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I've been playing this game for a while and I'm totally familiar with martial arts, I follow a lot of them and train one martial sport, I know everything, but this game annoys me a bit, so I want to ask, I know that when I make an mma fighter in this game, I first do fights on qfc and only then I get contracts for other organizations, but now I got the desire to make a kickboxer, but in this game there are no organizations like qfc for kickboxing, only organizations that send contracts for several fights, but since I just made a fighter, I can't logically get a contract right away and then in order to get a fight, I wrote to some organizers asking them to include my fighter in their event and give him a kickboxing match, because I see that most kickboxers in this game have only a few matches in mma, some only one or two. The thing is that I don't want my fighter to do mma matches and just wait to see if I get a contract for a kickboxing fight because I know that my other fighters didn't get an invitation for a kickboxing fight at all, that's rare because this is mostly an mma game, but there are plenty organizations that make kickboxing fights. If you can tell me how you got a kickboxing fight, did you do an mma match and you got an invitation spontaneously or did you ask an organizer to insert you

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There is no requirement to do QFC fights before getting a contract. But most people do that anyway, if nothing else to see what the "Tale of the tape" properties say about their fighter. If they for example show "Granite chin" there that is a very good sign.

If you know a kickboxing org you would like to join I recommend you message the owner and include the fighter id.

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