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Swing seconds and FFD seconds


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Sorry, the browser I have is the only one I use.

I do not use or  tried from a mobile app. I do not use one. I strictly

use the computer. I do not know how much it will affect the fight coming up soon

for my fighters.  But I will bear with till its fixed. I am afraid to make any changes on the 

seconds for other fighters as it might affect them too.

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4 hours ago, left21 said:

I use Safari and instead I used Google Chrome. Didn't lose the testicles or jewelry

 but I did go on the site and try but it still went back to 1 when I tried to set it.

Interesting, well I'm out of stuff to try but thanks for working through the suggestions.

Hopefully Flipper can take a look into it & figure out what is causing this.

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Okay something is definitely messed up & funky.

As of Today every fighter I change tactics on resets SFF & FFD timers to 1 second

Only way I can get around that is using a template I created weeks/months ago, but if you use one then update anything you lose the SFF & FFD seconds settings & they go back to 1 second.

Can't use the app either, it just sends me to the website version not the app version.

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