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  1. Game is self explanatory, reply to the would you rather above your entry and leave one for the next guy! I’ll start Would you rather see Miami in the game or Keep it how it is
  2. Alright credit whores, the off topic king has come to make another thread for you to farm. The game is simple. The thread starts with a word with the letter A, the next word will start with a B. Once you hit Z we move back to A, your welcome my fellow farmers APPLESAUCE
  3. In here we will try to count all together as a team. You may count as many numbers as you'd like for however long you want. I hope y'all enjoy. ?
  4. This is the official thread for the UFC Camp League 2019.
  5. What if Mike because of some reasons left this game? Will this game die? Or someone another will run this game?
  6. I have opened MMA fanpage on facebook, i will lead this page with a few people so we will be active every day. When we will have decent number of likes and good range to the people Im planning to promote MMA Tyccon with that page, I think a lot of people in Tycoon would like to have more players in the game. Fanpage link - https://web.facebook.com/MMA-Diary-177043986467619/ Hope you will like it and help us! Have a nice day or nice guys!
  7. http://genknews.genkcdn.vn/k:2016/photo-0-1472631674959/chanbanzombiebomtanh1z1bienthanhgameonlinechangkhacgigta.jpg vs. http://i.imgur.com/m1XoSjS.jpg H1Z1 King of the Kill and Playerunknown Battlegrounds Both are the same type of game ( massively multiplayer online survival game) that are quite popular. I have played both of them and enjoyed H1Z1 quite a lot in the beginning.However since I been playing Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), H1Z1 is just on the backburner. The sound system of PUBG and the weapon modifications are simply awesome. Overall a better atmosphere for me too. H1Z1 has a crafting system still in place which gives it that unique touch. Besides that, the games are pretty similiar. 100 players in PUBG and apparently 150 players in King of the Kill, start on the map. In time, the playable location determned by a randomized circle on the map, gets smaller and smaller. To win the game, you need to survive till the end, and eliminate the other players. While you are playing, you check buildings and locations on the map to find your gear and weapons. There are also vehicles in both games to make moving around the map easier and a whole lot faster. For me PUBG simply takes the win when it comes to comparing these two games. How about you guys?
  8. Hello! I wanted to ask if there any bookmakers on this site that do UFC events? I won 10,000 on the spin to win not too long ago and wanted to bet some of it but I can't seem to find any bookmakers that do real events. If anybody knows where I can find one, please tell me! Thanks!
  9. RAGS of a RONIN (RoaR) Company ID # (5206) A new clothing company has just opened up in Tokyo and I hope everyone takes advantage of the discounted prices that are set for all of our items. I think most of you will really like the designs I have chosen for the initial group of items that are stocked up. We have matching short/shirt sets that have a limited in stock quantity that I know will end up going quick so don't hesitate on checking out the store page to get you some new gear. The sale will run for 3 Days and I will be sending out some free items to a few randomly selected people who purchase a minimum of 4 items
  10. Discussion thread for the 2013-2014 Fantasy Premier League. Starts 17th August. Prizes 3 months VIP to the winner of the classic AND the head to head leagues. Link to site Click here Entry details Classic League: 477717-119718 Head to Head League code: 477717-133267 Good luck!
  11. You can get a free game worth 15.99 if you're a PS plus member, called Rocket League. If you don't know anything about this game.. Its a sequel to one of my most favourite games ever, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars. The jist of it is simple, you are a car... And there is a ball, and you must hit the ball into the goal, it's high paced, lots of fun. You can use tactics or just fucking charge and boost your way. It's a lot of fun, especially with a team. So if you're a PS plus member, get it and lets play in a team together! Or we can 1 v 1 If ScoobyAli, Castor or ThaKilla read this message. Then I expect you to play this game with me at least once! It's free! If you don't already have me added on PS4 its thecobra111 (my old forums username)
  12. What does the "Group by Game Style" mean?
  13. Thought I'd make a 2014 predictions thread, the 2012 one seemed cool I'll start - GSP will never return (not that bold of a prediction) - Anderson Silva will never return (not that bold either) - Vitor Belfort will beat Chris Weidman - Johnny Hendricks will claim the title and defend it until the year is over (once, maybe twice) - Cormier will fight Jon Jones and beat him (been saying this for years, have to stick by it) - UFC will become far more diluted than ever before, starting with UFN 34: Saffedine vs Gyu Lim on Jan 4th
  14. Ok, it's official now: I'm addicted to this game ! I just bought the 4 extra fighter slots that I could buy to bring it to the total of 21 fighter slots. I hope Mike spends my money well ! It feels good to have so many fighters! Let's hope I have some true top talents in my ranks and that I can keep playing this game for a very long time as I really enjoy it a lot!
