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  1. Interviewer: Ladies and gentlemen, fight fans from all over, we're here with the one and only Hideyoshi "El Increíble Samurái" Gutierrez! Hideyoshi, you've got a big match ahead against Herve "Tattoo" Villechaize, a formidable grappler with some serious submission skills. How do you plan on dealing with his ground game? Hideyoshi: Villechaize, huh? Sounds like some kind of French snack. Look, I don't care what this Tattoo guy does on the ground. I'm gonna keep this fight standing, and my fast and accurate fists will make sure he stays there. He can try all the fancy submissions he wants, but when my knuckles meet his face, it's gonna be lights out, amigo. Interviewer: Hideyoshi, Tattoo's grappling game has earned him some impressive wins in the past. Are you taking any extra precautions to prevent him from taking you down? Hideyoshi: Precautions? For this guy? Listen, I've trained with the best, and I've seen it all. Tattoo might think he's hot stuff, but I've got counters for everything he throws at me. He won't even get close enough to touch me, much less take me down. His ground game is overrated, and I'm here to expose him for the fraud he is. Interviewer: Strong words, Hideyoshi. But some would argue that grappling is an essential part of MMA. Are you confident that your fists alone will be enough to secure the victory? Hideyoshi: Grappling, jiu-jitsu, whatever you call it – it doesn't matter to me. My fists are like bullets, and I'm a sharpshooter. I don't need to grapple with anyone when I can put them to sleep with one punch. Tattoo might think he's tough, but he's never faced someone like me – someone with speed and power like a samurái. Interviewer: Tattoo's fans believe he's got what it takes to submit you, even with your striking skills. What's your response to those who doubt your ability to defend against his ground game? Hideyoshi: Doubt me? That's their problem, not mine. I don't care what his fans think or what this Tattoo guy thinks. Come fight night, I'll show everyone why they call me "El Increíble Samurái." As for his submissions, good luck getting close enough to apply them. I'll be dancing around the cage, and he'll be left swinging at air. Interviewer: Alright, it's evident you're confident in your stand-up game. But don't underestimate Tattoo's skills; he's proven himself in the cage. Do you have any message for him before the big fight? Hideyoshi: Tattoo, listen up, cabrón. I hope you're ready to meet the mat real quick because this fight won't last long. Your little grappling tricks won't save you from my fists, and all the armlocks in the world won't help you when you're eating canvas. Prepare yourself for a rude awakening, 'cause I'm about to show the world that you're nothing but a ground monkey. Do yourself a favor and act like your namesake. Take yourself out of the running. Interviewer: Strong words, Hideyoshi. Fight fans are eagerly awaiting this epic clash between Hideyoshi "El Increíble Samurái" Gutierrez and Herve "Tattoo" Villechaize. Tune in on 31 July 2023 to see who will come out on top. Thank you, Hideyoshi, and best of luck in your upcoming fight.
  2. Interviewer: Ladies and gentlemen, today we have the honor of sitting down with Antonio "Little Jaa" Mordin, a remarkable young fighter from Thailand, who has made his mark as a rookie in the world of mixed martial arts. Antonio, thank you for joining us. Antonio: Thank you very much. It's an honor for me to be here. Interviewer: Antonio, you have quite a unique background as a former stuntman in Thailand. How did your experience as a stuntman influence your decision to transition into MMA? Antonio: Being a stuntman allowed me to develop a deep understanding of combat and enhance my physical abilities. The acrobatics and fight choreography required in stunt work pushed me to constantly improve my skills. You'd be surprised at the breadth of talent you can find in stunt work, especially in the Asian market. But ultimately I hit a plateau and I felt that MMA would be the ultimate test to apply all that I had learned. Interviewer: That's impressive. Your expertise lies in both Escrima and Muay Thai. Can you tell us about your journey in these martial arts and how they have shaped your fighting style? Antonio: Escrima and Muay Thai are deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of Thailand. I started training in Escrima at a young age, learning the art of weapon-based combat and hand-to-hand techniques. Later, I became captivated by the art of Muay Thai, which emphasizes powerful strikes and devastating kicks. Combining the two disciplines allowed me to develop a unique and versatile fighting style, blending the fluidity of Escrima with the explosive strikes of Muay Thai. Interviewer: That sounds fascinating. You now train in Las Vegas, which is known as the fighting capital of the world. How has training in Las Vegas helped you in your MMA journey? Antonio: Training in Las Vegas has been a tremendous opportunity for me. The city offers world-class training facilities and access to elite coaches and fighters. I have been able to learn from the best in the business and improve every aspect of my game. The intensity and competitiveness of the training environment here have undoubtedly elevated my skills and prepared me for the challenges of professional MMA. Interviewer: Your idol is Tony Jaa, the renowned martial artist and actor. How has he influenced your fighting career? Antonio: Tony Jaa is an inspiration to me. His dedication to his craft, his incredible athleticism, and his ability to bring Thai martial arts to the world stage have motivated me to pursue my own dreams. Tony Jaa's movies showcased the beauty and effectiveness of Muay Thai, and I strive to follow in his footsteps, representing our martial arts heritage with pride and excellence. Interviewer: That's wonderful. Antonio, you are known for your extreme politeness and humility. How do you maintain such grace and respect in a sport known for its intensity and aggression? Antonio:In Thailand, respect and politeness are deeply ingrained in our culture. I carry these values with me wherever I go, including inside the cage. MMA is a sport that demands physical and mental toughness, but I believe that true strength is not just about overpowering opponents. It is about showing respect, sportsmanship, and gratitude to all those who have supported me on this journey. Interviewer: That is truly admirable, Antonio. As you continue your MMA career, what are your aspirations and goals? Antonio: My ultimate goal is to become a champion in MMA. I want to leave a legacy, not only as a skilled fighter but also as someone who inspired others to pursue their dreams. I aim to showcase the beauty of Thai martial arts on the global stage and represent my homeland with honor and dignity. Interviewer: We have no doubt that you will achieve great things, Antonio. Is there anything else you would like to share with our audience? Antonio: I would like to express my gratitude to my family, my trainers, and my fans who have supported me throughout my journey. I also want to encourage everyone to pursue their passions with dedication and respect. Remember, it's not just about winning fights; it's about being the best version of yourself inside and outside the cage. Interviewer: Thank you, Antonio, for sharing your inspiring story and insights with us. We wish you all the best in your upcoming fights and your pursuit of greatness. Antonio: Thank you very much. It was my pleasure.
  3. Maxim Ibragimov: Hello all, back again this time it is Ivan who asked for the interview with major news Ivan Sidorov: Hello today I am announcing my next two bouts will be my final at 185lbs, after my next fight, as well as call outs to Jaimie Hopson as well as undefeated champion Hinto Kangee. Maxim Ibragimov: This is big news, before we delve into these call outs I will ask how you feel about your last performance and next fight against Simon? Ivan Sidorov: It is no secret my last performance was my worst, I was dropped multiple times and rocked but I am proud I showed my Russian heart and still finished InSaen in the first round, this is fight I am happy to rematch in the future. My next opponent is another young prospect but I will not lie this is fight where it just happen as it was available opponent and he accepted, honestly it is a warm up to bigger things but it is still MMA so I need to be respectful of my opponent's skills. Maxim Ibragimov: Next we can move onto how these call outs today came to happen? Ivan Sidorov: The plan was originally to fight Billy Cobb and we asked the organisation owner of MMA Helsinki for this fight which he seemed fine with however earlier without notice he sent Billy a fight offer which is now made. We moved on and saw that the time line fits well with Jaimie so we reached out, moving to 205 permanently has been on my mind a lot recently, it is not an excuse leading into these fights it is just something I want to do I have conquered 185, at least I will do after my next three fights so 205 makes sense and will allow me to put on muscle and have better performances at 205 as last fight I was a middleweight against a light heavyweight, I want to be a lightheavy weight against another. The Hinto fight is logical it is bad blood, I like to be respectful but if anyone I say I have bad blood with it is this guy. We do not need to get too political and it is not just this it also as how he disrespect me also this aside he is 12-0 with countless defenses it is a great opponent to capture a belt against and take his legacy away and make it my own. Maxim Ibragimov: Has terms all been agreed? And which order do you want these fights, and when? Ivan Sidorov: Originally it was Jaimie and then Hinto but now it makes more sense if it is Hinto first and this has been agreed with yourself and Helmans. We're in contact with HFC owner, this should be smooth as he is very good communicator. In perfect world I win dominantly against Simon with no injuries and then Hinto fight at HFC 54 in about two weeks time and then Jaimie can come to HFC and I'll defend my belt against him or if Wolves belt is vacant this can happen too. If I do get injured and cannot fight at HFC 54 maybe Jaimie first will make more sense, we'll see and I'll make sure to provide updates but honestly I just want Hinto fight first so it can be agreed and just complete. Maxim Ibragimov: What about Ngozi Chai will you fight him? And what about Giovanni? Ivan Sidorov: Ngozi is a great fighter and I have given him respect before he was champ and agreed to this fight way back months and months ago. Of course I am willing, his manager has not been communicating though and he does not sell like Hinto or Jaimie would but if he wants it we can make it. With Giovanni for me the timing does not work out he has moved to 170lbs and you told Helmans the Boryenka fight is available, who knows maybe he will want to avenge Hinto and can make the journey to 205 but I know Boryenka crushes this guy so the only way I see it is him moving up to avoid Boryenka. Maxim Ibragimov: Well huge news today, in MMA plans can change quickly it is funny how one thing can create a snowball effect. The plan was for you to fight on same card as Boryenka but here we are, haha. Any other words you want to say? Ivan Sidorov: Thank you to all my supporters who have stood with me and I know the people are tired of talk at least when the fight is not signed. I am not a coward, critics accuse me of cherry picking fights, what will they say after this? I will be 17-0 and then officially join 205 lbs division this is just the ending of a chapter and Hinto especially Hinto will realise how grave of a mistake it was calling me out and for months disrespecting my name and Boryenka's. Maxim Ibragimov: There we have it ladies and gentlemen the undefeated legendary Ivan who is looking to become 15-0 next Monday and then soon after face his biggest challenges before moving to 205lbs!
  4. Interviewer: Hello, today we have the pleasure of speaking with Debu Kusogaki, a former sumo champion who has undergone an incredible transformation. Losing a significant amount of weight, he has become a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert and rookie MMA Welterweight fighter, competing under the name "Sumo." Originally from Ryogoku, Japan, Debu has a unique linguistic style, mixing broken English with his fluent Japanese. Thank you for joining us, Debu. Debu Kusogaki: こんにちは、ありがとう。よろしくお願いします (Hello, thank you. Nice to meet you). Interviewer: Let's start by discussing your journey from being a sumo champion to pursuing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. What motivated you to make such a drastic change in your fighting career? Debu Kusogaki: Sumo big, but wanted new challenge. Sumo loved sumo, but wanted to learn new fight style. So, Sumo lose weight and study BJJ and MMA. Sumo excited for new journey. Interviewer: Losing a considerable amount of weight is an impressive feat. Can you tell us about the challenges you faced during this process? Debu Kusogaki: Weight loss hard. Sumo changed diet, exercised a lot. It took time and effort. Sumo had to adjust body for new weight class. But Sumo never give up, always fight. Interviewer: Your transition from sumo to MMA is quite remarkable. How does your sumo background influence your approach to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA? Debu Kusogaki: Sumo bring strength and power from sumo to BJJ and MMA. Sumo use leverage, technique, and heart. Sumo combine sumo throws with ground game. Sumo style unique. Interviewer: As someone who speaks really only speaks Japanese, how do language barriers affect your training and communication within the fighting community? Debu Kusogaki: Language sometimes challenge, but fighting universal language. Sumo learn English to communicate with coaches and training partners. Sumo always give best effort to understand and be understood. Interviewer: What are your goals and aspirations in your new MMA career? Debu Kusogaki: Sumo want to show world that Sumo can fight in BJJ and MMA. Sumo want to become champion. Sumo want to make fans proud and inspire others to follow dreams. Interviewer: Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans or those who may be inspired by your journey? Debu Kusogaki: To fans, thank you for support. Sumo fight for you. To those inspired, never give up on dreams. Work hard and believe in yourself. Ganbatte! Interviewer: Thank you, Debu, for sharing your inspiring story with us. We wish you the best of luck in your MMA career as "Sumo." Debu Kusogaki: ありがとう (Thank you). Ganbatte, everyone!
