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  1. Middleweight Playoff's round 1 result's and round 2 preview (Part 1) Middleweight had an epic first round Saturday Evening at the Hayashi's Lounge Arena. Although there weren't too many big upsets there was some fun fights, and a lot of Statements were made. Round two for the 185ers will still only be the Quarter Finals so quite a way to go. Now let's take a look at the winners from the 16-fighter field and a sneak peek at the Round 2 matchups that are scheduled for an awesome 4/20 weekend! #1 Jake Walton vs #16 Declan McCoy To say Jake Walton dominated the League phase of MILF is quit the understatement as he finished each of his 4 fights with first round finishes earning the perfect score of 24. He did have a couple hiccups in his career though from his debut TKO loss to the phenomenal Wu Hu (Who only has that 1 win to his career) to his big fight between the top dogs at Middleweight at the time in Lawson Serrano. Declan McCoy finished the league 2-2 but his losses were against two of the better Middleweights this Island season in Scott Potter and Lawson Serrano. McCoy just made the field and got the unfortunate task of fighting the #1 seed and yet another one of the Big 3 in the Division. As the Bell rings McCoy, a Muay Thai Specialist took the BJJ Brown Blet Walton to the clinch immediately. On paper this may have been a bad move as I'm sure Walton had no problem heading there but the Irishman was doing very well in the clinch. For the first couple minutes at least, as he peppered Walton with Head and Body punches. Declan opened up a cut on the Brits face early on and managed to stuff 4 straight guard pulls and looked in full control. Only the rabbit hole finally opened for Jake just before the 2-minute mark as he dragged McCoy to his wild and wacky world. Jake was working a few submissions from the bottom position of his guard failing to lock one in proper. But as we hit the 2:30 mark Walton to cinch in a Triangle choke but McCoy manages to escape and keep himself out of range of it. Only this also set up Waltons next move in this game of chess, which was a perfectly timed Guillotine choke that Jake applied forcing the tap at the 2:43 mark of round 1. #8 Alien Invasion vs #9 Osvaldo Leandro Alien Invasion only had three fights in the MILF league but took a perfect 3-0 record which earned him a nice 8 spot in the playoff rounds. He managed to pick up finishes in his first two fights and had an awesome "FOTN" Victory in his final League fight. On the other side of things Osvaldo Leandro from Brazil put together a nice 3-1 record with two finishes of his own. His sole loss was to Scott Potter so no big shame there either. This bout opens with The Brazilian pushing the pace with punches and kicks landed at will against the Wrestler in Invasion. Just prior to the 1-minute mark Alien gets his first Takedown attempt in and it's a success as he takes the Muay Thai specialist to the mat. Invasion finishes out the next 3 minutes with relentless Ground and Pound strikes only not much power behind them as he earns a dominant first round nod. Rounds two and three were pretty similar only Invasion locked in his Takedowns early and we also saw both fighters drained out quickly which enabled Leandro to stuff a few of his opposition's takedowns. Leandro on the other hand was fully drained by the end of the fight the takedowns that AI did land just took the life out of the striker and there were no big surprises when the scorecards were read. All three judges scored it 30-27 in favor of the winner Alien Invasion. Quarter Finals Matchup #1 Jake Walton vs #8 Alien Invasion Well, are first Quarter final matchup pits a pure grappler in Invasion against the top dog who has shown to do well in both grappling and Standup at times a master of the MMA craft if you will. Jake seems to be developing his skills very well, but he did struggle his last fight against a top-notch wrestler in Serrano. As for Invasion he hasn't quite fought the level of opponent s in the caliber of Walton, so this one is a very tough one to call. #4 Scott Potter vs #13 Romeo Alfa Scott Potter established himself as the head honcho of the Stacked Middleweight division early with big wins over Serrano, McCoy, and Leandro. He then had his first and only curveball thrown at him in his showdown with#1 seed Walton. Potter bounced back nicely just prior to the Seedings came out as he beat a game David Snake in a bit of a sneak pit Super Fight as he went up to LHW for 1 fight. Romeo Alfa's MILF league started off horrible as he dropped his first two fights. The "Trooper" in Mr. Alfa then shined his pretty lil face as he snagged back-to-back first round Submission victories to clinch his spot in the Playoff. This fight was quite the