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  1. A large part of an orgs success circles around hosting tourneys. Though there are options out there to use brackets, it would be phenomenal if there was an option in the fight org page to put together a tourney bracket that could be accessed by all managers by visiting the org page. Even allowing there to be a section for past tournaments just like you can view all the events held. Basically providing the ability to choose the number of fighters, the style of tourney, single or double elimination.
  2. I’ll keep my eyes open for these updates. Hopefully one update is addressing to possible speed up of the game (training). If I see some steady improvements I’ll be happy to buy back into the VIP status again.
  3. Alright.. My issues are training speed (fighter development) and fighter decline (de-pops) As I've mentioned the game is to slow and I think de-pops, even though random, happen to young. I don't think 19 and 20 something year olds should lose skill, so long as their training regularly. Speed up training gains substantially and keep in place the current system of younger fighters getting a better % of growth vs older fighters (18v25) but, both fighters get the same initial training gains...so lets say we have a base line training gain for training with elite coaches at 50%.....18yr olds get an additional say 10% (60%), 19yr olds would get saying 8% and so on and a 25yr old would just get the 50%. This would insure that 25yr olds still get good gains to stay ahead of younger fighters then once older fighters hit that age of decline thats when the younger fighter catch up. I don't think fighter decline should happen until at least 25. Once they hit that age thats when it randomizes and it may be 25 or 27 or even 29 before decline really hits. There should be a point where a younger 20's fighter faces an over 30 fighter and though their skill quality are similar, the older fighter gets a bonus based on experience and tactics maybe. Nothing crazy.
  4. yes, exactly. And for those managers who aren't VIP, they don't have the option of filling down time with owning a company. All they have is their handful of fighters...If they can't see a fast development in those fighters they are more likely to walk away as they have nothing invested. "IF" they see rapid development in their fighters that makes them more competitive in fights, they might be more willing to stick around and maybe even try 3 months of VIP, which could lead to 6 or a year.
  5. Thats why I feel speeding up training would help. Whats one of the worst things you can experience as a manager??....Spending all that time training a fighter, even thinking he has a solid chin, only to have him turn out to be a bust, wasting weeks or months of training. For a younger/newer manager this could make them not want to participate anymore and leave the game. Also, this can effect ID orgs. You create a fighter, has some good hiddens..you start training a way that you what to work with. Your fighter struggles, rather than sack him you know you can alter his training and still get good gains to go a different route....maybe? Plus, this could make hosting and participating in tournaments more fun. Tournaments are a great way for new orgs to start up, or to start a new division or at ID turns. This could help those fighters have better builds in the long run since they lose training time when they have to rest, where as a slow build fighter doesn't. It could also see a lower rate of fighter sacking (with the exception of those with extremely awful hiddens).
  6. Just checking in on things....Keeping this thread alive. As I mentioned above, I've lost interest in the game. Its far to slow. No real significant changes in a good while. I know I'm just one person, but I'm one who has been around for a very long while. I let my VIP run out, I'm slowing dumping fighters. Ever since I first joined I've been a VIP manager. I've always ran a company. I've ran very successful orgs, run a number of tournaments (with very little issue), I've ran quality public gyms, I started up a nutrition company forever ago and did well before selling it. Basically, I've been involved in all aspects. When the newest and best update came about allowing ownership of multiple companies I started up a gym, ran a clothing store and nutrition store and was on the verge of doing something with an org. But, again the slowness of the game as pushed me away. I really don't see why the fighter training gains cant be sped up more with training and sparring...or why can't we change the ability to max a skill to 150 at creation, rather than 110. Give us more points at creation that might allow us to max out say 3 skills at 150 and maybe 2 others at 110 with 1 in the rest...or split that up and be able to get more skills to 110 or 120. Maybe not allow a fighters decline start until maybe 25 and then have that randomize hit and maybe the decline is 26 or 27 or if you're lucky 29. I mean I had multiple fighters declining at 19 or 20, and even though they were training say, punches anymore they were still training something like strike defense which is in the same category of skill. But, even if the training gains got sped up 2x more, it could make things so much more interesting....especially at older ages, like 25 when gains slow down...younger ages like 18 and 19 you get pops almost daily to an extent (depending on what level the skill is at when training). When you hit 25 it can takes a week or more...Heck even 22. I'd love to come back, but I just can't bring myself to do it. And I truly feel that if we did this it would help bring in or keep younger/newer managers. If your build isn't really working and you can switch up your training to go a different route and still get quick gains, even at maybe 20, it could keep managers from dropping fighters so much or dropping out of tourneys... Anyway, just my 2cents. Carry On
  7. Hey guys. I just got an alert on this thread. Don’t count me in. My interest level right now is about 00000000% with doing anything fighter related. Sorry guys.
