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  1. @Mentor - all the same game, no second server etc... Just a total revamp of the site and code to bring it up to the next level. You never know in future about a second server but that's not in the immediate plans. I'll be sending out a mass mail welcoming Vlad on board in a min... I'm very happy to have him on board and I'm sure you guys all will be too, when you see the updates start rolling out
  2. Today I went to the park to see my son, who is the only person in the whole world that I love. And then I came home on my own and I tried not to cry, because all I care about is him. No, I don't really care about this game. I don't really care about anything else. I don't care about myself or my own physical health. I don't care about my house or my shit car. I literally just care about him. And I don't get to see him for half of his life now, for the rest of the time it takes him to grow up. So I put a microwave meal in the oven and I ate it on my own. And I went on Match.com and Tinder and I scrolled through a load of people who I don't even like the look of... And I messaged a couple of people that I've been on dates with but I don't really have anything in common with. Then I played a game or Red Alert 2 and I lost that. And then I saw a mod report from the forum and it sends me here. And I shed a few silent tears as I see some cbomb take the piss out of my situation. And ya know what? This is still miles, miles better than the life I had with my ex, who literally made me wish I was dead for the last 4-5 years. We made each other soooo miserable. And yeah, that very, very, very low place I've been in for many years is why this game has gone to shit. And yes, that sucks and I'm sorry about that. When I was younger and had more energy for life, I put a lot of effort into it. I didn't just give up on the game. I basically gave up on everything. Work, friends, family, my own physical wellbeing. I basically stopped caring about anything apart from just being with my son and loving my son. I've been on anti-depressants for 20 years; literally the entire time I was with my ex. I came off them cold turkey the moment we split. That's how shit our situation was. And I feel a lot better for that. But ultimately, although it's miles better than it was a year ago, my life is still really shit. I'm really empty and really lonely. And all I want to do is be with my son. But then when I am with him, he's so intense and full of energy that all I want him to do is calm down and shut up, so I end up not even enjoying the time I DO have with him anymore, because now everything is time pressured and you're expected to entertain, not just BE. That situation is horrendous. And when he leaves, I have to try and not let him see that I'm about to cry. And I have to tell him that it's better that me and his mum don't live together anymore... Which it is. But it also kills me. So yeah... Rambo. That's what you're taking the piss out of, for a quick one liner. As for the game. I'd sell it. Or half of it or whatever. The only issue; I have a mortgage on my own now. It's based on my income. I can't just get rid of my income, then keep my house. The mortgage was £150,000. They only gave me £90,200, so I had to over-pay the difference. That £90,200 is their absolute max offer, based on my earnings. That mortgage will be up for renewal next year. So I'd have to go get a "proper job" to keep the mortgage, if I sell Tycoon. The problem with that; I look after my boy every day after school from 3pm-5.30pm at a minimum, every day, even on the days he doesn't stay at mine. That's my prime time with him. I am not giving that up. So I would have to do with a job which doesn't work past 2.30pm. I don't really think that's a thing. I'm also not really in a position right now in my life where I wanna be changing ANOTHER thing. I wanna try and keep as much of my life as stable as I can. I WILL sell a share in the site. However, please everyone understand that would be an extremely stressful process. I don't need or want that stress. I'm still not even divorced yet. I could sell to someone who then ends up doing nothing. How would that work? Could I chuck them out? Do we have a contract in place that stipulates hours? What if they fucked stuff up? Honestly, it's a complete minefield and it's the last thing I wanna do, despite the fact that I know I really need to do it. I know I'll probably get some messages about selling the site off the back of this post. I really don't have space in my brain to even read those tbh, let alone progress it meaningfully... Note though. If any of you do think about contacting me to offer to buy; 1. I don't even know how much the site earns. I have joint income from here and Bet MMA, all going into the same place. It probably earns like $15,000 a year or something. 2. You would need to be a competent in php programming. I don't see any other way that it makes sense for you or me to buy / sell, unless you have that skill. Improvements are not hard to program in theory, if you have php skills and some javascript, BUT the site doesn't earn enough to justify paying someone to do that work... You need to be able to do it yourself. My ideal situation probably would be someone to buy into the game in 10% increments, then prove their worth and their enthusiasm, by doing stuff... I kinda just don't have the energy for that process right now. But hey, baby steps in putting it out there, I guess. Yes. It's a mess. It sucks. Sorry about that. But at least for you guys it's just a game, not also your livelihood.
  3. OK... I'm just gunna close this thread up and leave it there.
  4. Thanks for sorting it guys. I've closed new registrations for now and will try and get a proper solution in place asap. Thanks again!
  5. How can I get my account deleted?

  6. Fixed that now thanks. If any of you bought but haven't DMd me in game yet, please do so and I'll credit you.
  7. I wouldn't have a problem with it in principle, but we wouldn't be able to do it now, as it'd mean reprogramming the back end of all the business pages. If you look at e.g. the gymmanager.php page, there's no company ID in the URL, it just looks up if you as a manager own that company type, as I never thought anyone would want more than one of the same company, when we were programming the site. That'd need changing for every manager side page for all the company types.
  8. Edit - I think it should be good to go now.... Lemme know if you have any issues.
  9. OK cool... All positive comments, so I'll up it to 30 for you either later today or tomorrow. Cheers!
  10. Hi all. I got asked today to increase the number of fighter slots you're allowed to buy from 25 to (more). What are people's thoughts on that? It's only set at 25 as an arbitrary number, essentially because I didn't wanna look greedy and let people buy endless fighter slots for $. However, I don't really feel like it's a competitive advantage to have e.g. 30 fighters instead of 25. What are people's opinions? I'd need to make the decision asap to let people create fighters for the island in the next day or so. Thanks.
  11. Just checking it's OK for you guys now.
  12. This is a list of the hype+pop gains for each of the winners... They're getting more of a boost in their value, ticket sales wise, by including the popularity boost, so I think it's worked out well A couple of guys had very low popularity, so they've done very well out of it. Anyway, that's all credited now. Congrats again to the winners 69.1 134.7 110.6 115.9 110.2 130.9 121.7 150.7
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