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UFC Fantasy League


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Hello UFC Fans! I'll be running a fantasy league for anyone that's interested, this is how it will work;

Competition Information:

Entry Terms:

  • Every participant will pay a $75k entry fee for each event, this entry fee will go straight into the pot.
  • Every participant will choose the winner of every fight on a UFC card, current event will be in this post and updated as each new event comes. As well as guessing the winner, for the main event and any co-main events, the participant will guess the method of win (decision, sub, (T)KO etc), and the round the fight will end.
  • Every participant must choose a winner in every fight, on the main card and all prelims.
  • No participant may edit their post with their guesses.


  • Every correct guess on the prelims will receive 1 point.
  • Every correct guess on the main card will receive 2 points.
  • Every correct main card method guess will receive a bonus 2 points.
  • Every incorrect guess will get the participant no points.

Winning, Ties and Prizes:

  • The participant who gets the most points in each event will win 50% of the jackpot, the other 50% of the jackpot will rollover, at the end of the month the participant with the most points will win 70% of the jackpot, the second placed participant will receive 20%, the third will receive 10%
  • If it is a tie, the guess for time of fight finish will be used to break the tie, if it is still a tie, a correct guess on the method of win will win, and if it still a tie, the winners will split the pot.

Current Event - UFC 194: Aldo vs McGregor

(Copy and Paste)

Fight Card

Main Card











Early Prelims




Players signed up for current Event:


Paid/Not Paid

Current Jackpot: $75,000

Current Potential Event Winnings: $37,500

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Fight Card

Main Card

Aldo/McGregor: McGregor (T)KO - Round 1

Weidman/Rockhold: Rockhold Submission - Round 3

Souza/Romero: Souza

Maia/Nelson: Nelson

Holloway/Stephens: Holloway


Faber/Saenz: Faber

Torres/Jones-Lybarger: Torres

Alves/Covington: Alvez

Santos/Lee: Santos

Early Prelims

Proctor/Mustafaev: Mustafaev

Makdessi/Medeiros: Makdessi

McGee/Alexandre: McGee

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