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This is JAG Media and we will be doing interviews for some of the bigger fights coming up ahead at JAG Battle League. This thread is for interviews and maybe some other media postings. For general smacktalking and fighter reactions on the interviews please use the Smack Talk Forum.

First out we will be covering the first ever title fights focusing on the 135lbs division where Mabo Dada is taking on Martin Sedlachek. But before we get to the fighters themselves we have a few questions for the man behind it all - welcome Nate Baker.

We want to hear your thoughts on the fighters and on what JAG is all about. So lets go right into it:

Q: Dada is originally from Uganda and has been fighting in Hilo until now. What made you notice a fighter this far from London?
A: I try to keep an eye on the QFC tournaments for talent. That's where I noticed his standup abilities. His manager was great with negotiating a contract. I see another great talent if his, in Amir Dada, Who is currently fighting in a rival league. I'm hoping to bring him to JAG.

Q: His tournament win is surely impressive, but how well do you think that experience translates to fighting in an organization where you can have weeks of preparation for a fight?
A: There is definitely a big contrast in fighting in tournaments, as oppose to orgs. As you said, you get time to prep for an opponent. So, if he can knock guys out in matches with two days prep, imagine if he gets time to train his strengths and weaknesses, while studying his opponents.

Q: Dada has been vocal in media and made an impression before even entering the JAG ring. Should we read him getting a shot at the title as an approval of fighters being active outside as well as inside the ring?
A: In JAG, the only thing that gets you a shot is being at the right place at the right time. And the place is top of your division and the time is when a title match us in play. I do, however, like when my fighters go public with their opinions and thoughts about their fights and opponents.




Q: Martin Sedlachek four quick submission wins look impressive, but the one in JAG took him almost as long as the others combined. Would you say the competition here is tougher compared to fighting outside organizations?
A: I would like to think that the talent here is tougher. Not only compared to QFC but other orgs in my fighters ID range as well. We boast some of the top rookies in the world, in their divisions. So, yeah, it's definitely going to be tougher. Especially since I don't do fluff fights, or mismatches.

Q: Sedlachek looks big for a bantamweight, by signing him there are you not afraid he might miss weight at some point?
A: Nah, not at all. He has a pretty good manager, I'm sure he will be on top of Martin's conditioning and training regimen.

Q: Sedlachek is a more familiar name to european fight fans and many are holding him as the favorite here, do you agree with that?
A: You've asked some great questions. But, I think this is the best one of all. Martin, until last week, was the number 1 bantamweight in the world. And as far as true rookies go, he still is. The guy in the number one spot now, isn't a true rookie. That being said, Martin is, at this point in his career, definitely the favorite in any fight he has.

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Mabo Dada

- Hello, today we are sitting down for a talk with JAG title contend..
- Hey man, did you get the wrong room or something, here is only the champ, got no contenders round here.. and probably a good thing for them, hehe

- Well technically since the title fight is..
- Technicality right, that's what it is. Belt is mine, I'm defending it on the 14th, you wanted to talk about that or what?

- Ehh.. *skipping through a few que cards and throwing them away* yes, right let's get on with that, you are a champion of..
- Right I am

- You won this 16 man tournament in Hilo, we would love to hear some more about that.
- Sure, that was brutal, some good fights there. I destroyed those guys. And I was so on fire afterwards I took one more fight just a few days after. No one else wanted to fight me in Hilo after that.

- Was this something like the early days of MMA where you have several fights the same night?
- Yeah, totally brutal, told ya. No rules, no nothing, just get in there and beat the other guy up.

- I certainly wouldn't go into a ring with you under those premises.. or any premises really. But Nate Baker found someone willing to do just that. With 4 straight first round submission wins Sedlacheks BJJ skills is something that must be respected.
- Good for him. I'm happy they got me someone with a bit of record. But this guy is just a stepping stone and he knows it.

- Sedlachek said your previous opponents were not up to JAG standards, could there not be some truth in that the jump to fighting in an organization like this is a major step up?
- Of course it is, if it wasn't I wouldn't be here. Didn't I just tell you no one in Hilo wants to fight me any more? I'm moving to a bigger stage here. I'm the king of Hilo, king of London, fucking king of the world!

- Certainly cannot fault your confidence, that is always a good thing in a fighter. But you must have a plan to keep the fight standing against Sedlachek?
- Not confidence. Look into my eyes.. SGWVQo7.png this is knowing. And when you interview that contender guy later look him in the eyes too and you will know who the true fighter is. There is only one way he is getting down to the mat this fight. Any more questions? Been out of the gym long enough now, need to go punch something.

- No more questions, thanks for your time, great interview, really great *pocketing rest of que cards, hands shaking, spilling a few on the floor*

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Martin "The Python" Sedlacek


- We are here with Martin "The Python" Sedlacek looking forward to hear about your preparations for going into the first title fight of your career.
- Guy is a fraud

- What? Sorry I'm not following you here.
- Is this your first day on the job or something?

- Well, JAG media is recently started but..
- I see, just trying to help you out here kid, skipping the boring parts and getting straight to the action, roll with it.

- Eh, right, fraud? Are you talking about.
- Exactly, that Dada guy. Lots of tough talk, nothing to back it up.

- He did win a 16 man tournament.
- Amateurs. Barely professionals at best. I heard his manager didn't even have a professional license when they signed up for that freak show. Ask anyone who knows anything in this sport and they will tell you the same thing, I own this division. Guy got his 15 minutes of fame now coming in here talking big like knocking out some guys out in the middle of nowhere means anything. No, I'll be happy to set him straight on his place in the pecking order round here. But Nate better go look for some real top quality fighters if he want closer fights, this one is gonna be an ass whopping. All Dada brings into that is the ass.

- Oh, we got shots fired here, I hope you save some for match day. About that tournament, I do have from solid sources it was a real brutal thing. And we have seen several times in this sport fighters coming in with determination and heart can make up for differences in technical skills.
- What is this, are you a fan of his or something? Haha, what are the odds his only fan is the one to interview me for the fight. The underdog story only happens in movies, sorry to break it to you but in the real world the alpha dog is alpha for a reason. Come on now, stop staring at me like that p4l6N7W.png, you cannot seriously think this guy has a chance?

- I got another question, what would you say makes a true fighter?
- Ok, now we are talking. You know all the training it takes, only a few can do it at this level and keep doing it. The discipline, the weight cuts. But I see what you are after, yes it takes something else. You must be prepared to take a punch, hard, and more than one. No matter how good you are when you go in there you will be hit and you have to stand up to it mentally and physically. Even fewer can do that. They may luck out a couple of fights and not really eat a good one, but over time it will happen.

- So is that the deciding difference against Dada?
- Why am I even talking to you, you are not listening. You cannot compare us at that level, I already told you that guy is some silly media-hyped fraud. I mean does he even do any legit BJJ? Not that I heard.. and I hear a lot since I got a manager and staff researching this shit for me. The thing is you need to have the skills to begin with, doesn't matter how tough the guy is if he find himself in outside ashi position and doesn't even know the heelhook is coming. THAT takes some courage going in there when I can just rip a leg off, or an arm or whatever I feel like. I might give the guy that much.. but I wont, because it is just plain stupid and ignorant and I'll call a spade a spade. I'll also call this interview over, I've given you enough good material, don't botch the cutting now, I don't want to look just like any generic cocky trash talking guy.

