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Setting fighter tactics


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Fighter tactics is the most important thing for you to read up on when you start the game.


Take a look at the fight tactics help page and get a grasp of the way tactics work and in particular, the hierarchy of tactics and how that affects your fighter when he steps into the cage/ring.



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my "in a nutshell" guide for people having their first 10 fights.


to take a guy down - 5-20% takedowns

to defend takedowns - 70-99% counter

most of the time keep striking power from 0-80/90 (doing high power usually gasses you out)

dont be afraid to use "see how it goes" slider, but test with it to see the differences (im too lazy to do this )

on the ground, be a little active even if you want standups.

keep your try to stand up slider between 0-50

keep your try to break clinch between 0-30

if you want a separation within the clinch (break clinch) sometimes a failed takeodwn results in a break up.

leg kicks are very easy to land and body kicks take more energy

keep combos to less than 30%

stand up aggression should usually be under 75% more often under 50%


taller fighters are takedn down easier and submitted easier. they land strikes standing much better but have been rumored to have less power in strikes. Also landing head strikes are easier


shorter fighters are harder to take down and harder to submit. they are more susceptible to strikes while standing but have been rumored to land harder strikes. Landing head strikes are harder



for clinch - agility/strength then balance

for takedowns - speed and other stuff

for kicks - agility then flexibility then other stuff

for defensive grappling and submissions - flexibility (more balance for grappling vs submissions)

for striking defense - speed and agility

ground and pound - im guessing here but strength, balance...


wrestling helps submissions a little

muay thai helps punches a little

bjj is stronger at defensive grappling than wrestling

boxing slightly improves clinch ability but mostly clinch is from MT then wrestling

GNP is from wrestling but bjj assists also

boxing does not help kicks

bjj does not help clinch

striking defense alone does not defend kicks, you need Muay thai

Having 110 clinch work doesnt mean anything if you dont have some Wrestling/MT/Strength/agility to go with it. physicals are huge in the clinch.



with the above simple suggestions you should avoid the really simple mistakes made early on. this is all i can think of right now off the top of my head.

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If a fighter has a superior BJJ rating but an inferior Muay Thai range, is it beneficial to allow opponent clinches if the pull guard-takedown rating is set to pull guard?

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