  5. Interviewer: Today, we have the unconventional pleasure of speaking with Richard Cheese, better known as Union Jake, a former British luchadore turned rookie MMA fighter. With his iconic luchadore mask and fearless demeanor, Union Jake is making waves in the octagon. Thank you for joining us, Richard. Richard Cheese: Yeah, whatever. Let's get on with it. Interviewer: Your transition from luchadore to MMA is quite unique. Can you tell us about your journey? Richard Cheese: Look, mate, the luchadore gig was fun for a while, but I got tired of all the flipping and flying around. I wanted something more real, more gritty. MMA seemed like the perfect outlet for my aggression. So, here I am, ready to kick some ass. Interviewer: Growing up in the backstreets of London and experiencing homelessness, how did that shape your path to becoming a fighter? Richard Cheese: Tough times make tough people, mate. I had to survive, and being a part of a gang was the only way to do it. We fought for everything we had. The streets taught me to be ruthless and resilient, and now I'm bringing that same mentality into the cage. No one's gonna mess with Union Jake. Interviewer: Your luchadore mask has become an iconic part of your persona. Can you tell us about its significance? Richard Cheese: It's a symbol of my identity, mate. The mask represents the fighter within, the one who's been through hell and back. It's a reminder of my roots and the struggles I've overcome. Plus, it looks badass, doesn't it? Gives me an edge in the cage. Interviewer: Some might describe your personality as rude or brash. Is that an intentional part of your persona? Richard Cheese: Look, I don't have time for pleasantries or sugarcoating things. I speak my mind, and if that comes across as rude, so be it. In the cage, there's no room for niceties. I'm here to fight, and I'll do whatever it takes to win. Interviewer: What are your goals and aspirations in MMA? Richard Cheese: Simple, really. I want to dominate the featherweight division and become a champion. I'll smash through anyone they put in front of me. I want my opponents to fear the name Union Jake, and I want the world to recognize that I'm the real deal. Interviewer: Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans or critics? Richard Cheese: To my fans, thanks for backing me up. I won't let you down. And to the critics, keep doubting me. It fuels my fire. I'll prove you all wrong, one brutal knockout at a time. Interviewer: Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Richard. We'll be watching as Union Jake continues to make his mark in the MMA world. Richard Cheese: Yeah, you better be watching. Union Jake is coming for everyone.
  6. Interviewer: Today, we have the honor of speaking with the multi-talented Hideyoshi Gutierrez, known as El Increíble Samurái or the Mexican Samurai. With his background in Mariachi, Kendo, and now MMA, Hideyoshi is making waves in the combat sports world. Thank you for joining us, Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi Gutierrez: Thank you for having me. I'm excited to share my story with you. Interviewer: Let's dive into your fascinating background. How did you develop an interest in Mariachi, Kendo, and now MMA? Hideyoshi Gutierrez: Growing up in Mexico City, I was exposed to the rich cultural heritage of both Mexico and Japan. Mariachi music has always been a part of my life, with its vibrant melodies and heartfelt lyrics. As I explored my Japanese roots, I discovered the art of Kendo, which captivated me with its grace and philosophy. More recently, I felt a strong calling to challenge myself in the world of MMA, drawn to its intensity and the opportunity to test my skills in a different arena. You'd be surprised at how similar holding a sword or a trumpet can be to fighting. Interviewer: That's impressive. How did you decide to pursue MMA as a rookie fighter? Hideyoshi Gutierrez: MMA appealed to me as a new form of expression and a chance to combine my existing disciplines with the physicality of combat sports. While I am still a rookie, I believe that through dedication, hard work, and guidance from my trainers, I can become a formidable fighter in the MMA world. It's a thrilling journey, and I'm eager to learn and grow. Interviewer: What has been your experience transitioning into MMA training? Hideyoshi Gutierrez: The transition has been both challenging and exhilarating. MMA demands a unique skill set that combines striking, grappling, and wrestling. Fortunately, my background in Kendo has provided me with discipline, focus, and the ability to adapt quickly. While I am still adjusting to certain aspects of MMA, I am fully committed to pushing myself to the limit and continuously improving my skills. Interviewer: Your magnificent mustache has become quite iconic. Does it hold any special meaning for you? Hideyoshi Gutierrez: Ah, the mustache! It represents a fusion of both my Mexican and Japanese heritage. In Mexico, mustaches are often seen as a symbol of masculinity and tradition. In Japan, they are associated with samurai warriors, who embodied honor, discipline, and skill. Wearing a mustache is a way for me to pay homage to both cultures and carry their legacies with pride. Interviewer: You currently train and fight out of Las Vegas. How has this experience been for you? Hideyoshi Gutierrez: Las Vegas is known as the fighting capital of the world, so it was a natural choice for me to train and compete here. The city offers access to world-class training facilities, renowned coaches, and a vibrant fight community. It has been an incredible experience being surrounded by like-minded individuals who push me to be the best version of myself. Interviewer: What are your goals and aspirations in MMA? Hideyoshi Gutierrez: My primary goal is to continuously improve my skills and make a name for myself in the MMA world. As a rookie fighter, I understand that the journey is challenging, but I am committed to giving my all and learning from every experience. Ultimately, I aspire to become a well-rounded MMA athlete and inspire others, especially those who share diverse cultural backgrounds, to pursue their dreams fearlessly. Interviewer: Thank you, Hideyoshi, for sharing your remarkable story with us. We wish you the best of luck on your MMA journey as El Increíble Samurái. Hideyoshi Gutierrez: Thank you for having me. It's an honor to represent both Mexico and Japan in the world of MMA. I hope to make my supporters proud. Arigato gozaimasu!
  7. Maxim Ibragimov: Well well well... Would you believe it we're back again this time with even more exciting news and developments as I sit down with STILL undefeated Ivan Sidorov. Ivan I'll let you break the news. Ivan Sidorov: Honestly I am tired boss, haha. After my win today I did not want to sit around, so I got you to get in contact with Jaimie, Ngozi and many other names. All asking for a fight and while no one agreed we do now have a fight offer accepted on our side against the great Anton Ilmarinen. This guy is multiple time champ multiple defenses and in his peak form. It is such a challenge but this keeps me up. The narrative is funny that I am scared this all goes back to when I declined a Giovanni fight which sprung up on short notice with no change in contract to be champion and what I did was ask for Ngozi first and then Giovanni after. Well they vanished me from WFC, which is now closed but today and not just today but all my recent doings should show I am not scared. Following last interview I asked for Hinto to which he booked a fight and has since stopped negotiations, I asked for Jaimie, Jacob, Ngozi all these guys you have messaged their managers and I called out yet either lack of communication or none. Maxim Ibragimov: Biggest news of your career. But before we delve deeper how did you feel about your win today in Helsinki? Ivan Sidorov: Helsinki was great and my confidence is at and all time high. Takedown and GNP, it is what I always go for but today it happened quickled, I have said Simon is a warm up well now the people know what for. I want big challenges where I am underdog I said I had 2 185lbs fights left well it is now 3 after a generous contract where I got what I asked for the champion. Maxim Ibragimov: What about Jaimie now, will you still fight? And what about after this fight? Ivan Sidorov: Jaimie is still a name I want and I expressed this to Heartless boss, there is another name which I was reticently told may be next instead, but after this I definitely want Jaimie or Jaimie first either way. The problem with Jaimie is his flame has dried a bit, he used to come with great passion and now after his win against Vito so little, similar with his manager just not enough communication and maybe I am a bit impulsive . Maxim Ibragimov: Impulsive Ivan, hahaha. This is all true with Jaimie and his manager. What is next do you expect Anton to accept and how do you see the fight going? Ivan Sidorov: Definitely I believe he'll accept and also expect him to believe he will beat me. His style is interesting he is wrestler like me and all his losses he was winning until getting caught by a submission, maybe this fight I showcase some subs. But the game plan is no secret its to dominate on the ground and finish. Although I will say this is different level similar to Vito in terms of wrestling except Vito had such a long time off from fights before ours and his approach was all wrong, I know Anton and how he will fight and he knows the same. Whose will, will be stronger. Who wants it more? Its champion Vs champion no matter what bullshit people say I am credentialed I beat Jaimie who had multiple defenses and no one ever took this belt I was the guy who beat the champ, no one beat me. Now Anton has that chance. Maxim Ibragimov: The hairs on my arm are lifting this is such fun fight and crazy, you just fought when you accept and then ask for short fight I question you twice. But this is your legacy and you want to prove you're the best 185lbs before moving to 205lbs permanently. Is this still the plan? Ivan Sidorov: Honestly this is way too ahead Anton is legit and not saying my other opponents were not but Anton is new level. If I succeed in my 3 fight contract we'll see if I stay and further defend my belt or move to 205lbs. Many options and I am not perfect I am not chasing perfection I am chasing greatness! Maxim Ibragimov: Greatness. There we have folks the fight has been accepted on Ivan's side now it is up to Anton and his team to accept. I will provide updates but for you Ivan rest up a bit and then back to training! Thank you for tuning in.
