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Welcome managers! Enigma once started out as a 370K org, but now is rebranding to accommodate 400K fighters coming soon. I am the CEO/Founder of ENIGMA and have been in the game for years running successful organizations like DARE, NSC, and CATCH WRESTLING (CACC). We are back in a new place and ready to start building tomorrow's champions. We will be a starter organization for 18-year-old builds starting at 400K. We will have weight classes from 135-265, with our open weight division (265+) set aside for some older fighters who can headline our early cards. 

Open to all VIP Managers

10-Point Must System Scoring

Cage Fights/MMA

3x5 Min Rounds/5x5 Min Rounds for Titles or Headline Main Events

All Fights in Sydney, Australia


Standard contracts for all fighters

3 Fights/30-Day inactivity


Basic contracts for fighters with 2 or more wins under Standard Contract

5 Fights/30-Day Inactivity


Elite contracts for fighters who are champions or have 6 or more wins in the organization

5 Fights/30-Day Inactivity



Once weight classes are filled with 8 fighters, there will be a pool play format for each fighter in each weight class.

Example: 135 LBS Pool A & Pool B

4 Fighters per pool/round-robin structure (initial 3 Fights)

Winners of each pool face off for the Title.


New Challengers must have 3 consecutive wins before obtaining a Title Fight against the Champion from that point.


All Champions will receive a sponsorship from my apparel store: Savage Fightwear (5913)

With 10K deals/10% discount/5 Free shorts or shirts



We are getting close to 400K! Remember to send a message to me if you are interested! 18-year-old builds only!

John Daugherty (118208)

Mixed Martial Arts Management - John Daugherty

You do not talk about Fight Club!




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135 LBS


Title Fight- James Leary vs. Winner of Kitano/Souza

James Leary (400047) (3-0) Undefeated leader Title Challenger

Seventoe Southpaw (400088) (1-1)

Blue Gill (401111) (1-1)

Ching "Chung" Chang (402173) (0-1)

Paul "Cloud Walker" Buttowski (402088)  (0-1)



Alden Horn (400185) (1-1)

Kyle Bush (400795) (1-1)

Ah Keung (401511) (0-1)

Naoki "Itoko" Kitano (400278) (1-0)

Blake Souza (400819) (1-0)


145 LBS


Petchuangtong Sitsongrit (400028) (2-0)

Bee Millz (401019 (2-0)

Attilla "Killa" Jeffery (401484) (0-1)

Victor "Viper" Fernandes (402251)

Jack Carlos (402315)



Do Dim Mak (400567) (1-0)

Channing Barnes (402250)

Leroy "Badman" Woods (402069)

JB "The Hammer" Penn (401429)

Jimmy Leeds (400514)

Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima (402610)

155 LBS

Title Fight- Pinarus Inventius vs. Winner of Gallagher/Sitsongrit


Pinarus Inventius (400080) (3-0) Undefeated leader Title Challenger

Milos Kallisterez (400682) (2-1)

Elam "Slasher" Grimes (402252) (0-1)

Wei Chen (400715) (0-1)

Motum Vakana (402434) (1-0)

Mickey Mfer (402518)



Joao Santos (401738) (0-1)

Desmond Gallagher (400866) (2-0)

Vanderlei "Sai" Sao Paulo (401999) (0-1)

"Strudel Head" Hans Job (400343) (1-0)

Skx Seven (401137)

170 LBS


Aled Lloyd (400234) (0-2)

Darren "Dawg" Will (400631) (1-1)

Maximillian "Punchinskee" Herman (400351) (1-1)

Black Jack (400126) (1-1)

"Relentless" Reese Remington (400519) (2-0)

"It’s" Nacho Cheese (400692) (1-1)

"Crazy" Ryan Swayze (401715) (0-1)



Great Tiger (400046) (2-0)

Phillip Mckay (400186) (0-1)

Andrew Mcknight (401714) (1-0)

Lil Picograms Jones (400791) (0-2)

"Sideshow" Bob Terwilliger (400603)

Justice Johnston (400395)

Rice "Sticky" Puto (400576)


185 LBS


Ignacio Nuevos (400313) (2-0)

Rogan Ford (401008) (1-1)

Adan Washington (400434) (1-0)

Marek Siuta "Unleashed" (400560) (1-0)



James "Lights Out" Toney (401528) (0-1)

Marek Siuta "Unleashed" (400560) (1-0)

Demian Maia (401658) (0-1)

Desmond "The Quota" Leblanc (401756) (1-0)

Dereon "Slumberjack" Church (400685)


205 LBS


Ralen Tilvur (400713) (0-2)