- Thank you, that was certainly some interesting opinions. Whatever happens next I'm sure of one thing, with the two personalities going into the ring on the 14th there will be a showdown of not only skill, but personality and will as well.

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Hey guys, we're about to get this thread going again for JBL 5 and after. If any of you is interested in being interviewed for future events just let me know. Don't worry if English isn't you first language. Just use a translator app and you can send your responses to me and I'll write them correctly for you.

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Here are the interviews for JBL 5. I'll do them in pieces as it's large.

Quick note, I'm Ebay, AKA Dusty Elephant and I have fighters in this league. I'm not doing this because of that but because I enjoy the RP opportunity in the game and I choose to exercise it and Nate asked me to do this. I also love what Nate is doing here and also the group he has here. Connar is equally fantastic and friendly. My wish is that this motivates more managers to bring their fighters here but also to speak out to the rest of us. Let's take JAG to the top, shall we?

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JAG Organization is proud to present: JBL 5

Ebay - Welcome fight fans! I'm your host Ebay and today we will be interviewing fighters for the JAG event JBL 5. The event is scheduled for Saturday the 25th of August and will feature many dynamic and exciting fights including two, you heard me correctly, TWO championship matches as well as many new faces recently brought here to Jag. It promises to be an exciting event for all.

First up we're starting with gold and the title matches.

Punch Drunk vs Seol Ki Hyon (title 265 lbs)

Ebay - Hi Punch. First, let me congratulate you for your victory at JBL 3. That was a great fight and a great performance. It was also the first time any fighter had taken you beyond the first round. So tell me, as the level of your competition continues to grow stronger, do you fear that your swing for the fences style might gas you out if the fights get longer? And if so, how are you preparing for that possibility?

Punch - Hows it going Ebay. Thanks. I told the world I would win and I did just that. He was my toughest challenge to date but he got what all the others did "PUNCH DRUNK". The competition is always going to get younger and stronger but i have no fear. I am where I belong and that is as champ. I'm ready for any challenger and any length of fight. Be it 1 round or 5 I'm here and I'm ready. So come on ladies come get "PUNCH DRUNK".

Ebay - Well said Champ! Well said indeed. Indeed, someone is a little drunk right now! Cheers JAG! Seol is a good Muay Thai fighter who has experience in longer fights, do you think he will be able to tie you up by clinching you against the cage and maybe even taking you down with his wresting skills?

Punch - Yeah he's a good fighter but my Muay Thai is a bit better than his. If he wants to fight in the clinch then bring it and I'll show him who's KING and why I'm the champ. And as for going to the ground, that is something I have been working on. If he takes me down then there will be quite the surprise in store for him.

Ebay - Yes, fight fans that's right, at JBL 5 we'll all be hoping that these two giants will take it to the ground and finish this in a big, greasy blob on the mat. I can't wait. Do you have anything you'd like to say to your opponent or to your fans before the fight?

Punch - I'd like to thank all my fans for standing with me as I prove to the world who is the real King of the heavy weight division. I'll be here for awhile guys dont worry. As for Seol, I hope your ready for a battle because that's what this will be. But just like the rest your gunna end up "PUNCH DRUNK".

(Editor's note: The use of the expression "Punch Drunk" is copywrited and any use of said expression without the expressed written consent of JAG is strictly prohibited. Any and all violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of MMATYCOON law.)

Ebay - Thank you so much for your time PD. As always it's been fun. Well, I'm almost speechless after that heated exchange. As always, those were strong words coming from our heavyweight champ Punch Drunk but now we must move on to the challenger, Seol Ki Hyon. Hi Seol. So, you've climbed the ranks and have made it to the big event to face the Champ, Punch Drunk at JBL 5. Are you nervous about facing his KO power and do you think you can withstand those first round haymakers he throws and give yourself a chance to take the title?

Seol - Hello everyone. I fought even harder punchers before. My last 3 fights was against similar type of opponents, so I have enough experience to win this battle. He should be nervous because he has never been fighting someone like me. It's the biggest challenge in my career but in practice nothing special, just next fight.

Ebay - Your last the opponents were similar that's true but I'm not so certain they are harder punchers but I'll take your word for it. I definitely don't want to find THAT out for myself. The Champ has never seen the third round and some believe the secret to defeating him his to do just that. Is that your strategy going into the fight or do you plan something else and how have you prepared yourself to defeat him?

Seol - Nothing will change, he will not see 3rd round. My plan is to knock him out in the 2nd round. I prepared stuff I didn't use before, it will be very painful surprise for Drunk.

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Ebay - Whoa! You heard it hear first fight fans, Seol Ki Hyon in the second round by KO! At least, that's his opinion and I'll surely be watching to see if dreams really do come true this Saturday night at JBL 5. Do you have anything you'd like to say to your opponent or to your fans before the fight?

Seol - I don't want to talk to my opponent. He doesn't matter. I will be the only important fighter this evening, he is just the background. All my fans, see you soon and get ready for the 'celebration party'.

Ebay - Thank you so much for your time Seol and I'll see you at cage side. I'm sure everyone will be excited to see this great fight between you and the Champ Punch Drunk. Good luck to both of the fighters. I know at least one of you is going to need it.

Ebay - Next, we're continuing with gold and the second title fight of the night. Let's give it up for these two great warriors in their long awaited rematch.

Mathias Wendel vs Drogovan Skrtic (title 170 lbs)

Ebay - Hi Mathias. Congratulations on your impressive title victory at Test of Wills. At JBL 5 you will be facing the same opponent in Drogovan Skrtic in the anticipated rematch. In the first fight, you caught him with a devastating, and some say lucky, punch that ended the fight in the first round. Do you think you can do it again?

Mathias - Thanks Ebay - some might call it a lucky punch, but if you look at my record, 4 of my 5 fights have come from 1st round KO, that's my game and nothing about it can be described as lucky. Drogovan is a good opponent and I will need to ensure my training is to the same level as before. I am always looking to add dimensions to my game, so maybe there will be a surprise or two in store for him.

Ebay - Very true. Well said and we do like surprises around here. If you can't get that one punch in early, how do you plan to keep the fight on the feet and stay away from his superior ground skills?

Mathias - Tactics are tactics, I wouldn't be divulging those to you guys, you will have to wait and see what happens on the night

Ebay - Ahh and mystery too! This has the makings of a good fight AND novel. Do you have anything you'd like to say to your opponent or to your fans before the fight?

Mathias - As always, the fans are a great part of the JAG League and I look forward to seeing many of them at JBL5. I hope i can put on a show they will appreciate. To Drogovan, I look forward to meeting him in the rematch and I hope we have another good fight, though of course I hope i get the victory again.

Ebay - And we finally have a humble fighter in front of us this evening. Well done Mathias. A guy can afford to be humble while carrying a big right hand. Now we're going to meet his opponent, Drogavan Skrtic. Hi Drogovan. At JBL 5 you will have your rematch against the powerful Mathias Wendel for another shot at the title. In the first fight he was able to knock you out as he's done in all of his other victories. How do you avoid having the same thing happen again and what have you done to prepare yourself against that?

