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Ma Balls Is Hot Clothing


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Ma Balls Is Hot Clothing has just opened its doors in Sydney













Some of the current designs, Big surprises soon.





If any top line fighters out there are looking to partner with us send me a message in game to discuss


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Well it has been a crazy couple of days since opening the doors without a clue.


We have signed a bunch of great fighters from all levels and organizations to sponsorship deals and would like to thank them all for helping us get kicked off and want to wish them all an ultra violent victory in there upcoming fights


We have also signed a partnership agreement with Out Cold Promotions who have their first big event tonight.Check it out below




Unfortunately the factory we are using for product has had a number of little old ladies have heart attacks and a couple of finger injuries from overspeeding sewing machines in the last day due to workload so our shelves will likely be getting bare over the next few days


Just a test run so far but we have some great product lines to come and will be offering laundry service from next month onward. We will also be offering chili flavoured jock straps, obnoxious shirts and air conditioned shorts, and maybe even some popeyes chicken


Our product prices will always be low (unless you are laundering your ill gotten gains from moving disco biscuits and Mexican marching powder, then they will be very high)


Thank you all for the support


Hot enough to make your balls burn!

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December 2018 new stock in store


In conjunction with out partners OUT COLD PROMOTIONS, where the the very best Grapplers and Kick Boxers in MMA Tycoon fight have come up with some specific lines


Air Conditioned Boulder Holders (Shorts) for when you are so hot you need a cooling system fitted



Where Dat Fine Ass AT T-shirts



Muay Thai Gear - For the very, very best kickboxers on the planet!


Muay Thai Dragon shorts and T-shirt. We are also still stocking Muay Tha Dragon Vests, The legend Bukaew Shorts, the legendary gym Fairtex shorts and mid december Lumpini Stadium champion shorts




Two fantastic new exclusive Rash Guards are now in stock, make sure you dont be getting them nasty rashes when hitting the mats

http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/products/154366366522aaaaa.png http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/products/1543663908ssssw.png

MBAH Dragon Rash Guard Sexy MF'er MBAH Rash Guard




MBAH BJJ Gi and pants sets


We have a bunch of other shirts, shorts and sets which we will roll out during December , but we want to keep it fresh, so there will be a new product every 2 weeks. They are in the warehouse ready to go


We have also started a laundry service, please contact manager PJ Jones to discuss http://www.mmatycoon.com/managerprofilemanager.php?MgrID=123962





Always looking to sponsor up and coming kids with potential and of course always looking to add to our stable of current legends


Look forward to hearing from you all





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Happy New Year and all the best for 2019!!!


We have new stock in store and the shelves will be full in a couple of days


New Stuff


When In Doubt Knock Em Out gear for those of us that like to put people to sleep



Ma Balls Is Hot Tap or Bleed for those badass ground and pounders out there


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If rolling on the mats and taking peoples arms home are your thing, make sure you are kitted out in the hottest BJJ and Sambo gear on the market


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and of course you gotta be wearing this shit when you are putting your elbow through the back of an opponents head. MBAH Muay Thai


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Always have a bunch of Derrick "The Black Beast" designer line in stock



We are also starting specific Martial Arts ranges. First off the rank is Kyokushin and Shotokan Karate and Wushu




Thank you to all customers for your support and a HUGE shout out to the hottest fighters on the planet who represent our brand. We have been very lucky to sign the guys we have and their efforts have been tremendous. ANy shout outs after fights let me know and I will send a thank you. We are always looking for fighters to sponsor, we dont offer huge money but we will support and promote you as well as big discounts and freebies



lastly due to demand we are struggling to keep the shelves full for a whole month so dont be slow get in before its all gone again


Laundry available in 2 days time, contact me in game. If you are a known and valued customer and the amount is large, we will do flat 20% cut (no fees, jet sale)

smaller amounts will do 15% cut plus Tycoon transfer fees=10%


Thanks again

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New Rash Guards


Check out our new PRISON TATTOO Rash Guard


Viking rash guard



Tattoo Sleeves rash guard


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And now for something completely different our New Taekwondo range for those kickboxers who want to get their Yair Yair's on!! MBAH Taekwondo Gi (Top SLot) and Taekwondo shoes (bottom slot)

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