Ilya Muromets (400103) (2-0) Undefeated leader

Lewis "The Chosen One" Kennedy (400909) (1-1)

Emerald Dream (400578) (1-0)

Reinhardt Eimann (400435) (1-0)


Franklin Stein (400966) (1-1)

Roberto Sientatos (400310) (2-0) Undefeated leader

Bertram "The Bully" Ridcully (400207) (0-2)

Double J Jones (400790) (0-1)

Tito Ortiz (400671)

Vito Romero Jr (402661)


265 LBS

Title Fight- Carlo Cafiero vs. Winner of Jugges/Ugonoh


Carlo "The Black Cat" Cafiero (399446) (3-0) Undefeated leader Title Challenger

Ken "The Most Dangerous Man" Shamrock (400490) (1-1-1)

Izu Ugonoh (400060) (2-0)

Beluga "Lil Kilo" Maluga (401942)

Dennis Wolf (402126)


Beckwitz Jugges (400337) (2-0) Undefeated leader

Dree Low (400367) (2-1)

Mekong "Giant" Catfish (401128) (0-2)

Jorg Wegner (400461) (1-1)

Omnipotent Que (400368) (2-0)

Leo Pereira (400825) (0-1)

265+ LBS

Pool A

Charles "The Freak" Sanders (401779) (1-0)

Bo Abobo (400506) (1-0)

Robert Cannon (400268) (0-1)

"The Immovable" Bulk Bogan (400690) (1-0)

Pool B

"The Guy From Miami" Devon Gentry (400708) (1-0)

Deebo Willis (402000) (0-1)

Edwin Irving (400859) (0-1)

Tenzin "The Tibetan Slaughterhous" Tsering (401648)




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ENIGMA 188 (977377)


Pre-Fight Review

Main Event

Open-weight Championship

"The Return Of" Dempsey ONeill (361268) vs. Rodrigo Carioni (380077)

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Dempsey ONeill15973427215264.png


Dempsey O'Neill (26-11) will be looking to defend the title for the 3rd time in ENIGMA's Open-weight division. Signing on to help bolster the main cards for the newly organized 400K ID classes, O'Neill hasn't lost a fight since April of 2023 and is riding an 8-fight win streak. With title victories over Julio "Spanish Silk" Regueiro (330455), "The Redeemer" Aboubacar Mandiang (364125), and Tank "Weapon X" Tribute (357560). O'Neill showcases extreme boxing prowess with a granite chin and will look to add Carioni as part of his wins. Rodrigo Carioni (13-8) is 7 years younger than O'Neill and has his hands full. Carioni has added back-to-back wins in the division dispatching George " Lent" Pierre (369112) and Jacques "Maraudeur" Bollomard (378657) by strikes. The age and experience go to O'Neill, while youth goes to Carioni, both are close in weight with O'Neill slightly having a longer reach. 

Prediction: O'Neill by TKO

Co-Main Event

145 LBS Match

Marcus "Money" Shakes (370254) vs. Ivan Draganov (370009)

15801267271394.gifMixed Martial Arts Fighter - Ivan Draganov

Our co-main event is a pair of 31-year-old fighters who have been around the block with ups and downs. Marcus Shakes (21-15) a former two-divisional champion in ENIGMA is riding a 2 fight win streak after suffering a 3-6 record at Elite Combate Organization. Shakes looks to capture a 3rd straight win with hopes of resurrecting his career and signing on to another premier organization. He has dangerous Muay Thai skills with good boxing, but he doesn't always make the best decisions in the cage, he does have a 7-2 grappling record with a TWGC Title in the past. Ivan Draganov (15-9) is riding a 5-fight win streak and is a very dangerous striker with boxing and kicks. He also fought for a title in ENIGMA but was defeated by HOF fighter Harris "The Grandmaster" Reed (370608) by strikes. Draganov will need to display good clinch defense and pick apart Shakes with his arsenal of attacks. Overall, Shakes should be the favorite but Draganov has the tools to defeat him. Expect a good fight here for the fans.

Prediction: Shakes by TKO

Main Card

135 LBS Match

Phil Sprintin (390382) vs. Scoot Tatum (393775)

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Phil SprintinMixed Martial Arts Fighter - Scoot Tatum

A pair of young up-and-coming fighters with lots of potential signed on to do a one-fight deal to showcase their skills on the main card. Phil Sprintin (8-2) once a title challenger in CFC, rides a 4-fight win streak and wrecks havoc with his strikes and takedown defense. At 8-2, he has shown he is more than capable to hold his own at 23 years old. Sprinitin is the smaller fighter of the two, but he has the fight experience. Scoot Tatum (4-1) is a year younger at 22, but has a granite chin, and great grappling skills as he has won via submission 3 times, and if that doesn't work he can dish the ground and pound with furious strikes to soften his opponent. Classic match between striker vs. grappler here and it will all depend on which fighter's strategy can overcome the other.

