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  1. Some people got really mad at me the time I used the power of creative writing to get Pekka to #1 p4p.
  2. December is a time for consideration and reflection. This year I'm reflecting on and considering how y'all got clowned by a hillbilly running the exact same sliders for the entire tournament and who frequently rassled at low-ish energy.
  3. Boonedaddy just humped his last victim. We goin Sizzler!
  4. https://mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=395079 Representing Team Djibouti.
  5. I hear Puno punched out the piss collector guy with a needle still sticking out of his ass. Allegedly.
  6. I'm joining Soyster on Team Djibouti.
  7. As someone who has competed in both MMA, Muay Thai and BJJ/submission grappling: There's no way that grappling is anywhere near as cardio intensive as any striking sport. Sure, wrestling is, but wrestling isn't really a part of this game. While it's unrealistic that grappling takes no energy and leads to no injuries, I'm fine with it from a game perspective. I'm usually back in training the day after competing in grappling. On the other hand, I've felt most matches I've had in striking for at least several days after the fact. As far as I'm concerned you could axe all energy loss and injuries from the game and not lose much, but let's not pretend it's realistic to do so.
  8. Abu Schaubi Hey, Fridolay. Hehe, geddit? That rhymes. Eeenywaze, you seem like the bess brain for d'arts. If you ever get tired of getting GADOOSHED every weekend, I have a business suggestion for youse. I'm offering you your very own paulcass on the THIGG BOI NEDWORK. Talmbout your very own tigget to the Charlie factory, b. I'll even Sweden the honey pot a bit by letting you open for me on the rowld. Less be ROWLD DAWGS together, b. Speaking of rowld dawg, I'll be at Lennox's Laugh Lair in Lindsborg, Kansas. The country, not the state.
  9. Cornelius Myers submitted a submission specialist from bottom half guard for a Syn belt in rd 1, despite never having subbed anyone in his life up to that moment.
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