  15. Beck

    Look Alikes

    I searched if there was a thread like this already, but couldn't find it.. if there is a thread, sorrrrrrry Just a thread where you can post pics of people who you think look alike http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f4/HowieMandelM07.jpg Howie Mandel http://cdn.buzznet.com/assets/users16/justmikey/default/david-draiman--large-msg-119946849264.jpg David Draiman - Disturbed's vocalist Pretty spot on I think.. Just realised that when posting the Mandel pic in another thread haha
  16. Game Giveaway Contest on Steam Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition & Omerta: City of Gangsters More info on both games can be found on the Steam pages above. What's the contest? Friday the 15h of August 2014, around 6PM GMT, I will post a video that will have 5 themes of games in there. Also I will post 5 screenshots of games at the same time. What do you need to do? You will need to guess which games it all belongs too! You will have 48 hours to do this, after that I will pick a winner. Each theme and screenshot are of individual games, so a total of 10 different games have to be guessed. Please send your guesses in a PRIVATE MESSAGE to me. (John Hetfield) First person who sends in the a full list with all correct answers wins. This person may choose which of the two games they want. The runner-up will get the remaining game. Incase no one is able to guess all the games, then the first who send in a list with most correct answers the fastest, will win. I highly doubt this will happen as I am not making it super difficult. Requirement: Be a member of the Official MMA Tycoon Steam Group (click here for Steam page) And feel free to join the discussions in the thread on the forum here (click here) When does it start again? Friday the 15h of August 2014, around 6PM GMT When will it end again? 48 hours after it has started. What is Steam? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steam_%28software%29 Feel free to post in the thread with any questions or comments you might have.
  17. Hey guys, Does anyone play the game DayZ?? I have played the mod, and have had the stand-alone game since it came out, but I haven't played it all that much. So was wondering if some of the MMAT Community plays the game and would be up to play it online and get a big group going on a server. The game still is in 'alpha', so its being developt still. However, I have had a lot of fun playing the game and the last time I played it was roughly in April, since then there have been a bunch more updates to improve the game and I have heard that vehicles should be added soon too. For those who do not know much about the game, i would suggest a google search But is a pretty hardcore zombie game, that if your character dies you lose everything you have gathered and have to start over. Not only do you play against the weather, your needs for food/water, zombies, but also other players. Hence playing in a bigger group is best for your survival chances as majority of people are dicks and shoot on sight to loot your gear. Here is a clip to basically show you what its about
  18. Hey! I first asked Mike Tycoon (155) to see if he was ok with my idea. He needed some time to think it all over, but he agreed. I created a page on facebook to try to make the developpers at EA sports aware that there are people interested in a pc version of their game. It is interesting to see if we can make a change with a facebook page. Please like this page!! If all of you like this page, there will be already 5000 likes. If all of you invite your friends to like this page,... the sky is the limit!! It's only a very small task to visit the page and press the 'like - button' . Please give it a go. If we have a lot of likes, I'll see if we can convince some of the people who like the page to start playing MMA tycoon also. So it has it's benefits for all of us. More managers means more competition and more fun!!! please like this link: https://www.facebook.com/wewanteasportsufconpc Thanks!!
  19. With your help we can make big improvements to the game and attract more people to join this game. Also if someone has so much money that he could buy Google or Facebook, we could sponsor a UFC fighter Just imagine Cain Velasquez, JDS or Jon Jones with our website and logo on their shorts. Next day 10 million new users and they all see the name of that person or company who/which made it happen
  20. dunno if anyone else played the first one, but the second version looks quite improved. i just created my first player a few days ago. players now have a LOT more skill variety, which is good, and it's actual replays instead of just little dots moving around like it was in the first one (basically it looks like old OLD school madden) it's free to play, if anyone wants to try it out: http://glb2.warriorgeneral.com and i wouldn't complain if you used my signup link http://glb2.warriorgeneral.com/game/signup?ref=229857 check out this play of the week lolol http://glb2.warriorgeneral.com/game/replay/8379/1371452 ***edited*** username list Face Kicker - themisterx Torrelio - Torrelio Rainbow - Rainbow666 CKeppelrun - CKeppelrun JLP - JohnnyLeeParis Scoobyskyline3 - scoobybaybii virtuouz - Virtuouz minark - kjmin04 spix70r - spix70r
  21. OK so I thought I might as well start a thread for this to see if people wanted to have a go, instead of it being hidden in the other thread. Post the entire Premier League table as you think it will finish, from 1st to 20th. You get +1 point for every place off you were, for each team. So if you say Liverpool will finish 4th and they finish 8th you get +4 points for that team. The person with the lowest points over the whole table wins. If we get over 20 entries I'll give away one month VIP for the winner. Entries before Friday 30th at midnight GMT. You can edit your entry before that point, if you enter before then.
  22. What do you think about having 3D animated fights? with audience, fighters coming in with their entrance songs and the fight (doesn't have to be the whole fight, the key moments are enough). I know it will cost a lot but with some donations and the help of animators who like MMA and are willing to work for less, I think we can do it.
  23. OK so the sliders can be confusing to anyone. I even get people who have played for years going "my fighter isn't doing what he's supposed to", only to look at their sliders and see he's doing exactly what he's supposed to; they just didn't understand how to set them properly. Soooooooo. I want to; A. Rearrange the sliders so they are in their hierarchy order. B. Display this at the bottom, under the sliders, displaying the % chance of each thing happening (N.B. these %s aren't accurate, I just whacked in some numbers for aesthetics). Thoughts? http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/4993/um9e.jpg
  24. I've been thinking about adding an additional slot for everyone, which can only be used for either; The Island QFC orgs KT orgs This would be an additional slot for both non and VIPs, aimed at getting more people involved in the niche aspects on the game. Possible problems - At the end of an Island season you'd have your fighter deported to a different city and if they weren't going to carry on as a niche fighter, they'd have to be released (or another of your fighters). - How would we deal with uncontracted fighters? People would likely just use the slot for a training project if we didn't force a contact signing / fights, so we may just have to use this for The Island, which is easily controllable, unless people can think how we can properly enforce a QFC / KT only fighter (perhaps just force a fight every X days). Thoughts?
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