pleasant surprise as Romeo who surely was the better grappler must have forgotten what got him here and abandon the ground game so he can have himself a slugfest with probably the best KO Artist in the division. Realistically it may have been his best option though as Potter is known for his Clinch work and to get this fight to the mat Alfa typically uses his clinch to get the fight to the ground. Alfa found himself in an uphill battle as he prayed heavily on his High Kick abilities while potter simply pieced him up with a nice combo of head and body punches. The fight ended with very over played moment were Romeo decided to take a peek at the time clock and Mr. Potter took full advantage unloading a right hand that turned his lights off instantly. #5 Danilo Zoric vs #12 Jimar Kinkead Danillo Zoric paved himself a bloody trail through his MILF league going 3-1 overall. His three wins were all first round finishes giving him 18 points to clinch the #5 seed. Meanwhile Jimar Kinkead broke out as an early favorite with two very impressive first round victories. Grenadian Grappler then went on to struggle in his next two fights ending with a 2-2 record. Kinkead's final fight in the League competition was known other than Zoric who handed him a first round TKO loss that night. So, the rematch was set as the "Right Hand from Hell" Danilo Zoric looked to duplicate his previous performance. Kinkead shot for a takedown right out the gate and the Serbian born fighter quickly shoves it off and begins showcasing his superior striking skills drawing blood instantly. Jimar would go on to miss 4 more takedown attempts as hid desperately looked to get the fight to his world. Zoric would go on to switch up his Strikes using half his punches on the counter but was focusing on the headshots. The final blow would come 1:07 in round one with and equally impressive Left hand from Hell that drops Jimar. Zoric would drop a few more bombs before the ref steps in, to halt the bout. Quarter Final Fight #4 Scott Potter vs #5 Danilo Zoric This is the kind of the fight the fans have been waiting for as the Londoner Scott Potter well known for his Clinch Striking faces off with a pure striker from Serbia in Danilo Zoric. Both are 6-1 and both have finished all there wins via (T)KO. This one May make it two the 2nd round, but I just don't see it going to a third and surely not a decision. I would give this one a 55/45 for who wins with a slight edge for Potter. A potential "KOTN" is at about 90% though fo SHO! Yes, there is more which I will be here tomorrow to finish up this Middleweight Playoff Bracket! Stay tuned MILF fans
  2. Im 100% dedicated to My lil MILF baby right meow! Im here though bromigo!
  3. Granny and Grandpappy know best. If you're coming to the family table just leave the electronics and the $600 iPhone in the car. End of discussion, this world needs more Grandmothers!
  4. Heavyweight Playoffs round 1 results #1 Janne Virtanen vs #8 Frane Vinkovic Janne Virtanen stormed through his League fights with an impressive 3-1 record. The native of Espoo, Finland took full advantage of all of his victories earning himself 18 points via three first round (T)KO's including his debut win over #2 seed Aleki Veainu. Frane Vinkovic went 2-2 in his league fights but much like his opponent he put the nail in his victims coffins with round 1 finishes. This fight opened with both men swinging wildly, but the Big Fin was the aggressor. The problem for him is he was aggressively missing though. Both fighters drew blood with their first landed strikes but Vinkovic was surely in the driver seat early with his ability to counter punch. Frane scored a knockdown just 35 seconds or so into the first round. It wasn't very long after that, the still weary Virtanen found himself getting countered again with the fight ending strike. Frane's killer Instinct then set in as he began to pummel his falling opponent until the ref peeled him off. Frane Is the first and Only #8 seed to take out a #1 seed of the Playoffs. #4 George Pogie vs #5 Galen Fisherman George Pogie is a dangerous opponent if the fight hits the mat, a dual threat if you will with the ability to get the finish via TKO or Submission. Pogie was only able to get 3 fights in for the League but he made a statement in those fights winning all three. Should also be noted the reason why he only got 3 fights in is because there was a point where he was in between fight teams as his first manager just disappeared (What happens on the Island stays on the Island). Galen Fisherman finished his league fights with a 3-1 record and all of his victories ended in finishes. Galen being one of the younger fighters in the division proved age really don't mean shit when you got the goods. This fight was a rematch, as George managed to