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  1. You won your life. Not only in game.
  2. Buy $1,200,120 for 3 months of your VIP time ($400,040 per month). Seller: Roman Benson click to buy
  3. https://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilepublic.php?FID=385079 No last fight in his record. Where it is? :)
  4. Oh right. Hope it will be fixed soon.
  5. Server things, all good now.
  6. That's a serious error, really serious. Mike must fix it up right now.
  7. Looking for a writer for maybe 2 texts at the moments (fighters careers). Paying good.
  8. I think the main key to this is to make the rules more serious. Avatars must stay avatary. Also, if you use AI to create the avatar, which usually doesn't even look like the typical acceptable creation in a game, it's just a moment, and you can make great money for almost no work and no time taken. If you are using special programs to make it good, you need more time, and you can get much less money than that thing for AI on the auction, etc. also it looks really bad.
  9. Come on, guys! Help him. I helped him with the creations a long time ago for a lot of money; now it's time for someone else. He pays well.
  10. I would love to see you again with the designs—not only you, but more of the avatar's creators.
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