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  1. Kamara's bare knuckle boxing record needs to be updated to 731-0-1.
  2. Tagnarach Kamara (15-0-0) shocks the MMA world and breaks the twitter when he signs a 3 fight deal with Odense MMA. "I love the message: Fight or Die." Kamara tells reporters. "That is what I am here to do." Gregor Marek (12-0-1) and Oliver Robson (15-4-1) are top 10 ranked welterweights in the world, and Kamara cited both fighters as a reason for signing with the Odense MMA organization, stating that he has his sights set on both of them. "Gregor Marek's up first. We're both undefeated. The fans will love it. Once the belt is mine, I will crush the dirty Brit from Newcastle." Kamara says. "I'm not here to compete, I'm here to takeover."
  3. he probably told his wife the same thing and look where that got him
  4. you've always been an emo come back to tycoon, i need a punching bag and free hype hope all is well buddy ❤️
  5. skuzbukit rhymes with cum bucket and i don't think that's a coincidence. if it weren't for gun-totin' Americans like me, you'd definitely be a slave rn or in some SS camp getting pegged by the son of Hitler's side chick.
  6. Yeah, Avon held the company and I ran SYN as an employee after franky passed the torch. Franky stuck around to name some events and take some fights iirc.
  7. All I know about the Scots, English, Welsh, and French is that you all would be speaking German rn if it weren't for the mericans and Ruskies
  8. If Ray Mercer could KO Tim Sylvia in 10 seconds and Conor could KO Aldo in 12, than Kamara could KO half the UFC 170 lbs and under in less than a minute.
  9. It would help if you knew anything about combat prowess. You don't know anything about these streets. You don't get injured when you dominate. You ever see Snatch? A pikey could smash twice as many mugs in that timeframe. Easily 7 a day or 3 or 5 at a time.
  10. Tagnarach Kamara is an Irish professional mixed martial artist and former bare-knuckle fighter. He competes in RISE where he fought in the lightweight and welterweight divisions, capturing the RISE Welterweight Championship at RISE 103. Early Life: Tagnarach grew up in the trenches of Skibbereen, Ireland. He used to mix it up with the local riff raff when he was a street youth and was often seen picking on foreigners, mostly skirt-wearing Scots and gender bending English-them/they's. Bare-Knuckle Boxing: By the time Kamara turned 18 years old he was 701-0-1 as a bare-knuckle boxer in the underground bare-knuckle boxing circuit of Dublin. The controversial draw came after he fired off a leg-kick to the gonads of a Chechen that bit him on the shoulder during their fisticuffs. Mixed Martial Arts career: Kamara moved to the United States at the age of 18 to train at Convicted Fight Club and signed with RISE less than a week later. He owns a perfect 15-0 record inside the cage, having decimated every so-called fighter in the RISE organization with relative ease. Personal Life: Kamara has fathered thirteen little bastards with eleven different women. He is an outspoken critic of the alphabet community. He hates fembots and transformers. He also thinks grown men who love anime or manga are closeted homosexuals. He doesn't mind the gays, but thinks once they die that they're going to hell in a gimp suit to do butt-stuff with Lucifer. Controversies: Kamara was arrested in London after trashing a hotel room when he was asked to leave, and for also stealing a taxi while the driver was loading his luggage into the trunk. Kamara and four other involved individuals were sentenced for a crime of damage and unauthorized use of a vehicle, and were fined approximately £10,000. Kamara was penalized by Swedish police for driving under the influence of alcohol with over nine times the legal limit in his system. Kamara was accused of a hate crime when he showed up to an American protest and smashed a few dozen green and blue haired mugs before the riot police showed up. Kamara declined it was done out of hate, and simply stated "they were blocking traffic". Kamara was accused of assaulting a woman on a yacht. Allegedly they engaged in consensual intercourse but he later threw her into the ocean when she wouldn't "bust it for the lads". She swam to shore and filed charges against him.
  11. worldstar catfights been around for a decade or three
  12. Burn the village, impregnate the women. Amen brother!
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