secure the win in their previous outing via Submission. Fisherman has indeed become a more skilled fighter since their first battle and with Pogie now under new Management this fight was not a guarantee for Mr Pogie. With that said Pogie had no problems reading his blue print that he laid out in the first fight and made this fight look identical. George did change things up a bit which could have sealed the fate for young Galen as he decided to use a counter Takedown this time to get the fight down. He also went with a different hold this fight from side control as he finished him with a arm Triangle opposed to his Kimura in the first fight. Semi Finals Matchup #8 Frane Vinkovic vs #4 George Pogie Our first Semi Final match-up we will see the American Grappler George Pogie challenge the Croatian Striker Frane Vinkovic. Vinkovic will be looking to pull yet another upset in terms of seedings, but after seeing him drop the #1 seed he wont be slept on again. The key to this fight I expect will be decided early and that will be if Pogie can secure the early takedown. Pogie was only finished once which was his debut fight but a big part of his last four fights was in fact his ability to get those early takedowns. #2 Aleki Veainu vs #7 Judo Dan Aleki Veainu aka the Zombie Finished 3-1 in league fights, winning his last three with very quick KO finishes. His only hiccup was his debut fight against Virtanen which saw him get TKO'd. That fight was a bit of a mystery though some say he was drugged just prior to the fight and may have turned him into a legit zombie as we saw him oddly go for 5 horrible takedown attempts without even trying to use his lethal weapons in his fists. Judo Dan went 2-1 in his league fights and found himself in a opportunity to advance via the Wild Card spot. He won that Wild Card over Jesse Kid in devastating fashion to earn his playoff spot. Heading into this fight both fighters have shown to have fists of dynamite as all their fights ended in round 1 or 2. Both fighters looked tentative at the start as it looks to be a feeling out process for them. That is until Judo misses with a wild right hand that Aleki took advantage of by countering with a quick right of his own that drew blood from the Las Vegas native. As we hit the 1 minute mark The Tongan has found his stride and lands a nicely timed uppercut that crumbles his foe but decides to be a gentleman and waves him to his feet where plants him with yet another painful uppercut instantly. At this point Dan knew hew was Fooked and said screw it and desperately throws a couple wild punches that are countered with a massive hook from Aleki and Judo Dan is completely obliterated. #3 Louie Lopez vs #6 King Hippo Louie Lopez went a perfect 3-0 during his league fights winning all three with finshes. Lopez a Mexican born fighter has used his Impressive wrestling background to pick up his wins but has also shown to have the ability to use Submissions and Ground and Pound to finish fights. Meanwhile King Hippo was very destructive out the gate winning three straight and earning himself two performance bonuses in the process. Hippo found himself in an all out war in his final League fights with Bobby Bayou but unfortunately was forced out via TKO Cut Stoppage. Still and impressive 3-1 record for the big Samoan who earned his playoff spot. This fight on paper looked like it was going to be highly competitive, unfortunately the Samoan King Hippo seemed to be the only one who showed up. After drawing blood early on Lopez seemed unsure what he wanted to do after getting cut as he half commits with his first Takedown attempt. Hippos confidence was on another level as he looked to tear his opponents head clean off with his punches and after a Hook stumbles his foe to the canvas the hard hitting Samoan went for the kill! Low and behold Lopez proved that he didn't want a fight that night at least as he taps out due to strikes. Semi Finals Match-up #2 Aleki Veainu vs #6 King Hippo This fight looks like the makings of some real MADNESS! Who doesn't love some good ol Polynesian Heavyweight Violence? In one corner we got a Hard hitting Tongan with an Island Bloodline. In the other corner we have Samoan who looks to be the product of a cross bread between Butter bean and Mark Hunt. I honestly hope this gets out of the second round but I would be shocked. I can not wait to see who advances to the final and Crown our first Island Heavyweight champ, this division is looking stacked to so we should have a fun season yet to go.
  5. If anyone knows how annoying it is too loose everything you wrote with just one idiotic move that you don't even know how and what happened. You will know my frustration right now. Let's try this Heavyweight Recap tomorrow. Thank you come again! Until then #Free Spins!