  8. I've lost interest. The biggest success or failure of a fighter is training. Training takes forever to get to a successful range. The only way to work around this is to focus on 1 side of fighting or the other (wrestling vs standup fighting orgs)...if you want to have a solid MMA fighter, you need longer to train. The time it takes to train up skills and then fight off the fighter decline of skills is lengthily. Just about everything else with the game is fine, there could be little tweaks here n there, but in all pretty solid. Especially being able to own more than 1 company. Maybe even some changes to fighter tactics or a new fighting tactic or something. But, speeding up the training gains could be the magic in the potion. I don't know if any of you are familiar with Goal Line Blitz, if you are you will know what I'm referring to. With this game for (American style football) you create your players "dots" and put the allowed amount of points towards skills for that player. Then you get so many training sessions per day to use and you can change the intensity of the training to increase the gains (I'll spare the full details of all that's involved). You can then boost (upgrade) that player up to 5 times a season. Recently there was a system wide crash where the game basically had to start from ground zero. In doing so, all of the aging process (leveling up) was increased, so rather than being able to do 3 upgrades a season it was bumped to 5. Now, the time it takes to create your player and level/upgrade him to the max age/level is basically cut in half. This will be the first time in that game I've had the desire and patience to build a player to its max age allowed. Watching my players grow so quickly to what they're potential will be is more enjoyable. If I'm not sure how the player is going to pan out once fully aged, its not like I have to wait another 4 long seasons, it will only take 2. In all its just much better and enjoyable watching the player grow to what your vision is so quickly. In doing so, it has not changed the structure of the game with playing games and the seasons. Just sped up the training process. There is no reason why MMA tycoon cant embody the same increased training gains. I'm not talking speed up the fighters aging time. I'm saying rather than being able to put say 110 max into punching if you want to make it 150, you can. So you get 450 starting points or whatever and you use it as you wish. Spread it out between many areas, spend it all in 2 or 3. But, being able to max out 1 or 2 skills and train others would be nice. When you train with an elite coach rather than going from useless -- to useless++ you would go from Useless-- to Abysmal ++ or Woeful --...Then as your fighter skill increases the gains in which happen decrease like they do now.. Speeding the training process to get a fighter to an acceptable fighting skill set would help greatly in keeping interest of new and old managers. It would likely make Orgs far more exciting as the fighter pool that is read to fight would be larger, tournaments would be more abundant as the waiting game would be lower.
  9. I've been around this game forever...The last number of months I myself have lost interest. Its not the game itself. Its the speed. It is far to time consuming to train a fighter from 18 up to fighting strength. Factor in the skill decline, which is a random age....which I have had many a fighter start at as early as 19. This only prolongs it. Something needs to change to speed up the game. Allow to put more points into a school at creation, increase training gains...cut things in half for the amount of time to train skills up so more fighting can take place. Maybe even spruce up some new fighter tactics to allow more variety. If there was a change that addressed this, I could find myself coming back full time. I would also think that if these changes were made it would keep new managers interested as the time between all this is not very appealing to stick around or spend money on.
  10. OK... So, once we create our fighter for tryout they will only have a handful of days to train prior to their fight? If they lose, are they automatically out and can only be in the reserve roll...OR maybe if 2 experienced managers created pretty equal fighters that both had solid hiddens and maybe fought to a decision. Could a coach still opt to pick the losing fighter over a winning fighter if they wish? Also, I will likely be part of this
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