Drogovan - Man, we all know it was just a lucky hit. And as it says, you can't step twice into the same river. This match will be completely different. I am gonna be patient, take him to the canvas and make him submit, like real warriors do.

Ebay - Hmm, where does it say that? I have a river near my house and I step into it all the time so I really don't.... ah never mind! You plan to make him tap and THAT we understand. His only loss was a decision that went 3 rounds. This fight is scheduled for 5 rounds. Do you have the stamina to take the fight into the late rounds and do you think that is the key to victory?

Drogovan - I could go ten rounds with him and after a short break, I could have another five rounds match. My stamina is phenomenal. But honestly, it won't be necessary, I am gonna finish him earlier.

Ebay - Yes! That's what the fans really want to hear. We've seen your ability and we know that you're able to do just that and everyone loves a finish over a decision. Am I right JAG fans?! Can I get a Whoop?!! Do you have anything you'd like to say to your opponent or to your fans before the fight?

Drogovan - I just hope we put up a great fight, it will be a great show and fans will enjoy it as much as possible. But one thing is certain, when it is all over, I'll be the champ.

Ebay - And there you have it friends, all the fighters, except humble Mathias, claiming to be the Champ after Saturday's JBL 5 event but there are only TWO straps covered with gold. Who will it be? Who's better? The Brawlers or the Technicians? You'll just have to join us then to find out!

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And now for our last interview of the night, we have two new faces to JAG. Both are quality Island prospects coming off of disapointing losses in the Island tournament and pitted against one another to prove which one isn't just some Island noob but the real deal.

Brutus Maximus v Vladamir Slamenkov (205 lbs non-title)

Ebay - Hi Brutus. You're making your JAG debut at JBL 5 against a very tough, up and coming fighter in Vladamir Slamenkov after a very disapointing performance and elimination in the first round of the Island tournament. You were highly expected to do well not only in that fight but in the whole tournament. What happened?

Brutus - Well thanks for bringing that up actually. It makes me angry and that is my motivation for this fight. We changed our stategy for that fight and it was a mistake quite honestly. I didn't fight the way that I should have and I lost. It's as simple as that but I won't be making the same mistake again. You can be sure of that.

Ebay - Right, I'm sure I can. I'll take you at word on that until you prove yourself to be a liar. No offence intended. Your opponent specializes in submissions with all three of his wins coming by tap. No one has taken you to the ground before, do you think he has a chance to be first?

Brutus - No way. First of all, I plan to KO him in the first minute of the fight. Secondly, my defensive skills are very good and I am very strong. If he tries ducking his head to go for a takedown attempt I will likely just knock it right off his shoulders.

Ebay - There you have it JAGsters, big words from the JAG rookie coming off an embarassing loss in his last fight but I'm sure he's correct as he's very big and sitting right in front of me at this moment. Do you have anything you'd like to say to your opponent or to your fans before the fight?

Brutus - I'm coming for you Vladamir. You should make sure that you call your loved ones right before the fight to tell them goodbye one last time. You should have never of accepted this fight with me. It was a terrible mistake. I'm not just going out there to win but to end your career!

Ebay - Ohhhhh, powerful stuff there. Powerful stuff. I do so love his enthusiasm and cruelty. But don't we all JAGsters?! Can I get a WHOOP?!!
And now we move on to his equally new and probably equally ashamed opponent, Vladamir Slamenkov!

Ebay -Hi Vladamir. Like your opponent Brutus, you too, are making your JAG debut following a disappointing loss in the first round of the Island tournament by TKO. Now, you're a submissions' specialist and he is a KO artist. How do propose to survive his blasts and get this fight on the ground where you have the best chance to win?

Vladamir - If I can stick to my gameplan then I can control the fight. That should allow me to stay defensive, while also looking for opportunities to end it early.

Ebay -That sounds like a sound plan to me as long as he agrees with your plan. Brutus seems to believe that you can't take him off his feet and he will just over power you with his strikes. Please explain to our readers why he is wrong and how you have prepared yourself to prove him wrong.

Vladamir - I fought a number of strong fighters on the Island and had quite a bit of success, so I'm not worried about being overpowered. Again, as long as I capitalize on my strengths, I will be fine.

Ebay - Hmm, another fighter. While I appreciate it I'm not sure if too many of you will get the fans off their feet. Juggernauts and Gladiators is the name. None of you warriors forget that. Can I get a WHOOP! Do you have anything you'd like to say to your opponent or to your fans before the fight?

Vladamir - Looking forward to a great fight, hope the fans enjoy it as well

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Ebay - As we all do including myself. I personally hope you take down "The Roman". I think he's overrated personally. And now, we have a very important and distinguished guest for you all tonight. Our owner...er...I mean the owner of JAG himself, NATE BAKER is hear ladies and gentlemen and he's going to share with us his thoughts on this Saturday's event and every other interviewed events moving forward.

Ebay - So Nate, may I call you Nate boss?, as this is JAG's second interviewed event, could you please tell our audience why we are here tonight and what you hope to achieve here at JAG with all your time, efforts and let's not forget, cash?

Nate - I really want to broaden JAG's scope and try to make people aware of the things that we are doing here at JAG. My whole aim was to make a league that caters to new managers and new fighters. A place where they can come and learn the game in an environment that is on their level of competition. While we do have some veteran managers, for the most part they are new managers. I try to keep in close contact with them about their fighters development and the direction of their career. A group of people that I work with have been instrumental in setting up a network of gyms clothing stores and two nutrition stores to provide sponsorship and training at the lowest prices that we could get them. I really want to see these managers succeed and not just build fighters but champions.

Ebay - Okay, let's get down to the action shall we? First up we have a title fight, Punch Drunk vs Seol Ki Hyon (title 265 lbs). What are your thoughts on this match? Will Seol get "Punch Drunk" or will he be able to surprise our confident heavy weight champ?

Nate - First let me answer this question by saying Punch Drunk even surprised me. I thought the guy was all hot air, when he entered our forum and challenged my fighter. I had no idea that the kid was this talented. He beat the he'll out of Standup Fighter. So bad that Standup Fighter manager actually dumped him after the fight. I gotta say that Punch is pretty impressive. I've grown to like him.

Hyon didn't have a really impressive performance, he fought to a draw, but I still think he will give out champ some trouble.

Ebay - Next, we have yet ANOTHER title fight and a rematch to boot with Mathias Wendel vs Drogovan Skrtic (title 170 lbs). Now the first fight was surprisingly short and many voices are whispering that it was a lucky shot but is there any such thing as luck and do you believe this fight will be entirely different from the last?

Nate - This is exactly why I made this rematch. Had it been a knockout in the second or third. Had it gone the whole 1st round and Wendel was able to slip him a nice well placed punch, we wouldn't even be talking rematch. I don't feel that we got the match we wanted to see. The early cut the quick knockout. I'm not taking away from Mathias at all. I'm very impressed with him, it's the reason I have him the shot. I just really want to see these guys go at it. If it is another first round knockout, maybe Mathias is just that good.