  6. Saturday, we concluded our first rounds of the Bantamweight and Featherweight classes and now have the round 2 matchups booked. Below are the results for that event from Yesterday and a preview of the round 2 Semi Finals matchups. Bantamweight Playoff round 1 results (Continued) #2 Giancarlo Zuniga vs #7 Eja Igwe Suriname native Giancarlo Zuniga earned himself the #2 seed with his stellar run in the League going 3-1 overall. He made quick work of each of his opponents he beat as well, ending the fights with 1rst round Submission victories. The Nigerian Eja Igwe on the other hand found himself in a dire spot, dropping his first two fights as he noticed his chances of making the playoff looking grim. However, he took out his next two opponents with first round TKO wins earning himself 12 points and clinching his playoff spot. This fight was not much different from either of the two's previous bouts as Zuniga looked to instigate the clinch and get the fight to the mat at all costs, Igwe would look to break out of that clinch and keep his distance. Igwe did his best to avoid the clinch for long periods but eventually the relentless pace of Zuniga enabled the Guard pull, and once he got the Nigerian down it was just a matter of seconds before Igwe was tapping out from a Triangle. Semi Finals Matchup #2 Giancarlo Zuniga vs #6 Pope Callixtus This matchup will no doubt go to the ground, one would think. Zuniga may have the edge in the BJJ but Pope has shown with his most recent fight he has learned to avoid the threat of submissions. Pope does seem to have a slight edge in the Boxing Cat too, so this could very well work to his advantage if he can shut down the ground game enough to keep the fight standing. #4 Jorge Baroza vs #5 Swinzey Mckinney Jorge calls Lima, Peru his home and has proven to be one of the better strikers in the Bantamweight class. Jorge advanced to the Playoff with a 3-1 record and earned himself two first round TKO finishes in the process. McKinney was also a striker-based fighter with wonderful boxing, and he looked very good out the gate winning his first three fights. Swinzey finished his league fights with a respectable 3-1 record and 1 first round TKO finish. The fight between these two strikers was pretty competitive as McKinney the Boxer tried to utilize his fist against the more traditional Muay Tai fighter in Baroza who mixed his punches and kicks. Baroza opened up Swinzey before the minute mark of the first round with a perfectly timed High Kick. This may have very well played a big factor in the rest of the fight. Swinzey failed to keep the fight in the clinch as Baroza had no problems breaking free time after time. Round two saw Jorge rock Swinzey early and eventually finish him off with a vicious Hook at the 2:40 mark. Semi Finals Matchup #1 Landin Durham vs #4 Jorge Baroza This fight is quite possibly the best Grappler vs the best Striker at 135 going head-to-head. Got to give a slight edge to Durham here based off his pure dominance up to this date. This is however a fresh matchup for both fighters and though Durham has yet to have his chin really put in jeopardy the question is will this Peruvian striker be the one? Or will it just be another day in the office for Mr Durham? Featherweight Round 1 Results (Continued) #4 Maciej Galecki vs #5 Josh Jordan Polish submission specialist Maciej Galecki spilt his league fights going 2-2 but managed to capitalize on his points, ending with 11 points total to capture the #4 seed. The American Boxer Josh Jordan also went 2-2 and finished just behind Galecki with 10 points. This was arguably the most dominant 3 round fight of the Playoffs so far, most definitely at 145. Galecki really struggled in every aspect going 0 for 19 on his strikes and only getting 2 of his 12 Takedown Attempts. Maciej did however go 50/50 on clinch attempts only Jordan had no problem getting himself out of the clinch when he was put there. As for Josh he did enough with his Punches to win each and every round in route to a dominant Unanimous Decision verdict and advancing to round 2. Semi Finals Matchup #1 Dragon Kingdad vs #5 Josh Jordan In the first Featherweight semi final we will see two rapidly improving Strikers. The #1 seed Kingdad mixes his strikes with Kicks and Punches, while the #5 seed is mostly known for his Boxing and Punches. Dragon Kingdad was taking out of the first round only once and that was his most recent fight so I expect him to continue his aggressive style here while Jordan may try to be a counter threat here or even keep the fight in the clinch to wear down his opponent's attack. #2 Malcolm Young vs #7 Freaky Trevor Malcolm Young was very impressive throughout the League process going a perfect 4-0. After winning his first two fights by decision he started to find his grove in striking winning back-to-back bouts via TKO. BJJ Brown belt Freaky Trevor on the other hand had mixed results going 2-2. He came up with his best result though when he needed it gaining 5 points in his final League fight, winning via 2nd round Submission. This was a breakout performance for Malcolm Young in this one, who had Freaky Trevor in all sorts of trouble from start to Finish. Props to Freaky for sticking it out, his heart was proven in this fight as he found himself on the wrong side of 5 knockdowns but managed to clear the cobwebs each time. Late in round three though a visibly tired Trevor got put to rest with a counter over hand right with just two minutes remaining in the fight. Semi Finals Matchup #2 Malcolm Young vs #3 Ross Morrow The Rowdy Scotsman, Young is now 6-1 as a pro only dropping his debut QFC fight to Dragon Kingdad. He will now rematch The English brawler Ross Morrow. Their first fight was indeed a brawl that the Scot won with just 6 seconds left on the clock in round 1. Ross will need to make some big changes if he wants to avenge this loss, his aggressive style did not suit him very well. Young has a very good chin, but it has been cracked by Kingdad and if he wants to get that fight back, he will first need to put away Ross one more time. More to Come as I will recap The Welterweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight Playoffs for round 1!