  8. Maxim Ibragimov: Hello everyone and welcome to another interview with still undefeated Ivan Sidorov. Today we talk about today's announcement for Ivan's main event bout as well as future fight plans. Welcome once again Ivan how has these chaotic last few weeks been? Ivan Sidorov: Hello Maxim I am well. Yes these last few weeks have been crazy behind scenes however I have let you deal with most of this, I have just been keeping my head down and training to improve. Maxim Ibragimov: That is what I hope for and yes lots of negations these past weeks trying to make this fight on the 10th happen. First I want to ask your thoughts on your last fight against Hart where you reached 13-0. Ivan Sidorov: This was big goal for me as I saw Boryenka and this where he suffered his first loss, I think I let this get in my head too much. For the fight it was my most disappointing performance and toughest fight, firstly I credit Hart he had very great gameplan. Sometimes you face the opponent with the perfect counter to your skills for me as of now I see that being the sprawl and brawl style along with Hart's smaller height, just in MMA he has great style. This said it is sometimes the fights you are expected to completely dominate which make for the hardest fights at least this is what I have found so far. Maxim Ibragimov: To me this is surprising as although I know you hold yourself in a high regard you did still dominate and imposed your gameplan, but you are the champion and know best. Now let us get to the fight announcement today, I will let you do the honors. Ivan Sidorov: Yes this is a big respect given to me by both the HFC team and InSaen Chai and his team. I will be the main event for HFC 52 against former light-heavyweight champion InSaen Chai. He called for this fight on Buzz at first I was looking at Pushka or Cam but both were unavailable after such recent fights, so I have answered his call out. Maxim Ibragimov: Yes all parties were very professional, now moving to HFC is an interesting choice for you. You have fought there before so why decide to go back and what happened with TOF? Ivan Sidorov: I need to be careful what I say as I see you looking at me, haha. But honestly although things have not been perfect with TOF we do respect them and look forward to fighting there again and they did ultimately release me to allow me to do this special fight in TOF so I thank them for that. With HFC it is great organisation it is in Russia which allows me to visit my family and also just be home and it all just worked out. Originally it agreed to be against Omari however his manager messed us around so now it is against InSaen. I am not sure if I am meant to say but I am looking to do more fights in HFC if given TOF's permission, they just give me platform to do quick fights and this is what I want also there is names I want like Pushka and Cam next both these guys are at 205 and big challenges, God willing I get past InSaen. Maxim Ibragimov: You are allowed to say and yes we will be in contact with TOF after HFC 52 and hopefully everything will go as planned. Next I want to ask about the criticism some have shown towards your next opponent due to his record and recent performances. Ivan Sidorov: For me this is bullshit argument, people say same with Hart and he was my hardest fight and I have fought people on paper who according to these critics should have beat me and I just dominate. For example with Jaimie you had even fighters say they see it being competitive but I take him down straight away, styles make fights and also it is MMA. For me he is former champion in HFC and is weightclass above and is the tallest and heaviest fighter I have fought, these are unique quantities we will see how they play a factor. While I understand it people should understand I have only been fighting in MMA for 3 years this is same time as Chai and while we have different experience he has been training MMA longer than me so it is all pointless arguments. Maxim Ibragimov: Critics should definitely take these points into account and as you say after this you will fight these guys above like Cam and another undefeated fighter in Pushka. Lastly I will give you a chance to say anything to the people. Ivan Sidorov: Thank you to all my supporters, it is not always easy to get fight given world circumstances and so being able to fight in my home Russia is very important. Russian fighters have role to play in showing world how great Russia and we as people are, and that even with what the West show as the world against us showing Russia can still survive by itself, HFC is great promotion showing this on the sports side. Also again a big thank you to InSaen Chai and his team, very respectful and real respectful not fake bullshit to get the fight like Jaimie did, he champion and I respect him and wish him best but he needs to learn humble from his losses not this evil. As I talk I notice my home is on my mind, I left my homel not because the war, and this hardest moment in my career deciding with the uncertainty to leave my home. I do not need to get too much into politics but hypocrisy is crazy thing even in HFC we have Ukrainians who preach against Russia competing in Russia. I prefer you disagree with me than have no principles. On Saturday I hope to put on show for my people. 14-0. 14 first round finishes. Maxim Ibragimov: There we have it ladies and gentlemen the undefeated legendary Ivan looking to become 14-0 in the main event this Saturday at HFC 52 in Russia!
  9. Maxim Ibragimov: Hello everyone welcome to another interview with undefeated Ivan Sidorov. Today we will talk about his upcoming fight this Sunday and also future plans. Welcome to the interview Ivan, you look sweaty how has training been for you? Ivan Sidorov: Hello Maxim good to speak with you again. Yes haha, training has been going great just today I made a big improvement in my wrestling which I will look to showcase this Sunday. Maxim Ibragimov: That is great to hear! Now lets talk about your opponent Hart we addressed the controversy in the last interview but can you share your thoughts on him and the fight as a whole? Ivan Sidorov: People may call me liar or scared but this is a match which makes me a little nervous, this is good for all fighters as if you not nervous you are reckless and that is when you lose. But with Hart specifically he has shown great takedown defense and KO power against me this is dangerous combination. He has been improving a lot and our camp has noticed and trained hard too. With this match also it is important as it is for 13-0, Boryenka could not do this and just today fellow Russian Vladimir Fedetenko failed to do it, with him I wish him well I cannot imagine how hard it must be to make one little mistake and then just like that your perfect record go but he will be back stronger. Anyway so as I meant to say the 13-0 is a hard achievement and if I allow it to it can play a bad role in my head, I just need to focus on my gameplan and win. Maxim Ibragimov: This is like a dark cloud over us Russians, but I am certain you will be the one to do it! Aside from this match today we made good progress in talks with future fights if all goes well, can you share a bit on that? Ivan Sidorov: REDACTED Maxim Ibragimov: REDACTED Ivan Sidorov: REDACTED Maxim Ibragimov: REDACTED Maxim Ibragimov: Rest of interview [REDACTED] after break down of talks with organisation owner and spoken about plans.
  10. Maxim Ibragimov: Hello everyone, today I talk with future legend of the fight game in recent FFT tournament victor and champion Boryenka Stepanov discussing many things from more personal topics to fighting. Welcome Boryenka. Boryenka Stepanov: Hello boss and everyone around the world reading, I am looking forward to addressing many things with nothing off limits. Maxim Ibragimov: Great as we have much to discuss. Firstly let the people know more about your backstory and how you got into MMA. Boryenka Stepanov: I come from a farming background in a mountainous region where as soon as I could I helped out on the farm with my parents. In my spare time my father started me out in Sambo tournaments against other kids and I had a lot of success. As I grew I started spending more time travelling Russia for Sambo and would eventually compete in Combat Sambo as an adult. Then I was contacted by you boss Maxim for MMA, as you knew of my success in Sambo and I decided to join you in Las Vegas at 24 and started preparing for my MMA debut. Maxim Ibragimov: I have very fond memories of that, you was one of my first signings and instantly I knew you would dominate in MMA. Now I want to ask you about your tournament victory fighting alongside Ivan. Boryenka Stepanov: That was maybe the best night in my career, the FFT tournament was such a blessing, after my loss to Jeremy Arnason I felt very empty and did not know what to do next. Then, ironically his managers, Mae Joon and Julian Wallace contacted me and signed me for the tournament at first I had no clue what to expect. But then I understood and it gave me my love back in the sport. That night, in Tokyo, was the pinnacle of my career so far as not only was I fighting Marcus Greene who is managed by Mae and Julian but it was a rematch where he had a year, from 21 to 22, to prepare for me specifically and he had beat Gracie, Knight and Pallaton to earn a finale place, it was the two best meeting and I won, also it was special as I fought alongside Ivan for the first time since I loss to Jeremy. Maxim Ibragimov: It was a great tournament and it was well organised by both Julian and then Mae. Now past aside I want to turn to the present, Boryenka today we had exciting news and I want you to share it with the world. Boryenka Stepanov: Yes very. Today my fight with Willy McCoy was accepted and now we have a confirmed fight date for MMAHKI 53. He is an undefeated prospect and very good wrestler so a big challenge in Finland. Maxim Ibragimov: I am glad he accepted I was worried he would not, especially not so soon. Can you share why you decided to sign with MMA Helsinki? Also what happened with the Giovanni De Rossi fight? Boryenka Stepanov: MMA Helsinki and their owner Ispa Murhapuro sent an offer we could not refuse it was 5x more than any other offer, and we had many offers. Obviously money paid a big part but Ispa also seems like a great owner and after how quickly everything was made it confirmed that. As for Giovanni, we both know what would happen in a fight and it is why he is hiding in BJJ doing matches with blue and purple belts with no wins and multiple losses. We gave him until Sunday and instead he had a scheduled bout with someone 0-10 in BJJ. I am not sure what this guy is doing with his career he is inactive in MMA, we are MMA fighters not BJJ but if he want to do this fine I just hope he starts going against black belts so it is fair. For now I move on and so has he, MMA is my focus and I want to earn lots of money and retire. Maxim Ibragimov: On the topic of retirement. How many fights left do you want and is there any dream matchups? Boryenka Stepanov: It depends I have only been fighting in MMA for 4 years however in that time I have had 18 fights and 18 training camps and it takes its toll as well as all the Sambo, I want to definitely fight out my contract and maybe one or more special fights after and then just train with Ivan. But I am not certain as MMA is a crazy sport where anything can happen, at this moment I am in my prime but after your prime is your decline and I do not want to fight if I am getting worse. For dream matchups it is hard as politics turns everything into a nightmare, Jeremy would be a fun rematch, I know I can win and Giovanni would be a great challenge other than that I want the title at MMA Helsinki so whoever wins the next title fight I want next. Maxim Ibragimov: Well we have looked at past, present and future now as we finalise I want to ask for your final thoughts and the most important question of if Ivan is really your brother? Boryenka Stepanov: Haha not by blood but Ivan is truly my closest friend and the man who has been through this journey with me all the way through and is on another level to everybody. For final thoughts I will say to my critics to keep watching and to my fans thank you for watching, also as a last comment many other managers always say how only good fighter you loss and I can delve into what happen in that fight and make excuses but instead I want to put focus on other great talent I have faced from Jehu, Edvaldo, Greene and even Pallaton who although is coming off some setbacks will have a bright future but the opponent I am most proud to hold a victory over is Atilia Hun. For some reason no one ever mentions Atilia who is ranked higher than Jeremy and did the most damage to me he is insane talent. Anyway my voice hurts and I have training to get back to thank you Maxim for the platform and again all those listening or reading across the world. Maxim Ibragimov: There we have it ladies and gentlemen the great Boryenka Stepanov. Tune in next week as I interview Ivan Sidorov!
