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Found 6 results

  1. Following on from the success of our World Cup 2014 and our Champion's League 2015 Sweepstakes, we now bring forth the EURO 2016 Sweepstakes! Let's get right into the details of it! ENTRY Buy Ins for the Euro 2016 will be $50k. All money will be going to the Prize Money, and the money will be handed out depending on how much we have in it overall. How it works Once we have everyone signed up, I will be doing a draw where I will have each persons name in a pot, and every team in the tournament in another pot. I will pull out a manager's name, and then pull out a team, and that will be the person's team for the tournament. I will be recording this and will post it here to ensure everyone knows it is legit. We had a lot of fun for the World Cup, so hopefully we will have the same again this time. This is the group draw as it stands, so they are all the teams entries could be assigned. Since there are 24 teams, we are looking for 24 sign ups, so post below if you are interested. When you sign up, send on the cash to me and I will store it in a Jet which will safekeep it for the winner. Best of luck to everyone, and let's get this rolling! CURRENT PRIZE POOL - $750k ENTRANTS 1. Grant Brophy (GBK16) Paid 100k 2. Kylo Ken (Kenlow73) Paid 100k 3. Mr. Wolf (Wolf) Paid 50k 4. Conor The Kind (UniConor) Paid 100k 5. Aaron ThaiGuy (RazorMuayThai) Paid 50k 6. Mark O'Sullivan (Markyosullivan) Paid 50k 7. Dale McCann (mccann123) Paid 50k 8. War Pig (Warpig) Paid 50k 9. Ej Thribb (Stinkypantsr) Paid 50k 10. Donald Canmore (YerMaw) Paid 50k 11. Mihail Montana (Spix70r) Paid 50k 12. Billy Arseworth (bazzypants) Paid 50k 13. Gus Malcolm (jefframrod) Paid 100k 14. Master Leader (MasterLeader) Paid 50k 15. Rory Daly (rdalycolts) Paid 50k 16. Danny Laverty (scottdioyy) Paid 50k 17. Dean Sutherland (Dinooo) Replaced by Noob Fund 18. Mr Wolf (Wolf) Paid 50k 19. Kc Cooper (Deuce7) Paid 50k 20. Dean Sutherland (Dinooo) Replaced by Noob Fund 21. Conor The Kind (UniConor) Covered above 22. Bob Vendarra (Madbob) Paid 50k 23. Scott Davies (Potter09) Paid 50k 24. Gus Malcolm (jefframrod) Covered above GROUP STAGES GROUP A GROUP B GROUP C France (YerMaw) 7 England (Wolf) 5 Germany (RazorMuayThai) 7 Romania (Spix/Noob Fund) 1 Russia (Deuce7) 1 Ukraine (Kenlow73) 0 Albania (UniConor) 3 Wales (markyosullivan) 6 Poland (GBK16) 7 Switzerland (jefframrod) 5 Slovakia (BazzyPants) 4 Northern Ireland (MasterLeader) 3 GROUP D GROUP E GROUP F Spain (Potter09) 6 Belgium (Noob Fund) 6 Portugal (Noob Fund) 3 Czech Republic (scottdioyy) 1 Italy (Wolf) 6 Iceland (McCann123) 5 Turkey (Madbob) 3 Republic of Ireland (Stinkypantsr) 4 Austria (UniConor) 1 Croatia (Warpig) 7 Sweden (rdalycolts) 1 Hungary (jefframrod) 5 ROUND OF 16 1. Switzerland (jefframrod) 1-1 (4-5 on Pens) Poland (GBK16) 2. Wales (markyosullian) 1-0 Northern Ireland (MasterLeader) 3. Croatia (Warpig) 0-1 Portugal (Noob Fund) 4. France (YerMaw) 2-1 Ireland (Stinkypantsr) 5. Germany (RazorMuayThai) 3-0 Slovakia (BazzyPants) 6. Hungary (jefframrod) 0-4 Belgium (Noob Fund) 7. Italy (Wolf) 2-0 Spain (Potter09) 8. England (Wolf) 1-2 Iceland (McCann123) QUARTER FINALS 1. Poland (GBK16) 1-1 (Portugal win on Penalties) Portugal (Noob Fund) 2. Wales (markyosullivan) 3-1 Belgium (Noob Fund) 3. Germany (RazorMuayThai) 1-1 (Germany win on Penalties) Italy (Wolf) 4. France (YerMaw) 5-2 Iceland (McCann123) SEMI FINALS Portugal (Noob Fund) vs Wales (markyosullivan) Germany (RazorMuayThai) vs France (Yermaw) FINALS Pretty Obvious
  2. Discussion thread for the 2013-2014 Fantasy Premier League. Starts 17th August. Prizes 3 months VIP to the winner of the classic AND the head to head leagues. Link to site Click here Entry details Classic League: 477717-119718 Head to Head League code: 477717-133267 Good luck!