  7. He may be taking what I said out of context, I simply have it taken care of as I do enjoy writing myself. I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding an org to oblige you though. cheers
  8. Middleweight Playoff Bracket and Preview The Final piece of the Playoff Puzzle is the bread and the butta of the MILF promotion. I have said it since day 1 this division is stacked and highly competitive. Definitely not taking anything away from other divisions or the other fighters especially but 185 is loaded with MADNESS if you will. Lets look at the field of 16 that will be slimmed down to 8 after Saturday's event. MILF Middleweight Fightoff - Challonge #1 Seed Jake Walton will collide with UK rivaly the brash Irishman Declan McCoy who finds himself to play the Darkhorse role comming in at the final seed of 16. #8 seed vs #9 seed will pit two guys who were obviosly switched at birth as for Alien Invasion well this may explaing his odd name. He will meet his long lost twin Brazilian Osvaldo Leandro. Another one of our English lads #4 seed Scott Potter will face the Italian born Romeo Alfa. #5 Seed Danilo Zoric of Serbia, finds himself in a rematch with the Grenadian Jimar Kinkhead. The #2 seed is Finland native Antti Kokko who will face off with the Beanstalk man Himself Saul Jackson. #7 seed and the man who recently beat the #1 seed Lawson Serrano will face the final Englishman in this field Samir Reid. #3 seed Jean Arlin will meet fellow 19 year old Brennan Calhoun. Finally the #6 Francis Brooks has seed has the unfortunate task of facing the guy he just lost too in Adrian Ortiz.
  9. Heavyweight Playoff Bracket and Preview MILF Heavyweight Fightoff - Challonge #1 Seed, Finland's very own Black Janne Virtanen faces off with the #8 seed from Croatia Frane Vinkovic The #2 seed Aleki Veainu from Tonga will face the Las Vegas prodigy Judo Dan #3 Seed Louie Lopez of Mexico will be pitted against the Samoan Punching machine King Hippo And Finally #4 Seed George Pogie faces fellow American Galen Fisherman who checks in at the 5 seed. The Heavyweights will take center stage on Sunday April 7th. I got one last Division to cover and that of course is the 16 fighter playoff at Middleweight.
  10. Super Heavyweight Playoff Round 1 results (WIP) #1 Uche Igwe vs #8 Xavierntreal Couture After dropping his first League fight by Decision, Uche Igwe went on a tear with three straight 1rst round KO's stealing the #1 seed in the finally weekend of League action. Meanwhile the guy with two first names in his first name Xavierntreal Couture squeaked into the final playoff spot but did have some impressive Knockouts himself in route. No big surprise in this fight as soon as the bell ringed for round 1 these two Big beast went to headhunting. Igwe drew first blood and saw his opponent who missed a poor attempted switch kick early in the bout was breathing heavy already. Igwe scored a Knockdown after a Right Hand landed on the mark, moments later the Uppercut from Hell was brought as we saw Lucifer himself smiling from Uche's pupils and BOOOOOM! Lights out for Couture. #4 Domingo Don Dominguez vs #5 Tristan Sandoval Dominguez finished the League stage with a 3-1 record and two wins coming by way of first round KO. One of those earning "Triple D" KO of the night with the handy Superman Punch. Tristan Sandoval also went 3-1 with two Knock Out finishes of his own finishing right behind Dominguez in the League standings. Reality though he beat Don Domingo already so "Twister" had no problems facing him once again to get himself to the next stage. Much like the previous bout both guys come out swinging bombs only Triple D was just swinging and missing. Sandoval cut Domingo open with his first shot and continued his onslaught landing 6/7 strikes right on the mark. After a perfectly timed liver shot hits the mark Tristan drops a brutal overhand right right on the temple and Dominguez drops like a sack of potatoes. Semi Final Matchup #1 Uche Igwe vs #5 Tristan Sandoval Uche will have a chance to avenge his one and only loss to Sandoval but as we saw from Triple D who was also looking to avenge, things just didn't go as planned. Both of these cats seem to have pretty good chins, and insane power which is no surprise at this class. There first fight went to a Decision and it was pretty clear that Tristan was much more accurate by 50 miles at least. Uche did manage a Knockdown and since that fight neither fighter has gone past the second round so look for a Hell of a show in this rematch. #3 Scooter McGraw vs #6 Stefan Schilt McGraw managed to grab the #3 seed despite only getting in 3 fights luckily he took full advantage of them winning all three by Knock Out, two of them ending in the first round. Stefan on the other hand went 2-2 only loosing at the hands of the top two seeds in Igwe and Marks. This fight was a shootout from the start with both fighters landing punches and for Schilt Kicks as well. McGraw instigated the Clinch every round and this is were he did his best work. While Stefan was looking to stand from the Distance and strike. Schilts use of his Kicks where working very well but McGraw ultimately stole the first two rounds with his Clinchwork in route to a Unanimous Decision 29-28 on all scorecards. McGraw who was really put to the limit will now wait for the winner of #2 seed Kristopher Marks and #7 seed Hatsumi Sen who will throw down this weekend.
