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  1. If you have an event taking place in the UK, Saturnia will offer odds on it. Feel free to use all published information to promote your fighter or organisation anyway you can.
  2. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1573337146VsbIDWY_d.jpg The excitement is building for next weekend’s first ever Pay Per View for JAG Battle League who are stepping up to the big leagues now. There is two mouth watering events topping the bill with the 170lb and 185lb titles up for grabs. The headline event is the 170lb match between Benedetti and DIck with McConnell & Neuer duking it out for the 185lb belt. Now let's get down to business! Mario Benedetti Rick "The Prick" Dick Record 14-2-0 (W-L-D) Record 12-2-0 (W-L-D) http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/39/39w4.jpg http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/23/23w7.jpg http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/belt/20191111204229FlCgWzm.jpg These two animals are fairly evenly matched on paper with Benedetti having a slight advantage in boxing and MT and DIck is only slightly better at wrestling but there is not really much between them. Benedetti is the current belt holder in this class and has defended his title on two occasions since winning it back in August of this year. He is insanely flexible some of his opponents have said trying to hit him is like playing one of those ‘whack a mole’ games in the carnival with a blindfold and after drinking two bottles of whiskey! He is a strong stand up fighter and has a tendency to try to use his flexibility to dodge while taking considered potshots against his opponent he prefers to stay standing and likes to work the head and the body equally and of his fourteen wins he has won nine by way of T(KO)’s so he knows how to hit. Benedetti is not afraid of clinching either but prefers to stay at a distance. The challenger to the throne is Rick the Prick who has 12 wins under his belt and only two losses. He has won 10 of the bouts by way of T(KO)’s and and therefore has a similar record to Benedetti in this regard. He is also known to be insanely flexible so should be interesting to see if these two warriors manage to hit each other at all on Saturday! While Rick the Prick has a similar TKO record to Benedetti they have a very different style of fighting with Rick preferring to take fights to the ground where he will tends to aim to move into better positions before pounding his opponent into oblivion. The two different styles here should be interesting but I slightly fancy Benedetti to shade this one. The next title fight to take place is the pairing of McConnell and Neuer who is taking a break from his professional soccer career to enter the octagon and see how he gets on. Dalton "MC" McConnell Manuel Neuer Record 10-3-0 (W-L-D) Record 11-4-0 (W-L-D) http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/26/26b2.jpg http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/38/38w20.jpg http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/belt/20191111204229FlCgWzm.jpg Dalton is the current holder here when he unbelievably took the title from the previously unbeatable Phol Boxaaja who had a real hot streak until losing his title recently, and then McConnell piled the misery on him when taking the title back off him shortly after he won it back! MC is a simple man and just loves punching people constantly, he doesn’t care if it’s head’s or bodies he loves punching both equally! On paper these lads are even enough except in BJJ where Neuer is miles ahead with his black belt so MC will need to be careful if this fight goes to the floor. MC definitely will want to keep this fight standing and will need to be careful in the clinch (which he is a fan of) to make sure that Neuer doesn’t successfully take him to the floor where the fight could be over very quick! Neuer is the exact counterfoil for MC in that he is so scared of standup you would swear he had a glass jaw! He is quick so expect him to rush MC and go for immediate takedown to end this fight quick or he is in trouble. He has not thrown and punches in anger in his previous bouts and has relied on his ability as a BJJ specialist to get him his wins with 100% of his wins by submission he really is an expert ending fights this way and expect more of the same on Saturday, I hope MC has been working on his Takedown defence! If this fight drags on MC will win but I have a sneaking suspicion that Neuer might win this one in the first round! Honourable mention of the night has to go to the best named fighter entering the octagon on Saturday from Keith Flotence's stable and fights under the name: "A Mixed Martial Artist Fighter That Competes in MMA", can see commentars having some difficulty with that one! Best of luck to all the fighters taking part and I will be putting odds up on the fights soon so feel free to gamble to your heart's content. Also I’m going to make a shameless plug here for the JAG Battle Gym in London, JAG Battle Gym (4261) which has exceptional coaches and great clean facilities and fully stocked vending machines with some of the best coaches and sparring sessions so if you have fighters in London please join up if you can Thanks Setanta King
