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  1. Looks like it is still running - https://75.popmundo.com/Default.aspx
  2. The implimentation of the old Travel/Flight system made it a barrier to playing the game, that's not good game design, removing it as it was implimented was the correct decision.
  3. Chadwick Raffelburg (404624) No testing but big testicles: I found this dude smoking a J by the fire escape of a sleazy nightclub, despite the fact I was there with 4 of my best fighters he was willing to fight all of us for a chance to get in on the Summer Slaughter event, I have no clue how good or bad a fighter he is but he was brave to the point of insanity, and does look like he has had a fair few scraps, exactly the kind of crazy bastard required for the infamous slaughter event, so I signed him up immediately. We have only a week to figure out if he's all mouth but my fighters were a little taken aback by just how full on the guy was, if he can make veteran fighters genuinely uncomfortable he must have something, that something might just be Herpes and a penchant for hospital food, but we shall soon find out.
  4. Well this fight was always going to be revealing, neither I nor my opponent Nathaniel Burch really got too much of a chance to show our skills before as we both got KO'd early in our 1st matches of the tournament. Nathaniel was defensively decent, managed to avoid all my sub attempts so I had to resort to just thumping him on the canvas, which eventually paid off, a lot I need to work on but it does feel great to get my first win. I look forward to my next match up.
  5. Manager ID: 142246 Bug: Sale of item resulted in incorrect funds returned (I was short-changed by the game) Bug Description: I had a customer purchase laundry, 50 units then 560 units sold at $300 each both returned the correct value, but the third transaction from my customer returned less than expected: Bug Severity: High - e.g - Critical System not functioning as expected. Steps to Recreate: Have a customer make multiple purchases from your store? Sold from Furnace Performance Nutrition Store Laundry Detergent 2024-05-18 560 $168,000.00 Customer Name Laundry Detergent 2024-05-18 560 $168,000.00 Customer Name Laundry Detergent 2024-05-18 180 $43,200.00 Customer Name** ** This should have been $54,000 (180 x $300.0)
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  7. Crackers and cheese. Suddenly
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