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  1. Honu Fight Arts is opening up for 404k ! Will be heavily recruiting, looking for the next generation of superstars to test their skills and fight for championships. We want activity, rivalries, exciting fights, and a lot of smack talk. To kickstart this organization, we will be hosting a Single Elimination Creation Tournament! Make sure to sign up and best of luck to your chosen one if you do!
  2. Island Cage Fights is a new openweight org in Hilo started by a total noob in a fit of boredom and hyperactivity! This will be an openweight MMA org, hopefully as many fights as possible will have a finish, due to 5 x 10min rounds! Anyone who has fighters they want in, let me know! Anyone with advice or tips for success, let me know! Anyone who thinks this is a nuts idea and waste of time, let me know!!!!!!!🤪 🤷‍♂️
  3. I'm not sure if this is a unique problem but I have found that the Inactivity column on the Fighter+ Org page is not accurately displaying for all fighters. Some seem to be accurate, but I have several who are showing zero despite having not competed in weeks. This will make keeping on top of event booking difficult at best to try and keep all fighters active. Would someone be able to look into this? Dynasty Contenders, Mixed Martial Arts Organization, Helsinki, MMA Game (mmatycoon.com) Thanks
  4. The start of the official thread for the legendary grappling org, CWC. You can generally talk about events or fighters, or call people out, any topic related to the fighters of cwc or the organization this is the place for it. There will be often event previews and fighter interviews posted here.
  5. Two divisions, ten fighters in each. Everybody fights each other once, then the final 4 fight in playoffs. There will be a prize pool for the fighters, and a 100k each to the winning managers. To learn more check out our org page
  6. Interested Managers Confirmed so far: Featherweights: 1. Skuzbukit 2. JCarter 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Middleweights: 1. Columbo 2. JCarter 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. EFL Rules and Regulations (1) Weight Divisions Season 1 will be for Featherweights and Middleweights only. (2) Manager Restrictions (i) Only VIP managers will be considered. (2) Fighter Restrictions (i) Only 18 year old fighters will be considered for Season 1. (3) Fighter Pay Fighters will be paid a flat wage through the season. (i) The basic contract offered will be $500/$500/$500 (4) Prize Pool At the end of the season a Prize Pool will be split between all competitors. (i) After each event 50% of any profit will be added to a Prize Pool (ii) The Prize Pool will be paid out after the final round of the season and will be split as follows 1st: 30% 2nd: 20% 3rd: 10% 4th: 10% 5th: 5% 6th: 5% 7th: 5% 8th: 5% 9th: 5% 10th: 5% (iii) The Prize Pool total will be emailed to all competing managers after each event (iv) Any fighter that departs before the season has finished will no longer be eligible for the Prize Pool. (v) There will be a 100k bonus to each of the managers of the winning fighters. (5) Fight Schedule The fighters will fight in league format. There will be 11 events across the season. (i) Every fighter will fight one another over the course of the season. (ii) Events will be booked as regularly as possible. The fixture schedule will look like the following. (i) Rounds 1-9 will be in a league format (ii) Round 10 will be the Semi Finals. (iii) Round 11 will be the Final. (iv) Fighters that are eliminated from the competition will get the opportunity to take rematches for Round 10 and 11. (v) The fixture list will be published before the season commences. (vi) The top four fighters will proceed to the Playoffs where the draw will look as followed: 1st vs. 4th 2nd vs. 3rd. (6) Injury Provisions (i) If a fighter receives an injury of 7 days or more in length, the next card will be pushed back to a later date. (7) Fight Rules (i) Each league match will be 3x5 mins and fought inside a cage. (ii) The Semi-Finals and Final will be 5x5 mins. (8) Events (i) Each event will contain a 10 fight card. (9) League Table (i) After each event a League Table will be published on the company news page. (ii) Winning fighters will receive 3 points. (iii) Bonus Points - 3pts - Finish in Round 1 2pts - Finish in Round 2 1pt - Finish in Round 3 (iv) If a fighter misses weight and causes the fight to be cancelled, 1pt shall be deducted from him and given to his opponent. (v) The top four fighters in each weight class advance to the Semi Finals. (10) Replacement Fighters (i) If the organisation loses a fighter, a replacement will be added to the roster. (ii) In the name of fairness, any replacement will begin with 0 points. (11) Owners Commitment (i) No owner nor employee of the Elite Fighters League is permitted to have their own fighters join the organisation. 8 Reasons Why Elite Fighters League is a Great Choice Over the course of the season each fighter is guaranteed 11 fights. A lucrative prize pool. Elite Fighters League is gulag proof - We can’t gulag any fighter as the league has a fixed schedule, and we need every fighters to complete it. If you don’t qualify for the playoffs, each fighter will have two season rematches - In other words, Elite Fight League guarantees you an opportunity to take revenge. No frustrating waiting times between fights. As soon as one fight is over, you can begin training for the next. Could prove a great stepping stone to move your fighter into a bigger organisation in the future. At the end of the season each fighter will leave as a twenty-year-old fighter with 11 fights experience. The difference it could make to fight IQ alone is terrifying. The Elite Fight League is the ultimate skill test for a manager.