  11. Light Heavyweight Playoff Round 1 results #1 Erik Bjornsson vs #8 Zahar Krulov Erik has cleanly put his name atop the Light Heavyweights this Island Season winning each and everyone of his fights in round one my ridiculous Knock Outs. His perfect 24 point performance puts him at the #1 seed. His Opponent Zahar Krulov looked very strong through his first two MILF League matchups collecting two first round finishes himself. This fight had a bit of a story behind it as Bjornsson didn't spark fear in his opponents eye he in fact sparked fear in said fighters manager who sacked him like a soggy bag of crackers. Krulov now with no one in his corner came into the fight with the sole game plan to shoot for takedowns constantly and he failed miserably. Bjornsson made quick work of the Russian as he marked up that purple fade of his with powerful head shots ultimately ending the bout just passed the one minute mark with a stunning Spinning backfist. #4 Randall Cunningham vs #5 Gabriel Mil Randall checked into the playoffs at the #4 spot with just 3 fights, luckily for him they were all finishes. Randall seems to have a thing for baiting his opponents into thinking there in the fight then with seconds before the bell he cleans their clock, at least it was evident in his first two fights. Gabriel Mil had a stunning comeback from his debut fight, rallying off three straight wins 2 of which ended in first round murders. via his deadly GnP Mil who is a stud wrestler with ferocious Ground n Pound showed his game plan as he wore himself down with his relentless takedown attempts. Randall made one small mistake in my opinion when he chose to clinch and this helped Mil score his first takedown of the fight. In my opinion that first round was a lot closer then what some people might say and I would even give that one to Mil for Ground control reasons. Round two starts with another takedown attempt for Mil as Cunningham countered it with a low kick. This was pretty much the end for Gabriel who was breathing very heavy and Randall looked fresh as a daisy and the end came by way of a nice 1-2 followed upon with a thunderous Hook, goodnight Irene! Semi Final Matchup #1 Erik Bjornsson vs #4 Randall Cunningham This one looks like a fun fight for you blood thirsty Mongrol's out there. Two Deadly strikers going Head to Head. Neither of which have made it passed the 2nd round yet. It's gonna come down to gameplan, and simply who has the better Finishing power IMO. Cunningham may have the edge in China but no doubt Bjornsson has that first round KO power edge. #2 Pascal Popper vs #7 Jerome Browning Pascal Popper is yet another ride or die striker as shown in his previous bouts going 3-1 in the MILF League. His three wins combined to last under two mintutes, that says all you need to know about his ability to put someone to sleep. Jerome Browning was no slouch either going 2-1 with two first round finishes of his own. Browning is a rare commodity in this LHW Playoff as much like Gabriel Mil if he can get you down your going to be in big trouble. Popper could not manage to stop Jerome's first Takedown attempt and he struggled desperately to escape his tiring ground offense. Breathing heavily and cut badly popper was in all sorts of trouble as Browning continued to wait away on the #2 seed until the ref sees his eyes roll back and dives in to save Pascal from further punishment. Big upset at LHW IMO as Browning advances. #3 Jayden Marsh vs #6 Tug Violet Marsh had the unfortunate task of facing off with Erik Bjornsson in their MILF League debuts. That did not go his well but since that fight he went off like a stick of dynamite collecting three straight TKO wins to finish out his league with the #3 seed. Tug also went 3-1 in the League with three TKO performances of his own his 1 loss being at the hands of his round 1 foe himself. Looked as if this rematch may just go Tugs way as he managed lock get the fight to the clinch, only Jayden invited it this time and proceeded to unload punch after punch onto the "Anchors" astonishing face. Round 1 ended with Marsh in a firm lead on the scorecards, which did not stop Tug from shouting across the cage at his opponent stating "Im about to make you my Bitch". Clearly this is were Jayden drew the line and said no way sir, as he unloaded a monstrous right hand just as round two got underway sending Tug to the canvas in utter embarrassment just 5 seconds into round 2. Semi Final Matchup #7 Jerome Browning vs #3 Jayden Marsh As I stated earlier Browning could be a huge problem for some of these dangerous Striker at Light Heavy. If and only IF he can get them to the mat. Browning got Popper down with his first attempt only Erik has been able to stop him in the past but he has not stepped in the cage with like of Jayden Marsh who is right there with Erik in terms of Skills. You can look at Jayden's previous fights with Krulov on Isaksson for his ability to stuff takedowns. Time will tell If Jerome will have the same fate as those two. Super Heavyweight Playoff up next, just need some break time.........
