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Movie Quote Game


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I don't know if this exists somewhere else on here but if it does, oh well, I recreated it. This is like the picture game in the picture category buy with quotes instead of pictures.


One person gives a quote from a movie. The next person answers and if they are correct posts another quote.


I'm starting with "You never go ass to mouth."

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You're a cheating winner.....Haven't seen Jaws :OMG:


For your penance, you must watch Jaws

Actually I've seen it but didn't realise. I though I saw a more recent version but I think there isn't any newer version. Seen it when I was like 8 or 9 years old in 1999 on tv and I thought it's more recent cause it looked pretty good.


Anyway, someone else should post the next quote as I cheated :yawn:

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