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Ivan Sidorov Fight Week Interview HFC 52: Don't Poke The Russian Bear


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Maxim Ibragimov: Hello everyone and welcome to another interview with still undefeated Ivan Sidorov. Today we talk about today's announcement for Ivan's main event bout as well as future fight plans.

Welcome once again Ivan how has these chaotic last few weeks been?


Ivan Sidorov:  Hello Maxim I am well. Yes these last few weeks have been crazy behind scenes however I have let you deal with most of this, I have just been keeping my head down and training to improve.


Maxim Ibragimov:  That is what I hope for and yes lots of negations these past weeks trying to make this fight on the 10th happen. First I want to ask your thoughts on your last fight against Hart where you reached 13-0. 


Ivan Sidorov: This was big goal for me as I saw Boryenka and this where he suffered his first loss, I think I let this get in my head too much. For the fight it was my most disappointing performance and toughest fight, firstly I credit Hart he had very great gameplan. Sometimes you face the opponent with the perfect counter to your skills for me as of now I see that being the sprawl and brawl style along with Hart's smaller height, just in MMA he has great style. This said it is sometimes the fights you are expected to completely dominate which make for the hardest fights at least this is what I have found so far.


Maxim Ibragimov: To me this is surprising as although I know you hold yourself in a high regard you did still dominate and imposed your gameplan, but you are the champion and know best. Now let us get to the fight announcement today, I will let you do the honors.


Ivan Sidorov: Yes this is a big respect given to me by both the HFC team and InSaen Chai and his team. I will be the main event for HFC 52 against former light-heavyweight champion InSaen Chai.  He called for this fight on Buzz at first I was looking at Pushka or Cam but both were unavailable after such recent fights, so I have answered his call out. 

Maxim Ibragimov: Yes all parties were very professional, now moving to HFC is an interesting choice for you. You have fought there before so why decide to go back and what happened with TOF?

Ivan Sidorov: I need to be careful what I say as I see you looking at me, haha. But honestly although things have not been perfect with TOF we do respect them and look forward to fighting there again and they did ultimately release me to allow me to do this special fight in TOF so I thank them for that. With HFC it is great organisation it is in Russia which allows me to visit my family and also just be home and it all just worked out. Originally it agreed to be against Omari however his manager messed us around so now it is against InSaen. I am not sure if I am meant to say but I am looking to do more fights in HFC if given TOF's permission, they just give me platform to do quick fights and this is what I want also there is names I want like Pushka and Cam next both these guys are at 205 and big challenges, God willing I get past InSaen. 

Maxim Ibragimov:  You are allowed to say and yes we will be in contact with TOF after HFC 52 and hopefully everything will go as planned. Next I want to ask about the criticism some have shown towards your next opponent due to his record and recent performances. 

Ivan Sidorov: For me this is bullshit argument, people say same with Hart and he was my hardest fight and I have fought people on paper who according to these critics should have beat me and I just dominate. For example with Jaimie you had even fighters say they see it being competitive but I take him down straight away, styles make fights and also it is MMA. For me he is former champion in HFC and is weightclass above and is the tallest and heaviest fighter I have fought, these are unique quantities we will see how they play a factor. While I understand it people should understand I have only been fighting in MMA for 3 years this is same time as Chai and while we have different experience he has been training MMA longer than me so it is all pointless arguments.

Maxim Ibragimov:   Critics should definitely take these points into account and as you say after this you will fight these guys above like Cam and another undefeated fighter in Pushka. Lastly I will give you a chance to say anything to the people.

Ivan Sidorov: Thank you to all my supporters, it is not always easy to get fight given world circumstances and so being able to fight in my home Russia is very important. Russian fighters have role to play in showing world how great Russia and we as people are, and that even with what the West show as the world against us showing Russia can still survive by itself, HFC is great promotion showing this on the sports side. Also again a big thank you to InSaen Chai and his team, very respectful and real respectful not fake bullshit to get the fight like Jaimie did, he champion and I respect him and wish him best but he needs to learn humble from his losses not this evil. As I talk I notice my home is on my mind, I left my homel not because the war, and this hardest moment in my career deciding with the uncertainty to leave my home. I do not need to get too much into politics but hypocrisy is crazy thing even in HFC we have Ukrainians who preach against Russia competing in Russia. I prefer you disagree with me than have no principles. On Saturday I hope to put on show for my people. 14-0. 14 first round finishes. 

Maxim Ibragimov: There we have it ladies and gentlemen the undefeated legendary Ivan looking to become 14-0 in the main event this Saturday at HFC 52 in Russia! 


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