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A brief guide for newbies on MMATycoon.


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What are some help files or links i'll always need starting out on MMATycoon?


How exactly do skills work?!?

Every single skill and quality a fighter has (except stuff like name and hometown, etc) goes from ZERO (0) to ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY (150). The game does not usually give you a precise number. They are expressed to you in terms of describing words (from Useless to Elite) and there's a beginner mode to let you know which one that is. Is Superb better than Remarkable? Is Wonderful worse than Exceptional? Use the spoiler below. This can generally be enough for a manager to get an idea of their relative skill. VIPs get a tool which will add --,-,+,++ to the visible value. Say you see "Useless++". That means you're probably at an 8 or 9 and ready to "pop" to Abysmal.


Useless (0-9.99)[or 1]

Abysmal (10-19.99)[or 2]

Woeful (20-29.99)[or 3]

Feeble (30-39.99)[or 4]

Mediocre (40-49.99)[you get it]

Competent (50-59.99)

Respectable (60-69.99)

Proficient (70-79.99)

Strong (80-89.99) ......

Superb (90-99.99)

Remarkable (100-109.99)

Wonderful (110-119.99)

Exceptional (120-129.99)

Sensational (130-139.99)[14]

Elite (140+)[15]


BJJ Belts:

White (0-24.99)

Blue (25-64.99)

Purple (65-99.99)

Brown (100-129.99)

Black (130-145.99)

Red (146-150)


Note: The range for belts hasn't been confirmed but also hasn't been denied my MikeTycoon so it should be very very accurate.




I'm done reading this sounds dumb/awesome.

Wait! Listen! There is more you need to know. There are four types of skills.







Boxing - stand and clinch punch

Muai-Thai - kick and knee grab

Wrestling - all aspects of grappling

BJJ - how brazilian you are




Punches - everywhere but ground

Kicks - good counter against takedowns

Standing Elbows - bam ur cut now bro

Knees - and ur ribs are broke oops

Clinchwork - overall clinch awareness

Striking Defense - extremely important for every fighter

Takedown offense - for ground oriented fighters

AND takedown defense - it's opposite.

Ground and Pound - yep

Submission offense

Defensive Grappling - also extremely important, high as possible.



Agility - Striking mostly

Flexibility - Head kicks and subs

Speed - Counter striking

Strength - Obvious

Cardio or Conditioning - Most important. Always have it high. Important for not gassing and optimal training.

Balance - Takedowns

Height - A little effect on standup and ground game

Weight - Same as above. Determines weightclass. Cutting and gaining weight possible.

Energy - Low energy = gassed.

Morale - Wins gain it, losses and other stuff loses it. Effects fighting and training. Improved by wearing clean clothes.

Hype - Gained from winning fights against tough opponents, it determines ranking.

Popularity - Consult wiki but org owners love popular fighters.




These are what seperate all fighters. This is what prevents every manager from having the best fighter of all time every time with training. These are random when you create and you can only add a +30 bonus to three of them but that could still me you're at 30 points max in any.


You will never know the precice value of hiddens. The best option you have is to make an educated guess based on keen observation of your fights and have some experience. It's OKAY if you create a bad fighter starting off. You can have up to 15 fighters which are releasable one every two weeks. My first fighters were created poorly and also had bad hiddens.


Your fighter may be one on of either side of these coins:


Intelligence - Affects a fighters ability to adjust gameplan in fight

Experience - Similar to Intelligence

Heart - Harder to TKO, fight better when hurt.

Injuries - Be like wolverine or have boneitis

Chin - Is your fighter a Dan Henderson or a Keith Jardine type of guy?

Confidence - Your fighter will be sure of himself if left to own devices

Cuts - Ric Flair does MMA

Learning - How many (relative) training sessions for your fighter to advance. High learning hidden+young fighters are best learners.

Natural KO power - Hands of stone or pillows?


All of the types (primary,secondary,physical) are independent in values but all work together to form your fighter. As i mentioned, all of these go from ZERO(0) to ONE FIDDY(150). edit: It is possible to have a fighter who is USELESS in BOXING but EXCEPTIONAL at PUNCHING and STRIKING DEFENSE. When you create a fighter you must put a minimum of ONE(1) point into each besides conditioning which you need a minimum of TEN(10). Conditioning is the only skill I would say is absolutely essential for each fighter to have as high as possible right from creation.



I want to make a fighter like CB Dollaway!!!

