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  1. Returning Manager here just I'm thinking of goin VIP again but my VIP days are shown as Negative, what should I do here? Thanks!
  2. I thought you can pay staff more than 5k now? and 5k is not that great bro?
  3. Travis Browne vs. Fabricio Werdum KO R 2 Liz Carmouche vs. Miesha Tate Edson Barboza vs. Donald Cerrone Yoel Romero vs. Brad Tavares Rafael dos Anjos vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov Thiago Alves vs. Seth Baczynski Pat Healy vs. Jorge Masvidal Estevan Payan vs. Alex White Caio Magalhaes vs. Luke Zachrich Jordan Mein vs. Hernani Perpetuo Ray Borg vs. Dustin Ortiz Mirsad Bektic vs. Chas Skelly Derrick Lewis vs. Jack May
  4. I think Bradley should have boxed instead of fooling around but in the end Manny was just the better fighter, I think he needs to fight Floyd next if not he should retire. I mean who is he going to fight? marquez? I can't see a reason why there should be another fight between them. and besides there is nothing left to prove he is the only 8 division world champ and will go down as one of the best that stepped in the ring. But it would be nice to see the Floyd fight
  5. I thought Manny was a bit slower than usual but still had that fire to win, Bradley was tough as hell but gassed at the later rounds. What do you guys think?
  6. That is what I think your problem is happens to me aswell
  7. Another avatar Topo Nick good - http://mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=225443 pareho pa rin background pre ito yung pic: http://static.squarespace.com/static/51be8ddce4b0a897bf53621d/51f89d9de4b022983125f4b8/51f89dbae4b08f2b5c1a7043/1375247807278/McCall9741.jpg or ito http://www.google.com.ph/imgres?imgurl=http://media.ufc.tv/generated_images_sorted/Fighter/Ian-McCall/Ian-McCall_234155_right30.png&imgrefurl=http://uk.ufc.com/event/UFC163/printFightCard&h=324&w=216&tbnid=-lthmkAr4eM7CM:&zoom=1&docid=5VWUKJ9lFL37pM&ei=V90-U82HNMizrgfn14CgAg&tbm=isch I like the second one better if possible
  8. how much is a fighter slot and I need one of it. PM me in game
  9. I got bisping for 200k any brave souls out there
  10. I'm planning to retire a fighter to become a corner man for my other fighters. Is it active now I've heard before that it can happen. and what else does Pa do? PS thanks
  11. Background same as this for both : http://mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=224248 can you make one for my fighter Vince Hardy using this pic : http://a.espncdn.com/combiner/i?img=/i/headshots/mma/players/full/2335530.png&w=350&h=254 Jon Hopkins : http://cageofbones.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Renan-Barao_1167_right30.png
  12. http://mmatycoon.com/orgupcomingeventpublic.php?EvID=798460 main event should be a title fight between: http://mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilepublic.php?FID=217631 and http://mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilepublic.php?FID=221682
  13. need VIP (6mos - 1 year) willing to pay your price(off course will canvas a bit, so lowest price wins or at least the first guy to send me a pm). pm me in game. Cheers!
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