  7. Sparbots (grappling) are the perfect place for a grappling org, it resets their de-pop timer therefor preserving their use for much longer while gaining you money and maybe making a little bit more of a legacy for themselves. There is also no morale or energy hit for fighting grappling as well as no injuries. not a lot of people know this and I’ve gotten messages asking me why I’d offer sparbots contracts and if people knew this info there would be a lot more grapplers as there’s currently a shortage for our grappling org. here’s some notes on cwc, if you’d like a contract with us please pm me! ———— NOTES - Grappling (as opposed to MMA or KT) does not cause energy loss after a fight. - CWC is Grappling only (we do not host any other kind of events). - CWC only hosts events on Sunday after the PM training session. This means your fighter will always compete at 100% energy (if you are training optimally that is) & they will never have to miss a single training session to compete. - Losses in Grappling do not cause injuries or morale loss but does affect popularity. That being said if you win, it increases your popularity & Grappling hype. - Competing in CWC for sparbots is perfect as it won't affect their training/sparring regimen. Also, it will reset their de-pop timer. - Grappling has no affect on manager ranking - TWGC, QFC, & co-MMA/KT contracts are all allowed upon request - All divisions are Open ID. It should go without saying that you will be expected to go against anyone in your division. Matchups are based on win streaks (within the org) NOT grappling hype or skill. Cherry picking fights will not be tolerated & will result in your fighter being released & you being permanently banned from the org. - In reference to the aforementioned matchmaking, fights are booked according to different categories: 1 W streak v 1 W streak, 2 W streak v 2 W streak, 3 W streak v champion, or if both fighters last match was an L (no matter how long of a streak it is). If a fighter hasn't had a fight within the org I put them up against someone whose last fight was an L. Only fights within the org are considered. If your fighter left the org for a significant time & is returning & was previously on a win streak, I will find an appropriate opponent for them at my discretion. - Hall of Fame induction for fighters who achieve 5 title wins within the org - Hall of Fame induction for managers who have 5 different fighters win titles within the org
  8. BLAZE MMA OFFICIAL SMACK TALK THREAD We are a 365k+ fight organization based in St Petersburg. We pride ourselves for giving all fighters opportunities to succeed. Here you can trash talk and call out other fighters. Have fun and BLAZE IT UP! Our Org: https://www.mmatycoon.com/orgpublic.php?oid=6297
  9. Colossus after a brief hiatus is back! and this time we're returning on the Island to bring banging fights! Bring your island fighters here to become the Colossus and control the island!