  11. Kilo "Bloodbath" Maluga (58-14-0) #1 P4P Fighter on the Planet Juiced to the gills Kiribati's Most Wanted Voted Most Likely to Mike Tyson somebody's ear Disciple of the Just Bleed Gods 2021 Fighter of the Year 2022 Fighter of the Year 2022 Super Heavyweight Olympic Gold Medalist Even though Kilo's nickname is Bloodbath because he's notoriously known for his satanic blood rituals and violent human sacrifices inside the MMA cage, Kilo's nickname should be "The Punisher" for the beating he puts on his opponents. He pummels them into defeat with a dynamic attack known as the 8 points of contact and breaks them down from the inside out. His opponents should consider themselves lucky it's illegal, because he would use his granite chin and headbutt the shit out of them if he could. 58wins, 58 knockouts. He's turned out more lights than the Clinton's. Let's watch his highlight reel. Turn your night vision goggles on folks, there will be blood, violence, and chilling homoerotic fantasies if @Steel is in the room. Please ignore the sound of flesh flapping, he's just enjoying his moment away from the missus. Devastating Knees "Kilo's knees break opponents down and lesser men men wilt under his sheer power level. He's the scariest fighter I ever seen and he's sculpted like a Greek God. One that I'd like to rub lavender, coconut, and huckleberry on in the mornin'." @actionjackson Maluga working the clinch nicely. Gyu Yeob is working for position but Maluga cracks him with a big knee to the head! Gyu Yeob crumples up against the cage and Maluga lands two more shots before the ref can save Gyu Yeob! This one is all over! Ladies and gentlemen, after 2:55 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Knee & Punches). Kilo Maluga! Maluga is working the Thai clinch up against the cage. He yanks Takuma's head to one side and delivers a picture perfect knee, right on the button! Boom! Down goes Takuma! He's out! He's out! The fight is over, just like that! Ladies and gentlemen, after 2:15 of round 1, we have a winner by way of KO (Knee). Kilo Maluga! Maluga drops Branca with a big knee straight up the middle! Branca is covering up against the cage but manages to escape and gets back to his feet! Today's fight clock is brought to you by... OOOH that's a huge shot by Maluga! Branca is in big trouble here - the ref steps in to save him and this one is all over! Ladies and gentlemen, after 2:59 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! Maluga jerks The Barbarian's head down, straight into the path of a devastating knee! The Barbarian drops to the floor in a crumpled heap! Maluga goes to throw a finishing haymaker but pulls out - good sportsmanship from Maluga because The Barbarian was completely out of it. That was a nice finish - just the right level of brutality to send everyone home happy. Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:12 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Knee). Kilo Maluga! Maluga lands a big knee! That's hurt Alyoshin! Oh, he's all over the place! Maluga lands another knee that sends Alyoshin to the floor and the referee steps in to end the fight! Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:58 of round 2, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! Lethal Head Kicks "Kilo hails stan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not a single binary or non-binary person alive has survived Kilo's deadly roundhouse." @j666 Maluga lands a brutal head kick. Le Tobb looks out on his feet and Maluga throws more strikes until the ref is forced to stop the fight! Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:27 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Kick and Punches). Kilo Maluga! Maluga feints a jab and as The Barbarian dips his head, Maluga unleashes a brutal head kick that catches The Barbarian right on the jaw! Timbeeer! The Barbarian falls backwards in slow motion, only propped up by the cage! Maluga smiles a psychotic smile as he stares down his unconscious opponent. That is a scary man. Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:19 of round 2, we have a winner by way of KO (Head Kick). Kilo Maluga! Cruz Jr wants to stay close but Maluga steps back to make room for something. Cruz Jr seems frozen to the spot and bam! huge swing of the leg from Maluga and Cruz Jr drops like he has been shot! A huge head kick and it's all over! Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:59 of round 3, we have a winner by way of KO (Head Kick). Kilo Maluga! Look low, kick high! Maluga uses the oldest trick in the book to send Babinski tumbling to the canvas, in a truly brutal knockout! Maluga is absolutely delighted - when Babinski wakes up, I doubt he'll be quite so happy! Ladies and gentlemen, after 2:19 of round 3, we have a winner by way of KO (Head Kick). Kilo Maluga! Maluga lands a brutal head kick. Namasuzuki looks out on his feet and Maluga throws more strikes until the ref is forced to stop the fight! Ladies and gentlemen, after 0:10 of round 2, we have a winner by way of TKO (Kick and Punches). Kilo Maluga! Maluga circles to his right before unloading a perfect head kick! Johnson drops to the canvas, hurt badly! Maluga follows Johnson to the ground and unloads with a series of strikes that force the referee to step in and end the fight! This one is all over! Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:13 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! Leifsson misses with a body shot and Maluga counters with a massive head kick! KABOOM! Leifsson is out cold! A devastating KO! Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:46 of round 2, we have a winner by way of KO (Head Kick). Kilo Maluga! Puno tries to land a body kick and as Puno loses concentration momentarily, Maluga counters with a picture perfect head kick! Puno goes down, out cold! The referee rushed in to check on his condition - I'm sure he'll be ok but that was a massive knockout! Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:55 of round 1, we have a winner by way of KO (Head Kick). Kilo Maluga! Uppercuts from Hell "It's a known and uncontested fact that Kilo has the most feared uppercuts in the business of combat sports. The one he hit Mumu with still gives me nightmares. R.I.P. Mumu me old mate." @TJMitchell Simard bobbing and weaving nicely... He's ducked under a jab and ducks again but ooooooh! Maluga comes at him with an uppercut from hell! Simard falls to the canvas, unconscious! This one is all over! Oh man, looking at the replay that was right on the button! Simard was out before he hit the floor! Ladies and gentlemen, after 2:18 of round 1, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). Kilo Maluga! Maluga creates a bit of space for himself and rocks Cruz Jr with a big uppercut! Cruz Jr tries to clinch up but Maluga pushes him back against the cage and lands another monster strike that crumples Cruz Jr to the mat! Cruz Jr covers up and Maluga unloads with more strikes until the referee steps in to end the bout! Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:17 of round 2, we have a winner by way of TKO (Punches). Kilo Maluga! Zulu leaves his chin hanging out and Maluga seizes the opportunity with an uppercut! Zulu crumbles to the floor in a heap! The referee steps in and tends to the downed fighter! What a knockout! Ladies and gentlemen, after 2:32 of round 1, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). Kilo Maluga! Maluga dips a shoulder and cracks Mumu with a mighty uppercut! Mumu falls back against the cage and Maluga unloads with a barrage of strikes! Mumu is completely out with his eyes open, only supported by the cage! Save him ref! Eventually the ref decides to do his job and jumps in - Maluga screams abuse at the incompetent official before going over to celebrate with his corner. Brutal stuff! Ladies and gentlemen, after 2:17 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! Maluga throws a big uppercut that drops Rain! More strikes from Maluga and the referee jumps in to stop the fight! Rain lies dazed against the cage as Maluga celebrates with his cornermen! Ladies and gentlemen, after 3:52 of round 2, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! Knox misses with a right hand and Maluga counters with a stiff jab, followed by a cross and an uppercut! That's too much punishment for Knox to take - he tumbles to the canvas, blood pouring from his nose, barely conscious. That's the end of the fight! Great knockout by Maluga! Ladies and gentlemen, after 0:49 of round 2, we have a winner by way of KO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! Maluga lands an uppercut in the clinch that drops De Boise to his knees! Maluga keeps firing more shots against his stricken opponent and the referee jumps in to save him!Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:26 of round 3, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! Maluga cracks Steve with a nasty uppercut that draws ooohs from the crowd and sends Steve tumbling backwards onto the mat. He tries to recover but Maluga pounces and lands a hail of unanswered strikes that forces the referee to step in to end the fight! Steve is not happy but he gave the referee no choice! Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:40 of round 2, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! Big Right Hand "Kilo has single-handedly caused more CTE than the NFL." @Mannetosen Maluga lands a big right hook! Barrera looks hurt but is still standing! Maluga lands a left jab and another right hook! This time Barrera falls down and Maluga dives in with a huge hammer fist! Barrera's eyes roll back! The referee calls for the bell and Maluga runs up the cage to celebrate with his fans! Ladies and gentlemen, after 2:48 of round 1, we have a winner by way of KO (Punches). Kilo Maluga! Maluga lands a big right hand that drops Svensson! The killer instinct kicks in and Maluga finishes his opponent with a series of strikes from mount. A dominating finish by Maluga! Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:59 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! Maluga throws a monster overhand right that drops Spanner! Maluga follows up with more strikes from mount and the fight is all over! Ladies and gentlemen, after 3:57 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! A shot to the body from Zulu misses and Maluga counters with a big right hand! Oh Zulu is in trouble here! Maluga follows up with more strikes and that's it! The ref has stopped it! Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:31 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! Piano gets caught by a big overhand right and goes down! Maluga gets on top of him and starts throwing some serious punches until the ref intervenes and stops the fight! Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:28 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! Spike throws a right hand that misses and Maluga counters with a big right hand! Oh Spike is in trouble here! Maluga follows up with more strikes and that's it! The ref has stopped it! Ladies and gentlemen, after 0:55 of round 2, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! Maluga lands with a massive overhand right! Stick a fork in Raper - he's out cold! Ermm... I think I just mixed my metaphors but yeah... That was a nice KO! Big win for Maluga! Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:26 of round 3, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). Kilo Maluga! Sparxx glances at the clock... BAM! Maluga nails him with a big right hand! A momentary lapse in concentration sends Sparxx crashing to the mat! The referee steps in and this one is over! Damn, Sparxx is out of it, he thinks the ref is his opponent! Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:57 of round 1, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). Kilo Maluga! Steve misses with a left hand and Maluga counters with a right hand from hell and Steve is out cold! A vicious knockout! Ladies and gentlemen, after 0:13 of round 2, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). Kilo Maluga! Maluga cracks Knox with a big right hand that sees him stumbling back against the cage! Knox falls to his knees and Maluga doesn't need a second invitatation - he rushes in and fires off several unanswered shots that force the referee to stop the fight! This one is all over! Ladies and gentlemen, after 0:05 of round 4, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! Maluga moves in close and cracks The Barbarian with a massive right hand! The Barbarian, frozen momentarily in time, tumbles to the canvas, already out cold! A brutal knockout by Maluga! Ladies and gentlemen, after 2:51 of round 1, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). Kilo Maluga! McDonald misses with a body punch and Maluga counters with a huge overhand right that connects right on the temple, sending him crumpling, face first to the floor! This one is all over! What a knockout! Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:09 of round 1, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). Kilo Maluga! Johnson walks right into a perfectly timed right hook and goes down hard! He's out cold! The ref cradles Johnson limp body while Maluga jumps on to the cage and waves to the roaring crowd. Wow that was just a brutal knockout! Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:37 of round 1, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). Kilo Maluga! Legend Killer "Kilo slayed legends of the Syn' Heavyweight division and ended some of the most impressive win streaks of all time. He carries Syn' on his back and I'm riding his coat tails. He's the undisputed GOAT and I've seen him shower, once. Best day of my life." @Icon73 Slice is wiping some vaseline out of his eye. Maluga doesn't give a rats ass about fair play and cracks him with a massive hook to the side of the head! Slice crumples to the floor out cold! The cornerman is going to be in Slice's bad books for that mishap! Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:44 of round 2, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). Kilo Maluga! Maluga drops Tower with a big left hand! Tower is injured, injured bad! Maluga jumps in and finished him with strikes! The fight is over! Ladies and gentlemen, after 0:49 of round 3, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! Piano gets tagged by a hook that puts him to sleep! Maluga points and yells something to his unconcious foe before strutting off. Piano wakes up just in time to hear Maluga thank his coaches in the post fight interview. Ladies and gentlemen, after 3:42 of round 1, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). Kilo Maluga! The End! The reigning P4P #1 fighter and future Syn' Hall of Famer has collected more skulls than Conan. He's bagged more bodies than Rambo. You might have seen a couple names on there more than once, but that's only because Kilo's so nice he did it twice. He's clobbered more Belgium hookers than a methed up Hitler. Maluga lands an uppercut out of nowhere! McNasty falls backwards - clearly groggy! Maluga dives in and finishes the fight with more strikes for a TKO finish! Ladies and gentlemen, after 2:32 of round 5, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! What was that? Oh, nothing. Just Kilo beating the shit out of some street urchin Was that his trademark "Jackhammer" uppercut? Oh yes, he really jackhammered him right there, didn't he? Maluga cracks McNasty on the jaw with a powerful right hand and McNasty falls backwards against the cage. Maluga follows up with more strikes that drop McNasty to his knees. Maluga keeps the pressure on and the referee jumps in to save McNasty! This one is all over! Ladies and gentlemen, after 3:50 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Kilo Maluga! Good god! Kilo jack hammered him again, did he? Oh yes he did dear boy. He really did. Media Archive! Craving more Kilo? We don't blame you! Pure unadulterated violence at its finest. For your fix of all media pertaining the Heavyweight GOAT of Syn' please check out our compilation below - free of charge! Mac Little meets Kilo & The KO King Kilo sounds off after loss Kilo wins YB Sol Invitational Grand Prix Kilo spanks Valentina's Ass Kilo bulldozes Tower; captures Syn' HW Title And still the #1 P4P King... Kilo toys with McNasty; defends title in style Kilo hates rave music... Rumor Mill: #1 p4p Kilo vs #2 p4p Tong Po First fight no fluke, Kilo mops McNasty Knox'd Out! Challenger bloodied and beaten! The Trilogy that crept up on nobody King of the Island Kilo ready for Zeta Yago, let's fucking go Kilo vs Babinski Presser The Last Dance Post-Fight Presser Kilo vs Pupuki Kilo's predicts winner of Babinski vs CDB Syn' 885 Pre-Fight Press Conference; Kilo vs KJ The Streak Ends; Kilo reflects on defeat Kilo captures Olympic Gold Medal Revenge at Supernova Maluga wants WAR Kilo's Dream Fights Maluga Crew attend SYN 934 Kilo murks Leif; Head Kicks into orbit Presidential Ambitions Planned for 2024 Kilo's Last Dance? Kilo Exclusive: For Blood & Money (TBD) SYN' 940 Pre-fight Interview SYN' 940 Recap Kilo vs YABAI Maluga given key to city of LA 2022 MMA Awards hosted by Kilo Maluga Kilo vs Leif V Overcoming Adversity Puno Head Kicked into oblivion Kilo & company attend WVT 73 Bloodbath's Heavyweight hitlist Suriname's Clarence Hoost Kilo livid with Doctor Stoppage Roid Rage: Kilo's outburst at WVT Igor's Hilarious Bad Predictions: Let's end this with hilariously bad fight predictions by "MMA Expert" @igorbyhenikov with predictions so bad and comically wrong, they deserve to be framed in the Hall of Shame. Sorry Igor, but Kilo keeps all his receipts. - Kilo vs Mumu - Kilo vs Rain - Kilo vs Sparxxx - Kilo vs McNasty II (Igor eats crow and reluctantly predicts Kilo will win) - Kilo vs Knox - Kilo vs Veainu - Kilo vs Steve (Igor picks Kilo twice!) - Kilo vs Knox II - Kilo vs Babinski - Kilo vs Conor VII - Kilo vs Pupuki - Kilo vs KJ KILO'S OFFICIAL SPONSORS Kilo "Bloodbath" Maluga shows off his laundry list of lucrative sponsorship deals. The blood tribute must be paid before we can break bread proper. Favorite Attire Combinations: CAN BE FOUND AT CONVICTED, CONQUER, PWNAGE, & BONDI Currently waiting on Kilo™ edition LEGEND line from Conquer and Carnage. @j666 @DeadDisney Kilo is a master of piracy and 8 points of contact. @rjs2442 @AlexManiatakos @BusterGloves @Gator001 @DBM2 @bjornmma1 @Stef Kilo's favorite supplements:
  12. Helmans: Welcome Everybody! We've finally decided to come out with the plans that we are both having regarding Giovanni's future steps and really what's next for him, what is with all of those buzz shenanigans and us as business partners so let's get it started, Gio welcome. Giovanni Welcome Helmans, and hopefully everybody that will read through that crap that We will produce, I see you Jaimie don't worry, You still have no leverage. Helmans: Seems like We are starting strong right of the bat. Giovanni: Let's just say that I want to address every little thing in here. Helmans: Alright so We can start where you left off just now, so what's your deal with Jaimie Hopson? Giovanni: My deal? He is the one talking about me and mentioning me most of the times, I'm just answering him and letting him know his place in the hierarchy, and it is far below me. Helmans: He managed to defend his Wolves title for the second time last weekend, any comment on that? Giovanni: That he won the belt against a negative IQ fighter and he defended it in his last fight against the same negative IQ guy, anything else? Helmans: I feel like you summed up your thoughts well enough, therefore We can move on, Where have you been lately then? You've won the Heartless belt at 185 and you are nowhere to be seen why is that? Giovanni: Do I really have to even say it? The deal was for me to have a 1 fight in there against Tintley, I got offered 3 and It went that way to the title somehow, I was never chasing the belt in there, the belt chased me. Helmans: So what is your next step? Giovanni: You know what my friend? I am actually considering going into grappling a little bit more, going back to my roots. Helmans: Now that's a bit unexpected I should say, is there any specific reason for that? Giovanni: I wouldn't say so, I just want to feel again that type of emotions and to focus just purely on the grappling stuff when it comes to my training sessions. Helmans: SSG or maybe straight to CWC? Giovanni: That is up to you my friend and what do you think would suit me better for now. Helmans: Alright so we got that stuff out of our way, let's go back to buzz for a second, Locke, Stepanov? Anything regarding these 2? Giovanni: To be honest I admire Stepanov abilities to get easy wins as well as easy payday for each one of his fights, I admit that his last fight was probably his hardest other than his loss but still I don't think that his opponents were that good when it comes to their wrestling and abilities to keep the fight on their feet. And Locke? That boy has been training for 5 years already and all he ever did was getting some wins against old MMA fighters, fighters with negative records or bums in overall, to then lose to one of them because he has ZERO clinchwork and cry about it and insult a guy because he used a technique that was legal in their sanctioned fight, this kid is a joke. Helmans: If you would lose in a grappling bout would you really consider that a loss? Giovanni: Why wouldn't I consider that a loss? A loss is a loss no matter the sport, I might be still undefeated in MMA but If I were to lose in grappling then be it, back in the days I've already tasted what defeat feels like, I know that I am not invincible. Helmans: One last thing regarding Jaimie Hopson, this thought just came into my mind, what do you think about his next fight against Ivan Sidorov? Giovanni: Being completely honest without being biased right now? I do feel like Sidorov will take him down eventually at least once and when he does that It should be a wrap and Jaimie once again will fold like he did against Hyrra, whom by the way he trash talked as one of the worst fighters in our division back in EMPIRE, just for him to get smashed in the 1st round by him, how ironic. Helmans: I would like to Thank You for your time and hopefully We will see you back in action soon! Giovanni: The pleasure is all mine.
  13. Dude "And we are live, hello MMA fans I'm Dude McChadStrongwick and I'm joined with the baddest lightweight of the world with a perfect 4-0 record, It's Datte "Believe It" Bayo. It's an honour to have you here, how are you doing?" Datte "I'm doing great, happy to be coming fresh off a victory. It's been a long time coming and we are excited to be pushing forward." Dude "Not just any victory but one that ended with a new champ, what were you thinking when you entered the octagon with, then, champion Moussa?" "What was your game plan and did it work out as intended?" Datte "I knew his gameplan consisted of trying to get me on the ground and sub me out.. I planned accordingly and hit him with some hard shots on the outside until I felt like he was hurt and took it to the clinch. I wasn't as accurate as I would have liked but once I hit that knee to the head, I knew I could finish the fight." Dude "Damn, I don't think a single opponent has made it 3 minutes with ya. What would you say is the biggest reason for your success?" Datte "I am in convicted in my belief to overcome adversity. I know I am not indestructible but I fight with purpose. Every second in the cage is an opportunity for me to show people where I come from and my way of life. I swing with purpose. I'd also like to thank my camp. Everyone in there is a beast and I'm the littlest guy there. I'm constantly sparring with people 30+ pounds heavier than me. " Dude "A humble response, but how did you get into MMA?" Datte "I have been instructed in martial arts from a young age. It was never combative focused until just a few years ago. Everything was just about being in good physical shape and finding peace within myself in this life. I left a talented prospect injured in my first amateur debut bout via way of KO in the first round & was suggested I go try my hand in the Big Apple at a professional org just opening up. It was never my ambition to be the champion. I just kept accepting fights, resting assured that I was taking care of myself and my family." Dude "Ahhh ok, so even though you didn't want to be champ you just kept winning 'till you were one" "but if you could go back and not become a champ, would you change your fate" Datte "I truly believe that everything I am doing is aligning me with my purpose. If this is where I am right now, this is where I am meant to be. I am not in control." Dude "so you believe in fate, are you part of a religion or?" Datte "my religion and spirituality just comes from within. I am connected to the source of life and it gives me the strength to overcome." Dude "I'm glad you didn't say something like "the power of friendship" or something" "Anyways, as you're champ you'll probably have to defend it. Is there anyone in your weight class that you see as a challenge, maybe try branching off into a new weight class?" Datte “There is plenty of young talented fighters in the division.. I plan on taking whoever is thrown at me. I don’t think a champion should get much say over who they are going to be fighting to defend their title. If I successfully defend one or two times I would love to see Daverio in 145 for the belt as that’s where I started my career off. I’m happy to announce I extended my contract for 5 more fights, so we will just have to see where that takes us.” Dude "So you're not much of a can crusher. All of your answers are hella honest and humble, how do ya do it?" Datte “I enjoy strong competition. The key for me has been consistently training and never taking a day off.. I train every day as if my next fight was a Goliath. I don’t back down and I am truly convicted in belief of my higher self.” Dude "Overall, a pretty good fight philosophy." "That seems like a good place to end the interview, is there anything you'd like to say to our viewers before we stop" Datte “Thanks for having me. Thank you to all the fans for all the support and thank you for pushing me be the best I can be.” Dude "May you have the best of luck on future title fights"
  14. Dude "And we're live, I'm Dude McChadStrongwick and I'm joined by none other than the belt challenger, the man closest to claiming gold at 265 pounds and nearly 6'4, it's Vedran "The Missile" Mihaljevic. I hope the studio isn't too small for you, how are you doing?" Miha "Is good studio, yes. Chair is good. Am doing well. Big excitement, yes!" Dude "Perfect, so how did you get into MMA?" Miha "Was accident, truly. Signed up for Blood Drive one day. Try to give blood, yes? No. Is MMA fights called Blood Drive 5 in Zagreb, my home. Much funny. But win, so try as job. Works good, yes." Dude "And winning you've been doing a fair bit, what would you say is the biggest reason for your success?" "Not to take anything away from your hard work and training but everyone else is doing that, normally there's something special that allows for a 5-0 record" Miha "I think that one easy. I learn to be tough from tv, same as English. Mr. T, he teach take no bull from anyone. Hulk Hogan teach take vitamin and get sun tan, yes? Rocky teach never give up. Go Joe!" Dude "oh I see, I presume you watched a lot of American tv growing up. Do you think you could beat Rocky or Hulk Hogan in a fair fight?" "I know that's a weird questions but I'm curious" Miha "Oh yes, much tv. Old shows. MacGyver was good show. I could beat Rocky and Hogan, I think. Sweep the legs, yes? Take legs, they fall down. Is good plan, yes?" Dude "It does seem like they're not big fans of leg day, what about your next opponent Prokop Pustik? Is your game plan gonna be to sweep him?" Miha "Maybe work legs a little, I think. Try to keep him off the ground. He is good ground pounding, so not so good for me, yes? Then hit him many times in face, maybe work ribs like Rocky. Many good things to try, sometime not so good working out." Dude "so 1 to 10, what are you're odds of beating him?" Miha "If standing up and not a good chin, I beat easy 10/10. If go long rounds, more chance of takedown, odds not so good, go 5/10, maybe? Is good champion, yes? I throw kitchen sink at him, see what happen." Dude "If he losses, that's what he gets for not responding to my interview request" "That's a threat to anyone who doesn't interview with me, they'll get a kitchen sink yeeted at them" "Ok, back to the questions. What would you say is your hardest fight so far?" Miha "So much is Gorilla Gordon. Has good chin, truly. Hit him many times and many in the body to soften him. Third round it takes to get him. Like that fight, very much. Maybe sometime we do rematch. Good fighter and like his name. Gorilla! Haha" Dude "I think he's about 16 places below the champ so rip, what about your easiest fight?" Miha "Ah, that one go quick. Patrick Knight, yes? Throw many punches very fast. Only take 58 seconds of fighting. Good to get money for one minute work, I think. Like his hair, truly, like mine only pink. Makes me laugh." Dude "so if you do get the title, how long do you think you'll hold onto it?" Miha "Hope many fights. But anything can happen all the time. Very good fighter Van Thuringen coming up. Truly good boxer. Tough...fight three times and not even one minute in any fight. All knockout. Like boogeyman." Dude "I know this might be coming off bluntly but how do you feel about your last manager Domagoj Rakitic?" Miha "Is too bad he not sticking around for the run to title shot. Why he cut me loose? I win both fights under him, always train, got good chance at belt. Maybe he make mistake, yes? Show him that true, for sure. Think he is not thinking so good." Dude "So what do you think is the main reason for you getting a title shot?" Miha "Talk to Mr. Bautista about Title fight and he say, first I must win fight against Big Burtha. If win, can have shot at Title, unbeaten vs unbeaten. So, is good of Mr. Bautista to keep word, yes?" Dude "I think that's a good place to end the interview, any last words before we stop?" Miha "Just to say, will have fun going to punch somebody in the face! Yes!" Dude "Best of luck on your next fight and good night".