  3. http://i.imgur.com/UUzhZcO.png?1 http://mmatycoon.com/orgpublic.php?oid=5075 We are back!! Spartan Fighting Championships are back and better than ever! Better contracts, better location, better fights! SFC started back in Los Angeles and we respect everyone there but we decided that it would be in our best interest to move the location to London as we have been seeing a mountain of new talent getting a fresh start here. We are a 300k ID org so we will be looking to give the new guys a chance to get there names out there and eventually be the premier company in London. All news and previews of future events will be posted here, we at SFC strongly believe in fighters using the smack talk page as on outlet for their voice in trying to better their career here at Spartan. If you want a certain fight, tell us here! Want to voice your opinion about another fighter, do it here. This is how I notice you. No one wants a boring fighter right?? Also, we are currently opening our unrestricted ID Division for any and all fighters. If you have a fighter not under contract please send him our way. All the unrestricted fighters will be paired up according to their weight, unlike other companies, there will be no featherweight vs heavyweight fights here. http://i.imgur.com/BOhQCv1.jpg?1
  4. Hi guys; today I will looking at somewhat of a super fight in the fast rising 280K ID org Just Bleed. The org is based in Los Angeles and is run by Jake Bremner; who is doing an excellent job, Just Bleed is now ranked 25th in the world. This fight will be between Alejandro Scott (283355) and Texas Pete (260356); it is seen as a pivotal moment in the organisation. Make sure you all tune in as it's an extremely interesting fight, between two guys with very interesting stories. When is it? Christmas Eve (24th December) Where is it? Los Angeles The event name? Just Bleed 17 Where can you find it? Here: http://www.mmatycoon.com/eventcommentary.php?EvtID=876187 Background: This highly anticipated match up will be pitting the old guard vs the young lion; or the old lion vs the young dinosaur? (Maybe Vitor Belfort can help me out with that one). http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/0/14366146262833.png Alejandro Scott Record: 5-2 Wins: 1 TKO/KOs 4 Submissions 0 Decisions Losses: 1 TKO/KOs 1 Submission 0 Decisions Accomplishments: TWGC 11 Division 3 Finalist (265+ lbs) MMA Tycoon's 1st ever The Ultimate Fighter winner The young lion in question; is the winner of the Light Heavyweight TUF tournament; “The Jobless Surfer” Alejandro Scott, I’m guessing he now has a job. The guy may only be 20 years of age; but he started fighting at 16 under manager in exile Moyses Mattos, where he went 1-2, so he has now been plying his craft for a long time. He has now turned into a lean mean submission machine under Tycoon celebrity and long standing member of Vendetta; The C Bomb. He is 4-0 since his change in management, and has seen very little adversity in this time; excluding the TUF finale, where Michael Brophy frustrated him with some decent striking in the first round, before Scott’s clinical submission game took over. He does have a boxing background; something often overlooked recently due to his ability to excel on the mat. He competed at Super Heavyweight in TWGC at one time; where he managed to out-grapple 4 considerably larger opponents, before losing a decision in the final of the competition. Alejandro Scott was dominant in his first fight at Just Bleed; dismantling the considerably smaller Adlet Mayer with his grappling skills. Therefore he is riding an incredible wave on momentum; can he continue it against undoubtedly his most difficult opponent yet? http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/28/28w13.jpg Texas Pete Record: 25-3 Wins: 22 TKO/KOs 0 Submissions 3 Decisions Losses: 3 TKO/KOs 0 Submissions 0 Decisions Accomplishments: Former La Grande Promotions Light Heavyweight Champion (4 Defenses) Former Highland Games Light Heavyweight Champion (4 Defenses) Undefeated in his first 12 MMA fights The older man; who is really getting on in years (In MMA terms) is the 34 year old Texas Pete. Pete is a 17 fight veteran of reputable organisation The Highland Games. He was the HG Light Heavyweight Champion for 4 successful title defences, flooring everyone in his path, until the now champion Jake