  3. With the World Cup sweepstake last summer being a huge success, and being loads of fun for everyone involved, I feel like since it is the last 16 of the Champions League, and since it was recommended at the group stage time, we should now open up the Sweepstakes! ENTRY Of course, no Sweepstake comes free. For this sweepstake, the entry fee is going to be 25k. This makes it affordable for noobs and vets alike, and hopefully sees more people want to get involved. TEAMS A draw will be made to decide who get's which team. The teams still left in the competition, and the matches, are: LAST 16 Paris St. Germain (Beau Banks) 3 - 3 Chelsea (Sepp Blatter) (PSG win on Away Goals) Shakhtar Donetsk (Frank King) 0 - 7 Bayern Munich (Michael Brakeley) FC Basel (Bjorn O'Donnel) 1 - 5 FC Porto (Ken Enlow) Schalke (King Con) 4 - 5 Real Madrid (Gus Malcolm) Juventus (Groove Monkey) 5 - 1 Borussia Dortmund (John Hetfield) Manchester City (Sub Zero) 1 - 3 Barcelona (Bwang Jong Sr) Arsenal (Grant Brophy) 3 - 3 Monaco (Caleb Smith) (Monaco win via Away Goals) Bayer Leverkusen (Liam Davidson) 1 - 1 Atletico Madrid (Bob Vendarra) (Atletico Madrid win 3-2 on Penalties) QUARTER FINALS Paris St. Germain (Beau Banks) 1 - 5 Barcelona (Bwang Jong Sr) Atletico Madrid (Bob Vendarra) 0 - 1 Real Madrid (Gus Malcolm) FC Porto (Ken Enlow) 4 - 7 Bayern Munich (Michael Brakeley) Juventus (Groove Monkey) 1 - 0 Monaco (Caleb Smith) SEMI FINALS Juventus (Groove Monkey) 3 - 2 Real Madrid (Gus Malcolm) Barcelona (Bwang Jong Sr) 5 - 3 Bayern Munich (Michael Brakeley) FINALS Juventus (Groove Monkey) vs Barcelona (Bwang Jong Sr) Please post here if you are interested in joining. Once the cash is decided, the entry fee must be sent to me, and the cash will be help in a purpose made Bookmakers where everyone can see the funds. LIST OF ENTRIES 1. Grant Brophy - GBK16 (93477) Paid 2. Michael Brakeley - TheWolf (97994) Paid 3. King Con - UniConor (86613) Paid 4. Liam Davidson - davie1903 (58037) Paid 5. Sub Zero - sigxsubzero (65316) Paid 6. Groove Monkey - thegroovemonkey (17098) Paid 7. Caleb Smith - Caleb613 (99006) Paid 8. Bjorn O'Donnel - Bjornmma1 (94172) Paid 9. Beau Banks - H2Beau (22783) Paid 10. Laslow Bricken - Kenlow73 (100641) Paid 11. Gus Malcolm - jefframrod (10895) Paid 12. Bwang Jong Sr - Bwang (91781) Paid 13. Bob Vendarra - Madbob (66111) Paid 14. Frank King - FRANKTHEKING (90764) Paid 15. Sepp Blatter - Jordant0890 (103269) Paid 16. John Hetfield - Beck (66130) Paid
  4. Guest


    Hi guys, I have been playing for a while this game: footstar.org You control one player and if you become supporter you can also own clubs which in turn hire players to play for him. this is my player: http://www.footstar.org/ver_jogador.asp?jog_id=22093 if anyone else plays this or would like to play my username is Torrelio
  5. OK so I thought I might as well start a thread for this to see if people wanted to have a go, instead of it being hidden in the other thread. Post the entire Premier League table as you think it will finish, from 1st to 20th. You get +1 point for every place off you were, for each team. So if you say Liverpool will finish 4th and they finish 8th you get +4 points for that team. The person with the lowest points over the whole table wins. If we get over 20 entries I'll give away one month VIP for the winner. Entries before Friday 30th at midnight GMT. You can edit your entry before that point, if you enter before then.
  6. http://soccer1x2.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Dortmund-vs-Bayern-chl-final.jpg Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich Who's going to be watching the final tonight? This is the second year in a row that Bayern Munich have been in the final, they were in the final last year against Chelsea (Who I support ) and lost on penalties. Will they lose 2 finals in a row? Or will win their 5th Champions League trophy? Personally I'd like to see Dortmund win though both teams have great players so hopefully it'll be a good game to watch.
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