  15. Dude "Hello MMA fan, I'm Dude McChadStrongwick and I'm joined with the baddest bantamweight in the world with a record of 5-1. It's Jerry Goon, thank you for taking time out of your day to join us how are you doing?" Jerry "Thanks for having me. I'm doing great, just a bit sore and tired. Long ass flight back home" Dude "New York to London damn, that's a long-ass flight" "Let's get into the questions before you feel the need to take a nap; How did you get into MMA?" Jerry "Oh yea luckily I travel 1st class so not as bad." " Well as I'm sure you've noticed I have a few family members that fight as well. So it was just the natural thing to do. Get paid to beat people up" Dude "I imagine that belt has made them quite proud of you" Jerry "Oh for sure but I've claimed gold before and just got back what was rightfully mine. We are just waiting on the rest of us to take over and claim a few more." "Sorry for generic responses, that combo he hit me with is still a bit fresh lol, guy (his last opponent) hits like a freight train." Dude "That's fine, being concussed is pretty normal for this sport. Speaking of gold, what do you think went wrong with the title fight against Patrick Bateman?" "Cause he's a world-class submission artist but he got you with strikes" Jerry "Honestly nothing went wrong. I trained hard for that fight but just couldn't stop 2 TDs. The last one was the game over one. I had a game plan and it just didn't go my way." "He went ape shit on the ground and a couple got through. My ground game has vastly improved, so that won't happen again" "Now all I have to worry about is the clinch spamming pussy manager K Britt. Him and his fighters are bitches." Dude "Oh I've interviewed some of K Britts fighters but they seemed kind, though they were in different weight classes, would you care to elaborate what you mean by that?" Jerry "I mean just take a look at his fighters...Spam elbows in the clinch, it takes 0 skill vs lesser opponents." "I'll get that 145lb belt back" Dude "You're talking about Mateo Daverio (Champ of 145lb at Bellicose) aren't you? Ah fuck, I just interviewed him" Dude "let's get back on topic, if you were to rematch Patrick would it go down differently?" "Would you change your game plan at all?" Jerry "I'd sleep him in 2 minutes, no doubt at all. Game plan would be the same" Dude "I assume you'll do that with your notorious right hand" "Everyone else is fighting with iron and bronze, meanwhile, your fighting with tungsten covered hands" Jerry "Everyone of my finishes has been due to the J Bomb. No one at 135 or 145 can handle my power" "Take this title fight, for example, I was rocked and still landed it and put him away" Dude "I know this is a dumb question but how much can you bench?" Jerry "I don't go for a max but I can do 35 reps at 225lbs" "If I was to guess I'd say about 290lb would be a max, I never really went with bulk weight vs rep weight" (Go to https://www.healthline.com/health/exercise-fitness/average-bench-press#average-for-men for comparison) Dude "Were you always this strong or was it just a lot of hard work?" Jerry "Oddly enough it's just been natural, I mean of course, I train a bit but being strong is how I've been able to KO people. Perks of a fighting family and the love of fighting" Dude "So it's in your blood" Jerry "That it is" Dude "Damn, what does your average morning look like?" "Wake up, chug a bucket of raw eggs and beat a dead cow?" Jerry "Wake up 3am eat eggs and steak. 4am-6am its sparring. "Rare steak.. None of that med well bs them northern people eat" Dude "So with all that effort, If you had to guess how much longer you'll hold your title, what would your guess be?" "and are you interested in maybe getting a belt in both divisions?" Jerry "I'm never going to lose it. There is no one at 135lb that can contend with me or handle my power" "Of course but that's down the road a bit. I have to clear out the BM division before I start looking at 145 again" Dude "I mean, is there no one in 145lb that has a chance" Jerry "The champ is about my only comp(etition) at 145 in my mind and I already know his game plan. But as said in order to be a champ you must defend your belt and I have yet to do that. I'm ready this weekend if needed" Dude "Considering I've interviewed you both, I'm excited to see which one will be next as they'll surely be accepted into the hall of fame for having two belts" Jerry "HOF is up to the people, if they think I deserve it then hell yea but it's just a bonus. I have to focus only on what I can control" "I'm ready to fight asap and I know there is already a challenger lined up. So let's get this shit done" Dude "Do you know who that challenger is?" Jerry "My guess would be Artemis Bay seeing as he's on a 4 fight win streak but he may have a fight lined up vs Max Chapman and the winner of that gets me but I'm hoping I don't have to wait that long" Dude "Well, I think that's a good place to end the interview, thanks for the leak" "Any words before we stop? Jerry " Feels good to be back on top but now this is where the hard work starts. I know there are some savages coming after me and I have to be prepared on ALL levels. K Britt don't be a bitch and let's get this fight signed up" Dude "Hahahaha welp thanks for coming on" Jerry "Anytime and again thank you for having me, always fun to be part of a great podcast" Dude "Best of luck on your next title fight" Jerry "Thank you, now time for some sleep and see how bad my brain is damaged lmao"
  16. Dude "Hello everybody, I'm Dude McChadStrongwick and I'm joined by the baddest man of the Featherweight division at Bellicose, whom has a perfect record of 5-0, It's Mateo Daverio, how are you doing today?" Mateo "I'm doing well and happy to be here." Dude "Great, I suppose we should just jump straight into the questions, how did you get into MMA?" Mateo "I was a small kid, still am a small guy- that's why I'm a Featherwight- and got picked on, because I was kinda athletic,but scrawny on the streets in a pretty bad neighborhood in Milan. In high school it got really bad, so my parents first tried sending me to karate lessons, Way too much discipline for me. So I suggested maybe I could learn to box instead, and I was okay, would try to clinch up and was good in the tight spaces, but man, I just wanted to use everything I had in those clinches- knee, elbow, everything- and still wasn't allowed to do it. I was complaining, about when I turned 18, in the boxing gym about the stupid rules. So a guy overhears me, tells me of MMA, where you can do almost anything, can't kick someone in the nuts or gouge their eyes, but almost anything else. Talked to me about different styles to base it on, Muay Thai seemed like my kind of thing. So I found a Muay Thai trainer and played around with it as an amateur, became well known among amateurs in Italy. There was some chatter, so the Britts came to watch me, and suggested if I listened to them they could help me train to be pro and make a lot of money beating people up, they loved my talent. It's important there are weight classes, because I'd still have no chance against the really big guys. No I get paid to beat guys up, and they all have to be about my size, and I'm loving life!" Dude "so you started out boxing but later moved into MMA, doing more Muay Thai. Would you say either is your strongest attribute as a fighter so is there something else that helped you to the top?" Mateo "I think the biggest thing that helped me, was when I learned to enjoy it- which I didn't with Boxing, so many rules, limits. I'm such a natural clinch fighter, always was, and Muay Thai I could knee and elbow, after having been beaten up even in high school, feels so good to dish that back out, and once I got into Muay Thai with less limits, I started enjoying it, so now I go in the cage and even if I like the guy I'm fighting, I still like that I get to hurt him. If he taunts me or makes me mad or something, then that's when I really enjoy ripping him a new one. Maybe I should have learned submission grappling, the scream when I did a sub move woulda felt good, but elbowing thrown in with punches and all, I can open up cuts and stuff, it's still all fun, turning the tables from what I went through as a teen." Dude "So even if you weren't getting paid, would you risk blood and bone just to fight a bit more?" Mateo "If there were no pro MMA, I'd still be doing it as an amateur, which I did, for years, before the Britts came out to watch me, said they were impressed, and helped to lead me to actually make big money doin' it. But if they'd never found me, or there weren't pro MMA, I'd still be doing it as an amateur, absolutely." Dude "But has there ever been an opponent that showed any serious challenge? I only ask because from your pro fight record, there was only one person who made it to the end and even he lost." "The rest got KO'd in such a brutal fashion too" Mateo "I was afraid of Dell (his lastest title defence), I know. I ended up winning, but he's so talented on the ground, it takes some luck. One thing I had to start doing after turning pro was make sure I could wrestle some, even learn some submission grappling too, so I wouldn't be easy to take down and could avoid being destroyed if I was. It was something the Britts said I needed or I'd get taken down and lose that way, and though I've drilled on that it's always the nightmare scenario. So if Dell got me down and kept me there, that fight goes the other way. I worked hard to make it so it wouldn't happen, but that fight was more risky than it might've looked." Dude "I believe that was your first title defence, but were you not intimidated by the guy you took the belt from Patrick Bateman?" Mateo "I never take a fight for granted, but Bateman was gonna be easy to beat up on our feet, and wasn't as dangerous on the ground as Dell either. I was more confident I could handle it if he took me down, and I knew on his feet he was pretty helpless. Dell wasn't even so helpless on his feet, and was a bigger threat on the ground, so made me more nervous." Dude "So he might as well be a dead man walking, seems like the people he had to pass to be champ were just weak or had bad managers. How do you feel about Bellicose and, mainly, your weight division?" Mateo "I think Bellicose is an amazing organization. I couldn't ask to have a better run group to work with. They're now the only org for fighters with my level of pro experience, and that led to a lot of the guys I see around with the management group being in it too, and a lot in the same weight division, and the Britts won't want us to fight each other. We weren't all meant to be in the same division in the same org, but with other orgs folding it ended up that way. I guess Bray is working to lose weight to fight in Bantam or something, which maybe he'll be another in our group that gets a title that way. But Bellicose has good quality in every way, and the only negative at all is there are too many of us from the same group clogging up Feathers in it." Dude "I think that's a good place to end the interview. You've been a great guest, do you have any final words before we end?" Mateo "I just wanna say that I'm involved with a lot of class acts, that we talked about. Bellicose is a class act, the fighters I work with in the management group, the fighters at Simply The Best gym, these are class acts. My opponents mostly are too, even if I love to beat them up. I feel so lucky, making big money to do something I love, and someday I'll run into one of the bullies from high school and let him see what I can do to him now, haha." Dude "Thank you and best of luck on your next title defence" Mateo "Thank you and have a nice day."
