, the managers of Tycoon can rest safe, that while there are some that boost and pose products they don’t really have, there are a substantial amount of trust worthy suppliers who are more than happy to prove the product they have is the real deal. Report by, Daniel “TheMould” Milner Championship Press Association *CPA’s noobs guide to nutrition will be published in the coming weeks, if you have anything to add to this article before that is published or want to expose a company who isn’t as honest as they should be, or on a more positive note, promote a company who doesn’t get the credit it deserves, feel free to sound off below or send myself a PM.
  23. ...opened the thread twice....pls see the other one....
  24. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1397709361Goroshi%20kore%20logo.png Established 2014 Tokyo, Japan Kore FN160 Reduce Energy loss $150 Available now!! Kore HK160 Muscle Bulk $150 in store Available Now!! Kore CS160 Increase Stamina $150 in store 3rd May 2014 160 Quality Proof Kore VIP exchange will be available again from the 15th of May Sponsorships available now: 10 x $2000/30Day Click the Logo for the KFN Storefront Available at : Major League Fighting, Tokyo Den of Tears - Las Vegas Brick Brawlers MMA - Hilo
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