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Ivan Sidorov Fight Week Interview


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Maxim Ibragimov: Hello everyone welcome to another interview with undefeated Ivan Sidorov. Today we will talk about his upcoming fight this Sunday and also future plans.

Welcome to the interview Ivan, you look sweaty how has training been for you? 


Ivan Sidorov:  Hello Maxim good to speak with you again. Yes haha, training has been going great just today I made a big improvement in my wrestling which I will look to showcase this Sunday.


Maxim Ibragimov:  That is great to hear! Now lets talk about your opponent Hart we addressed the controversy in the last interview but can you share your thoughts on him and the fight as a whole?


Ivan Sidorov: People may call me liar or scared but this is a match which makes me a little nervous, this is good for all fighters as if you not nervous you are reckless and that is when you lose. But with Hart specifically he has shown great takedown defense and KO power against me this is dangerous combination. He has been improving a lot and our camp has noticed and trained hard too. With this match also it is important as it is for 13-0, Boryenka could not do this and just today fellow Russian Vladimir Fedetenko failed to do it, with him I wish him well I cannot imagine how hard it must be to make one little mistake and then just like that your perfect record go but he will be back stronger. Anyway so as I meant to say the 13-0 is a hard achievement and if I allow it to it can play a bad role in my head, I just need to focus on my gameplan and win.


Maxim Ibragimov: This is like a dark cloud over us Russians, but I am certain you will be the one to do it! Aside from this match today we made good progress in talks with future fights if all goes well, can you share a bit on that?


Ivan Sidorov: REDACTED 

Maxim Ibragimov: REDACTED

Ivan Sidorov: REDACTED 

Maxim Ibragimov:  REDACTED 


Maxim Ibragimov:   Rest of interview [REDACTED] after break down of talks with organisation owner and spoken about plans.

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1 minute ago, Rambo said:

is Ivan Sidorov the guy ducking Giovanni De Rossi?

Man why you say this bullshit to me? You have the Helmans Ted in your ears. But no the fight is between Boryenka and Giovanni, Giovanni even cut down to 170lbs to make it but talks failed with other manager Jason Hopson as for the fight I wanted Ivan to fight on same card and to get Jacob but it did not happen.


In truth I am probably villain in it, even before I refuse Giovanni fight with Ivan as it was 2 weeks notice and no title pay difference from Wolves and Ivan was a bit drained from last fight.


There is a whole lot of history, mostly exchanges on buzz. But even today I get accuse of multi for trying to 'pad' my record with another buzz guy for Ivan, its funny but annoying.


As of now I'm willing for Boryenka to fight Giovanni, it is big money approved but I'd also want Ivan to fight Jacob Hopson.


Its a lot of politics and I am not afraid to burn the village so that my fighters come out on top no matter how many bridges are burnt.

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* Update

Ivan won his fight but this one really got my heart beating, before I see fight I accidentally go to my fighters and all I see is 7 day injury and 3 day cut and I assume worse. 

As I think more, I begin to believe chance Ivan just had some early adversary and lucky as fight happen this is situation. 

Annoyingly it interrupts some plans but I  very happy Ivan stayed undefeated.

Once said plans are tweaked I will do fight review with Ivan and discuss next fight.

For now Ivan has broke the dark cloud over Russian's achieving 13-0 (with Boryenka and Fedetenko) and has managed to secure a 13th first round finish!

Onto the next.

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