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Fantasy Football 2018


Draft Date  

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  1. 1. Pick One

    • Thursday August 30th
    • Saturday September 1rst
    • Sunday September 2nd
    • Monday September 3rd

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KC (Deuce) ran it last year with a 200k buyin. Im down with whatever buyin and whatever site. I threw the buyin to some people last year that said they didnt have that much money and some people only wanted a specific site, so they wouldnt have to create new accounts.

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1. Myself- Paid
2. Kenlow- Paid
3. Gonzasco- Paid
4. JLP
5. Shortdog- Paid
6. Scooby
7. Miltown- Paid
8. Rozza
9. Dinoo
10. Ikkitakeda- Paid


still a few yet to pay, i will cover for now. if you cant pay no biggie. whats tycoon cash at this point anyway


this is by far my worse FFseason looks like retirement is ahead for me lol

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I flaked last year but I am really keen to get back into watching NFL and am going to my first game when I'm in NYC so I should be in it for the long haul. Count me in if you will please.

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If its any day other than a Wednesday or a Thursday, Im autodrafting.

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Only three spots left to fill. JLP should be joining soon, and Scooby has been sent a invite. Still waiting to get Rory's email though.


dude i sent it to your forum PM yesterday haha

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