  10. I have come to announce that I Kishion Matthew am putting my org SMASH up for public stock sale. https://mmatycoon.com/orgpublic.php?oid=5943 Current org info: We are ranked 1st in Montreal and 5th in the world in hype and we rank first in richest org in tycoon. Our merch partnership runs until the end of march and we have events scheduled until April 10th. We also just opened up an ID restricted feeder org. Current Org Value: The org is currently valued at 16,000,000 dollars. Future org info: as of next year i plan on moving to PPV and 93k arenas meaning huge growth for the company Partnerships and co promotions have also been discussed with other top 10 companies Stipulations: Financials screen caps will be sent every month in the tycoon chat on discord Dividend will be paid out every quarter. 60% to share holders and 40% will be reinvested in the company. You cut of the 60% is in accordance with your holdings % Example: We make 1 million in profit next quarter and you own 10% of the stock, You would get a 60,000$ payout (10% of the $600,000). The other 400,000$ goes back into the company RULES FOR SALE: 1. Stocks have a minimum one quarter holding period. 2. Any sale of stock needs to be offered to share holders first before the open market 3. Outside sales must be over seen by me so I know who owns what. Don't want any confusion. For those wondering why they would trust me with there money, here is proof of concept/ my history with already doing this successfully. https://www.mmatycoon.com/forums/index.php?/topic/46768-going-public/ I have never scammed anyone and always held up my end of the deal. I can even provide the screenshots of the final payouts from when I shut the company down. I will start this off at 1,000,000 shares at 16$ a share. you can either pm me or post it in this thread. EDIT: After having so much demand and selling out of our shares, we have decided to dilute our holdings down and re issue 200,000 shares. The 200, 000 shares will be priced at 24$ a share. Currently company holdings is 25 million We are also now booked through till June in the LA coliseum. Current holdings are Me= 545,500 (54.55%) Outside investors= 454500 (45.45%) Outstanding shares= 0
  11. Hello boys & girls! Hello all! Welcome to the new MMA org - League of Handsome Guys! [delated unactual logo] ORG ID: 6328 Owner: Roman Benson Current base: Los Angeles Merch partner: Not yet. Looking for! I was thinking bout new business since sometime and I decided to do something unusual. This MMA org is going to be really popular! Why this org is going to be different from others? You have pretty, handsome, manly face?! Your eyes and smile are from a different world? Your body is in a great condition? Girls usually smiling to you? We have a place for you in the org! Here we're looking for handsome, sexy guys who know how to kicks somebody's ass. ID and restriction? Mostly fighters 368+ but I am open to make 1-3 fights in the card unrestricted. I will see... Events and rules: - MMA rules - fair fights - fights in the cage - Judging system - 10 point must - Number of fights in one event - usually 10 - Fights - 3 x 5 minutes round in normal fight, 5 x 5 minutes in ME/Title Fight I am open for different kind of help - writings, posters, belt creation, sponsorship, others (PM ME). I'm planning first event now. Don't wait too long. Just join us! Let's have some fun...
  12. AKO IS HERE! New org called AKO Amateur kickboxing Org for rookies. The way it will go: You will use a new fighter or one that already is made and drop there link down here to be signed. If you do good in the org you will become AKO VERIFIED Meaning that you will get bigger money offers from Kickboxing orgs if they are keeping a close eye on signing you please send any test fighters including kickboxers to mauy thai to just regular boxing. perks of joining: Bigger KT contracts, More Popularity, Bigger orgs you can join SMALLER CONTRACTS MIGHT BE OFFERED TO CERTAIN PEOPLE Rules of joining: Must have under 3 matches 0-0 records are welcome too
  13. Hello Im going to be selling posters for 50k Here is 2 of my recent work PM ME TO ORDER ONE
  14. The new org will feature a supply of rookie kickboxers for a test to see if they got what it takes to take on bigger fighters. How it will happen: After you get the belt that means you are AKO verified and proven to be a force. As of right now I am going to plan with 8 Limbs and Eternity kickboxing also including Victory. when a fighter is done with the AKO approval to be a great Kickboxer they will be transferred into a bigger org Perks: You will go down as a great fighter. You will get a bigger pay check from being AKO Tested and approved. Special offers given to your fighter. Small award of 5k
  15. The new org will feature a supply of rookie kickboxers for a test to see if they got what it takes to take on bigger fighters. How it will happen: After you get the belt that means you are AKO verified and proven to be a force. As of right now I am going to plan with 8 Limbs and Eternity kickboxing also including Victory. when a fighter is done with the AKO approval to be a great Kickboxer they will be transferred into a bigger org Perks: You will go down as a great fighter. You will get a bigger pay check from being AKO Tested and approved. Special offers given to your fighter. Small award of 5k
  16. After many years out the game, I've returned, won some VIP on the spin machine.. and now opened a much needed clothing store in London. Only store selling shorts in the city. Check it out and give us some love: https://www.mmatycoon.com/clothingpublic.php?cid=5949 Prices starting at $100 for now. Looking for an org partner, and maybe some sponsors as we grow.
