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  1. Do you need a place to fight? Malefic is the newest organisation in London that promises fair fights however developed your fighter is and aims to be the launching pad for your fighter whatever your plans are for him in the future.
  2. The 3 and 1 approach has always been the way I had advised people in the past, however I have become increasingly tempted to suggest that all new managers start with four 25 year olds, and then make their first cut after 10 fights to make space for a project (or purchase VIP and lots of spare slots). There is a couple of reasons for this. The first reason is that a new manager will not know what style they will most suit them. How many managers come in with dreams of a Anderson Silva like clinch expert and end up as a GnP specialist or want to dominate on the ground then have a stable of boxers. Four fighters allows for four different styles (assuming mentors get to mentees before fighter creation) so they get the full experience before going to be build there first project. This appears to have an advantageous knock on effect for these young managers as well. These projects (like all second generation fighters) tend to be better developed and those managers also have more patience to train them for longer. The second reason is more theoretical but advantageous to the game as a whole. Managers who reach 25 fights appear to be around three times more likely to stay with the game (effectively meaning a manager who achieves 100 active fights) than those who do not reach that point.This is more likely with 4 immediate action fighters. This being theory; it may turn out that the 25 fight bar increases with managers who hold 4 immediately active fighters. Still it appears to me that this method could be effective for both new managers and the game, so it could be worth giving a trial run.
  3. This is correct. Making a nutrition company on The Island and running it successfully for the duration is quite possible. It is unlikely to be a success after the season end though.
  4. I've gone through the qfc's list to look at how common unfair match ups are. Obviously I can only judge from the limited evidence I saw and went through this rather quickly. I reckon around 65% are lopsided. 30% of those are managers testing new builds hiddens at level 1. 30% are poorly built fighters against better built guys at level 1. This does not mean the other manager is experienced, it mainly second generation fighters from managers with less than 30 total fights. 5% Uneven matches at level 2 Of this I have only seen once definite example of someone exploiting the system. If these are accurate (as this is one sample size looked rather briskly examined) then it would suggest that the current system doesn't need too much altering, despite what I may have typed before.
  5. When I first played, which was some time ago, someone rather wise told me that QFC's were only there for getting a fighter started. Orgs were people powered and if QFC's became too powerful no one would bother with them and the game would have even bigger problems. There has always been a level of truth about this. The fact is new players want to be able to win. A manager who wins relatively often is more likely to stick around. The longer they stick around the higher the chance they will buy VIP. The more money the games owner has, the more he can invest in making the game better for everyone. Keeping the game immediately accessible to newcomers is key for everyone.
  6. I think the idea of having some sort of separation on experience is a cracking idea. Simply changing the age down wouldn't stop scavengers anyway as they would simply build well made 22 year olds instead of 25 year olds like they did before the changes.
  7. That simply sin't a big enough pool of people for that to be worth being aggravated about. There is an average of around 25 QFC's a day and proportionally around 60% of those are newcomers. The game must capture as many of those as possible. In the grand scale of things, a dozen or bad apples exploiting the system is not good enough reason to do something that will create another barrier from entering the game.
  8. I suspect I failed to explain myself properly. My issue would be dropping the QFC 1 limit under 950 (or its current number of 1000) as it would mean that newcomers would be forced into fighting tier two opponents (even if they were limited) immediately. New players should come into the game on the easiest settings and enjoy either a fair match against another newcomer or a lopsided battle against an experienced opponent who may have the skills to circumvent his or her's disadvantages. Doing so (dropping the limit to somewhere like 770 (as suggested above)) would only advantage experienced fighters looking to test their new guys as the potential whole between the two groups is much smaller and far easier for them to find away around.
  9. The obvious question here is why would you want top fighters fighting outside the organisational pyramid?
  10. I suspect you will get several more sign ups after Thursday pm (when gym fees are taken). Most managers want to get the most out of the money they spend on a gym and also have a least a week's worth of training set. People tend to look to move after that time (as they would have to pay fees again) and you should get more interest.
  11. The original 1000 point level was set so that new players coming into the game could fight immediately at the lowest possible level without being penalised. This figure could be moved down to 950 and the same service could happen but any training would then jump them into the level two events. I have an issue taking the limit down lower as it only really helps veteran players who are looking to test the hiddens of their new projects. It should be a gamble whether it is worth putting out your freshly created guy out and learn his hiddens or if you should wait, invest time and money in training and risk finding out that he has mutton for brains and spam for a chin.
  12. Someone was going to say something completely out of line at some point so I've closed this pre-emptively. If anyone has a problem with this, contact me directly.
  13. You were perfectly right to question my working, I should have been more precise when I made the suggestion. Of course, it may be that the masses want something different. This is only one idea.
  14. The problem with setting the number too low would be excluding 25 year olds too quickly. Below is the reasoning behind the number I put up. A 25 year old has 175 points for physicals, 500 for secondaries and 250 for physicals. A total of 925. Added to this is a mandatory 23 points (1 for each stat) that is automatically added to the fighter on creation. This falls into the QFC 1 category of under 1000 points. Assuming this fighter starts with 1 and 10 and takes those up to wonderful, then that fighter will have approximately 1170 points. An additional 250 (or 280 precisely) points training for a 25 year old in 1 in 5 sessions or 2 and a half star sparring from this point would take approximately 2 in game years (before going over the 1450 limit). Conveniently, an 18 year old with decent learning speed who can access 1 in 3 or better training should also be reaching the 1450 limit in that combined (cardio and strength plus other training time) as the 25 year old. Of course all fighters are different so this is an estimate. Hopefully this should make the system as even as possible.
  15. 1450 would allow a manager to enter a QFC with 2 primaries, 5 secondaries and all the physicals at wonderful -- (110) plus every other stat being at 2 (the minimum 1 on entry plus the additional 1 that gets automatically added). This to me is the stage where people should be entering a organisation.
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