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How to watch fights spoiler-free


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Seen this asked a few times by new players, and since it's not very intuitive, I thought I'd make a guide for it.

1. When you accept the fight, go to your fighter's profile and click the date under their "Next Fight" opponent's name.


2. In the event page, click the "+" button next to your fighter's fight.


3. Next go to the Spoilers / News page and scroll down to the bottom. 10-15 minutes after scheduled fight time, your fight will show up there.


4. Press View to view the full fight, press PbP to go through the fight blow by blow. Alternatively, to view a fight sooner (~5 minutes post scheduled fight time), click the search / bookmarked spoilers button (green highlight). Fights are generated about 5-10 minutes before they're shown on the spoiler page.mma4.jpg.263aa0e54f755e4ae152a2fafdf67648.jpg


To view fights that already finished before you marked them for spoilers, go to your profile page and click the W/L letter next to the fight.


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15 minutes ago, scottxbandz said:

Your own fighter's fights will automatically show up on mmatycoon.com/spoilerpage.php at the very bottom

however  i didnt know about doing this to add other fights to your spoiler list. Thank you for this info

Didn't know that. Must have never bothered to take the risk and not mark one of my fights for spoilers.

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