  17. Going to be doing random short interviews with fighters/managers just for fun. Saw a couple of fighters trash talking on buzz and did little interviews with a couple of them already. Edit: Q/Red=Question/Interviewer A/Blue= Answer/Fighter or Manager
  18. CM: Hi guys; we have a very special segment for you today. As always I am Chael Mir, presenting you with another face 2 face interview, this time between two guys who do NOT like each other very much. These guys will be facing each other in the final of The Rumble on The Rocks Tournament in the 205lb division. The winner will be receiving a shot at the championship. These two are both joining me in the studio today; and hopefully we will have no security issues like we did in the last interview with Alejandro Scott and Texas Pete; otherwise well need to get Wolfs super soldiers Cortez and Cadern on the security job to break these guys off. Anyway; Im supposed to be interviewing these guys, so I guess we should get back to that http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/22/22w1.jpg Quintus Octavian (303464) Record: 2-1 Wins: 0 TKO/KOs 2 Submissions 0 Decisions Losses: 0 TKO/KOs 1 Submission 0 Decisions Manager: Marcus Crassus (Steel Peel) Abilities: Crisp boxing Good chin Improving submission game Versatility Excellent trash talk Characteristics: Cunning Narcissistic Arrogant Proud Analytical http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/0/14750223985023.png Joao Pedro Mauricio "Black Panther" DeSilva (301306) Record: 2-0 Wins: 0 TKO/KOs 2 Submissions 0 Decisions Losses: 0 TKO/KOs 0 Submission 0 Decisions Manager: Bradley Burns (StPierreCanada) Abilities: Good chin Strong takedown game Excellent submissions Relentless grappling Confidence in ability Characteristics: Arrogant Proud Studious Ambitious Confrontational Joining me we have Quintus Octavian (303464) and Joao Pedro De Silva (301306). My first question will be for Joao; Joao you have arrived in this tournament as a late replacement; how do you feel about the opportunity? And how do you feel about Quintus Octavian as an opponent? JPS: I am thrilled with this opportunity, my amateur career went perfectly at 8-0 and I was fighting at Heavyweight, so I felt I was ready for a pro. I am only 19 and didn't expect such an opportunity this early in my career, but I will take advantage of it, no doubt. I'm ready to take over. As far as Quintus, I respect him, he wants to feed his family like me, he wants to win and I know he doesn't respect me much but that will come back to haunt him. CM: He said in the lead up to the fight that he thinks hes going to submit you, is he underestimating your grappling ability there? Or do you think hes just trying to get inside your head? JPS: He has good Jiu Jitsu, his training partners are skilled on the ground so I know he will come prepared, but I'm a totally different kind of fighter. He won't submit me, this is a fact, he just wants to talk as much shit as he can to make himself feel tough. He won't feel tough after I make him scream mercy. CM: For Quintus; Quintus how do you feel about this opportunity and about your opponent for this fight? QO: Opportunity? I think nothing it's another fight, I'm young it doesn't matter I'll just fight. Him, well he's so one dimensional he's dangerous in that dimension which is takedown submission fighting. I'll probably annihilate him standing because it will be easy and I'll sweat less. In the longer term he's a can period. Hey did Ryan live? How bad was he? CM: I believe he recently won a fight after his title shot; talk to me about Jimmy Ryan, you guys really seem to rub each other the wrong way, but do you actually respect his skills or not? QO: Ryan beat a guy coming off 2 1st round losses, Ryan was fed a bum to keep him up the rankings and keep his whiny bitch camp happy. Guy walks into the org fights the champ, a wrestler, gets smashed striking, then gets a soft opponent. Something smells. CM: I can see why you think that; but on the other side of the coin; he is the only guy to take a round from the champion. JPS; you are known mainly as a grappling ace, and you have been single minded in your pursuit of the takedown so far, will you mix in more striking in this fight? Or will you be relentless in obtaining those takedowns and submissions? JPS: My stand up is coming along nicely, & I have the best team in the world. I want to put him to sleep whether it's a KO or submission, it doesn't matter. I'm obviously looking to expose his weaknesses and his ground game isn't the only one. He's not in the same league as me, he's a cocky shit and I'll punish him for it. CM: Well we certainly hope so for the sake of this fight being even better; Quintus how do you respond to this? QO: He has to get the takedown, anything else he says is coming out of his ass. I'll sub him just to make look even worse than he is, so his pussy camp kick his ass into the street. Who knows, if he sucks bad enough Northern Ninja will be looking to have Ryan fight him. JPS: Listen bro you disrespectful as a motherfucker, you know what I've done and you know, youre in trouble, your wrestling is garbage and I'm going to expose you, & your ground game isn't even respectable so I welcome you to try to play on the ground with me, we all know you want no piece of that. Be humble man; not be mad, don't be mad. QO: This dudes a moron, like he's been sniffing shit that makes him more retarded than he appears, which is going some. His ground game is ok, I'll put him to sleep though if I have to but let's be honest here, his striking is fucking diabolical, I'll ruin him. JPS: I got 3 TKO's in my amateur career so I'm not too worried about your ignorant statements, I just prefer tapping guys out and making them physically quit. You'll quit to, you'll want out real fast. CM: I guess we best get this interview back on topic; as good as you both clearly are at talking smack. Quintus; is this guy a good tune up for the champion; Jonas Lofmark? They have a similar style in that theyd both look to take you down, are you using this fight to potentially prepare for that one down the road? QO: To be honest, I should have been awarded the tournament win by default as this clown JPS is simply a shirt filler. His amateur record, don't make me laugh, punching 10 year old white belts as a 15 year old spot ridden teenager in your local Karate class, isn't a fucking amateur career dickhead. As for Lofmark, he's more dangerous than this fool, dude can clearly bang and he carries that threat to the mat. Silva's got subs, Lofmark gets top position and you wear leather, Silva looks for the Chinese burn, so yeh, Lofmark carries more of a threat. But I think Lofmark will get beat in his next fight anyhow, so he wont figure as my title fight will be against another striker. CM: So you think people may be sleeping on Pollo Tropical here? Break down how you see that fight going. QO: First off, Lofmark loses soon as he lands his best shot on a dude that stands there, smiles at the mother fucker and bangs him back. Tropical will survive some early scares on the ground, get the fight stood up and bang Lofmark out in the 2nd or 3rd. I'm real pissed off that I am fighting this De Silva chump for a prize fund I couldn't give a fuck about, when I could have been the first to expose the fake champ Lofmark, expose his weaknesses, stand and laugh at the fucker when his right hand bounces off my chin and I hit him right back. Instead this Tropical prick gets handed the title shot, doesn't have to win a fucking tourney. It's bullshit, Lofmark should have been waiting for me not fighting chumps who don't deserve a shot, ain't earned no shot. Lofmark is bum, Tropical is a bum but he beats Lofmark. Right now I am not training for this De Silva bum, I am focusing on this Tropical, another prick who has had special treatment, like that pile of shit Ryan. CM: So Joao; what do you think of Quintus comments? And what is your prediction for the main event of Tropical vs Lofmark? JPS: This guy is a clown man, he's hilarious because he actually thinks he sounds cool. I'm gonna take him out, he isn't a complete fighter like I am and I will punish him for all this garbage he spews. His team is going to be embarrassed and humbled after I break him. CM: And what is your prediction for Tropical vs Lofmark? Who do you think youll be facing at PINNACLE? After you get past Quintus of course. JPS: I respect Pollo Tropical a lot, I trained with him recently as his manager and mine get along quite well. Pollo will win this fight with Lofmark, no question in my mind, as Tropical is the best fighter besides me in this whole org. Lofmark is tough, I will admit that. CM: Interesting; so you guys both think we will have a new champion going into PINNACLE. That really would shake things up a lot. Im gonna wrap this up but I need one more prediction from you guys. Who wins out of Joao Pedro De Silva and Quintus Octavian? What round? And what method? JPS, you go first JPS: I'm gonna finish him in the first round by Submission or TKO, he is doomed. All his shit talk will make him look even stupider after I make him quit. CM: Strong words there Joao, Quintus, whats your prediction for the fight? QO: I'll submit him triangle choke just to humiliate the asshole, I will probably give up the takedown when it happens. Dudes a chump. CM: Well thank you both for those enlightening answers; its been an excellent build up to the fight so far. Well guys looks like thats gonna be it for this edition of Face 2 Face. We hope you enjoy what these two athletes had to give today. It is sure to be an excellent fight and only one of many on the same card. Tune in here: http://www.mmatycoon.com/orgupcomingeventpublic.php?EvID=878726 for all the finals of Rumble on The Rocks. Title shots in all our divisions hang in the balance, along with 50k cash prizes to the winning managers. Tune in on Saturday 11th of February to see the climax of these tournaments in all of the divisions.
  19. http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/0/13927448671996.jpg Jack Shaw Q: Dear martial arts fans today I will pay a really special visit to Jack Shaw. The man also known as "Chainsaw" was born in London - England but currently resides in Las Vegas where he has made his home in the light heavyweight division of the world-renowned Global Association of MMA, or GAMMA in short. I am actually doing this interview in his gym to see Jack sparring for his upcoming fight and perhaps he will even let me do some sparring against him! Walking into the rowdy gym, I see people sparring in a little cage, some guys running the treadmill and one Jack Shaw struggling to tie his boot laces on a bench right next to the wrestling mats. Q: Hey Jack, would it be possible for me to do some sparring with you? Jack: Long time no see! Sure, I can do some light boxing sparring no problemo. Have you ever sparred before or do you need a few tips? Q: I’ve been an MMA enthusiast for quite a long time now but I’ve never been in a real fight before so a few tips would be handy. Jack: First things first, in fighting you should avoid getting hit as much as possible! That’s why having a good defense is critical. Now you’ve seen fights before, put up your hands to guard yourself. I put my hands up to the top of my head, squinting my eyes a little as I’m bracing for impact. Jack: That’s quite a high guard, for the basic stance you should lower your hands a little. Keep your chin down and try to keep your eyes focused on your opponent so you don’t get surprised. Good, now bend down your knees a little bit. Q: Damn this is hard, I’m already starting to sweat and the sparring hasn’t even begun yet. Jack: Nobody said it was going to be easy. Now you should try not to stand still in front of your opponent or you’ll end up being your opponent’s punching bag. Jack stretches his left hand out for a snapping flicker jab as a voice rings through the gym. Alika: Sparring gloves, Jack! Jack stopping his punch just a few inches away for my face: Oh yeah right, I’d better put them on. Alika: Hey, sorry for the scare. The name’s Alika Webb, I’m Jack’s manager. By now he should know to put on his sparring gloves but he’s a bit of a bellend so sometimes it takes him a while to think things through, or at all I’m afraid. Q: No problem, I doubt he was going to punch me for real. Alika laughing a little nervously: Yeah, I’m sure he wasn’t but safety first you know. Jack: Ok, I’m back and I got my sparring gloves on. Alika: I’ll be leaving you two to it then. Jack: Sorry for Alika, he’s a great guy but he can be a bit of a Nervous Nellie sometimes. Q: That’s alright, are the sparring gloves different from your usual fighting gloves? Jack: A bit yeah, they give a bit more protection. If I hit you with one of these you’re going to feel it but not as hard as with my normal gloves. Moving on now, don’t plant your feet on the ground. Try staying in motion and when you punch … Q: Stop! You’re going a little too fast for me! Jack: Ok, here I’ll just show you with a punching bag, it’ll be much easier if you see how to do it. Jack takes his stance and stares intently at the punching bag: Just focus on your opponent and get yourself mentally ready. My opponent wants to destroy me and the only way to stop him is to crank that chainsaw and slice him up! Brum Brum Brum. Attack! Brrrrrrrrrrrrr. As Jack starts chopping away at the punching bag in his chainsaw style I can feel every cell in my body try to run away. Just as I slowly start to walk backwards he stops his crazed assault and calls me over to give it a try. Jack: Now you do it! Just as I take my stance and get ready to punch the bag, a voice bellows throughout the gym. Alika: Sparring gloves, Jack! Jack: Oh right, here put my gloves on first. As I successfully complete a series of punches my confidence rises and Jack says it’s time for the actual sparring. Q: You’ll go easy on me, right? Jack: Of course, trust me. I’ll start slow and if you feel like I’m being too rough just say stop and I’ll stop right away. Let’s do this! A fist rose up from out of nowhere going straight for my face. As the lights went out I could hear a voice echo from far away: “Sparring gloves, Jack!”