Sounds great. Let me show you some example builds and go a bit more into detail about fighter creation. I will probably screenshot this later when I make my next fighter but it's fairly simple anyway.


When you start you're going to pick a name and base. Base will determine what time your fights happen, which gyms and orgs you can use, and how much money you start off with after creation. More fighters in a place = less money to begin with.




Next is height and weight which don't matter too much so pick whatever youd like.


Age is what will determine a few things. Obviously the potential longevity of the fighter. There is also learning speed. Younger = quicker. It will also decide how many points you are given to spend on creation. It's your choice but know that older fighters will get you fighting and winning in lower orgs quicker than an 18 year old will. You may want to mix it up so you have a couple of vets and a couple of project fighters so you don't run out of cash and don't get bored with not fighting.


Please consult http://www.mmatycoon.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22394 for exact numbers for your blueprints and other ideas.


General advice is that Sprawl and Brawl type fighters seem to be the easiest to manage as newbies. To create one you'll need to invest all your points into Boxing and Wrestling with Boxing taking priority(like 110/59). Put 1s into MT and BJJ since you'll compensate well but be open for all sorts of shit (subs and cuts and GNP tkos mostly) depending on hiddens but you can always decline fights against obviously better fighters.


When we do our secondaries we will want punching and striking defense to each be as high as possible. You will also want your TDD and defensive grappling to be about the same level (optimal is 110). Any extra can go into your choice but I would go with clinchwork or kicks. Kicks are effective against takedowns and clinchwork gives you another way to control the opponent with vicious punches.


For physicals, first put no less than 90 points into conditioning. You won't be able to train the others effectively without it. More cardio = more training per week and less chance of gassing out in a fight. Some may argue investing that many into it but I use it with good results. Strength takes next priority with agility, balance, and speed being equal. Flexibility takes least priority but is still important.


Another type of fighter I like to build is the "Handy Couture." It is a spinoff of the sprawl and brawler but you will have less in punching and more in clinchwork. You can have pretty low punches with this build, but too low because you will need to set your tactics fairly aggressive. So basically:



Handy Couture Blueprint Build


The idea is points you'd spend in punches normally with a S&B fighter will go instead toward clinchwork or even elbows. Don't take too many out of punches or you could end up once again not being able to fight as aggressive as you need to for this build to work.





SDefense=DGrap=Takedown Defense>Punches>Clinchwork>Elbows




Pick whichever hiddens. I like to sometimes not click KO power or any offensively based ones and hope they get them so I can have a good defensive foundation.



Overall, both solid builds to start a 25 year old with. Do not worry if you are "Useless" in multiple things. You cannot be a jack-of-all trades just yet. You need to specialize until you train.





In case you are like how I was my first week or so, you will want to learn as much about setting tactics (also called sliders) as you can. They are how you win or lose fights. Fighter skill plays a part of course but with tactics David vs Goliath fights can happen and melt your face with awesomeness.


If you have not read the TACTICS HELP FILE <----- then please do before even bothering to set them. If you don't feel like taking the time to read that file you better hope you're either a savant or have really good luck because a lot of losses are in your future. There is no joking at all in that. Read the tactics guide. Now.


It may sound crazy but a good way to develop slider skills is to switch to cellphone mode. Instead of a moveable slider which allows for too much variance IMO you can set a specific numerical value for each tactic. It takes longer but forces you to think more about each tactic and how it effects the other. 0.82 Punching is much better to see than something maybe 82% of the way leftward.







This is what you will see if you have your font zoomed out too far to capture all of the sliders. JK, but these are the 'sliders' will let you set EXACTLY AND PRECISELY what your fighter's EXACT gameplan is for each fight. Your opponents will be doing the same thing so it makes for some excitement and psychological warfare.





Here we have Handy Couture (Real name Chuck Schuldiner) (left fighter) taking on Burt Brawler (right fighter)(real name "Sharp" Frank Shank). This is our scouting report. (authors note: these fighters are actually 4k id apart and the guy on the right is a machine with training so far so i adjusted the scout so it'd be more what it would in this imaginary situation but not exactly)


So you'll only ever get about this much relative info on your opponents. Watch the past couple fights and the TOTTs of your opponents to see how their managers like to play them and form an idea based on the knowledge you gain from this thread and the other threads as well as the TACTICS GUIDE ON THE WIKI! Let's review each tactic and what we might do vs a better striker but who can't handle being in the clinch as well.