  12. Dont you fret I got a sexy Pre-fight pose down on the way for Mr Hippo.
  13. In case you have been living in a dirty crack house the last month, it is my responsibility to inform you that the MILF Playoffs have begun. We are just a few weeks away from FINALLY crowning the inaugural champions. Both the Lightweight and Light Heavyweight Divisions have their Round two match-ups sorted and the brackets are moved along accordingly. Injuries will continue to be a thorn in My buttocks though as I try to line the Divisions up properly and with glee. Today your Prince of Crime will recap the Playoff fights that went down over the Weekend and give a semi unethical view of some of the Round two match-ups that are in the works! Bantamweight Playoff Round 1 (WIP) #1 Landin Durham vs #8 Freddie Simons Landin Durham is was a perfect 5-0 coming into this fight. During the League portion he completely Dominated going 4-0 with 4 submission victories. On the other side Freddie "Scat Man" Simons managed to come to the League late and pick up that finally seeding with his two Submission wins in the League faze. On paper this was a tough match-up for Simons a Purple belt in BJJ was up against the wall facing the Dominant Brown Belt who clearly didn't pick his belt up front he McDonalds drive through. The fight proved this much as Landin scored the Takedown early and put Freddie away with an Arm Triangle in just 52 seconds of the very first round. The #1 seed will now wait for his next opponent which will be decided this weekend as #4 Seed Jorge Baroza meets #5 seed Swinzey McKnney. #3 Eduardo Chavez vs #6 Pope Callixtus Eduardo Chavez has looked very strong this season only loosing to Landin Durham. He managed to go 3-0 with a decisive victory over his round 1 opponent at MILF 8. As for Pope he went 2-2 during the League faze but his victories both earned him 6 points a piece which was a huge factor in getting him in the Playoffs. Pope wrote his wrongs and won the Rematch with his dominant Top Position control. Both fighters were very active trying to finish the fight for the duration but neither could get the upper hand. To Chavez credit he did snag the third round of action but too little too late as he learned that you just don't fuck around with Pope Callixtus on Pre Easter Sunday! #6 seed Pope Callixtus now awaits the winner of #2 Giancarlo Zuniga who will meet the #7 seed Eja Igwe next weekend to round out the Bantamweight field. Featherweight Playoff Round 1 results (WIP) #1 Dragon Kingadad vs #8 Rodney Derek Kingdad was an absolute 145 pound Atomic Bomb through his League faze picking up 4 First round (T)KO's, 3 of which where walk off one punch victories. That's pretty impressive at such a light W/C IMO. His opponent for round 1 Rodney Derek just walked his way into the field of 8 but did shine at MILF 24 collecting himself 5 big points with a Highlight reel Headkick KO. Coming into this fight with 3 different Fight camps couldn't have helped his stock either. Looking at this one you would have to say Derek may have been the biggest underdog of the tournament but he made Kingdad work in this fight. Dragon failed to not only put Rodney away in round 1 like he has down the large majority of his career but he managed to get dominate din the first round on the feet by the underdog. Low and behold the round two was a whole different story as Kingdad rocked Derek early on then scored with a nasty Counter Punch that ended the night for Mr Derek. #1 seed Dragon Kingdad now waits for the outcome of #4 Maciej Galecki and $5 Josh Jordan this coming Weekend. #3 Ross Morrow vs #6 Finley Neilson Ross "Bad Batch" Morrow proved to be a pretty good batch in my not so Humble opinion going 3-1 during the League faze and collecting himself a couple of TKO's in the process. Finley Nielsen on the other hand found similar success going 3-1 as well but picking his win up by Decision and just getting in the playoffs through that process. Stylistically Nielsen needed to get this fight to the ground or he was going to be in bad trouble against the primarily defensive wrestling styled striker in Ross Morrow. Finley wanted to clinch up early and I'm sure try to work a takedown at some point. Unfortunately though he never got the chance as Morrow went off on his for with Head punches in the clinch until his opponent was in another galaxy. #3 seed Ross Morrow will now await the winner of #2 seed Malcolm Young and #7 Seed Freaky Trevor to see who joins him in the Semi Finals. Lighweight Playoff Round 1 results #1 Remy