Ebay - Thank you for you insight on the two Gold fights of the night. I'm sure everyone enjoyed hearing it straight from the hors....ah...I mean that everyone surely enjoyed your expert opinions on those two great match-ups. And now, last but not least, we have Brutus Maximus v Vladamir Slamenkov (205 lbs non-title). As I said earlier, both of these fighters are similar in that they have great potential but seemed to fall short in their last bouts. Can you tell us your opinions of these new fighters and what do expect they'll bring to the 205 lb division?

Nate - It's like you're fuckin reading my mind here. Their potential and those losses are exactly why they are fighting. I don't think I'm bragging when I say that JAG offers the highest level of competition of fighters from 334k on. Hands down, you're not going to find better fighters than what we have here. These two have great potential but were defeated in the Island Tournament. Now, were going to see which of these two fighters are going to prove that they can be a star in this league. I look forward to a great fight from them. And, I look forward to them being contenders in the 205 division.

Thanks for having me, really great questions. I'm off to go do some more boss stuff. And DE, wipe your feet before you come into my office next time
And would it have hurt to bring donuts and coffee?

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Gladitorius Maximus II (910488)

I plan to interview the fighters for the following fights. There will be only two for this event.


Thay Budo vs Gunna Win


Bobby Dee vs Taavi Mottus


You guys will receive the questions from me tomorrow. Thanks in advance for your quick responses.

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JAG Organization is proud to present: Gladitorius Maximus II

Hello JAGsters, I'm your host for the evening, Ebay, and we're going to speak with four of the top stars in the very deep 205lb division. We'll also have our special guest, the owner of JAG himself, Mr. Nate Baker! But first, on to our first and exclusive interviews with our weekend's warriors.

Thay Budo v Gunna Win

Ebay- Hi Gunna. It's great to have you here and like everyone I'm looking forward to this fight. You're going up against a beast. Thay Budo is considered by most to be one of the pound for pound best fighters in the JAG. Six and oh and all by KO. You are five and oh and all by KO. Is this fight about who lands the first big punch or is there something else that separates you two great fighters?

Gunna- Hey there Ebay. First things first, id like to give a big FUCK YOU to my manager for taking time off right before my best friend Punch Drunk's big fight. Not only costing him his fight but his title as well. Also costing me days of important training. Back on topic though, this fight is gunna be a big one and honestly it could go either way. We both got deadly hands standing up and he might have me when it comes to wrestling but i dont think either one of us wanna go that route. Its going to be about who's got the better chin, not who can throw the hardest punch. So ill say this. That is my title and im GUNNA WIN.

Ebay- Excellent story Gunna. I'm sure the fans are really enjoying the controversy in your camp. That's what sells my friend. Good job! Your next opponent can fight on his feet. He's shown that already but he's also got a very impressive wrestling game. Do you think you can survive his ground and pound should the fight go there?

Gunna- If he wants to go to the ground then bring it but like i said already i bet neither one of us wanna go that route so its gunna be a slug fest.

Ebay- Hahahahahaha. I'm sorry, please excuse me, but every time I hear the words, slug fest, I just immagine two giant slugs, hahahaha, SLUGGING it out! Hahahahahahah! haha, ha, haaaaa. Okay, I'm back into professional mode again ladies and gentlemen. Now, back to Gunna. Tell us, why should fans place their bets on you at the bookies for this Saturday's fight and not on the champ, Thay Budo?

Gunna- They should place their bets on me because im GUNNA WIN!!!

Ebay- ????????????????_____________________
That seems familiar to me. Perhaps you and your best friend should spend a little LESS time together moving forward. Just saying.

Ebay- Hi Thay. You are considered by many to be one of the best pound for pound fighters in the JAG. Yet, this Saturday at Galditorious Maximus II!!!, you will be facing an equally impressive opponent coming off five straight, first round knock outs in Gunna Win. In your opinion, what separates you two fighters? Is it you strength? Toughness? Wrestling skills?

Thay- Hey Ebay what's up bro ? Yeah a lot of people tell this but everyone knows me I'm not looking at the ranking and making a huge noise about it I just like to fight and knock people out. As for Gunna Win this man is a beast, there is nothing else to say but I am another kind of monster, and I can tell you this fight won't go to the distance. He said he will kick my ass but I don't think he is really ready for what it's going to happen this Saturday.

Ebay- Yes!!! What he said. I just like to fight and knock people out. That's great! Classic!!! My next question is two-part yet simple and to the point. Does the match go beyond the first round and is it better for you if it does?

Thay- Like I just said before, I don't think we will go to the distance, we are both powerful guys and we never went to the second round excepted for my last fight against Bobby Dee which was also undefeated before facing me.

Ebay- Hmm, that's true but I think most everyone would agree that Punch is a very different kind of fighter. I for one can't wait to see who wins it. Eleven fights between the two of you and eleven KOs. I suspect this fight to end the same way. If you were a betting man, whom would you bet on to continue their streak?

Thay- Did you really ask this question???!
Thank you everybody see you all on Saturday for the show

Ebay- Yeah I guess I did ask that question and in retrospect I kind of regret it. I was tired when I wrote it and it sounded better in my head.

Anywayyyyyyy, let's move on to our next fight, shall we?

Bobby Dee v Taavi Mottus

Ebay- Hi Bobby. You're coming off of a heartbreaking defeat at JBL 3 where you lost the belt to Budo by TKO in the second round. Do you think that defeat has made you a better fighter and if so, how?

Bobby- Hello Ebay, sorry it took so long to answer your questions but I was really busy grinding each day ever since I lost the title shot at JBL 3. I treat each fight seriously and it doesn't matter who my opponent is.

Ebay- That's good to hear Bobby. I like to see a fighter that can bounce back from a tough defeat. It shows character. Your opponent in this fight, Taavi Mottus, Has very good Muay Thai skills and is a decent wrestler but he has zero BJJ skills. That would lead many to believe that your advantage in this fight would be there but your six wins all came by either KO or TKO. Will this be the fight where we finally witness your BJJ?

Bobby- I always go for the KO and make my opponents kneel before the Sovereign.

Ebay- Trump? Putin? Ohhhh, youuu, I mean ahhh, Do you have anything you'd like to say to your opponent or you fans before the fight?

Bobby- This time I go to the match with more rage, knowing I got humiliated during my last fight.

Ebay- I understand and humility is a trait I respect in a fighter. Well done Bobby and good luck.

Ebay- Hi Taavi. So, after only three fights you're facing the former champ Bobby Dee at Gladitorius Maximus II. How are you feeling heading into the fight and do you feel you're ready to face the more experienced fighter?

Taavi- Hi Ebay, good to see you. Firstly, I'd like to say thanks to Nate and the JAG staff for giving me this opportunity to fight in the JAG League. My previous fights have all been in the QFC, so I cant wait to get started in this org and hope to replicate the form of my colleagues from Andreas' team. It's true that I haven't fought much competition up to now, and I undoubtedly have much to learn, but I am looking forward to trying to prove myself against Bobby. I have spoken at length with Andreas and the other guys and hope i have enough to come through this one too.

Ebay- Well all the Jagsters and myself welcome you here but yeah, the difference in the level of competition is huge but you look like the type of fighter who can make the leap. It all depends on your game plan and execution. You're obviously more of a stand up fighter, though your wrestling skills are respectable, his are better and he has very good BJJ even if we've only heard about it and have never seen it. Does this threat make you hesitate about moving into a clinch where he could potentially take you to the mat?

