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I want to get a jump on this now... I'd imagine that maybe those who signed up and taking part in the current fantasy season would be interested. So, here goes.... I used to do a playoff fantasy tournament with a large group of guys (40-50). I'll see if the server that was used is still handy, or find one that I can use...the concept is simple and fun.

You pick a roster of players from all the playoff teams (wild cards included). typically you have like 3QB's, 4RB's, 4WR's, 3TE's, 2 or 3 Kickers and defenses. You pick what players you want from all the playoff teams. If that team loses that you have a player on, that player no longer can earn points. Obviously, the team that has the most players still in for the longest amount of time would likely win, assuming that they give a good point output...Of course the biggest advantage would be having a good amount of players that would still be playing in the super bowl. So lets say The Lions were a wild card team and you had Goff as a QB, You would get points for him in 2 extra games vs most other teams as they would have the 1 wild card game and the super bowl game. Total amount of points wins.

when I did this for real money it was a $25 buy in and I think we had like 52 paid people.. then the pot was split between 1st/2nd and 3rd. So I was thinking maybe do that with Tycoon cash. 250k, 500k, 1 million???? maybe winner takes 75% and 2nd takes 25%?

I'll use this for Sign ups too...see what we get. If you like it and have a way to help spread the word to more tycoonies. please do.. I think we could have had more take part in the current fantasy league if the word had been spread more.

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