Prediction: Sprinitin by KO

170 LBS 400K Match

ENIGMA's 400K level fighters square off to take a lead-up in rankings

Phillip Mckay (400186) vs. Great Tiger (400046)

Phillip Mckay (1-0) a brawler with a big heart dispatched his 1st opponent with a submission in only 18 seconds. He has a wrestling pedigree and adds that blue belt in brazilian jiu jitsu along with it. While untested in the stand-up it will be interesting to see what strategy he implements upon Great Tiger (3-0) who also has a superior purple belt. Great Tiger has more fight experience and has some of the same characteristics as his opponent like brawling and big heart. This fight looks like it will go to the ground, and who has the biggest heart to counter the opposition.

Prediction: Great Tiger by Ground and Pound

155 LBS 400K Match

Pinarus Inventius (400080) vs. El Moreno Duranto (400697)

Inventius (1-1) won his first fight in ENIGMA with an armbar submission over Milos Kallisterez (400682). He has a granite chin and some great overall level primaries including a purple belt. Inventius will have a slightly smaller reach than his opponent but will have superior grappling base. Duranto will be entering his first fight and will more than likely try to stay standing to match Inventius. Duranto doesn't show the level of ground game at this point, but he may possess takedown and defensive skills to remain standing.

Prediction: Inventius by Submission

205 LBS ENIGMA 400K Match

Ilya "Chobotok" Muromets (400103) vs. Lewis "The Chosen One" Kennedy (400909)

In the 205 division we have a good fight with both fighters records at 2-0. Muroments won his 1st ENIGMA match by dispatching Ralen Tilvur (400713) by TKO while Kennedy dispatched Darien Downs (400089) by decision. Muromets a counter fighter with a purple belt dished the ground and pound on Tilvur en route to a finish, while Kennedy displayed wonderful stand-up with punches to the head and body on Downs, with some superior accuracy. Expect the strategy of the ground game for Muromets, while Kennedy will look to keep his opponent on his feet.

Prediction: Muromets by Decision

145 LBS ENIGMA 400K Match

Bee Millz (401019) vs. Attilla "Killa" Jeffery (401484)

Millz will be making his fighting debut and will have a slightly lower reach, but has a Muay Thai skill that supersedes Jeffery. Jeffery has fought only once and lost via triangle armbar to an older Said Abdulayev. Jeffery's ground strategy backfired, but moving forward learned some valuable experience and now he will be facing someone his age the tables are reset. 

Prediction: Jeffery by Submission

170 LBS ENIGMA 400K Match

Maximillian "Punchinskee" Herman (400351) vs. Black Jack (400126)

Both fighters will be making their debut and there is no key information other than what we can tell on paper. Herman will be shorter and have a shorter reach, but shows to have good wrestling with a blue belt in his arsenal. Jack will have a superior reach and boxing primary and will no doubt use that to keep Herman away and land his strikes. Herman may need to clinch up and work dirty boxing to set up a takedown and keep it there. 

Prediction: Black Jack by KO


155 LBS ENIGMA 400K Match


Dobrov Jones (401655) vs. Milos Kallisterez (400682)

Both fighters enter the cage with one loss. Jones lost a 12-second KO to the hands of Sim Hwan (400737), where a mistimed head kick left him open to a combination that ended the match. With a definite skill with kicks and a solid chin, Jones will need to set it up better if he wants to win. Kallisterez lost his ENIGMA match by submission to Pinarus Inventius (400080). He possesses some good ground game but got caught in the hold. Kallisterez is a brawler and will have a significant reach advantage. This fight could end early if Jones can time a takedown attempt and land that head kick, expect Kallisterez to go for the takedown early.

Prediction: Kallisteriz by Ground and Pound


205 LBS ENIGMA 400K Match

Bertram "The Bully" Ridcully (400207) vs. Lunchbag Rodriguez (400344)

Ridcully (1-1) makes his ENIGMA debut with split results so far. A counter-fighter with a granite chin and a smaller reach. His morale has suffered and needs to get his confidence back up for this fight. Rodriguez (1-1) lost his ENIGMA debut by decision to Roberto Sientatos (400310), where his constant takedown attempts were thwarted and left him drained in the fight as he was an open target to a large number of strikes. Rodriguez will need to shore up his speed and striking defense and set his tactics to set up his game.

Prediction: Rodriguez by Decision


ENIGMA is sponsored by: 16352448223D4DA24F-D906-43FA-A8F9-21406BA5467F.png






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