Taavi- I have to be worried about his ground game, and obviously don't want to get involved in that sort of fight. The clinch could be interesting, but i have to back my power and hope that will give me the edge to slow him down and let me get close enough to take him out.

Ebay- Do you have anything you'd like to say to your opponent or you fans before the fight?

Taavi- I don't know Bobby, but I hope he fights well, just not as well as me... Whatever happens, I am looking forward to the fight, and am confident in securing the result i want.

I'm sure you do Taavi and we all wish you the best and good luck in the fight. Next, we have our special guest, Nate Baker!!!


Nate Baker

Ebay- Hi Boss. It's good to see you again. Here's your coffee liked you asked and I assure you my shoes are clean. So, big night coming up at Galditorius Maximus II. This is and incredible card as we have three title fights. That's huge and there is the big big fight between the two undefeated beasts, Budo versus Win. What are your thoughts on this match?

Nate- Hey bro, I'd like to start by saying thanks for the opportunity for my fighters and myself to voice our opinions and thoughts. This next event is going to be a big one. Huge implications on rankings and contenders. Now, let's cut to the chase. Budo and Win are two alpha males. I can't wait for this fight. These two had a little history going back and forth in the forums. I don't know who is going to win or in what round. I just know that somebody's getting knocked the fuck out.

Ebay- FOR SURE!!! The next fight is another good one with Dee facing off against Mottus. Dee is the former champ looking to get back on top and Mottus is a strong up and comer, hungry for his own shot. What do you think about this match and will the winner face the winner of the first fight?

Nate- Well, Mottus came into the league highly touted. He going to have a tough night. I said in an interview before, that transition between QFC and fighting in a league is tough. But, so is Mottus. We all know what kind of beast Bobby is. He just so happened to go up against our current champion. So, we will see if he can bounce back, or move further down into those deep waters of 205.

Will the winner get a crack at the title? I can't say at the moment. Not that it's a secret. 205 is just so deep, anything can happen.

Ebay- There are many other great fights on the card which brings me to the third title fight of the evening, Arnoldas Sireika v Marcel Dikoume. Unfortunately we weren't able to speak with them for this fight but we'd all love to hear your take on this fight.

Nate- Arnoldas is a monster, Dikoume is underrated. And that's what makes him so dangerous. Arnoldas, of course, is favored in this. BUT, he was the underdog against Takashi...if you catch my drift.

Thanks, wonderful questions. Can't wait to see what the guys said. Thanks for having me, beers on me next time.

Ebay- And thank you Nate, cheers to everyone and good luck too. You all can't win at Gladitorius Maximus II next Saturday night but you're all winners compared to me. Thank you and goodnight from JAG!!!

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New interviews coming up this week. Last week I was on vacation so I missed the event. Moving forward we'll keep them coming and as always I'll try to get them posted in the paper.

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JAG Organization is proud to present: JBL 7

Arnoldas Sireika v Saku Takashi (Title - The Rematch)

Ebay- Hello Arnoldas, welcome to JAG interviews. First off, I'd like to congratulate you for your successful title defense against Marcel Dikoume. That was an impressive win once again. You're five and oh and the defending one hundred and eighty-five pound champ about to face off once again against the man you took the belt from. How do you feel heading into this fight?

Arnoldas- I feel fine.

Ebay- .............. oh, okay. Your opponent, Saku Takashi, rebounded nicely after losing the title with an impressive win over Ruston Cohle, do you expect him to do things differently this time around?

Arnoldas- Not really

Ebay- Obviously, you're a fighter that does his talking in the cage. You have a big advantage if this fight stays off the ground but if Saku does manage to get you off your feet, have you been working on your ground game at all or are you just going to swing for the fences and put him away with your fists again?

Arnoldas- Same plan, same outcome. Unless he cheats.

Ebay- Well there you have it. Arnoldas is going with the old proverb, keep it simple stupid. Sounds like a good plan to me heading into this fight. Now we will speak with his opponent, the challenger, Saku Takashi.

Ebay- Hello Saku and welcome to JAG interviews. I'd like to begin by saying I respect how you bounced back from your last and only defeat by securing your position as the number one challenger for the 185 lb title by defeating Cohle by unanimous decision. This weekend at JBL 7, you have your rematch against the champion Arnoldas Sireika. Could you please tell the fans why we should expect a different result this time 'round?

Saku- Hi Ebay. This was really difficult but I had to do it I am a warrior and even if I'm not a big trash talker, I always think I'll beat my opponent hard. The first time we fought I wasn't really prepared for this, Sireika is a really tough striker and I couldn't take him down but I am the first JAG MW champ and I intend to get my title back.

Ebay- Well said and I'm sure your many fans are all behind you 100%. Everyone knows you need to take this fight to the ground but your opponent, the Champ, has proven difficult to take down in the past. What parts of your game have you been working on to change that?

Saku- Haha, as I said, I wasn't really prepared but this isn't the case anymore, I've trained everyday with my teammates and most of them are much more dangerous than Sireika, the one everyone knows here is Thay Budo. This prunk kick my ass everyday at the gym, while I try to take him down and I just succeeded last week so I am not afraid by Sireika's takedown defense, believe me his ass will be on the mat on Saturday.

Ebay- You spar with Thay? Hmm, interesting. That's quite the partner to have in the gym. Do you have anything you'd like to say to your opponent before fight night at JBL 7 on Saturday, September 15th?

Saku- Good luck mate. You deserve to be the champ by the way you beat me but now the party? It's over!!!

Ebay- Well there you go JAGsters. Be sure to follow all the action on this fantastic card at JBL 7, this Saturday night, September 15th at Hard Knocks arena in Las Vegas! See you there!

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The Juggernauts and Gladiators Organization is proud to present: The Face of JAG: Thay Budo!

Ebay- Tonight, we have a very special interview. It's not about a fight but a fighter and not just any fighter but THE fighter in the Juggernauts and Gladiators Organization, the 205 lb champion, Thay Budo. Welcome Champ. It's great to speak with you again. How's does it feel to be singled out as the pound for pound best fighter in JAG?

Thay- Yo Ebay, it's cool to see you again, to be honest it feels great even if I know I have a big target on my back. And actually it's even more motivating. I train everyday to be the best possible while I can. My last fight was my first big Challenge and I really proved I am the best right here

Ebay- I can't agree more with you Champ, it's a real pleasure to watch you in the cage even if it's usually less than a minute. It's a great minute. Can you tell the fans out there a little about your past and how you came to JAG?

Thay- As everyone knows I come from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I started MMA not too long ago I was only 23 YO and after a Year I met my current Manager Mr Wonder. He helped me a lot with many things and taught me a lot about MMA training and way of living. When I turned 25 he told me to join his new gym in Tokyo where I would be able to live from MMA and be a professional fighter. I made my first pro fights and won all of them by KO in less than a minute. He was directly contacted by Nate Baker and they found an agreement to make me fight in JAG. You all know what happened next, Sleeping Pill effect, 4 fights, 4 sleeping men, a title, 3 defenses, and the number 1 rank in JAG.

