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Boryenka Stepanov Fight Interview


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Maxim Ibragimov: Hello everyone, today I talk with future legend of the fight game in recent FFT tournament victor and champion Boryenka Stepanov discussing many things from more personal topics to fighting. 

Welcome Boryenka. 


Boryenka Stepanov:  Hello boss and everyone around the world reading, I am looking forward to addressing many things with nothing off limits.


Maxim Ibragimov: Great as we have much to discuss. Firstly let the people know more about your backstory and how you got into MMA.


Boryenka Stepanov: I come from a farming background in a mountainous region where as soon as I could I helped out on the farm with my parents. In my spare time my father started me out in Sambo tournaments against other kids and I had a lot of success. As I grew I started spending more time travelling Russia for Sambo and would eventually compete in Combat Sambo as an adult. Then I was contacted by you boss Maxim for MMA, as you  knew of my success in Sambo and I decided to join you in Las Vegas at 24 and started preparing for my MMA debut.


Maxim Ibragimov: I have very fond memories of that, you was one of my first signings and instantly I knew you would dominate in MMA. Now I want to ask you about your tournament victory fighting alongside Ivan.


Boryenka Stepanov: That was maybe the best night in my career, the FFT tournament was such a blessing, after my loss to Jeremy Arnason I felt very empty and did not know what to do next. Then, ironically his managers, Mae  Joon and Julian Wallace contacted me and signed me for the tournament at first I had no clue what to expect. But then I understood and it gave me my love back in the sport. That night, in Tokyo, was the pinnacle of my career so far as not only was I fighting Marcus Greene who is managed by Mae and Julian but it was a rematch where he had a year, from 21 to 22, to prepare for me specifically and he had beat Gracie, Knight and Pallaton to earn a finale place, it was the two best meeting and I won, also it was special as I fought alongside Ivan for the first time since I loss to Jeremy. 


Maxim Ibragimov: It was a great tournament and it was well organised by both Julian and then Mae. Now past aside I want to turn to the present, Boryenka today we had exciting news and I want you to share it with the world.


Boryenka Stepanov: Yes very. Today my fight with Willy McCoy was accepted and now we have a confirmed fight date for MMAHKI 53. He is an undefeated prospect and very good wrestler so a big challenge in Finland.


Maxim Ibragimov: I am glad he accepted I was worried he would not, especially not so soon. Can you share why you decided to sign with MMA Helsinki? Also what happened with the Giovanni De Rossi fight?


Boryenka Stepanov: MMA Helsinki and their owner Ispa Murhapuro sent an offer we could not refuse it was 5x more than any other offer, and we had many offers. Obviously money paid a big part but Ispa also seems like a great owner and after how quickly everything was made it confirmed that. As for Giovanni, we both know what would happen in a fight and it is why he is hiding in BJJ doing matches with blue and purple belts with no wins and multiple losses. We gave him until Sunday and instead he had a scheduled bout with someone 0-10 in BJJ. I am not sure what this guy is doing with his career he is inactive in MMA, we are MMA fighters not BJJ but if he want to do this fine I just hope he starts going against black belts so it is fair. For now I move on and so has he, MMA is my focus and I want to earn lots of money and retire.


Maxim Ibragimov: On the topic of retirement. How many fights left do you want and is there any dream matchups?


Boryenka Stepanov: It depends I have only been fighting in MMA for 4 years however in that time I have had 18 fights and 18 training camps and it takes its toll  as well as all the Sambo, I want to definitely fight out my contract and maybe one or more special fights after and then just train with Ivan. But I am not certain as MMA is a crazy sport where anything can happen, at this moment I am in my prime but after your prime is your decline and I do not want to fight if I am getting worse. For dream matchups it is hard as politics turns everything into a nightmare, Jeremy would be a fun rematch, I know I can win and Giovanni would be a great challenge other than that I want the title at MMA Helsinki so whoever wins the next title fight I want next.


Maxim Ibragimov: Well we have looked at past, present and future now as we finalise I want to ask for your final thoughts and the most important question of if Ivan is really your brother?


Boryenka Stepanov: Haha not by blood but Ivan is truly my closest friend and the man who has been through this journey with me all the way through and is on another level to everybody. For final thoughts I will say to my critics to keep watching and to my fans thank you for watching, also as a last comment many other managers always say how only good fighter you loss and I can delve into what happen in that fight and make excuses but instead I want to put focus on other great talent I have faced from Jehu, Edvaldo, Greene and even Pallaton who although is coming off some setbacks will have a bright future but the opponent I am most proud to hold a victory over is Atilia Hun. For some reason no one ever mentions Atilia who is ranked higher than Jeremy and did the most damage to me he is insane talent. Anyway my voice hurts and I have training to get back to thank you Maxim for the platform and again all those listening or reading across the world.


Maxim Ibragimov: There we have it ladies and gentlemen the great Boryenka Stepanov. Tune in next week as I interview Ivan Sidorov!



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