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Found 8 results

  1. So I've been playing since around September, and just in the last month or so I'm noticing all my fighters' clothes are needing replacements at exactly the same time. Is this intentional or an update I didn't see? I've purchased a lot of the clothes at different times so it's just not making sense how today 7 of my 9 fighters suddenly all need new clothes. Anybody else noticing this?
  2. Hi, I have few questions. Thanks for any answers. 1) How to weight cut? I read something where it says that fighter will be automatically drop weight. Is that right? I think it cost energy. Can you explain to me exactly how it works and how long it takes? I need cut 5lbs right now. 2) Flight to location If i have a fight outside my fighter location so how does it work? Will the flight arrange itself? What does it mean for a fighter? I read somewhere that the flight can be canceled and it teleports me. 3) Recommended minimum condition for 3x5 fight? 4) How old fighter is good to create on island? Template: 1) How to weight cut? 2) Flight to location. Cancellation and teleportation. 3) Recommended minimum condition for 3x5 fight? 4) How old fighter is good to create on island?
  3. What's up everyone! I'm obviously a Noob. The very 1st thing I need to say before I ask my question is: This simulation game is amazing! I've never seen anything like it. So much detail, even in the fight commentary. Unbelievable!!! So lemme lay it on you. My fighter just fought a day ago (5/3/18), well I guess now it's 2 days considering it's 35 minutes past midnight now. Anyways, I already scheduled another fight for him. Was that the wrong thing to do? Was it too soon? So his energy level is down [i would estimate his energy level is around 25%-30% right now]. All 3 of my fighters are training full-time at a Noob Gym. I guess my question kind of has multiple parts so: 1.) Was that way too early to schedule him another fight? Should I always wait to schedule a fight until his energy level is at 100%? 2.) His next fight is scheduled for 5/7/18, so basically 2 more days. Should I back out due to the energy level? 3.) Should I schedule 2 straight rest days in his training regime? Would that increase his energy faster rather than training him in boxing, wrestling, whatever? 4.) Do Training Days match up exactly with what day it in real life? So If I wanted to rest him for 2 days, I would have to choose -No Training- for Saturday and Sunday (since those are the next real 2 days)? I know it's a lot of questions for my 1st post. I'm just really excited about this game and I want to get good at it. I want my fighters to succeed, so that's the reason for all of the questions! Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and respond. I truly appreciate it! "Knowledge is Power" ------ "No, Power is Power"
  4. I have a question about the vip membership. If for example I chose to get a vip membership for 3 months, I then will have up to 10 fighters and possibly start a company. If for example, I chose not to extend my vip and let it expire. Will I still maintain the company and the 10 fighters? Or those privileges are removed? Thank you
  5. I am thinking of starting a very prestigious tournament somewhere this year at NYFN were the participants must have been , or still are , in the top 5 in the manager rankings. I'm wondering how many would like a creation tournament and how many would like a tournament with already established fighters. I already have great ideas for it, so the only thing I actually need to know is what type of tournament you are willing to take part in , and if there is enough interest form the top managers to fight in it. Post here in the forum, or message me in game here. I can't give you any details yet about the tournament, but I promise it's going to be a great one Bjorn
  6. http://i1242.photobucket.com/albums/gg537/fenixink/projectillumination.png A joint venture by davie1903 & fenixink What is Project Illumination? Project Illumination is a community service alliance, our goal is to connect new players to the community and help them establish social connections within the game. What does that mean? It is our belief that as fun as MMA Tycoon is, the community is it’s greatest strength. It is the connections people make in the community that keeps them playing or coming back. We believe that if we can create these connections with all new players early on, we can help the game grow; providing Mike with the precious funds necessary to better the game for everyone. We also believe that keeping new managers in the game will strengthen the games ecosystem by creating a much larger field of managers with a variety of experience. How do we plan to accomplish these goals? Project Illumination has identified 5 primary directives to reach it’s goals. This is still early on in the process and we fully expect to have to change and evolve. Provide consistent day to day advice and feedback for new players in alliance chat. Compile information from as many sources as possible into an all-in-one guide that can be distributed via pm to new players. *UPDATE* The guide is available for viewing at this link and is a work in progress: The Panopticon Encourage the community to contribute to this goal in whatever way they can. New players obviously won’t be able to provide slider experience but they can easily send pms out with the project forum link and the all-in-one guide link. Facilitate community connections through meticulous record keeping and constant contact. We will build a roster of managers willing to mentor (via the in-game mentorship or otherwise) new players but do not wish to leave their alliances to officially join Project Illumination. Our long term goal is to become an institute of learning. We want to take new players in, help them make connections, and then send them out into the world to pursue their own ambitions. We wish to continue supporting Project Illumination alumni and expect that some graduates may wish to continue on as a contributor to Project Illumination. Why should you care? We need you to care, as much as we might like to say we’re experts none of us are experts on everything. We are relying on the community to lend us it’s support. We want to compile the all-in-one guide but we need you to help fill it. All contributors will be credited with their contributions and listed here. We will be contacting managers who have placed guides on the forums to ask their permission to use segments of their guides. We do not intend to delve into the deepest concepts of subject matter in the all-in-one guide, instead we aim to provide a list of things not to do and a general overview of the subject matter with links to the full guides or other sources. These entries may vary in complexity dependent upon the wealth of knowledge the community contributes. We also need as many volunteer mentors as we can get to put into our mentor index. Please contact either fenixink or davie1903 if your interested in being added to the index. Please send any contributions to: projectIlluminationcontrib@gmail.com You will receive confirmation of receipt and we will have all contributions archived. What about financial support? If you wish to provide financial support to the project please donate to the Noob Fund. We look forward to providing the knowledge new players need to become self-sustraining in addition to the startup funds provided by the Noob Fund.
  7. I hope this poll gets a lot of votes, so that i know what most people like. Even if you are not going to take part in a tournament, please give an honest vote. you can also additionaly leave a comment to explain why you voted for option A or B. Bjorn
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