Ebay- That's a fantastic story and we're certainly glad it all worked out for you. What do you attribute to your success thus far in JAG? Is it your power? Determination? Hard work?

Thay- Only one thing bro, hard work pays off

Ebay- Do you here that all you up and coming fighters? If you want to be the best at anything you must work hard at it. Nothing comes easy in life for most of us. Especially here in JAG. What are your plans moving forward and how do you intend to stay on top?

Thay- I don't really make plans I let that part to my manager and Nate, the only thing I care about is knocking people out, "I'm gonna knock you out, mama said knock you out"

Ebay- Yes! LL Kool J. Now that songs going to be in my head all day. Thanks a lot. Okay Champ, I'd like to thank you one more time for speaking with us tonight but one last question before we go, could you tell us why JAG is such a great organization and why other fighters looking to prove themselves should come to JAG?

Thay- Haha I don't know bro I'm really good here and I love new challenges so come join us and let's bring it on!

Ebay- And there you have JAGsters and all the fight fans at MMATYCOON, Thay Budo, the 205lb JAG Champion and the pound for pound best fighter in the organization. Stay tuned for more exciting interviews coming up in the near future and be sure you check out JAGs latest event Saturday the 15th of September in Las Vegas. See you there folks. I'm Ebay and I'll see you at cage side!

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JAG Organization is proud to present: JBL 8

Mathias Wendel v Tiago Alexandre
Brayden Point v Martin Sedlacek

Ebay- Hello fight fans, Ebay here once again for another exciting round of interviews with the greatest stars of Juggernauts and Gladiators. Tonight, we have very special interviews for a very special event, JBL 8. What makes this event so special you might ask? Well, we not only have title fights but we have Champ vs Champ! Let's begin with the top fight of the card as we have the 155lb Champ Tiago Alexandre facing off against the 170 lb. Champ Mathias Wendel for the 170 lb. title!!!

Ebay- We'll begin tonight's conversations with the 170 lb. Champ Mathias Wendel! Hi Mathias, nice to see you again. Another big fight coming up this weekend and this time it's against another Champ, Tiago Alexandre. He's a submission monster and wins his fights fast which is unusual for that type of fighter. Do you think he offers you a unique challenge and if so how do you prepare for that?

Wendel- Hi Ebay, good to chat with you again. I have a great team behind me who I trust implicitly, we have a game plan in mind which I don't think will be all that surprising. Keep us both on our feet and hope that my hands can do the business. I cannot afford to go to ground in this match.

Ebay- I completely agree with you on that point. Let's face it, you're the much bigger man heading into this fight. Do you think that gives you an advantage?

Wendel- It only gives me an advantage if i can keep to my game plan, a ground match is no good for me.

Ebay- Very true. Are you concerned that this fight is a lose lose scenario for you as if you win the people will say that it's because you're bigger and if you lose well, they'll say things much worse. It seems to me that you have much more to lose in this fight than just a title. Would you agree?

Wendel- As the champion I will fight whoever is put in front of me. This is game where one moment of lapsed concentration could be the difference between retaining and losing the belt. Andreas has always stated we would not duck fights, and if this is who Nate wants me to fight, then so be it. I expect a tough fight, all challengers will be tough, so i have to be on top form, and hope i fight better than him.

Ebay- Well said Champ. It's been great speaking with you this evening but unfortunately the challenger and 155 lb. Champ Tiago Alexandre has declined our interview for this event. So, I will give my opinion on this fight. This is a tough one to call as it's the classic battle of styles. You have the KO specialist versus the submission master. Obviously, the result will be determined by where this fight is fought, on the feet or on the ground. It doesn't appear that Tiago has added any weight leading up to this fight which I think will have to give the advantage to Mathias. And now we'll speak with Brayden Point as he looks to maintain his unbeaten record against the veteran Martin Sedlacek.

Ebay- Hi Brayden. You've made it unto JAG interviews. Congratulations! You're a rising star in JAG. How does it feel?

Brayden- Hey, thanks, glad to be here. I guess this means I’m getting famous! I’ve been asking the org for tougher competition, and Martin is legit, he is a finisher and has a hard skull. I’ve been training my grappling a lot and am looking forward to testing myself versus a guy like him.

Ebay- That's right you are! Your efforts have been recognized and here you are. You've been on an impressive streak to reach 4-0. You've yet to taste defeat. Your opponent, Martin Sedlacek is more experienced and posts a record of 5-2. What do you think are the keys to a win for you this Saturday night?

Brayden- Without sharing too much, I’ll point out the obvious—he is a grappler with poor striking. My plan is to go in there and hurt him, whether on the feet, or on the ground. If it was up to me, we’d test his chin and stand and bang. I'm no slouch on the ground either, so I am looking to finish him wherever the fight ends up. No disrespect to the old guard, but it’s time my time.

Ebay- That is a smart plan and well stated. Is there anything you'd like to say to your opponent or fans?

Brayden- I’d like to thank my opponent for taking the fight and would like to thank my supporters. The best is yet to come!

Ebay- Such a gentlemen. It's nice to see good sportsmanship before a fight. Martin was unavailable for comment so here's my two cents on the fight. While Martin is an excellent fighter I believe that Brayden is in another league. I predict that he will win this fight easily by TKO in the first. Martin must get this fight on the ground quickly or it's over fast.

Thanks to all the JAGsters and please join us at cage side for another fantastic JAG event. See you there!

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JAG Organization is proud to present: Invitation II

Gunna Win vs Eric Von Erikson

Ebay- Hello again Gonna, Long time no see. You bounced back from your defeat at the hands of Thay Budo with an impressive win over Taavi Mottus in your typical fashon. Now, you have to face the new, up and comer Von Erikson this Saturday night. He's looked good in his earlier career but he only has two profesional fights to his name. Do you believe that he has any business in the ring with a tough JAG veteran like yourself?

Gunna- How's it Ebay? It's been a bit that's for sure. Yea, after a disappointing loss to "pill slippin" budo i got my bearings back and went straight back to the way i am. That loss was a lesson and its not gunna happen again. im gunning for my rematch with Budo and it will be a different result this time i can guarantee it. As for Erikson this Saturday, i'm a top contender and that puts a target on my back. It may not be like the one the champ has but its just as bad. if he wants his shot he's gotta take down the top contenders. So yes he deserves to be in the ring with me on paper.... Now we will find out this Saturday if his skills show that he really deserved to be in the ring with me. I hope he comes out ready cuz if not we know i'm "Gunna Win"

Ebay- Many had expected you to face Butus Maximus but he surprisingly decided to move down a weight class, why do you think that is?

Gunna- I think Brutus was scared of me hahaha nah seriously though, the 205lb division is full of a lot of skill fighters and the 185 was lacking a bit. He probably feels as though the drop in weight would make him a better fighter ya know? being 20lbs lighter does have a bigger effect then you think on a fighter. that might be his golden weight only time can tell. All the best to him in 185 maybe someday ill come down there and we can have a fight.

Ebay- You and your opponent are very similar fighters. What do you think separates you? What will be the difference in this match?

Gunna- We are damn near identical to be honest and i'm not sure what the difference will be. It'll probably come down to who's got the stronger chin but who knows we will just have to wait and see this Saturday.

