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Ivan Sidorov Fight Week Interview: Calling out Hinto Kangee, Final 185 Fights & Move to 205


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Maxim Ibragimov: Hello all, back again this time it is Ivan who asked for the interview with major news


Ivan Sidorov:  Hello today I am announcing my next two bouts will be my final at 185lbs, after my next fight, as well as call outs to Jaimie Hopson as well as undefeated champion Hinto Kangee.


Maxim Ibragimov:  This is big news, before we delve into these call outs I will ask how you feel about your last performance and next fight against Simon?


Ivan Sidorov: It is no secret my last performance was my worst, I was dropped multiple times and rocked but I am proud I showed my Russian heart and still finished InSaen in the first round, this is fight I am happy to rematch in the future. My next opponent is another young prospect but I will not lie this is fight where it just happen as it was available opponent and he accepted, honestly it is a warm up to bigger things but it is still MMA so I need to be respectful of my opponent's skills. 


Maxim Ibragimov: Next we can move onto how these call outs today came to happen?


Ivan Sidorov: The plan was originally to fight Billy Cobb and we asked the organisation owner of MMA Helsinki for this fight which he seemed fine with however earlier without notice he sent Billy a fight offer which is now made. We moved on and saw that the time line fits well with Jaimie so we reached out, moving to 205 permanently has been on my mind a lot recently, it is not an excuse leading into these fights it is just something I want to do I have conquered 185, at least I will do after my next three fights so 205 makes sense and will allow me to put on muscle and have better performances at 205 as last fight I was a middleweight against a light heavyweight, I want to be a lightheavy weight against another. The Hinto fight is logical it is bad blood, I like to be respectful but if anyone I say I have bad blood with it is this guy. We do not need to get too political and it is not just this it also as how he disrespect me also this aside he is 12-0 with countless defenses it is a great opponent to capture a belt against and take his legacy away and make it my own.   

Maxim Ibragimov: Has terms all been agreed? And which order do you want these fights, and when?

Ivan Sidorov: Originally it was Jaimie and then Hinto but now it makes more sense if it is Hinto first and this has been agreed with yourself and Helmans. We're in contact with HFC owner, this should be smooth as he is very good communicator. In perfect world I win dominantly against Simon with no injuries and then Hinto fight at HFC 54 in about two weeks time and then Jaimie can come to HFC and I'll defend my belt against him or if Wolves belt is vacant this can happen too. If I do get injured and cannot fight at HFC 54 maybe Jaimie first will make more sense, we'll see and I'll make sure to provide updates but honestly I just want Hinto fight first so it can be agreed and just complete.

Maxim Ibragimov:  What about Ngozi Chai will you fight him? And what about Giovanni?

Ivan Sidorov: Ngozi is a great fighter and I have given him respect before he was champ and agreed to this fight way back months and months ago. Of course I am willing, his manager has not been communicating though and he does not sell like Hinto or Jaimie would but if he wants it we can make it. With Giovanni for me the timing does not work out he has moved to 170lbs and you told Helmans the Boryenka fight is available, who knows maybe he will want to avenge Hinto and can make the journey to 205 but I know Boryenka crushes this guy so the only way I see it is him moving up to avoid Boryenka. 

Maxim Ibragimov:   Well huge news today, in MMA plans can change quickly it is funny how one thing can create a snowball effect. The plan was for you to fight on same card as Boryenka but here we are, haha. Any other words you want to say?

Ivan Sidorov: Thank you to all my supporters who have stood with me and I know the people are tired of talk at least when the fight is not signed. I am not a coward, critics accuse me of cherry picking fights, what will they say after this? I will be 17-0 and then officially join 205 lbs division this is just the ending of a chapter and Hinto especially Hinto will realise how grave of a mistake it was calling me out and for months disrespecting my name and Boryenka's. 

Maxim Ibragimov: There we have it ladies and gentlemen the undefeated legendary Ivan who is looking to become 15-0 next Monday and then soon after face his biggest challenges before moving to 205lbs!

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Hinto and all Helmans Ted negotiations are over

1st- Giovanni ducked Boryenka with Sunday deadline by moving to BJJ

2nd- During Hinto negotiations, decided to force me to try and make it with 0 communications to help and then accepted easier fight in the mean time and then refuse future fight after. 

All this guy does is find ways out of negotiations and  then try to blame me.

In his own words " I didn't engage in setting it up"

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