A good way to set tactics in this example fight as well as general comments:



Follow my orders/See how it goes I personally always use 100% follow orders because intelligence isn't always the most obvious hidden. See how it goes if you are feeling lucky or your fighter is a for sure genius and experienced.


Swing for fences/Stick to gameplan 100% gameplan. We want to clinch up and wear our opponent down. Swing for fences to me is "gas yourself out". You never once have set SFF above 0% to get a knockout so only set this if you have no confidence in your slider or fighter's abilities.


Swing seconds Zero. We have a precise gameplan we want to follow and if we do it correctly we won't need to swing for the fences.


Fight for decision/Stick to gameplan For this one if Handy Couture may want to actually set a bit for FFD in case he is worried he has no significant advantage anywhere. Even if that is the case his clinchwork will allow him to buy time for a decision.


FFD seconds I'd say try not to make it any time before 3:00 (or 120 FFD seconds). You need to allow your gameplan as much time as possible to succeed.


Knockdown follow/Don't follow 95-100% don't follow. If your fighter for some reason has vastly superior wrestling and BJJ you can follow through just to control/counter and buy time. Usually you won't follow just so you can't knock em back down.



High kicks/Low kicks Since high is only head kicks, we will pretty much stick with 99-100% low. Low is both body and legs. If your opponent is much shorter than you than try to go higher on high kicks. If we don't have any points in kicking it may be better to go 100% low.


Leg kick/Body kicks 93% leg kicks. 10% body is too much imo and 5% is too low. Varying your strikes is very important.


Head Punch/Body Punch This is the first fun one we really get. You're really free to go about this one how you wish but I wouldn't want to go below 80% head punches just because the engine might screw you and your fighter throws nothing but body punches to spite you.


Punch/Kick 93-95% punch. You spent no points in kick so for now you'll be pretty 1 dimensional. Better vary your punches as much as you can.


Single Shots/Combos 87% single shots. I never ever ever ever go below 80% single strikes. A jab to keep your opponent at bay is a single strike. You need singles to set up your combos. I've seen people do 100% combo with hilarious results though, so you can try it. Combos will gas you out quicker, so keep that in mind.


Damage/Accuracy This is the trickiest slider in the game along with aggression/counter. I guess the idea is the more aggressive you plan on being, the more damage you set. I almost never veer too far from 50% in either direction unless I want to try something crazy. I ask other managers to enlighten me on this.


Aggressor/Counter This slider is also very difficult to use because it's success seems to be heavily dependent on your opponent's aggression/counter slider which makes the whole thing extremely dynamic. Lately I've been experimenting with trying to be 45% one way or the other but usually counter. In our Handy Couture vs Burt Brawler fight, we will steer towards 60% aggression just to ensure we're throwing some strikes out there. If your fighter has a high punch stat, or if the TOTT says your fighter is confident then you can set it higher.


Stay Standing/Try Takedowns 100% standing for this situation. The more ground oriented your fighter is the more leeway you have using this slider. Just remember that if you set your fighter to do 80% takedown, that means 2 out of 10 of his decisions from the "okay im standing what now" mode will be to try a takedown. You limit yourself and run a very high risk with setting this high. There is a reason you can see READ THE INSTRUCTIONS over the slider.


Try to clinch/Stay Standing Aha! It's Handy Couture's bread and butter. The clinch. It is what you will use to beat a better boxer and control the pace of your fight. You will set this at 91-92.5% standing. Sooner or later your fighter will manage to clinch up assuming he has the same number of total skill points you do. This carries us to our next part!


Allow Opponent Clinches: YES

Allow Opponent Takedowns: NO




This is where you will be refining your strategy down precisely for Handy Couture or any other MT/Greco Roman type fighters or to defend yourself if you see yourself facing off against one.


Dirty Boc/Muay Thai 100% dirty box UNLESS you invested points into elbows on creation. If you have some elbowing ability, set it to 90% dirty box but not lower. Dirty boxing utilizes punching and shoulder buts and stuff where MT will include elbows and knees.


Attack Head/Attack Body 93% attack head. We want to score a knockout but not be too predictable and also wear down our opponent's body. Body shots have had their gassing abilities slightly. Go higher if you want a longer fight or your opponent is an equal match in the clinch.


Elbows Head/Knees Head We are not Alistar Overeem and we do not have any points in knees and maybe not any in elbows either. 100% elbows head regardless unless you do have some points in knees.