Ebay- Yes, we will indeed. Well said Gunna and thank you again for your time. And now fight fans we're moving on to meet the challenger, Eric Von Erikson. Welcome to JAG interviews Eric, it's good to have you here this evening. You've climbed the ranks quickly to be here facing the number 1 contender in the 205lb division. Many say it's the toughest division in JAG yet here you are after only 2 fights. They were impressive wins but neither fighter is near the top of the ranks. What do you have to say about that?

Eric- Thanks Ebay. Good to be here. I think it is the toughest division but with Brutus deciding to drop weight that opened the door for me perhaps earlier than I would have liked but when the fight comes up you have to take it. As for my opponents, the first match was a against a solid 2-2 fighter and for my first fight that was a good challenge I thought. My next fight was against a top challenger before he lost to Brutus and then to me. He's a great fighter he's just had a spell of bad luck.

Ebay- Gunna Win is a very tough fighter with awesome KO power. His only defeat was hand the hands of the Legend Thay Budo. How do you think you match up with him?

Eric- Yes, Gunna is a very tough fighter I know that. We've even sparred together in the gym before so I know how hard he hits. He's definitely a better puncher than me as he works hard on his boxing skills but I use a wider range of weapons and I can attack from many different angles. I don't think he's faced a fighter like me before and I hope that will be the difference. Don't forget I knocked out my last opponent with a kick to the head. That hurts.

Ebay- Do you have anything you'd like to say to all your fans before the fight?

Eric- Yeah, come out and support me. I'm going to give it my all and win I win we're going for the title next. I've been working hard for this fight and I won't let you down.

Ebay- Excellent. I'm really looking forward to this fight as well as our next one, Moese Daldo v Andre Valentino!

Ebay- Hello Moese and welcome to JAG interviews! It's nice to have you here this evening. You've had a nice start to your career and you've won your first three fights by way of submission. Nice job! Your opponent tonight is the young gun, Andre Valentino, who's a hard hitting Muay Thai fighter with an array of weapons though lack of experience. Ho do you feel your style of fighting matches up to his?

Moase- Thank you for having me. I'm so glad to be part of such an amazing org. First of all, I am thankful that i’ve been blessed with this opportunity. My family, friends and managers but what can I say and my fans I love them all. This is a journey through hard work and sweat, commitment, dedication, obsession and definitely consistency. I am delighted when I signed the contract with Nate he never doubted my ability and he believed in me since the start. This is a fighting business where anything can happen.. but I’ve been doubted so many times that I prove them all wrong. Andre Valentino is a sensational fighter and, in my eyes, he is the future without a doubt and will be holding the throne. But like I said this kid ain’t my level yet, and not anytime soon. He may have a powerful right hand that cracks jaws but he opens himself a lot which leads to counter attacks. And that’s why I will expose this kid on October 6 Live on Hard Knocks with over 3000 watching. They all will see who Moase is and what he’s all about. But it’s simple follow the game plan and toy with him like a bitch and oh yes it’s going to be a lengthy night!

Ebay- WoW! Now that's a bit demeaning but it's nice to have a fire burning before the event and that leads me to my next question. Now there is a little controversy leading into this fight as you personally called this fighter out, starting a public back-and-forth between you two. Why did you do that? Did something happen between you that the fans have heard about yet?

*Moase puts both of hands across his face and sighing letting his hands go then looking at the reporter*
Moase- He talked shit about my dead mother which irritated me but back then he was a little kid who didn’t know what’s up. Ya know I respected the little kid but he grew confidence and started to fly. Ya know them kids that want to conquer the world but it just doesn’t seem right for them. He started to go on and slap my little son hitting him consistently but luckily he was ok, only bruises. And he is in the hospital still recovering and soon to be out. He started all tough on social media posting all kinds of shit about me, but then hey I understood this ain’t no play game for me when a man talks shit you settle it, and you settle it in the octagon. This is when I signed for JAG and worked my up to the number One contender. But wow I’ve never expected to see this fly here in 155 LBS Division and that moment I laughed. I was gonna fuck up this little kid finally. This is when I called him out and I knew at that moment it was time. This little fly here is more than a fly, and I call him a fly because he hasn’t faced a fighter like me. I just can't fucking wait to demolish him.. I just can't.

*Moase Sighs*

When I went to the hospital to visit my son he told me daddy.. Daddy please please.. Give him no chance.. Destroy him..this is your time dad. I cried but with a little laughter and told him.. I will make it happen for you and my mama.

Ebay- For the first time in my career I'm at a lost for words. Is there anything you'd like to say to your opponent before the fight?

Moase- She ain't here but Mama gave me no chance and she meant it. The best thing is you ain’t got a chance against me and I know understand why she meant by that. Because she named me No Chance. And the solution is Andre I WILL BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!

Ebay- Whoa! Kiss your mom with that mouth do you? Those are pretty strong words there. Now let's here what Andrè Valentino has to say about that. Hi Andrè and welcome to JAG interviews. Well, I was going to ease into this as it's your first time here but we seem to have some major problems between you and your opponent so let's just jump right in to this. Is it true what he said about you insulting his dead mother and smacking around his son?

Andrè- Hi Ebay and thanks. Of course it's not true. Well, at least not how he tells it. Let me give you the details. You see, he was bullying me and I called him a mother something and a son of a something. I didn't know his mother was dead. That's just words you say at someone out of anger. And especially to a bully. It was just playground talk.

Now, as for the son incident. Yes, I did slap the little pervert around and I'd do it again. I caught him peeping into my window while I was with my girl, *Andrè then looks into the camera with a little smile and a quick wink* What's up baby? So, of course I gave him a little slap and told him to watch his shit or someone else will give him a lot worse than that. I was trying to help the kid out.

Ebay- Hmm. That's interesting stuff there Andrè. Nice stories indeed. Well JAGsters the plot thickens even more. Moase has said that he'll beat the blazes out of you. How do you respond to that?

Andrè- Hahahaha. With what? The old dude has no hands. He couldn't beat the shit out of his own ass. It's like I said on the smack talk. He's just some perverted old man with a perverted son that wants to roll around with me on the ground. The best he could get would be a sub but that's not going to happen. I've got the hands and there going to be flying at him in full force. I knock people out. I don't hug them like he does.

Ebay- Okay okay. Wow. I've never seen such drama around here. This Saturday's event Initiation II is going to be EX- Ci- Ting!!! Anything you'd like to say before we call it a night?

Andrè- Yeah, get ready for the next big thing. I'm only just getting started. I'm 19 years old and 2 and oh. I'll take on anyone 'cause I'm not afraid. Win or lose I only improve. So I'm going to keep on fighting and training hard and one day soon I'll be wearing gold. You can take that to the bank!

Ebay- Well everyone be sure to join us in London for Initiation II. We'll have many exciting matches including 2 title fights as Tiago Alexandre defends against Mathias Wendel for the 170 lbs title and Frank Stallone puts his 145lb belt on the line against Brayden Point. So long from JAG interviews and have a good night.

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JAG Organization is proud to present: G3

Arnoldas Sireika v Brutus Maximus 185lb. TITLE!
Tiago Alexandre v Julio Cesar Sitsongrit 155lb. TITLE!
Brayden Point v Unai Vencedor 145lb. TITLE!