  20. Hello guys, Justin Credible here and I have a man that is one scary S.O.B and that is Moses Ohchooto! Our current 135lb king pin took the time to sit down with me and talk about some burning questions. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Justin Credible: Moses. It’s awesome that you took time out of your busy schedule to sit and talk with me, thanks again. Moses: You’re welcome Justin, I really appreciate you taking the time to do those previews for us, but what happened last event? JC: Well I didn’t plan on answering questions, but… My daughter had her gymnastics meet and I didn’t get much done, anyways… back to you… You avenged your loss to Johnny Unkown and took the title and then defended it against another guy that handed you a loss, Danjie Mercado, how does it feel? MO: It feels great, I feel like to avenge my losses, you’ll see that I did the same thing with Billy Bob, and I’m sure I’ll have another couple trilogy fights with Unkown and Mercado too. I like it, it’s fun and it adds to the buildup of the fights. This last win was especially satisfying because Mercado took the title from me the first time I won it here at SP-ICON. JC: You’re now fighting a guy whom you’ve never crossed paths with before, is it a bit refreshing to fight some new blood? MO: Yeah, it’s nice to mix in some fresh meat now and again. Pettis is a great fighter and although his record doesn’t reflect it, he has some amazing skills and anyone who can beat Johnny Unkown is a legit contender. JC: Many thought he didn’t deserve this shot, that it was gifted because he beat Unkown his last fight, I mean the guy is 3-2 his last 5 fights… Not the best resume. MO: It’s not my job to determine who is worthy of a title shot, I get paid to fight and defend my belt and that’s what I’ll do. Pettis isn’t a slouch the guy is a former champion and very well rounded, I’d have to be an idiot not to take him seriously based off of what the media and fans think of my opponents. JC: I also heard you welcomed a new baby boy into the family, congrats. How has fatherhood transitioned into your training? MO: Well, it’s certainly been different, less sleep and more pre-workout. I wouldn’t change it though that’s for sure, I got a future SP-ICON champ on my hands. But I’m still training 2 times a day, 6 days a week. Nothing is going to stop me from reigning over the Bantamweight division. JC: You’re very driven, I like that. You seem big for 135, do you ever see yourself going up and challenging for the 145lb belt? MO: Well, as I get older cutting is going to become more and more difficult, but I’ll always be able to make weight, that’s what champions do. But I would love to hold 2 belts at once, I mean that’s the dream right? Once I feel like I’ve cleaned out my division I’ll call up Mickey, You, or even go straight to the top and call up Steel Penn himself and set-up a super fight. JC: That’d be great. MO: I know, but I have work to do here at 135 first, don’t get all giddy over there Credible. JC: My mistake. MO: Yeah, It was…now I’m thinking about calling for a super fight after this fight…. JC: Do it, Do it, Do it… MO: I hate you….. JC: Moving on, if we can…. You know what this is too awkward, part 2 coming after the Pettis fight. MO: *walks out after slapping Justin Credible’s ass* ‘Shouting’ Good Interview Bitch!
  21. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1435279301EXECUTIONER2_zpsjsx9we9k.png
  22. Ladies and Gentlemen! Worriors of combat fighting system is Proud to present "FightTalk" ... A small skit that lets you to know about the WOCFS roster on a better level,Today we Introduce to you our recent signee ..The #1 pound for pound fighter (Island) at the moment, Muay-Thai Beast Ralph "rapid fire" Soto. This Brazilian prospect brings an undefeated record of 5-0-0 with all of em' coming via knockout less than a minute into the 1st frame. He doesn't speak any english so his translator will provide us with his comments. First of all congrats on your recent 25second destruction on the fomerly udefeated Lyotto Nogueirra, Tell us about your move to WOCFS and future Plans. Translator : He says thank you and that he appreciates the warm welcome he is recieving at the Island. In is words on his last opponentand future he said " Lyotto is worthy guy and he just go caught, WOCFS seems to have the top HW fighters so far so I'm looking for a stiff test there". Solid guy! The heavyweights are looking very Impressive. A couple names come to mind uhh... Dave Makeshian, Rusty Ghost, Matt Fondelier, Arkel Gevorgyan all up and coming heavyweights... What are your thoughts on em'? Anyone specific you wanna fight? Translator: Mr.Soto said He has noticed a lot of them on the rankings and respect their abilities, However he think they are lower level athletes compared to him. he said & i quote " My last 5wins combined time is equivalant to about 1 round, so I think it gives me an advantage. I think Kriss Kross (4-0-0) is one underrated guy...he finished all is guys quick too so i would like to fight him if its possible". wow! That would be PVP worthy if you ask me... I seen the guy, He's a scary bastard! aha All the best wishes to you...Is There anything Else you'd like add. Soto: " I am 28-1 in kickbox, I like the fight stand up so i want future KT maybe. Thank u to fans round world and mi famalia back home". Always improving even if its in linguistics... Thanks for coming and we look forward to seeing you in cage soon. Fighter: Ralph Soto ~ The following Session is sponsored by Atlantis.... Get your shit here!
  23. This is MMABomb.tv's inaugural MMATycoon.com fighter interview. We about to go straight to the deep end. This man was born to throw down and break some bones! So far hes been behind the brightest lights of mmatycoon but now he is knocking on the door of real superstardom. It's perfect time to make him a bit more known for the big crowd. Please meet "The Tempest" Daniel Speed! http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/0/1348318911DanielSpeed2.jpg Butch Norris (MMABomb.tv's #1 interviewer): Hellooooooo fight fans! It's a glorious morning in New York and Im outside of a NYPDs interrogation room in Brooklyn's precinct 90 where Im about to strike an exciting conversation with the relentless up and coming mmatycoon fighter Daniel Speed in just few moments. Why here? Well agreed on this date and time about couple weeks ago. It seems like Mr.Speed got to a bit of trouble with club bouncers or something like it. Luckily the police were cool with this and agreed to set up the room for the interview. We will know more about what happened soon. *An officer escorts Mr.Speed to the interrogation room and lets the interviewer in and they sit down.* Butch Norris: Nice to finally meet you Daniel. Quite an unusual place for an interview man. What's up? Daniel Speed: Hey thanks for making the effort to come over. I know this isn't the spot we were supposed to meet in but hey, what can you do? Butch: Yeah, no probs man. Wouldn't have missed this opportunity for the world. Now this situation begs the question: why actually are we here? Daniel: Haha should've known that you put me on the spot right away. Allright I guess that's a valid question considering our surroundings. Anyway, we went out to blow out some steam last night with couple of buddies of mine. We were at the The Velvet Rope Lounge chilling like we usually do. I had two beers just to mellow it down after hard day of training. Later that night shit got a little out of hand since this crazy drunken broad who tried to seduce me earlier decided to go off the rails and told some random dude I was calling her names and whatnot. So this big guy wanted to teach me a lesson or something, probably just to show that crazy skank what a hunk of a man he is. And Im not gonna lie that dude was HUGE. Anyway, the guy starts to talk smack to me which to I replied merely with a look of a man who has pockets full of fucks but ain't giving any. Big boy got pissed and took my almost full beer from the table and threw it at me with good force. Like the panther that I am I caught the flying bottle smoothly, emptied it with one long sip and stood up. By this time the guy was on my face doing the "let's take this outside coz Imma beat your ass up" -act. So I thought fuck it, I was tired and ready to go home anyway at this time. Why not take my leave with style? Butch: Oh sweet baby Jesus! Then what? Daniel: I know the bouncers pretty well and they know me so I dunno, maybe they wanted to have some entertainment too and allowed this happen - outside of the club ofcourse. So I just nod my head to the guy and started walking towards the door and whadya know, the homeboy bullrushed me the instant I stepped my foot out of the club. From behind, that fucker! So like a strong ass gorilla that I am I quickly rotated my body, got a hold of him and tossed him on his face. Uchi mata bitcheees!! Ofcourse homeboy didn't take hints very well and rushed me again. I didn't want to accidentially break my hand or anything so I welcomed an elbow from hell which stopped the guy on his tracks. He was out, I mean OUT OUT! Butch: Daymn! Daniel: Yeah... It didn't stop there either becouse couple of his friends arrived to the scene and the bouncers had to step in and try to break the situation. It was getting real heated between us. It was pretty much the usual shit at that point. Yelling, pushing each ther around and huffing and puffing and all that jazz. Someone called the police so that's why Im here right now. I just heard thought that Im good to go soon and that my bro Nathan Speed will be here to pick me up which is great news since the "beds" here are fucking terrible. Butch: Sounds like no one got hurt too bad? Daniel: Nah. Big boy had a nasty looking gash on his forehead but he'll live to tell the tale. Or at least his side of it. His ego took the biggest hit I bet. Butch: Good. So anyway, shall we talk about legalized fighting instead? You've had some big fights lately and looks like some of the very best managers and promotors have caught their eye on you. Daniel: Yeah seems so. That's some bitter sweet shit though. It's cool as f**k to be fighting all these mmatycoon superstars like Narushima and Womba, it really is. The miserable thing is that I haven't been able to take the wins with me on these instances. I sure gave both of those guys a run for their money though. I've got a strong feeling that the biggest things are still yet to come for me so Im not worried at all. Butch: Talking about big things: you're taking part in the Ascension Tournament where is - I think - up to 5 mil up for grabs. How you feeling about that? Daniel: Ooohh yeah baby! That stack of money is as good as MINE! Im training like a freak maniac on uppers. Every day all day. It's a good think we can't get over trained in this mmatycoon.com world of ours mwahaha! Mark my words: it will be me vs Scotty Bennett in the finale where I bring the hammer down on the fool and hand him his first loss - a brutal KO loss that is. Butch: That's a strong statement since the tournament is full of absolute savages! But I guess you can't really be a fighter without that kind of killer instinct and confidence? Daniel: Damn right you can't! You've got to believe in yourself one hunder percent or you're done. Every real fighter knows that. Butch: Anyway, on other MMA related news: did you hear that the manager of Kid Torres is pondering on if he should retire the man? Daniel: Who gives a flying f**k? Butch: Hahahaaa I really don't know an answer for that. Anyway seems like Nathan is here for you man. Thanks for the brief but amazing interview and all the best luck in the tournament. Give 'em hell! Daniel: Hell? Im taking these guys so deep they'll consider hell a place for picnics and carousels after Im done with them.
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