  17. Can somebody tell me how orgs get the KT graphic behind their org name? Is it done by the game once KT hype surpasses MMA hype? Or could it be something I can add that I'm not aware of? Is this something I have to request directly from Mike? Thank you in advance!
  18. This is a call to all of the outsiders, the delinquents, the gangsters and the otherwise baddest bastards in the MMA world. Come and make your voices heard at the newest promotion in the world of unrestricted combat, TOKYO REBELS. After authorities forced Rei to close Budokai Fighting Federation due to allegations of money laundering, bribery, racketeering and blackmail - he decided to turn around and get right back into the game. Now sporting sunglasses at all times (yes, even in-doors), Rei has returned and is ready to build another great promotion. Are you bored of fighting at some of the cookie-cutter top tier promotions like Synchromysticism or GAMMON? Then why don't you try something new, and come fight the newest and most exciting promotion to enter the tycoon world. TOKYO REBELS RULES ARE AS FOLLOWS: UNRESTRICTED, ALL WEIGHTS ALL IDs 3 x 5 MINUTE ROUND STANDARD BOUTS 5 x 5 MINUTE ROUND CHAMPIONSHIP BOUTS 10-POINT MUST SCORING SYSTEM FIGHTS WILL TAKE PLACE IN A RING Also, we will be offering: $5000 PER AWARD (to be increased) $50,000 EACH MONTH TO "REBEL OF THE MONTH" (the man who talks the most shit and/or performs in the best in the ring) For any questions, or to ask for a contract simply post below or message owner Rei http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/manager_avatars/1572716414yakuza%20rei.png Let's get cracking.
  19. Hiring talent scout, looking for someone with experience as a extra helping hand. I'm very similar with the game, I'm just hopping back into it after a few years off. Contact Manager Klaw Winston (95731)
  20. APEX Fight League 355k+ has opened up in London. Co-Owner: Neon Richards http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1576451658APEX%20logo02.jpg APEX Fight League
  21. Hello everyone. I'm Adrian, a 21 year old martial arts enthusiast living in the Pacific North West. How I got introduced to MMA Tycoon: I started following martial arts closely back in 2014, and very quickly it became my favorite sport. I rarely evey miss major fight events. I started grappling and combat sports training in real life and decided that I would like to pursue MMA as my career path with the hope of facing and beating my idol, the great Georges St-Pierre one day! Unfortunately after two years of daily hard work I was forced to leave my gym and move to a different state and here in PNW I couldn't find a good wrestling club that matched what I wanted, and overtime I stopped thinking about training and got into regular life stop such as family and friends, relationships, work, school etc. I've loved EA Sports UFC 2 & 3 games but they always lacked one feature that I wanted the most.. The Universe Mode. A game mode where I get to play as the UFC president and have my own cool and organic rankings, storylines, rivalries, fantasy match-ups, super fights etc. All I could do and have was hopes and dreams until I ran across this website called MMA Tycoon. Not going to lie I've been here before, I tried it back in 2017-18 I'd say but I didn't find the user interface appealing enough, and I simply didn't want to wait weeks/months/years for my fighters to become world class and fight for major world titles. GAME RELATED STUFF: So about 2 months ago I finally decided to give this game a shot, and after understanding the mechanics and evolution aspect of the fighters, and realizing that I could finally have my dream virtual match-maker job, I couldn't help it not to go VIP and as soon as I did, I started this new VERY COOL +355K fight organization called "Core Combat" (5763)! (with a few 354500k exceptions) At first I did not know that we could only work on a single company and started planning on my monopoly Core Combat brand and designed multiple cool looking T-shirts and fight gear. Then researched a bit about gym managements and thinking I could start my second company on the 7th day after the first creating the first one, I was shocked/disappointed to realize I could only have Core Combat, the fight org. But it was alright, after all that was the main reason I joined this game. I wanted take my sweet time and hire new talents, and start having my events whenever the heck I was ready! One thing I hadn't considered/knew back then was that these managers that were signing their fighters with me wanted to get a fight ASAP and some fighters inactivity was getting close to 20 something days and I didn't know how that could negatively effect my org. I was slowly booking and filling new events until I was confronted by one of the most absurd and bi-polar people I've chatted with on this website. (interestingly enough this was one of the very few managers that I've spoken with and he assured me that I can run my divisions however I wanted them and I can take my time and he doesn't mind waiting) So I thought he was one of the chillest managers in