Theodorou stopped him in his tracks. Texas Pete has been fighting 10 years but his fighting style has almost always been the same; excellent striking diversity, deadly punches and kicks. His striking defence has got better over time undoubtedly, along with his ability to defend the takedown; which was really highlighted in his Highland Games 205 fight with Ludko Struja. Whilst Pete was taken down by Struja; he was able to thwart all but 3 out of 24 total attempts, sapping Struja’s energy, and allowing Pete to tee off on the feet, taking a close unanimous decision win. He also showed that even though his preference is to fight at kickboxing distance, he has some serious strikes in clinch if his opponent wishes to take it there. He teed off with some big punches to the body and head, going a long way to stopping opponents being happy to clinch up with him. It is arguable he is still improving even at this late age, as he did begin his MMA career later than most. Texas Pete has now been looking for a new home since the dormancy of The Highland Games, and has decided to settle on Just Bleed for the moment, which gives us the opportunity to breakdown this incredibly interesting fight. Bleacher Report Style Head to Toe Breakdown Striking: A look at their records would suggest that Texas Pete has a large advantage in this department; however the records do not tell the entire story. Texas Pete has an excellent finishing instinct and can floor opponents with a variety of strikes. Nobody should be sleeping on the striking of Alejandro Scott though, especially his boxing. Boxing of course was his original background when he entered the MMA Tycoon world aged 16. It was said that Scott could choose either professional boxing or MMA, and he chose MMA. He does not have the pure power of Pete, however of his most recent 4 fight winning streak, only Michael Brophy who was 8-0 at the time has actually out-struck Scott. This proves that his ability in boxing is still very much present and will be there for him if he needs it during this fight. The difference maker for me here is that Scott’s striking is more a means to an end, a distraction which allows him to get the fight to the ground. On the other hand Texas Pete is always trying to take his opponents head off and more often than not he succeeds. Texas Pete’s striking is his go to move; the main way he wins fights, and he wins a lot of fights. For that reason, I give him a slight advantage. Advantage: Texas Pete Wrestling: This is an interesting category as it is not where either guy excels; however it is likely to be the key to the fight. Alejandro Scott has a decent clinch game, he digs underhooks well, in order to pull opponents into his guard on the mat. However; he has never shown much of a takedown game, all of his submissions have come from exchanges where he has pulled guard, swept his opponent then found the submission from the top. He does not typically shoot for takedowns, and it is debatable for how long his ground game can be successful if this continues to be the case. Texas Pete is a good wrestler in his own right. He does not use it offensively; but he does have some extremely effective takedown defence. This will be a five round fight; and the last time Pete went the full five rounds, he used excellent takedown defence and stuffed over 90% of the 24 attempts on him in this period. He is very hard to take down; and he will need to use the skills he has in this area to the maximum in order to get his hand raised in the fight. Pete also defends well from the clinch, as well as being able to land his own strikes from there, which could create problems for his opponent pulling guard. Scott has done perfectly ok pulling guard so far; so he has not been exposed as a bad wrestler, without being an outstanding one. Texas Pete has shown excellent defensive ability, but no wrestling offense whatsoever, which leads me to say this category is just about even. However we should all be prepared for surprises, because no-one really knows what will happen regarding wrestling here. Advantage: Even Ground Game/Submissions: This is quite comfortably the most lopsided area of the fight. Alejandro Scott is a black belt who is dominant on the ground every single time he fights. He has really made a transition from a decent boxer, to an awesome jiu jitsu practitioner. He has deadly submissions; and Texas Pete will be looking to avoid the ground game as much as humanly possible a la Ed Gennero, in order to win the fight. As previously mentioned; Scott has submitted his last 4 opponents, and will be looking to make it 5; a submission is his most plausible root to victory by a considerable distance in this fight. Texas Pete has a serviceable defensive ground game; he has never been submitted. However; many of his fights have not