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  1. Honestly, I'm wondering if Vlad got a closer look at things and saw the writing on the wall and realizes that it might be a little too little too late... I actually kind of feel bad for him.
  2. That's the least of the game's issues at the moment. There's also currently a HUGE gaping hole for orgs supporting those who aren't unrestricted ready between 380k-394k if you want options or don't want to do 10 minute rounds. The fact that the only remaining 390k org just folded (or will after the remaining events are done) after passing between 3-4 managers in a 2-3 month span is very sad. And the only reason that half of what is available in all aspects of gameplay still is largely due to the rampant blind-eye towards multi-accounts now. The game would likely be flatlined without them though. It's already on life-support in a big way.
  3. Well, that's part of the slider and strategy aspect of the game. Obviously not going to give away my tactics, but there's no "glitch" or anything being used in this (unlike the escapes/standup exploit that is used against ground fighters by some). Just think about what you'd think would be done in RL to take advantage and those approaches are what you'd implement.
  4. I absolutely target this if I see it. Without a doubt. A bleeder deserves to BLEEEEEED!!!
  5. I think any guy who gets "Hates Pizza" as a hidden should get the associated bonuses of being able to cut weight faster when needed without energy penalties for sauna use or anythng like that prior to a fight, being able to drop weight as needed and also perhaps having a bit more stamina/cardio in the cage.
  6. Except guys who like Moondancing. If he can moondance, he's going to be a great fighter! Run with it! LOL!!!!
  7. You completely missed Camara moving money around between businesses with multis and using his "woman's" multi to move fighters from one multi account to another...all of which I believe resulted in a temporary ban perhaps, maybe not, but got his multi accounts banned permanently. Basically, a slap on the wrist for a huge infraction at the time considering he got to keep everything associated with his main account. Basically, ok, I got caught, I lost the stuff I cheated with, but got to keep everything else, so is there really a deterrent? Shouldn't be such a surprise that since then the amount of $ glitching, multi-using etc. has gone through the roof and makes what Camara did back then look like chopped liver. But hey, whatever keeps VIP accounts (and multi ones too!) rolling so Mike gets the $, that's what matters, not the integrity of the game, right? (and in case there's any confusion, there's very little integrity to the game left these days, it's more or less on its last gasping breath...) Then, I think he finally did something about a year or so later to finally get himself truly and fully banned, although there are those who suspect he'd always been around on multiple multi's anyways and probably still is. There was also a huge long list of Multi-Hunting that used to be posted by mods who had access to IP records. Of course, you'd have to practically commit bloody murder with them even back then to get Mike to do anything about it. Again, the $ cow and all. Does "Bathroom Gate" not qualify either? Mike taking off for almost an entire year or more with no activity or game fixes/enhancements so he could remodel the bathroom at home? LOL! Oh, wait, the activity now makes that look darn active at this point!
  8. You could try emailing Mike directly to see if you get a response. Maybe you'll get lucky, he'll see it and log in to determine the issue. admin@mmatycoon.com
  9. If it isn't giving him the option to leave the org after the clause should be up, it may be the same issue I was having. If the org owner had previously offered him a fight at some point which you may or may not have declined, you will still be stuck if the other manager is MIA or doesn't bother to respond to the fight offer. Or, if he accepted, and the org owner didn't remove the fight yet from the card despite a decline, he'll be stuck till the card goes off as well. I doubt either of these is the issue here, as you said you hadn't been offered a fight though. If it's the org I suspect, there were some wonky things going on with those contract inactivities for some reason.
  10. Unfortunately stuck at work late today and tonight folks...I'm not going to be able to get a preview done...but hopefully get some time this weekend to do a review. Have some great fights tonight all!!!!
  11. As I mentioned in private mail, digital/graphic art stuff isn't really all that well done with a phone. I guess it could be given a shot, but I'm not familiar with what tools one would use or how well it would come out.
  12. Try using GIMP. It's free and won't cost you the way PS would (unless you're willing to pirate it, which I am not condoning). VIP or non-VIP folks can make posters, but you can't actually place them on an event unless the owner of the org has given you the necessary rights and roles within the org regardless of VIP status. You can, however, load them up to another site such as imgbb or something and send them the image link to load up themselves. As far as how to make the poster, anything goes, so long as the ultimate dimensions/resolution are 240x290 pixels.
  13. Ok, solid info, I think I may have had it confused with strength then which I know will pop "powerful" or "very strong" or whatever at a much lower level.
  14. Excellent guide man, well done. Only thing I think I'd argue against is this part about starting out with max cardio. I'd recommend something lower, say 30-60 (I forgot what the upper limit is) to prevent popping cardio machine in the tale of the tape. Otherwise, I believe you're going to end up hiding the good hiddens and not knowing if he's a dud upon getting his first fight in, which you want to do well before you build his cardio up. Preferably in the first week or so of training. Then just use cardio training with increase stamina supplements or so for the first week or two of training, get him to 10-12 in cardio (I go 12-13) and then switch to whatever you want to do from there. For me, it's strength next to 10-12 with strength sups, and then off to my general and secondary training at which point I switch fully to reduce energy loss sups, but to each their own.
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