my org based on our previous conversations until 2 days ago I received this message: "hey man, I have 3 fighters in your org that have been waiting for a fight offer for 11+ days. whats going on? there are fighters available in the divisions last time we spoke, you said winners from the first event would fight each other and I could get a crack at the losers. but none of those guys have any fight offers. what is going on here? ive been patiently waiting and blindly gave you a 10 rating on all my fighters, but im quickly seeing how that was a mistake" (the conversation with him carried on for a bit) BOOM!!! A Great Awakening superman punch in the mouth!! I had no idea there was anyone mad at me in this game let alone in my brand new VERY COOL org! I replied to him and tried to explain why I haven't offered him fights and promised I'd fix things up by the next day. And I did try to. I booked a new event (with a VERY COOL poster) and offered most of the guys who had high inactivity fights, including this guys'. Unfortunately one of the fights was declined and the other is still under offer. Not until today was I at all worried until I received this message: "good morning, please release my fighters (initials) M.G. , M.A. , and K.C. . I will send you back their signing bonuses, thank you" (the conversation carried on for a bit) BOOM!!! Flying arm-bar sub attempt!! Why??? What's the deal? I TRIED !!!!!!!!!! Then I realized he left a 1/10 rating with all of his 3 fighters leaving the org with a 25% review. He proceeded to explain that he's spoken with other managers in the org and in my view, started a sabotage campaign! Now I don't believe holding fighters hostage is the right thing to do but I did try to get him a fair fight again today (also going against my own rule of fighters being required to win at least once to receive a title shot, and gave this guy a shot against someone else who won his debut in my first event) and he declined my offer. I guess what I'm really salty about is the fact that he's damaged the company's reputation and even though I tried to fix my mistakes, it doesn't seem as he's going to remove his negative rating regardless of my efforts! ( I did try and spent around 3 hours combined work trying to improve the org in the past day, even though most of it I realize now was pointless due to my inexperience.) I realize I haven't done the best job but at least I'm trying to fix it. Is it fair for his fighters to remain in the org's possession until/unless he agrees to remove his rating? I'd say right now about 90% of the active fighters have a fight booked in the next month. So if you're on of those managers in the 10% category please relax! take a deep breathe mate! It's going to be A-OK! I'll try to make things right! If you don't have a fight right now it's probably because either you just joined, or I haven't found an equally skilled opponent for you to face. (which is why I started to recruit a lot of new guys again) Hope new org owners can learn a couple things from this and regardless of what happens, this will be a valuable lesson for all of us!!
  22. Hi all! I'm the owner of FIGHTSPORT Apparel™ (5727), http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1568371340FIGHTSPORTLOGO.png a clothing company in tokyo, with around 169ish hype, currently ranked 20 overall. I don't have any debts or any major reasons for wanting to sell my company, outside of wanting to start a private gym to train my fighters in, as I get more serious about the competitive side of the game. I'm willing to listen to offers, if you wish to browse my company, it is located here Mail me in game with any offers, anything lower than 190k is to be rejected (The company has that much in its inventory) Thanks for reading!
  23. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1545589214Tree%20kick.jpg Kickboxing Island League of Legends! Welcome to KILL! We are looking for the best kickboxers the Island has to offer this season. If you have the ability to kick down a palm tree like Van Damme, we want you! Recruiting now in 155, 205 and 265+. Feel free to PM me for a contract. The fighters who hold the title belt at the last event of The Island Season will receive the award of 1 year of VIP for each division, awarded to the champion's manager. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/belt/20181224032627kill%20belt.jpg Any questions and smack talk from fighters are welcomed in this thread.
  24. New 345k+ Fight Org based in London. PM for a contract! Co-Owner: Neon Richards Unchained MMA
  25. Hi O:) I will create new fight org It will be in Los Angeles Non-ID limit I'm not sure with fight org name yet I have some requests 1. Can someone help me with fight org avatar? Maybe avatars for the next events too? ^.^ 2. Will your fighter join for low wage at the beginning? I have only 140k now. That's why I can't give you so much money for requests, for now. :c But I think I will be helply owner! My profile: http://www.mmatycoon.com/managerprofilemanager.php?MgrID=104356 ID - 104356 \(^o^)/
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