Stay Standing/Go To Ground 100% standing. If we were also good wrestler this would be how we'd set up our takedowns. If we were a BJJ fighter we could pull guard from here.


Pull Guard/Takedowns In this case it doesnt matter because the fight engine will never check this. 100% stay standing means Handy Couture is standing as long as he isnt taken down.


Stay In Clinch/Break Clinch If you are going to be using your opponents utter lack of clinch ability to win you can keep it at 100% clinching. There may be times where your fighter will want to break a clinch (versus an equal clincher and in a bad spot, for instance) and if this is 100% he won't be able to by his own choice.


Strike/Stall As high as striking as you feel comfortable. If your fighter has lower cardio or energy set it more toward stall. If you feel you don't want to come right out of the gate and work your opponent down at a slower rate, higher on stall. However, the very last thing you want to happen is for Handy Couture to clinch with Burt Brawler and then not do anything but tango with him. You need to beat his face, and soon. 86% strike.



Hopefully these sliders won't come into play but in case they do you need to be prepared. Handy Couture has very high defensive grappling and takedown defense but he can still be taken down and submitted or knocked out. Play it safe on the ground and try to keep your fighter working (meaning counter/control)


Ground Top/Ground Bottom As much as you can toward ground bottom. We are going to be standing up if we get in top position with Handy Couture. If we are using a ground fighter there would be many other factors to determine which we use.


Stick Position: I always put it on mount. No idea why.




Aggressive/Counter Not really applicable since we will be standing from top. But if you had a really good wrestler and some GnP to utilize this would be your place. If you are versus any kind of BJJ fighter you will probably be better off setting it to 70-90% counter.


Ground Strikes/Subs We have no points in GnP or submission offense so really what we need to do is stand up or lay and pray.


Finish/Control If you want to try some funny tactics with your useless GnP/Sub fighter set this however you want. Be weary of fighters who can submit of their back though...


Stay on ground/Get up 100% get up. We need to beat our opponent from clinch so the more time we spend on the ground the less time we have to utilize what our fighter is good at


Strike or Sub/Advance position N/A but I like to set it 70-80% strike/sub anyway.


Bottom will be the same way, more or less. However, do NOT make your fighter 100% "get up" from the bottom or you're in trouble. 92% strike/sub with 8% going to attempting to weasel out of bottom.


Lastly, lets look at my own Handy Couture named Chuck Schuldiner's fights which was basically the sliders you see here. Same theories apply.



In this fight, our gameplan went exactly how we wanted and we scored a first round KO against a weaker striker.



In this fight, we utilize our clinch to beat a better boxer by stalling out and using our gameplan to take our opponent our of his element. Win my split decision



Here we score another TKO from clinch against a mush better boxer.




More using the clinch to win with ease.


So as you can see, the Handy Couture build can work with the right slider settings.





Update 6: Added BJJ belt values, thanks to user Ztarken

Update 5: Removed note since this version is different enough

Update 4: Prettied everything up and removed intro to mmatycoon

Update 3: Four fights using sliders from sliders guide added

Update 2: Added tactics example guide using "Handy Couture" blueprint

Update 1: Added "Handy Couture" fighter blueprint. Fixed some typos.

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Nice work.

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Thanks yal :D


I just added the tactics example guide and pushed common links toward the top so it's more of something you see as part of the guide rather than an afterthought.


Also, the entire guide has been polished slightly and added to. It is a constant work in progress

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This is another guide which has helped me a lot. Wish I had of found it before I made my first few fighters though lol. A few good guides have set me on the right path though, so just wanted to say thank you :)

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Lordweird, thank you very much for taking the time to explain these various aspects of fighter creation. I definitely misunderstood some of the physicals and their benefits and use for a fighter. Frank Shank looks like he has adamantium fists! Droppin' people like bad habits and in very quick time, like old school Mike Tyson. Very impressive. Did you begin Frank as an 18 year-old and train him up the entire time until he reached 19, or did you have one of those 3 fights while he was 18?

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Btw on my acc got deleted, my 18 year old fighter Nate Diaz subbed somebody in 5 seconds, he dropped him then subbed him with an arm triangle I think it was hahaha

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is it possible to move one (or more) of my fighters to another location, permanently?


you should go to map. then there are plenty of options. one of them is move base.

btw that fighter will lose some morale on changing base.

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