Hi fight fans, Ebay here and it's great to be back for another fantastic night of fighting at JAG. This evening we have 3, that's right, not 1 or 2 but 3! Title fights on hand plus many other interesting fights featuring the up and coming class of JAG Battle League! Our first fight features 2 fan favourites for the 185lb. title. The champ, Arnoldas Sireika is taking on the challenger Brutus Maximus who was the number 1 contender in the 205 class before he decided to drop weight and challenged Tiago personally. This should be a great fight.

Ebay- Hi Arnoldas, it's great to see you again. You are an impressive 7-0 and you've dominated your division for some time now with 3 title defenses but this time out you're facing a hard-hitting and dangerous fighter in Brutus Maximus. None of your past oppnents possesed the striking skill of this fighter, how do think your fighting skills will match up to his?

Arnoldas- If he had any skills he wouldn't have dropped down to avoid the 205lbs champ.

Ebay- Ouch that's harsh. I've seen him fight and he may not have skills but he definitely has hard fists. You're 7-0 and 1 of JAG's top fighters if not THE top fighter and yes, I'm including Thay Budo in this conversation. You have 3 title defenses and you are untouched. Yet, you have fighters changing weight just to fight you while running from Thay. Why do you suppose that you don't get the same respect as Thay Budo? Is it a prejudice towards your fighting style?

Arnoldas- Nah, they're just idiots.

Ebay- Right. So, is there anything you'd like to say to your opponent or fans before this Saturday's big event?

Arnoldas- not really

Ebay- Well, as always it's been great speaking with you Arnoldas. It's hard to get a word in with you around but I am a profesional so I manage.
*Bang, boom, bam* Hey waht the....? Keep it down out there I'm trying to do an interview here!

Brutus- Get out of my way! Sorry Ebay, your punk ass security were trying to feel me up. Who the hell is that little puppet champ talking about? Eh? Me? Brutus Maximus? I have no skills? Are you blind man? I destroy people. I permantly disfigure fighters who were already ugly.

If you don't mind Ebay, I'll just take the interview from here. Why did I decide to cut weight and challenge Arnoldas Sireika? I'll tell you why. Because I'M SMART! That's why! I was up to face Thay Budo who is just like me except bigger and more experienced. I was always a small 205 and I think 185 is my perfect weight.

And I saw you there, now don't get me wrong, I think you're a great fighter. You've shown that repeatedly but one thing I noticed was your opponents. You've never fought a real striker before. Your chin has never been properly tested. I cut weight to fight you because I want to know if you can take a shot. You've got skill but can you fight a person who hits you first?

I'm cut weight so I'm faster and I've imoroved my strength and conditioning. I'm in the best shape of my life for this fight and that's what it's going to be friend. A FIGHT! Are you ready for it?

I'm out Ebay. Great interview as always. Just send me the bill for your door.

Ebay- No Problem Brutus. Bill is in the mail. Don't let it happen again. Forget about it. Alright JAGsters, this event isn't slowing down at all as it's a no holds barred event and interview this time 'round as the momentum around here his picking up along with the level of fighting we're seeing so the interviews hopefully, will do the same. Now, we bring up mu old friend and 155lb., 4 time defending champ, Tiago Alexandre!

Hi Tiago and welcome back to JAG interviews which by the way, I'm officially changing the name of the program due to the increased popularity of the program and the growth of the Org. JAG interviews will now be called "JagWars"
So, let me restart, Hi Tiago and welcome to JagWars! Where we meet all the great stars of the JAG organization.

Let's get straight to the point shall we? My first question for you is the same one I had for Arnoldas, Hi Arnoldas, it's great to see you again. You are an impressive 7-0 and you've dominated your division for some time now with 4 title defenses but this time out you're facing an exceptional wrestler and strong up and comer in Julio Cesar Sitsongrit. None of your past oppnents possessed wrestling skills greater than your own. How do think you match up with him?

Tiago- Well, I heard he was the only one who did not refuse to fight me in both the 155 and 170 divisions so respect to him for taking the fight and "boohooo! you crying pussies" for all the other guys. As for the fight, I'm sure it will end with a submission win for me. Which round will depend on my opponents tactics.

Ebay- Moving on with the same line of questioning as before because you're both in identical postions. You're 7-0 and 1 of JAG's top fighters if not THE top fighter and yes, I'm including Thay Budo AND Arnoldas Sireika in this conversation. You have 4 title defenses and you are untouched. Why do you suppose that you don't get the same respect as Thay Budo? Is it a prejudice towards your fighting style?

Tiago- I am the undisputed #1 p4p JAG fighter. And my buddy Arnoldas will be #2 after this event. Nothing more needs to be said.

Ebay- Point understood Tiago.

Ebay- Hi Julio and welcome to JagWars. It's a pleasure to meet you and I wanted to congratulate you on your rise and early success. However, now you facing the champ and a proven veteran in Tiago, do you feel your up to such a test so early in your career?

Julio- I'm ready you know, I had many underground Vale Tudo fights before I fight QFC. it's not early in my career. I'm a veteran.

Ebay- You're both excellent ground fighters with deadly submissions. What do you think gives you the edge is this fight?

Julio- My muay thai will make the difference. I'll knee him to bolivia.

Ebay- Alright, thank you for your time tonight Julio and good luck this Saturday. Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans or opponent before you go?

Julio- I don't think I have any fans and I don't want to say nothing to my opponent. I want to speak to the POTUS: Bro I follow you on twitter and you liked my tweet one time. My people just elected a fascist for a president. You have to send a little cavalry troop, smash some opposition and restore democracy. I can help. Cheers!

Ebay- Okay Thank you Julio that was great and it was nice to have met you. Now let's move on to our next interview of the night. Hi Brayden and welcome to JagWars. This Saturday you step into cage to defend your new title. How does it feel to be the Champ?

Brayden- I knew I'd be here; not to sound conceited, but I believe in myself and I have all the tools to be the camp for a very long time. I model myself after Justin Gaethje, which kind of goes into your next question--

Ebay- Your oponent is a crafty fighter who will surely want this fight to stay off the ground. Do you think you will have any problems getting him off his feet?

Brayden- I dont think I need to get the fight to the ground, as I am confident in my striking. We both come to bang, both have good chins and pack some power in those shots. This is FOTN candidate even before we're in the cage. As far as whether or not I anticipate problems getting it to the ground? I have numerous ways of taking it to the ground, whether that be takedowns, guard pulls, or takedowns from clinch--they're all available to me. Not going to let you in on too many secrets, but taking it to the ground isn't going to be my number 1 priority in the fight.

Ebay- Do you have anything you'd like to say to either your fans or your opponent?

Brayden- Last thing--a fight is a fight, anything can happen, especially with my opponent's power--he's got those bazookas that can end the fight at any time. We're 12-1 between the two of us, with only loss coming by submission. I have a feeling someone's head is going to be bouncing off the canvas. Hoping it won't be mine.

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Masses demand to know why Unai Vencedor has been absent from press conferences? SHOOK?


He failed to respond. He still can before the fight but I wanted to send this to the Newspaper and the deadline was the 31st I think. Hopefully this will be in the next publication. :winner:

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