been to the ground due to his striking and takedown defence. It would also be worth mentioning that 2 of Texas Pete’s 3 losses were due to being taken down and dominated on the ground. All of these factors combined justify a large edge for Alejandro Scott. Advantage: Alejandro Scott Keys To Victory - Alejandro Scott: Mix up his strikes: Scott’s game plan will be to get the fight to the ground; but he will need to make Texas Pete think about his boxing in order to surprise the bigger; older stronger man with takedowns. He must avoid becoming predictable as the fight goes on. Use variety with Takedowns: Scott’s plan in his recent fights has been to establish the clinch and to pull guard in order to take his opponents to the ground. He has never faced an opponent with the clinch game and physicality of Pete, so he must be prepared to try different methods, such as a double leg from the outside; if his original approach does not work or else the situation could get sticky for him very fast. Aggression: This is not to say he should go gung ho looking for the finish; but if he can entice Texas Pete into getting into a wild brawl; Scott may be able to use the chaos in order to initiate a scramble and catch Pete in a submission. Keys To Victory – Texas Pete: Control the Distance: Athleticism and experience should be on Pete’s side here; he needs to establish a distance where he can throw his punches and kicks early, not allowing Scott to tie up with him; and making him pay when he tries to. Attack the Body: Texas Pete must fight the long game here; he will need to dictate the pace of the fight. If he can attack Alejandro Scott’s body early; this will sap the energy from his opponent, and will make it harder for Scott to get him to the mat as the fight transpires. Patience: Texas Pete has a significant power advantage; and he should try to use it to finish this fight; however he cannot over commit, or it will give Scott more opportunity to take him down and initiate ground exchanges. Texas Pete will be best off controlling this fight from the outside; not fighting at a frantic pace, but gradually turning up the pressure as the fight wears on. Preview and Prediction: This fight is a seriously tough one to call for a few reasons; Alejandro Scott has fought lesser opposition who were much closer to his own age, he beat all of them, but it is hard to gauge what level he is really at with his all around MMA game. The result really hinges on whether Scott can take his opponent down. Texas Pete has been beaten on the ground twice before; but neither of those defeats ended in submission and they were both at the hands of Jake Theodorou, who is a much superior wrestler to Alejandro Scott. In striking; it is a relatively even fight; it is likely to be a boxing match on the feet; however Texas Pete will be able to mix in his kicks as well. Scott will be trying to initiate a clinch or a takedown in order to utilise his extremely prolific jiu jitsu game. I believe at first he will have a problem with this; Pete will pepper him in the clinch and will not be taken down. Pete is bigger and stronger after all; meaning he will not be bullied in the clinch. However the fight is likely to be quite gruelling which means by the middle of the 3rd round, both guys will start to tire out a lot. I believe Scott’s persistence will eventually shine through; he will find a way to get the fight to the ground and impose his dominant grappling game. I think he eventually gets the tap in the 4th round after an epic fight. Prediction: Alejandro Scott via Submission (Round 4)
  5. http://www.universal-baseball.net/MFN.jpg Welcome to the official thread of Montreal Fight Nights! MFN opened its doors in December of 2012 and has been taking Montreal by storm ever since. We run multiple events per week and continue to have large weight classes to accommodate fighters of all levels at each class and pride ourselves in offering fair fights and competitive contracts. We have large "Of the Night" awards to reward fighters who showed excellence during a particular event. We are partnered with http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1363315336TTFC-logo_zps91b028d3.png http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1375732307fuRIOus.jpghttp://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1390197039images73725Z4F.jpg For supplements and clothing we strongly recommend our sponsors http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1369663655Fury%20Logo.jpghttp://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1296772437boutiquenew.jpg When you shop at those locations there are more sponsorship dollars that come back to your fighters! Feel free to use this thread to smack talk each other. We will also be posting event previews, event reviews, interviews, and rankings.