Leeuwenhoek vs #8 Alvro Machado Remy made a statement with his League faze results winning all 4 fights with brutal knockouts and taking that #1 seeding. To add to that he notched one final Highlight reel TKO over fellow Playoff combatant Jake from State farm just prior to the Bracket announcement. Alvro Machado was no slouch during the League either collecting 3 wins out of 4 and all three being first round Submissions. This looked like it could be a scary fight for Leeuwenhoek considering the BJJ Credentials of Machado but Remy proved he has the sauce. Machado eagerly tried to tie up in the clinch with Remy time after time but the Dutchmen was having none of it. Working his kicks and punches against the grappler the fight was called at 1;59 in Round 1 with a vicious right hand that injured Alvro and injured his pride a little as well. #4 Augustus Walls vs #5 Freaky Igor Augustus is a prime example of an 18 year old Island phenom, as this BJJ Purple belt took the League by storm snatching up a quick 18 points via 3 first round submission victories. Freaky Igor on the other hand notched himself 17 points in the League but with his Standup skills and proving he has some lethal Punching power. This fight started with Igor taking his time waiting for a clean shot in which he found some success early cutting up his young for. Like a boss though Walls loves the taste of his blood and quickly sneaked into his game plan which started with a successful takedown in guard. Walls put the striker on his back and the rest was history as he secured a Kimura forcing Igor to tap in round 1. Semi Final matchup #1 Remy Leeuwenhoek vs #5 Augustus Walls SO now we have another Striker vs Grappler showdown coming up in round two. Augustus "Gym Bully' Walls has shown through his first 5 pro fights that he can take a punch, he may bleed a bit but he is tough as nails! He will now face one of the hardest hitting and Kicking strikers in the Division and will need to be on point. As for Remy this will be his toughest fight to date he will need to stay away from the ground at all coasts as he has down thus far. No one has yet to bring the Dutchmen to the ground so we don't know how he does there will this young kid from Cali be the first, we will soon find out! #2 Danny Vargas vs #7 Ryan Montana Danny Vargas was the clear cut #2 seed going 3-1 in the League faze only loosing to #1 seed Remy Leeuwenhoek. Danny has also shined this MILF season with his performances winning 3 KOTN awards. Ryan Montana on the other hand started his League action with a Loss but proceeded to find his growing winning his next 3 to advance to the Playoff. Danny Vargas come out looking for another quick win in this one and was scoring with his Head punches early. He managed to break out of Montana's first clinch but during the second clinchup "The Sex Panther" Managed to pull Vargas down to the mat. Vargas failed to escape the aggressive attack of Monatna's Submission game and was forced to tap out due to Armbar at just 1:21 in the very first round. #3 Jake from State farm vs #6 Justice Washington Jake whom has took some time away from his cozy Insurance salesman gig to pursue a career in the MAD world of MMA. He has showcased his skills nicely going 3-1 in the League with 3 first round submission wins. His counterpart Justice Washington also went an impressive 3-1 in the League which included a win over Jake. In the first outing we saw that these two fighters were almost identical in styles, in the first fight Jake went straight to the clinch were Mr Washington was happy to oblige as he then took him down and forced him to tap. This matchup was much similar as the two BJJ Brown belts were looking to get the fight to the mate quickly. This time around the State farm was the more aggressive fighter on the ground as he was looking for submissions frequently. Working from the Back position Jake made Washington feel like a fish out of water as he locked in one final RNC attempt and forced the tap. Semi Finals Matchup #7 Ryan Montana vs #3 Jake From Statefarm Another Rematch will be had as the two fierce BJJ Brown Belts look to take part in a certified Grappling match. BOOOOOOO!!!! Although these two are pretty impressive on the mat with both having 5 submission victories a piece in their young careers. The first go around Jake made it look very easy locking in a Guillotine in under two minutes. The Sex Panther will need to make some quality adjustments if he wants to rebound in this fight.
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