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Hideyoshi Gutierrez vs Herve Villechaize: Interview with Gutierrez


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Interviewer: Ladies and gentlemen, fight fans from all over, we're here with the one and only Hideyoshi "El Increíble Samurái" Gutierrez! Hideyoshi, you've got a big match ahead against Herve "Tattoo" Villechaize, a formidable grappler with some serious submission skills. How do you plan on dealing with his ground game?

Hideyoshi: Villechaize, huh? Sounds like some kind of French snack. Look, I don't care what this Tattoo guy does on the ground. I'm gonna keep this fight standing, and my fast and accurate fists will make sure he stays there. He can try all the fancy submissions he wants, but when my knuckles meet his face, it's gonna be lights out, amigo.

Interviewer: Hideyoshi, Tattoo's grappling game has earned him some impressive wins in the past. Are you taking any extra precautions to prevent him from taking you down?

Hideyoshi: Precautions? For this guy? Listen, I've trained with the best, and I've seen it all. Tattoo might think he's hot stuff, but I've got counters for everything he throws at me. He won't even get close enough to touch me, much less take me down. His ground game is overrated, and I'm here to expose him for the fraud he is.

Interviewer: Strong words, Hideyoshi. But some would argue that grappling is an essential part of MMA. Are you confident that your fists alone will be enough to secure the victory?

Hideyoshi:  Grappling, jiu-jitsu, whatever you call it – it doesn't matter to me. My fists are like bullets, and I'm a sharpshooter. I don't need to grapple with anyone when I can put them to sleep with one punch. Tattoo might think he's tough, but he's never faced someone like me – someone with speed and power like a samurái.

Interviewer: Tattoo's fans believe he's got what it takes to submit you, even with your striking skills. What's your response to those who doubt your ability to defend against his ground game?

Hideyoshi: Doubt me? That's their problem, not mine. I don't care what his fans think or what this Tattoo guy thinks. Come fight night, I'll show everyone why they call me "El Increíble Samurái." As for his submissions, good luck getting close enough to apply them. I'll be dancing around the cage, and he'll be left swinging at air.

Interviewer: Alright, it's evident you're confident in your stand-up game. But don't underestimate Tattoo's skills; he's proven himself in the cage. Do you have any message for him before the big fight?

Hideyoshi: Tattoo, listen up, cabrón. I hope you're ready to meet the mat real quick because this fight won't last long. Your little grappling tricks won't save you from my fists, and all the armlocks in the world won't help you when you're eating canvas. Prepare yourself for a rude awakening, 'cause I'm about to show the world that you're nothing but a ground monkey. Do yourself a favor and act like your namesake. Take yourself out of the running.

Interviewer: Strong words, Hideyoshi. Fight fans are eagerly awaiting this epic clash between Hideyoshi "El Increíble Samurái" Gutierrez and Herve "Tattoo" Villechaize. Tune in on 31 July 2023 to see who will come out on top. Thank you, Hideyoshi, and best of luck in your upcoming fight.

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