  6. For some reason this thread was posted twice. Don't know how to delete it but the right one is http://www.mmatycoon.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=56276
  7. http://i.imgur.com/j2fjFBn.jpg?1 Welcome to the Official Smack Talk Thread of BKF! This is a 290k restricted Org, however we have two divisions that are unrestricted and open. The two divisions are 170, and 265+ We are looking to put on the best fights we possibly can that are fair for all competitors, we offer great contracts and have a team of individuals ready to help if you ever need anything, We are looking to be the Premier company of New York City.
  8. Official Barbarian Fight Club thread Previews Interviews Trash talk Call for fight Hype your fighter Post fight reviews Title fights Rematch fights Information WRITER Tony Rossi PARTNERSHIP Union Fight Gear SPONSOR Team Finland SUPPORTERS MMA Hype MMA Tycoon Twitter Luan Dovik Agent Dee J.C. Raven Thanks to Scooby Jr from BEEF Montreal for letting we use his wall poster idea
  9. Hey guys! NY Fight Nights is looking for a loyal and good writer. Message me if you are interested and want to become a part of one of the most promising orgs in MMATycoon
  10. Welcome to the official Alpha MMA smack talk thread You want a fight with someone? Got a beef with a manager? Want to settle a score? This is the place to do it. 15k worth of prizes every month for the best and most creative smack talkers so don't hold back!
  11. Seen a few threads like this, and thought it couldn't hurt to do it myself (among others, people like TheWolf's, Scoobyskyline's new thing and TheMould's CPA). Just started doing Previews and Reviews for a couple of people, but most weren't of my usual standard. Started writing stuff of the minimum standard I like so thought why not. As for the name, eh, why the hell not. Will be posting some of my more recent stuff and then any new stuff. Hope people like it, and if you are stuck for a writer for an event, PM me and I will help you out with one-off things since I already have on-going write up commitments.
  12. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img845/3198/vii5.gif Championship Press Association Now Closed I will be continuing to write and boost the smack-talk threads with entertainment just no longer continuing the CPA thread. Thanks for all who supported CPA and helped me out. Dan "TheMould" Milners Writing availability: Available Workload: Preferably once a week. Open to writing interview/reviews/previews. Done it all and in different styles Time Period: Currently Short Term Pay: Negotiable - dependant on size of org and workload/quality. Example of Work: Most will have seen some of mine about but here the CPA link with all/most my work: http://www.mmatycoon...showtopic=43210 Other: Looking for short term work, am open to all offers but will ultimately depend on workload. Any questions or offers PM me. Available to write for both organisations and individual managers so if you want a fighter interviewed or previewed feel free to PM ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -> Headline News; http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/posters/14036459152.jpg UCFL #2: Bad Intentions Pre-Event Press Conference UCFL #2: Bad Intentions comes to you live from The Underground (capacity: 2,000), Tokyo on Friday 27th June. Dan Milner: Welcome to the press conference for UCFL #2: Bad Intentions, thank you all for turning out and all questions will be answered. Please keep all questions respectful and professional. I’d also just like to thank the 6 gentle man with me, who too my left hand side I have Benjamin Grundy, Clinton Chaos and Mark Coleman. On my right I have their respective opponents Marcos Duarte, Birigiz Ignatiev and Kiel Flay. Go ahead guys, fire away with the questions. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1393702453FV%20Moving%20logo.gif This Week in Forbidden Violence Welcome to the first edition of this week in Forbidden Violence, this week we take a look at FV #24’s top fights, the most anticipated fights in FV coming this week and the good news of Frank King remaining as owner of Forbidden Violence http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1402043971yf;k.png UCFL Opening Weekend Review Show (Part One) A strong panel featuring Championship Press Associations Rachel Barker, UCFL Vice-President Dan Milner and Calvin Hobbs of J-Sport discuss both UCFL’s Openning Ceremony and their first event, Total Domination, on tonight’s review show. Part one see’s the three discuss UCFL’s Opening Ceremony. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -> CPA Information
  13. DSC Preview Thread Meet the (unofficial) Previewers... http://upload.stripgenerator.com/strip/84/84/08/00/00/full.png
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