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Company production capacity

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Suggestion: Production capacity

Suggestions Description: For clothes and nutrition, instead of having a fixed number of new items you can produce per month make that number variable, lets call it production capacity. It should start out low, much lower than the current hardcoded one. Expanding it is done by paying an upfront cost. There is also a running monthly cost based on current production capacity (regardless of if you use it or not). Scaling it down should also be an option, but takes time (notice periods for layoffs, labour unions whatever). Generally companies should make a profit of course, but if they are not selling products it should be possible to make a loss.

Also add a small monthly storage fee for unsold items in stock.



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I don't mind the premise behind the idea, but in isolation without any other tweaks this is a definite no from me especially regarding nutrition shops.

Nutrition shops are already a massive cash and VIP sink. I effectively got paid to take mine with 3 160Q products already researched and I feel like an absolute dummy for paying that extra set of VIP days every week for that stupid thing. The one joy I do get out of it is that eventually it banks up enough units for me to be able to do a laundry swap with someone. It'd be more efficient for me to just close it and open a new one when I need laundry every week or so, but I keep it up because I occasionally do provide legit 160Q supplements to those who need it in Rio.

I'm already paying a non-insignificant amount of extra VIP every week as a community service effectively. Penalising me for sitting stock and adding too many variables and more costs to production is a kick in the nuts that I effectively wouldn't be able to do anything about. One product lasts TWO WEEKS, and each product already cost millions each to research.


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Yes should maybe have been clearer on that but my idea was that this should not go in until we have


to fix the income side for nutrition companies among other things. Getting the economy into a working state will have to be done in several steps but I'm posting them in separate topics to keep discussions focused and make it possible to accept/reject/modify them individually.

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